H.I. No. 3: Four Light Bulbs

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"Four Light Bulbs"
Hello Internet episode
Episode 3 on the podcast YouTube channel
Episode no.3
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Original release dateFebruary 11, 2014 (2014-02-11)
Running time50:40
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"H.I. #3: Four Light Bulbs" is the third episode of Hello Internet, released on February 11, 2014.[1]

Official Description[edit | edit source]

Brady & Grey talk work / life balance.

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Grey: There we go!

Brady: You've been practicing, I can tell.

Grey: [laughs] I have, I have. All today I was like "don't blow it, don't blow it". [HI theme]

Brady: So I have learned my lesson from last time, and I realise we have to start with follow up from episode two.

Grey: Yes.

Brady: But how can we- again, we've got the same problem as last time, haven't we?

Grey: Yes, but we- but we also have the same benefit as last time, which is: I have edited the audio and have been displeased. Uh, so-

Brady: I don't think that's ever going to change, but go on then, what were you displeased with from episode two?

Grey: Yeah. So episode two, we talked about copyright and I opened by saying how I found my own copyright YouTube video,- the argument was unconvincing to me at the end.

Brady: Yes.

Grey: And, I think if you- you know, I'm imagining because these still haven't gone live, we haven't gotten feedback, but I'm imagining that if someone is- is hearing that, they're then expecting that I'm going to blow them away with a rock-solid hour-long thesis that is like the perfect convincing argument for why copyright has to be limited, and I think the last show was not that at all. I listened- I listened to me and I thought "I'm still not convinced by what I have just said".

Brady: Well, maybe you're just not completely clear on your position, you know, there's nothing wrong with that, you're just kind of a bit in the wilderness.

Grey: See, that makes me angry just to even hear you say that, because-

Brady: [laughs]

Grey: [laughs] While- while- while I am very open to changing my mind, I know what my position is on this, and I'm just continually frustrated by my seeming inability to articulate a clear consistent message on why copyright should be limited. So,-

Brady: So what, are we going to like, do the copyright video again, now? Sorry,-

Grey: No.

Brady: -are we going to do the copyright podcast again now? What are- what are-

Grey: No, no. [laughs]

Brady: You're just having bit of a windge that you're not happy with yourself.

Grey: My follow up is: Convincing this of previous podcast, I'm giving that a thumbs down. I'm- that is- that is a follow up: I am not impressed by my own argument, again, on this same topic. Um, so I wanted to just follow that up and get that-

Brady: So anyone listening to episode three before they've listened to episode two, you're basically saying "don't listen to episode two".

Grey: No, no, do listen to episode two, right? Because, I want you to listen to it, and then maybe we'll figure out some sort of feedback form, hear what people have to say about it. I would be curious for feedback, because this is, uh, this is a totally different format, right? This isn't- I'm just sort of showing up and- and we're talking about stuff, and it's not super prepared, so I'm- I'm very curious to see how people react to this. And since this is our third episode and probably the last before it goes, uh, public,-

Brady: Yeah.

Grey: -I would be very interested to hear what people have to say about the first three in particular, so, uh…

Brady: Brilliant.

Grey: OK, second- second piece a follow up for me,-

Brady: Yeah.

Grey: -also about copyright,-

Brady: Yeah.

Grey: -is I did the same thing again, which is I said something that I didn't mean to say, and listening to me say it in the audio is incredibly frustrating. So first time I- I- I- called the Economist newspaper the Economist magazine,-

Brady: Yeah.

Grey: -and in this one, something that really bothers me is, when you talk about, uh, we were talking about newspapers taking our videos and uploading them to other people's sites,-

Brady: Yeah.

Grey: -and I use- the word I used to describe that was "stealing".

Brady: Right.

Grey: And I try so hard not to use the word "stealing", because I- I don't think that that- that is a fair word to use. That is a more harsh word than what it really is. Um, you know, it should be "infringement".

Brady: [chuckles]

Grey: They infringed on my videos.

Brady: [chuckles]

Grey: But- but in the- in the heat of the moment, it's so hard not to say "stealing" even though if I was- if I was writing an article or I was writing a script for a video, I would never let that slip in there, I would never say stealing.

Brady: But isn't that just because you're being a bit like, wishy-washy and, like, when you hear in- policemen interviewed on the news they never say "the robber ran away", they always say "the suspected offender decamped in an easterly direction". Like, aren't you just being a bit soft, I mean, is it not actually stealing?

Grey: I think it isn't stealing, right? Because, if we're- if we're having like a hierarchy of crimes, stealing is a worse thing than infringement, because "stealing" implies that the newspaper not only copied my video, but they also took money right out of my wallet, and in "infringement" means that, you know, because of their use of my video, I may have lost out on earnings from those- those views, right?

Brady: Hmm.

Grey: Or from licensing fees,-

Brady: Mm-kay...

Grey: -but that's different from actually, like I'm minding my own business, and suddenly I'm down money because of their actions. Um, so that's why- I think- I really do think it's- it's- because copyright is kind of g-getting everywhere, right? You know, it- it affects more parts of technology, I think- I feel like it is important to try to establish in- "infringing" as a word to use to describe a particular kind of activity. It is not stealing, it's not the same. So,-

Brady: OK.

Grey: -that was- that was my second point.

Brady: OK. I uh, I-

Grey: Are you bullied?

Brady: -that is clarified.

Grey: Are you bullied into it?

Brady: That- that is clarified, um, you know, I think you're being a bit overly cautious but, you know, that's one of your defining qualities, so-

Grey: Mm-kay. and then-

Brady: -I'm comfortable with that,-

Grey: All right.

Brady: -and you've made your case.

Grey: Yes, thank you.

Brady: That's two bits- anymore feedback?

Grey: Well, uh, I don't have- this next one's not exactly feedback, but I want to tell you that I took your recommendation, and-

Brady: Mm-hmm.

Grey: -I watched "The People vs George Lucas".

Brady: Ooh, yeah, oh, give me a quick review?

Grey: Quick review I would say: It is enjoyable, but it is also terribly uncomfortable to watch, because it might strike a little too close to home. Um, you know, because it's- it's these interviews of people who are getting really obsessed with Star Wars, and who were really nerding out over a whole bunch of details, and... watching that kind of thing, it just makes me feel like "Do I look that ridiculous when I get upset about this? I too have gotten into, like, heated arguments over midi-chlorians", and the way the film is edited-

Brady: [chuckles]

Grey: -like it's- it's edited in a way to make it seem really comical,-

Brady: Yeah.

Grey: And thats why its also sort of uncomfortable to watch is because like I’m seeing the person on- on- on- th- on the film talking about “How midi-chlorians just change the whole nature of the Star Wars universe” and their really Ernest you know but it’s- it is cut to be a funny movie so thats why I would say It’s- It’s really uncomfortable to watch but also- also enjoyable.

Brady: I’m not sure that- that- some- I mean it’s been a while since I watched it but I- I’m not entirely sure I agree, I mean there are a few people who are I guess are having fun poked at them when they- when they go really over the top and you know dress up as Chewbacca to go to the movies and that-

Grey:  Mm-hmm.

Brady: But I don’t- I always think that those people that are really passionate about the film and talk about midi-chlorians and all that, I kinda think, I dunno, Maybe I saw myself and didn’t mind it so much-

Grey:  [chuckles]

Brady: -But it’s an interesting point, it’s an interesting point.

Grey:  Yeah I- I Definitely, I enjoyed it and I’m- I’m glad for the recommendations but I- I would say that it was, uhh… It was similar to the uh.. the Trekkies documentary, Is- It’s the same kind of think but for Star Trek.

Brady: Uhh, you see I haven’t watched that one yet, Maybe that’s my homework hey?

Grey:  Yeah, you should- I- I would recommend it, I would recommend but I- for me it’s that same kind of, like; enjoyable but, slightly uncomfortable, because, maybe it hits a little too close to home-

Brady: Mmmm, Okay

Grey: -But, umm… Anyway so, that was- that was a little thing I wanted to follow up on, thank you for the recommendation, Uhh It was great.

Brady: Great, Great. You have to watch that Bobby Fischer chess one I’ve been recommending to, but I’ll set you that as homework another day.

Grey: [chuckles] It is on my list of- Brady: Okay

Grey: -Documentaries to watch

Brady: Great. Okay. Follow up, Is that it?

Grey: Yeah! I think that’s it? That’s not bad this time.

Brady: That’s alright, That’s good, I, uh… I don’t think I have too much follow up, I have- I have listened to podcast number two and-

Grey: Mm-hmm

Brady: But, Uh… I don’t think I have any Follow up, I’ll wait for, I’ll ’till people start listening and complaining and then, decide what to do.

[Ad break]

Brady: What are we talking about? What- What’s on your mind?

Grey: [Sigh] So, uh, today, the thing- the thing that I kinda wanted to talk about and this might be very scatter brained, so, we’ll se how it goes. But the think that I wanted to talk about, is something that has been, sort of loosely, on my mind for the past, two and a half, maybe three years and it is the notion of; Work-Life balance uh-

Brady: Work-Life balance?

Grey: Yeah.

Brady: I am, I must say, this scares me-

Grey: What is it Brady?

Brady: ‘Cause I am not a good person to talk to about work life balance, I mean I’m- I’m notoriously by those around me, think I’m very bad at this, I think talking to me about Work-Life balance, is- is like talking to the Cookie Monster about-

Grey: [chuckles]

Brady: Healthy eating, I am not good in this area.

Grey: You feel that your Work-Life balance is unbalanced?

Brady: It is… severally unbalanced, It is in favour of work.

Grey: Really?

Brady: Yes.

Grey: How many videos have you put up on YouTube?

Brady: Uh, it’s getting towards Two-Thousand, It is a lot.

Grey: [chuckles] And how many, I have to prefisize this with the word ‘Active’ How many active channels would you say you have?

Brady: The active, The really active ones, It’s about half a dozen, But I do have about a dozen that I do pop videos on, I’m bring a couple back to life at the moment, but anyway, yeah. I- I- have I have a lot of things on the go, but, umm, but you, know that’s not why, I have a bad, Work-Life balance, I think if I had just one YouTube channel I would Probably have a bad Work-Life balance.

Grey: You think it would make no difference-

Brady: Yeah. Grey-you would just, there- there would be two thousand videos on that, single channel- [chuckles]

Grey: As opposed to spread- spread them across, a half dozen.

Brady: Quite possibly, I think I’m uh, I think I, work a lot because I enjoy it a lot, but anyway do you have a good work life balance?

Grey: [Sigh] So, my answer to this is, also no. Umm..

Brady: All right.

Grey: But I’m- I’m coming at this from the perspective of I think that the whole notion of Work-Life balance is kind of feel good BS.

Brady: Hmm?

Grey: I- I don’t think that this is an achievable thing in the way most people mean it when their talking about Work-Life balance.

Brady: Your gonna have to elaborate a bit here.

Grey: Okay, so I- I think very often when people are talking about Work-Life balance, there kinda talking about, you know “having it all” right you have this- this great personal life that is fulfilling with family and friends and activities and hobbies and you are also a person who is excelling in your job, right, and your doing great at work and I think that people like to talk about and try to achieve work life balance because ether is an amazing ideal, its like the plutonic ideal of what you want your life to be. But I think that that scuttles to the side difficult decisions that have to be made about how your going to spend your time and your energy.

Brady: Mm-hmm.

Grey: Umm, So tha- that is the kind of basis of of the augment I kinda want to make today.

Brady: So, I’m staying to be- I’m staying to be clear here are you- are you talking about the amount of time you dedicate to work verse your life or how successful you can be at one you know you can wither be a rubbish friend and family member and a brilliant youtube or-

Grey: Mm-hmm.

Brady: A bit of a mediocre YouTuber and the uber family-friend man.

Grey: So, Im going to lay out my analogy partly because this came up with another YouTuber who we know recently and a lot of times people start out, sort of, not believing me on this and by the end I can sometimes sort of can convince them on this so I’ll- I want to lay this out and my the analogy I make is this, let’s, so you know, so you as a human are able to produce a certain amount of energy and activity-

Brady: Mm-hmm.

Grey: And you know Sort of like a motor and just for simplicity and maths sake let’s say that your output is a hundred watts of-

Brady: Okay.

Grey: -Sort of effort at any particular time.

Brady: Yep.

Grey: And I think that basically, the whole scope of human activity falls in the four possible categories that are before you, like four one-hundred watt lightbulbs

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