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"Infinity War Breakdown (Spoiler Cast), 5 Minute Geek #20"

In this episode, we talk about everything we liked and didn't like in Avengers Infinity War. Warning, if you have not seen the movie we are going to talk spoilers. Now that we go the warning out this weeks episode was a lot of fun to record. We traditionally avoid doing things like this but we all had so much to talk about we thought we should try it. Feel free to email me and let me know how you liked the episode! -Morgan (Morgan@DriveByDogs.com) (Full article...)

"Avengers Infinity War Success and Nintendo Bias, 5 Minute geek #19"

In this episode: Ian had thoughts about Avengers (02:02) Morgan wonders if consumers are biased for Nintendo (07:25) Rylee is enjoying God of War from afar (12:27) The guys talk about updates for the video podcast (21:50)

This Podcast is now available on video! Watch now at Youtube.com/DriveByDogs (Full article...)

"Do Console Exclusives Matter? 5 Minute Geek #18"

In this episode: Fritz really enjoyed A Quiet Place (01:46) Ian says his #GameStruck4 (07:16) Morgan asks if Console Exclusives are important (12:45) The guys question declining console sales (20:55) Fritz and Morgan say their #Gamestruck4 (27:01) The guys address Fritz's Departure (41:36)

5 Minute Geek is now available as a video podcast! Check it out at Youtube.com/DriveByDogs (Full article...)