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The Nyrdcast Podcast 2.0

The Nyrdcast Podcast V2.0 Ep 2: Kayfabe Football

Matt and Jay run through a few topics this week, including Sunday’s big football game, the return of the XFL, The Ant-Man and Wasp Preview along with other Marvel Movie topics, why Image Comics don’t have more series converted to TV and Movies, and an in depth discussion on Star Wars: The Last Jedi. (Full article...)

The Nyrdcast Podcast V2.0 Ep 1: The Return

Welcome to the first new episode of the Nyrdcast Podcast, Version 2.0. Matt, Toner and Jay discuss AB and their footprint in the craft beer market, if the Academy Awards are still relevant, anticipated movies for 2018, and go through some of the recent stuff they recently watched. (Full article...)

The Nyrdcast Interviews

The Nyrdcast Interviews Episode 27: Daniel Poncedeleon

I recently had the chance to talk with St. Louis Cardinals prospect Daniel Poncedeleon. We talked getting drafted, the Cardinals system, taking a line drive off the head, and this upcoming season. (Full article...)

The Nyrdcast Interviews Episode 26: Craig Mish on Giancarlo Stanton

The big news in baseball is Giancarlo Stanton and where he’s going to play next season. I talk with Craig Mish of SiriusXM Radio, who’s been on top of the rumors. We discuss how he got into baseball reporting and what’s going on with Stanton. (Full article...)