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"Hello Internet: The Vinyl Episode"
Hello Internet special episode
Presented by
Original release dateNovember 29, 2016 (2016-11-29)[1]
Running time45:45[2]
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"Hello Internet: The Vinyl Episode" is a special episode of Hello Internet, released exclusively as a 12-inch vinyl LP in multiple limited runs, the first of which began on November 29, 2016.[1]

The episode's premise is inspired by the BBC radio show Desert Island Discs, in which each guest must choose eight songs, one book and one random item to take with them onto a desert island. Haran assumes the role of the host, and he and Grey take turns talking about their choices of music, books and other items. There are short clips from each song or album mentioned during the episode.

The special episode "Hello Internet: Wax Cylinder Edition", released in June 2019, serves as a conceptual successor to "The Vinyl Episode". It was sold exclusively as a wax phonograph cylinder.

Website description[edit | edit source]

"Hello Internet is a podcast by CGP Grey and Brady Haran. Episodes are usually released online once a fortnight. Topics vary somewhat, but include flag design, plane crashes, and the mildly interesting details of making online videos.

In a tribute to the early days of podcasting, this episode has been released exclusively on vinyl. For the first time you can enjoy Grey and Dr Haran's warm tones in a way only vinyl can reproduce. The disc can then be proudly displayed on your shelf of collectable trinkets (or photographed for your digital archive and sold on the lucrative second-hand market)."[1]

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