H.I. No. 124: Double High Five

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"Double High Five"
Hello Internet episode
Episode no.124
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Original release dateMay 27, 2019 (2019-05-27)
Running time1:24:36
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"H.I. #124: Double High Five" is the 124th episode of Hello Internet, released on May 27, 2019.[1]

Website synopsis[edit | edit source]

Episode 124 on the podcast YouTube channel

"Grey and Brady discuss: royal babies, are your parents your parents, the Brady Sportsball Curse, Dallas (Dulles) Airport, Grey tries to not complain about YouTube, double high five emoji, hashtagsquarespacebeyond100 and Hello Internet contingency plans on Patreon, and asking Tim Cook a question."[1]

Release and commercial performance[edit | edit source]

"Double High Five" was released to podcast clients on May 27, 2019.[2] The corresponding video was premiered live on the Hello Internet YouTube channel on the same day and received 28 thousand views within its first 9 days of release.[3] The audio is set to a looping animation of blue-colored cells with violet-colored nuclei.

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