H.I. No. 60: The Beautiful Game

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"The Beautiful Game"
Hello Internet episode
Episode no.60
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Original release dateMarch 30, 2016 (2016-03-30)
Running time1:36:48
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"Consumed by Donkey Kong"
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"H.I. #60: The Beautiful Game" is the 60th episode of Hello Internet, released on March 30th, 2016.[1] The episode additionally has a section that was cut and uploaded to the podcast YouTube channel, entitled Listener Pictures.

Official Description[edit | edit source]

Brady and Grey discuss: transporters and dying while asleep, Brady's return from The Forbidden Kingdom, hotstopper follow-up, the best month of gaming, the temptations of a smaller phone, conclusion of the Super Bowl of Flags, ye olde corporate compensation corner, and robots are coming to take your job corner.

Show Notes[edit | edit source]

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References[edit | edit source]

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