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"Mr Speaker"
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"HI #121: Mr Speaker" is the 121st episode of Hello Internet, released on March 31, 2019.[1]

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Episode 121 on the podcast YouTube channel

"Grey and Brady discuss: Hello Internet Shoes Revisited, buying the Black Stump, Algorithmic Mysteries, Brexit, and Vertical Videos."[1]


Oh, Dre. You're always trying to cut Audrey out of the show, and I think she's perfectly fine being in the show. So Tim Cook's just been doing one of his, you know, things, his keynotes, I don't even know what he's doing. But I know it happened because my Twitter lit up with people telling me that he was wearing knockoff, hello internet, limited edition trainers. Really? And I went and had a look at a picture. And the shoes he's been wearing do bear a striking similarity to our classics from a few years ago. This was just live now, which I totally forgot about. Just now, hang on, I'll send you a link. I think this was supposed to be their boring one about TV programs or something. Oh, I couldn't give two hoots, but I'll send you a picture. Well, Brady, if you were looking for something else to give $9.99 a month to, I think Apple's probably got a service for you. I'll send you a picture so you can see these trainers. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Hey, look, look, I'm dying though. They do. I'm just planning them. I wish I knew he was going to be wearing them because I would have had them back in stock. I was going to say there's a possibility that they're the real thing, but they're a little too dark. They're a little too black on the top versus the actual hello internet color. I don't know if they've got that white toe as well, but it did prompt me to email my shoe contact and say, so any interest in spinning up production again, if Tim cooks about to start a new trend among nodes for wearing this car, and I think we should be there. Yeah, I think I want to capitalize on that if that is going to be the new trend among nerds. Yeah. I'd also be happy if Mr. Cook, Mr. Apple is listening. And if he wants a complimentary pair, I'd be more than happy to send some along. I think we can make that work, Tim. What did you do with your pair? Storage, like a their archive? That's an interesting question. And when you asked me, I had that split second chill of horror wondering, where are they? I think I'm going to assume that they are somewhere under the eagis of my wife in the house. Right. As is the hello internet record and a couple other hello internet items. So I don't know where the shoes are, but I'm just going to assume that they're being safely protected somewhere in the house. I've got a safe pair of shoes that I thought I would start wearing when my old ones gave up the ghost, because I'm really hard wearing on shoes. Yeah. But this is the absolute truth, Gray, my original pair that I probably wear almost every day, just get better with age. They're like a fine wine. And this isn't even a sales pitch because you can't buy them anymore. This is just me saying they are like a fine wine. They are the best pair of shoes I've ever owned by some distance. Really, I have this feeling like I want to stop you from talking, because if people can't buy them, I want you to talk about how great the shoes are now. You have to wait until we can make them available again. Oh, I'll see what happens. My guy might not want to make them anymore after last time, but I've put the email out. Maybe it's time for a redux. It is true though that every time I see you, you're wearing them. And I'm not sure if that's a measurement effect that it's just every time you come to see me, you want to put on the shoes. Or if they really are wearing them every day, but no. I'm glad to hear that they're treating you well, Brady. I'm almost a little bit embarrassed when I see you and I realize I'm wearing them, because it makes me like self-conscious that you think I'm like a walking billboard. But then again, I just FaceTime you and you were wearing a CGP Grey hoodie over a Jamaican rice rat t-shirt. So you're shameless. You know what? I didn't realize it until the FaceTime camera came on. And immediately, even though my hoodie was zipped up 95% of the way, you were like, oh, it's Swaprat. I got it. Right? So you do immediately. You've got a sharp eye for the Hello Internet merch Brady. Well, speaking of the shoes and storage of limited edition shoes that immediately makes the mind jump to the future Hello Internet Museum. Right. That's it does. Which also immediately makes it jump to its possible venue of the Mardi Black Stump in Adelaide. There is incredible news about the Mardi Black Stump. Incredible news? Incredible news. A very important news. Oh, very important. Okay. What is the important news about the Mardi Black Stump? The building is for sale. No. And I'm not sure this is something we should be ignoring. Okay, Brady. You say should be ignoring. As though there is action that could be taken on this. Is that? I mean, I hear that Adelaide is just an amazing city that everybody wants to go to, with almost certainly then property prices to match. So I'm not imagining that a building in Adelaide could be gotten for a deal. I don't have any concept of what building prices are, but I think they are going to be rather beyond our reach. I've forgotten what I heard big rumored. I think it was like $200 million. Let's say that is several orders of magnitude at least, or that our ability to purchase. You but you always hear about, oh, there's been a new record set for the fastest and most successful ever kickstarter. Like maybe we should be the ones to break the record and have like a podcast by a skyscraper. Asterix, skyscraper. Before you make any decisions. Oh, right. Right, right. Yes, you're right. Let me hold back for a moment and be prepared to be suede. Yeah. Before you make any decisions about trying to raise $200 million to buy a building. Right. Yeah. Let me read from the advertisement, because I have found the listing here. Expressions of interest are being sought. 25 Grenfell Street Adelaide South Australia, postcode 5000. We have the land area, 1900, I'm looking at the square meter. I hate it when people are telling you about their house and they tell you like the square meters or square footage of their property. Oh, yeah. That means absolutely nothing to me. Totally agree. It means nothing at all. It could be a postage stamp or it could be Buckingham Palace. And the numbers, I wouldn't know the difference. Yeah. I was just just last night watching some property shows. And it's always, they open up with the square feet. And it's like this number means nothing to me. I cannot conceptualize this square number of feet in anything that's meaningful. It's the same when someone has a baby and they tell you the weight. Yeah. And like they look at you expectantly like you're supposed to go, oh, that's a big one. Oh, that's small. Like, I have no idea. Tell me, is that big or small? I don't know. They just say pounds and ounces and it could mean anything. But at least with babies, it's very simple. You know that no matter what the person says, you have to make some general positive baby comment. You go, ooh, that's great. I literally just did this with a baby yesterday and I asked, oh, how old is he? You know, and I get a number in weeks. And I realize, it doesn't mean anything to me. I know I understand an age. I know what a week is in a year. I have no idea whether a baby should be talking or walking though. Like if someone says they have a kid and then I say, oh, how old? And it's not there. And they say, oh, it's four years. I have no idea. Is that person walking and talking or are they pooing themselves? Or are they crow? Like, I don't know when all those things happen. I know when you're five, you go to school. Right. So I know you're not crowling and pooing when you're five. Well, yeah. I mean, mostly you're not crowling and pooing. Mostly. Yeah. For me, kids conceptually begin at about 11 years old, which was the youngest day of our time. And it's like, oh, okay. You're 11. I understand. I have some mental framework for what you are. But from birth until 11, it's all a fog of who knows? I have no idea. Well, let's skip the square footage of the Mighty Black Star. Right. Because that's of no interest to you. Yeah. But let's just get to the purple pros. And iconic asset is the headline. 25 Grand Folk Street. Iconic. Yeah. Love it. It says here, positioned front and center in the core of Adelaide's Office precinct. Grenfell Center at 25 Grand Folk Street is instantly recognizable as one of Adelaide's most prestigious and high profile A grade office towers. The landmark building is home to the elite dominated by key corporate tenants capitalizing on stunning views of the Adelaide Hills, greater metropolitan area and to the coast, enjoying the comfort of building services that have set the standard in South Australia's capital city. I mean, the implication there is they've made black really trendy that all the buildings look like it, but I don't think that's the case. Well, setting the standard is referring to the comfort of building services. Oh, okay. Maybe it's like their coffee shops have hot stoppers at the standard level for comforts. Unbelievably, there's not a single word about either the cafe or the hot stoppers. Right. And they're missing a trick there. Yeah. I mean, they could say the building, a frequent focus of international discussion, they could add even more like including to the Hello Internet podcast and their ad. I think they could do that. Well, it could be referred to as a Tim Mecca. This office building stroke pilgrimage site. I'm just sowing seeds, great. There's no, you don't have to make a decision now. Expressions of interest close on April 18th. Right. I understand that you're trying to just so seeds, but they will not find fertile ground here. You're not going to sway me to start a campaign to own an office building in Australia. It's not going to happen. I hope the mighty black stump finds a good home. Yeah. You know, I hope whoever purchases it takes good care of it, but I'm not looking for ownership in that a laid commercial real estate. Many, many magnitudes of order beyond our scope. I know. It's maybe later. Maybe it'll come on the market again in a few years. We'll reassess it that time. Yeah. Okay. I can promise you that, really. If it comes on the market again, we can discuss it again. So, you know, our friend Matt Parker has a new book out. It's like a mathematical book. It's called Humble Pie available in all good bookstores, including a bookstore I went to yesterday. And in the acknowledgments, Matt has put my name and he's deliberately spelled my name correctly because it's a running joke between us. And he's called me Bradley Harron in the notes. Okay. So, I saw a copy of the book and I went up to the owner of the store. And you know how authors sometimes go into books and like sign copies of their books to add value to them. I went up to the owner of the store, a lot of the manager. Okay. And I said, do you want me to sign this book? I think he at first thought I was the author and he said, oh, that'd be fantastic. Yes, thank you. And then I thought I'd better clarify. And I said, oh, I should let you know I'm not the author. I'm just a guy who's in the acknowledgments. I tried to explain why he should let me sign it and I said, oh, Twitter and like it would become desirable. Because I was trying to help Matt, you know, I was just doing it because I thought if I did that tweet, it would just raise awareness of his book and I'd be doing Matt favor, right? Okay. You're doing Matt a favor, but also you're going into the bookstore and be like, hey, let me sign some of your books here. Let me do you a favor bookstore. No, no, no, honestly, my motivation was purely just, it was just an excuse to mention his book again and create buzz. Because I owe Matt a few favors and I can't just keep saying buy this book, buy this book. It was like a publicity stunt, really. Okay. So the manager's like looking at me and he's like, I could tell he was really uncertain about what to do. And he thought I was just a complete weirdo. Yeah. And at that exact moment, like his deputy or the guy standing next to him working in the store just leaned over and said, I know who this guy is. I listened to his podcast. You should let him sign the book. So this Tim came to the rescue and then the manager was like, all right, and do it. Thank you. I signed the book. Sure enough, someone came in and bought it afterwards and you know, everyone loved it. It was a thing. But the guy wasn't going to let me do it until his assistant manager Tim swooped in and vouched for me. Okay. I mean, you know me, Brady, I have a reluctance to random audience interactions just when you're going about your daily life. But I do have to say that swooping in is amazing. Yeah. I feel like if I'm ever in a situation where there's some kind of problem, I would love nothing more. Like, you know, the border agents is giving me a hard time. And I would just love the supervisor to be like, hey, I'm not going to be able to do it. Hey, I listened to this guy's podcast. You should just let him in. And then it's fine, right? That would be great. It was a total rescue too because I was, I'd been a bit worried about doing it. And then I'd done it. And I was sinking. And I was thinking, oh my god, like, I'm just a nobody. And this guy knows I'm a nobody. And now I look like an idiot. Right. And this guy just like suddenly turned me into a somebody for a few seconds just to like give me some like credibility. And I was like, we're going to walk out of the shop with my head. I would, I mean, I would describe it a little bit worse than that because it's not that you look like an idiot. It's you're feeling like a nobody. And you look like a nobody who is grasping at the thinnest of threads to hold on to for any kind of notoriety. Yeah, I mean, the acknowledgment. Yeah, my name's Rome, but I mean, I was mentioned in the acknowledgment. Please, let me sign this book. This is what notable people do, right? Yes. Oh, it'll be, I'll put it on my snap Instagram. Don't worry, sir. Like the book will sell immediately. It's not a good look. And so that's why that is quite frankly an amazing save on behalf of an audience member there. That is a perfect save. Just for context, so people know, because now I'm feeling like an idiot on my own podcast. You want to, okay, all right. I feel like we know everything we need to know here. I mean, people have a long history with you, Brady, and like they've listened to the show. I think people can surmise the situation here, but please give it a bit more color. It's an ongoing joke, because Matt got my name wrong in the first edition of his first book. Right. And his new book is all about mistakes. He deliberately spells my name wrong. And it's like the final sentence of the final acknowledgment. It's like a punctuation point on the book. And we make a big joke about it. And it's like a known thing that if anyone buys one of these Bradley editions. Right. I'll sign it as Bradley. Right. So it's not like I'm just like, you know, my name is like in an index, I'm reading a book. Now I want to go around and sign all these books. It's like this is like a joke of the thing. And like for the subset of Matt Parker fans who also know what number file is and know who I am, this is like a little joke in the community that he keeps calling me Bradley. Do you feel better with that explanation, Brady? It might sense in my head. Anyway, the book's old thank goodness, because if I just vandalized this book and then no one ever bought it, then I would have felt really stupid. Well, you're being a good friend supporting the book, going around into bookstores and signing it as Bradley. I just did the one. Well, that was the joke. I said this is the one and only that I was, I give up. I thought you'd be there for me. I thought you'd be there for me. The Tim pulled me out. You've put your foot back on my head and pushed me under the water. I haven't totally not done that. I've totally not done that, Brady. I mean, look, I'm just letting you describe the situation. And I think it's an amazing story. It is perhaps the best way an audience member a Tim could ever come in and save you from this horrific, uncomfortable situation. It really is amazing. There have been calls for him to get a medal of honor. I thought maybe that was oversteady in the case, but you're making me think maybe he does deserve one. I mean, the amount of social awkwardness avoided is tremendous. So I mean, it can at least go on into consideration. This episode of Hello Internet is brought to you in part by Dashlane. We all have way too many passwords to remember. Way too many. So what do you start doing in that situation? You start having bad passwords and reusing passwords and having lane passwords. That is bad internet security. That is begging for some kind of problem. Enter Dashlane. The password manager endorsed by the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, Forbes and is the top rated one on the app store with an average score of 4.7. Dashlane generates secure passwords for you. 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The premium version is 499 a month and this will give you unlimited password storage, sync your passwords across all of your devices, instant form and payment autofill, VPN and Wi-Fi protection, and a whole bunch of stuff. So once again, to try Dashlane, go to Dashlane.com, slash Hello Internet and get 10% off with the promo code Hello Internet. Thanks to Dashlane for supporting the show and thanks to Dashlane for keeping the passwords of 10 million users in 150 countries secure. I want to tell you a story of something that happened to me yesterday. Okay. And it's like a mystery that I want you to help me solve. Just to be clear, it's a mystery is not like a puzzle. Right. Yeah, it's a mystery. It's like an egg of the Christie. Okay. I'm going to lay out the story and then you're going to tell me like how it happened or who done it. Because I can't figure it out. Okay. All right. And if anyone could figure it out, I think it's you. Oh, pressure is on now. So yesterday morning, I was recording another podcast with my friend Tim. He's in Australia. And I spoke to him about an advertisement from our childhood that was on TV in Australia. And I had searched for it on YouTube before. It was for a car dealership for a Mitsubishi car dealership. And it had this really terrible jingle that I wanted to discuss. It wasn't that beer commercial or whatever. What was the thing you liked with the beer? You're like, oh, this beer is really aca or whatever. Yeah. It wasn't the West End one. Okay. So anyway, so I looked it up to refresh my memory. And I spoke to him about it and I said, oh, do you remember this advertisement? And he said, no, I don't remember actually. And he had no recollection of it. And I thought, fair enough, spoke about it for a minute or two. Conversation moved on. We kept recording. And I reckon 40 minutes later, completely unrelated. No segues involved. We were moving on to completely unrelated topic. He brought up the fact that he'd been searching YouTube the week before and had stumbled over this video about this incident that happened in a snooker tournament. A game of snooker. And there was this argument between the players and whatever. And I'd not heard of it. I'd never seen it before. He told me about it. I was like, oh, I've never seen that. It's a really interesting story. I didn't look it up or search for it. I just heard his account and found it very interesting. Okay. Yeah. Nice one. That was it. Later that night, so five or six hours later, I was starting to edit the podcast. So I thought, oh, the first thing I want to do is I want to get the mic. The first thing I want to do is I want to get the audio from that Mitsubishi ad. So I did the search on this Mitsubishi car dealership on YouTube up came the video. And I was like, great, I can snatch the audio, a bit of the audio from this that I want to use for this podcast. And the second or third recommended video on that little bank on the right was this snooker incident that I'd never heard of. I'd never seen before. I'd never searched for. I knew nothing about it. It couldn't be less related to a Mitsubishi car dealership video with 900 views from Adelaide. No links whatsoever. And it's there recommended on the right. Funnily enough, I was going to need to look for that in the next 20 minutes because I was about to search for it. I wanted to find out about it. I had no idea how the link was made. So the first thing I thought, like the obvious thing I thought was, maybe after the podcast, Tim searched for that Mitsubishi ad himself because he wanted to see the Mitsubishi ad. His previous search or something maybe had been the snooker thing the week before and they got linked in that way. Which in itself, I thought was a bit creepy, but it made sense. So I texted Tim straight away and said, did you look up on YouTube search or do anything at all to do with that Mitsubishi car ad that I told you about? He said, absolutely nothing. He didn't look for it, didn't search it, didn't put a single keystroke into his computer looking up anything about that Mitsubishi ad. I didn't do a single thing looking for that snooker video. How the heck did YouTube, my YouTube, connect to that Mitsubishi car ad with a snooker video when the only link was a verbal discussion that I'd had with Tim who I'm recording. I cannot figure it out. It's too much of a coincidence to just be a boring coincidence. My wife straight away said, your phone's listening. I can't believe it, but maybe it's true. I've always thought that's just like conspiracy theory, not so stuff that our phones are listening to us. But I can't think of any other reason. I can't do it. So that was going to be my question is, do you think that it's a device listening to you? I don't believe it, but it's almost like someone who doesn't believe in ghosts having a ghost walk in the room and saying, I just refuse to believe in you. I don't know what else it could be. That's why I was hoping you would tell me the obvious thing that I've missed. The thing about are your devices listening to you? I know plenty of people who talk about, oh, I was discussing this thing and then I went on my computer and there's ads for the thing. And they're like, obviously my phone is listening to me and telling Amazon what I'm talking about and they're putting ads on there. Like, you know, that kind of stuff. Like I generally disregard that because the banality of the coincidence is so boring you could die. I was talking about needing this product that almost every human on earth needs and then there was an ad for this product. It fits exactly into my demographic. They must have been listening. It's like, well, no, probably not. Be honest. Does my story sound like that? Here's where I'm going with this. Your story is not one of those stories. Taking it as red, it doesn't fit into the vast majority of conspiracy theories about my phone was listening to me and it showed me this thing. I don't think it fits into that. But the thing is it's not crazy that the devices are listening. Thinking about in particular, last time I was in Las Vegas, the hotel that I was staying in had an Amazon Echo in the room. And it's one of these things. Like I looked at that Echo and I think, well, now you really are a device that just sits there and your whole job is to just listen to me. And it just kind of made me a little uncomfortable and it was this weird situation where I was having this passive aggressive fight with the cleaning staff because I kept on plugging the Echo and then they would keep plugging it back in. Which also kind of creep me out because then, oh, this is obviously an item on the checklist or like they're using the Echo, they're hitting the job or whatever. But like, how do you know every time to plug it back in? Like I don't like this. I was discussing it with my wife who thought I was being totally off the board paranoid. Just like, what are you doing? I'm plugging this Echo. Well, in order for it to recognize when you say, you know, hey, Alexa, turn on all the lights. Yeah. It has to listen all the time. Yeah. And you know, you take Amazon's word that they're like, and it's only on the device. It's only listening for the trigger phrase. It's not really doing anything. It's like, but do I trust Amazon that that's true? It's like, well, I don't trust them anymore than I trust Facebook, which is not at all. I trust everyone more than Facebook. That's true. Okay. No, that is true. Facebook would be at the absolute bottom because again, they have the spider bot CEO running it. Amazon is just above it. You know, we made fun of that Amazon Echo commercial years and years ago, which by the way, I went looking for that a couple months ago and I couldn't find it. Amazon took down that original terrifying wand or like the Echo follows you around the house. Like it's looming over you in bed. You know, like I didn't trust those things, but I did eventually cave and I got Apple speakers in my house. And those do the same thing. Like they're just listening for, hey, Siri. And it's like, do I trust Apple? I do, but just barely, like, but not a lot. Like it still makes me uncomfortable and I think about it. I really don't think it's crazy town anymore to speculate on the idea that there is information being captured and it's being used. And your story isn't the craziest version of it. I do think you have the problem of like how was the device listening, you know, was it the computer listening to the audio going through it? Like what was it who knows? Like was Chrome able to get access to just the system audio in a way that it wouldn't be able to get access to the microphone? Like that's a possibility. I don't know how the permissions work. Like the computer needs to ask to get permission for the microphone. But can the computer listen to the system audio, which is the way like we're running podcasts through the computer? I have no idea. Part of the thing though is I don't want to believe that this could possibly be true. And if I had to try to sit down and think how could this happen without it being like, oh, the machine is listening. The only thing I can think of is that it's less of a coincidence than you think it is because it's not like these are two unrelated ads. You're actually falling into the demographic of Australians of a certain age being nostalgic about stuff from their past. Oh, Greg, I think I've just come up with another theory, which is maybe even more obvious. Okay. What's the obvious theory? Maybe the mighty algorithm in the sky and all the, you know, the stuff that's understanding us has just linked Tim and I as friends as individuals like our profiles. It just knows that he and I are mates and it knows that he was searching for those snooker videos last week. And it knows that I was searching for this Mitsubishi car ad. And it's just like personally linked us. Maybe that's part of how the algorithm works. It figures out who your friends are. And it just starts recommending to you things that your friends are looking at that's a possibility. I don't know if YouTube does that. I've never heard anybody who talks about this stuff knowledgeably knowing about YouTube doing recommendations on the individual level like that. I don't know. They don't make a lot of noise like Apple does about supposedly anonymizing your data so that they don't consider you as an individual in any way. I think Google almost certainly does want to consider you as an individual so that's a possibility that they just know like two users have similar behavior. If it's not like oh your machine is spying on you then it has to be something like it's just less of a coincidence than it seems like for reasons that are not obvious. I mean I think it's a coincidence at all but yeah. But like that's the one possibility right is like it links you and another user's behavior and it's recommending similar videos or. Searching for things from the past is a kind of demographic behavior that actually does link these videos even though they don't seem like they're really related. That would be my guess but it is creepy world that we live in where you have to think about what are the machines know about you and like how are they recommending in shaping your behavior. I mean this snooker video stood out like a sore thumb amongst all the other videos and the recommendation it was weird. Yeah. There's a thing I've been thinking about a lot related to a bunch of different platforms but I'm aware of YouTube always wanting to try to like shape my viewing experience. And so sometimes I don't even want to click on a video that I think I might be interested to watch because I feel like oh YouTube please. I don't want you to like start me down this rabbit hole of assuming I want to see everything in the world that's related to this. I've posted an interview like on the record like I made a video with the guy in charge of the YouTube algorithm and he said on camera that exact same thing even he acknowledged that okay you got me I clicked on it but you doesn't mean you have to show it to me for the rest of all time he realized that it's been of a weakness even he was like saying okay I watched that one surfing video guilty please stop the surfing videos. Yeah I mean if YouTube is doing something like figuring out who your friends are and recommending videos based on your friends viewing. I feel pretty uncomfortable with that I wouldn't then want to have to double think about it where it's not just oh my recommendations have been ruined because I watched this one video it would also be like oh and now my friends are going to get suggested this kind of video more like oh no I just. Treatises as into it like the reason this is on my mind lately is like my YouTube is just filled with clips from parliament now because I watch some live streams of parliament and it's like I cannot convince YouTube that I do not want to see any more video clips from inside of parliament right but it's like hey buddy you watch two live streams obviously want to see this stuff for forever and I have clicked on I'm not interested a million times on a thousand thumbnails and it's like I can't Unconvince YouTube I was gonna say they do have that today to they have an I'm not interested option on yeah, oh yeah, I say it I found it yeah, you know how you've been talking about liberally using the mute feature on Twitter yeah since YouTube is now where I'm spending a lot of my like former social media time I am very liberally using the I'm not interested option like I try to click on that all the time until YouTube I can I am not interested but sometimes it's like it's just impossible to unconvince the algorithm about something yeah I just watched one of your videos half an hour ago just to prepare for this we all want to your Brexit videos is like homework and just after watching one I've got a thousand of them recommended here that I think is good not interested then I know that I want to know algorithm algorithm a plus work send people all the CDB gray videos algorithm that's what you should do good bye good bye there are well the investigation continues I will go on to the subreddit to find out if anyone else has theories as to what happened I'm sure there's a logical explanation but it has me baffled thank you for sticking with me on that one because I know it makes me sound a bit like a tin hat person but the world has tin edges in a way that I think it didn't used to and yeah learning how to think questioningly without going off the edge of the crazy cliff is an important skill and being able to like play around the edges of that is something that's useful to do 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trying to catch up on what's been going on with Brexit and like holy hell what a mess has this been and what a mess are we currently it like it is almost like a frankly unbelievable situation I know it is I've been so naughty great I've even been doing some like political tweets wow slapping my wrist afterwards but I just haven't been able to help myself I know it's like social media suicide to talk about politics but I've just been so frustrated I just had to blow some stain but I can totally granted to you because like you know I did this deep dive all I was looking for is like I was trying to find what are the overarching themes that come up a bunch and this idea of like having conflicting wants is like an overarching theme that is routinely come up and I was like okay there's like two areas where this is repeatedly become a thing and so that's why I sort of ended up with the two videos but my god like going into the actual details I don't know it like it makes my head spin I found myself like okay so to actually understand what's going on here like I need to know all about the politics in Northern Ireland and it's like okay so we kind of go back to like the troubles and it's like how did the troubles begin and then it's like okay wait wait too far back too far back wait what is the balance in parliament right now for what people are arguing over it's really quite a stounding and even for me like you know not a real newsy person normally when I finish a video it's like closing a book and putting it on the shelf for a topic forever like I never think about it again it's like a great this is done like it goes into the archive but I think this is maybe the first time ever I finished a couple of videos and then that was the week where there were like three votes in a row and I like I just had the parliament on live for huge portion of time I was just watching it and like this is like I just like this is incredibly atypical behavior for me but it honestly felt like there's only two levels of understanding of this problem there's extremely high level like you just want the broad overview and then there's the I need to hear it firsthand from parliament what's occurring because I mean it almost felt like a thing that's impossible to summarize yeah I mean I haven't been going that far I haven't been watching parliament but you've gone next level there but I don't know it was just like I to found myself unable to turn away and it was like again this is maybe the closest I've ever gotten to sports because when the big votes were happening at night I can't remember where it was but I googled and I found the parliamentary list of the amendments and so like I had like okay here we go what's going on here's the what's coming up next amendment I right and I'm looking at it on the list and like oh amendment I do you know changes this paragraph over here I like okay we're gonna boom let's see if this one passes right because they you know before they do the vote they vote on all these amendments and it's like I was right there with it I was in a little cabin literally inside the Arctic circle but I had Wi-Fi and I was like constantly updating to see what the results of the votes were it really isn't unbelievable situation and it's an unbelievable situation on absolutely every level. What if you thought of a parliament I mean you're watching it at peak craziness but it's always pretty crazy yeah I am watching it at peak craziness I mean look I have over the years tuned in and out sometimes of watching prime ministers question time because even even was younger I remember my dad would sometimes like in the morning just put on prime ministers question time as like an interesting thing to watch by the way all the people who were rushing off to read it to complain about Gray calling at prime ministers question time don't bother why what is it's called prime ministers questions oh whatever listen hear me out there's a certain subset of people who it's like apostrophes right as a famous political TV show Britain too called question time right people often like conflate the two and it's a favorite past time of people yeah telling people off for saying prime ministers question time I mean I'm sure but this to me is like the daylight saving time versus daylight savings time yeah it's like yes I will grab that you are I just don't want to have to wait through them on redder I don't care if you say I'm just saying don't go into redder talk about it because it makes it hard to find the diamond comments when every third comment is someone thinking there the first person ever to point out that it's not called prime ministers question time okay well I'll you know keep the redder clean guys so for people who don't know prime ministers questions is this time when members of the parliament like basically get to ask questions of the prime minister and it's basically just a big shouting match well that's a thing that's that's amazing about it because I don't know how the Australian system compares similar okay I've never seen Australian prime ministers questions time down under like I don't know how that goes they can get pretty robust yeah but like my frame of reference is the American House of Representatives and the Senate which is so boring you could use it to interrogate prisoners it is like a joke in America that seespan which broadcasts you what Congress is doing is just ungodly dull you cannot believe how boring it is and parliament for whatever its democratic laws might be my god is it fantastic to watch like it's it is a great show but I think if if someone is unfamiliar with politics you might assume that like it should be the reverse that American politics should be full of lots of like yehawing and shooting at the ceiling and people yelling at each other and that the British version would be all like state and some rules yeah but like British politics is unbelievable like I kind of love how often they will just directly insult each other like someone will get up and be like they'll give their speech and then another guy will pop up and will be like the right honorable gentleman from north stopshire doesn't know which end of a sheep to shag right and it's like right everybody starts to yell and it's like it's always amazing and it just if he's from Shropshire I'm sure he knows which end of the shape to it's like it's unbelievable and I think there's a couple of contributing factors to it one of the contributing factors I'm absolutely convinced is the smallness of the room that they're in right there's a little table in the center and I don't know what is it three rows of benches behind them is not even enough sates for everyone in that place yeah it's this tiny room and so when the different sides are arguing with each other like you're right in the other guys face you know and and they're right there in my head I imagine that room is incredibly overheated and so it makes everybody angry right whereas the American House of Representatives is a gigantic cathedral that seats 500 people and you know they all have their little assigned seats with their adorable named tags in front of it saying oh this is the the senator from the great state of Utah and there are a million miles away from yelling at the guy from Maryland and just like it's just not the same so I honestly think it's a good thing even though it like it's raucous and it's yelling there's something about it that feels more honest it is still a game of politics but then like the formalness or the like the weird politeness that I'm sort of used to in from most of American politics is this like weird indirectness so I don't know but like do you agree or not I hate I hate question I hate prime minister questions really yeah because it's still everyone trying to get that sound by yeah on the news and it's almost like you know it's like kids posing mummy look at me look at me take a picture of me use my sound by on the news and like someone will just ask like because the opposition leader will get like three or four questions as part of the rules they get the first few questions and he's not even asking questions he's just trying to get that snazzy sound by that someone's written for him to get on the news and it's so transparent and I know this is like bit of a common complaint about politicians but there's no actual like questions being asked and answered it's just trying to ask a controversial question that will get you on the news and then the prime minister never answers the question and just says what she wants to say and it's almost like did you hear the question that wasn't even the question you were asked why are you saying that but that's just how politicians answer questions and then it starts alternating between government questions from like you know friendly MPs and questions from opposition MPs and it goes from these ridiculous and tegnistic questions that are just sound bites to get on the news to these Dorothy Dixers that are like oh can the prime minister please tell me how wonderful the government has been on the issue of animal rights for the last 20 years and the prime minister can launch into some pre-prepared message of the day that they want to get across and it just feels like a complete and total waste of time you know they get heated and there's yelling and people get told off and it becomes a bit of a shouting match but again they're just doing that to try and get on the TV and I don't know letting TV cameras in there seems dare I say it almost like a bad thing really I wouldn't change it and people have to see what's happening in their parliament I think it's important but letting the TV cameras in there it's almost like switching a camera on in a room full of vloggers for a minute there's like can I push Brady into suggesting that there should be you know no cameras in government like like oh no I mean televising court cases has always been a fraught issue and a lot of people still don't support it I completely understand and the same things the same reasons for being cautious about televising court cases is the same reason televising parliament has turned it into bit of a mess yeah I'm not against televising parliament I'm in favor of it I mean if we didn't televise parliament now and just locked them in a room and told them to sort out Brexit maybe they would but now they can't afford to be seen on TV as weak or compromising or anything like that you have to be seen as strong and someone who doesn't change their mind and you can't give away that 10 second sound bite where you say oh maybe we should change our mind or maybe we should do a deal with each other like because then your week your week and you're on TV being weak and that's going to point you for the rest of your life you have to be strong you have to be a strong leader on TV and aggressive and and I think it results in bad leadership yeah see I agree with all of those points but I think those are points fundamental to politics and like you still have all of those problems in American politics and so I think this is why I like the rockiness yeah American politics is completely televised as well yeah but I mean like if we're going to have people who don't answer questions and people who can't compromise in the public eye at least I'm going to like seeing them get angry and insult each other in a tiny room right like it's way better yeah just having to listen to boring speeches where they're doing the same thing but at one tenth the speed and one one thousandth the fury level and even though she doesn't answer the questions and this is true of all prime ministers not just the current prime minister even though the questions you know are really having properly answered in my opinion I think it is good that once a week the person leading the country has to get up in a public forum and at least be you know have their feet held over the colds even if they do avoid answering some of the questions you know in other countries your leader can just say no I'm just you know you can't you have access to me I'm above all this so I think that's positive yeah I completely agree with that however having said all of this right I have a complaint to lodge with parliament and it's about the person who at least in my social circle seems bizarrely popular so now I want to complain about him yeah it's mr speaker John Perca is the current speaker okay I was like I have no idea what his name is because he's just mr. Speaker it's the guy who I mean he's doing the speaker of the house role so it's it's the role not the chairman he's yeah chairman of the meeting isn't it yeah yeah he's the chairman he's not part of the debate he's the person that you need in one of these situations there needs to be some referee yeah someone who's like the ref was like yeah here's a bunch of rules you talk you know you talk what's the procedure going to be under these things and yeah I've been looking at mr. Speaker and I was I was like I'm watching him I'm watching him real close during these live broadcasts and I'll tell you the thing that made me think I don't know about this guy straight away and it was his choice of tie it does wear flampoint to us yeah so like here's the thing you know if you haven't seen prime minister's question time there's like a camera that's looking down this long room where the people are on either side and he's sitting at this big chair in the center being like the chairman dude yeah it's a very prominent person in the room and he seems to always wear he's like colorful ties they're not ridiculous like he doesn't have dinosaurs attacking people on his ties or some like dumb design like that it's like 90s ties they were like 90s it was cool in the 90s to wear big wide flampoint colorful ties yeah their ties that would not be out of place on a clown and from my teaching days this is like a yellow flag for someone in a position where they're supposed to be controlling a room he looks like he should be wearing Donald duck socks as well I guarantee you wearing some socks for sure 100% here's the thing I've just spent all this time saying I love the rockestness of prime minister's question time but mr. speaker I cannot get past my perception of him as the teacher who is like popular but isn't good and that's my impression of him is like man there's a rockestness here but it always feels like the rockestness it's like out of his control like I think he is letting it be too much because he can't control it because he's letting it go oh there's so many things like he's hitting all of these like checkboxes for me or like warning behavior in a teacher trying to control a room and if like I've seen people do this kind of thing so one of these things is like he's always riding the border of is he angry or is it all funny right so that then has people in the audience you know people in the class always kind of like pushing the boundaries of oh he's clearly smiling because he thinks that this behavior is sort of funny at the same time that he's yelling order order asking for the room to be order and it's like that's a mixed message you're not getting people to do something that you want and you can go on YouTube and there are all of these clips of him saying order 10,000 times in all of these different ways of people are like oh it's great I love this guy yelling order order but to me it's like no no no this is the fundamental problem here dude you're issuing threats without ever following up on them and so the word order means nothing it means nothing to the parliament because they know you're just going to say it 30 times and all the people in the room are doing is gauging like is he actually getting angry so he's not controlling the room through his words it's like he's controlling the room through how much can the parliament push him which is no control at all and I find it frustrating because raucousness is good but you like it has to be controlled like we need boundaries for this and he I just don't think he's doing it well it's a pretty hard job controlling that group of people okay don't get me wrong I understand that it's a hard job but I think like a perfect example of like a problem that happened the details don't really matter but basically he eventually had it with like some Scottish MP and he kicked the guy out and then the whole the whole Scottish delegate walked out of parliament this is the problem yeah but here's what I think the fundamental problem with that was it's like I did this too in my early days he got like angry and kind of arbitrarily enforced I'm going to kick this guy out which seems to be his only real power like you can expel someone from parliament yeah and it's like people did get angry when he finally kicked someone out because it felt like nonsensical right like oh you've yelled order five times and now this guy gets kicked out and so we're all furious that our colleague has gotten banned so we're all leaving and I feel like if he yells order people should know like it's serious right that like he's going to yell order at you and then if he has to yell order again you're out of here like he wouldn't have to do that very often before people would actually start coming to order when he yells order this is like an age old problem great this is true everywhere in the world this is true of soccer referees a soccer referee makes a decision and notoriously soccer players all run up to the referee and say oh that was bad you should have done that and they all crowd around him and try to like you know almost bully the referee and the referee just go away go away stop stop stop all the referee has to do once is pull out the red card from their pocket and say you're off you're out of the game and then everyone would run away and not do it anymore but the referee's not willing to use that power and it drives people watching crazy but yeah you also kind of have to realize that the players are more important than the referee and the people doing the talking and the parliament are more important than the speaker here's the conflict at any particular moment I'll agree with you and at any particular second in time that statement holds true but over the aggregate course of a session of parliament that statement is not true because without rules we have nothing but we have no civilization everything crumbles to dust and so I like I totally think that for something more important than a soccer game like I don't know the government yeah you can have raucousness but when the speaker calls to order like he has to be able to back that up with the real threat because otherwise it becomes like this weird arbitrary thing of like every once in a while he kicks someone out and like who knows when that's going to happen but it never happens enough that anybody feels like it's any kind of threat and so like he just he really greats on me like dude you can have people yelling but you also have to be able to back it up like I've seen people who can crowd control in this way to be like here's going to be the chaos but now here comes the hammer like and we're all serious I almost want to take him aside and be like hey listen if you're just going to change one thing at least when you're trying to get everybody to be calm don't start talking before the room is actually quiet this is like teacher 101 if you need to say something important wait until the room is actually totally quiet before you start talking again don't wait until it's just like kind of quiet and then you talk because if you do that the volume immediately goes back up and then you're yelling order order order again and we get nowhere and the sport of rugby people know the players know you do not argue and get in the face of the referee and if you do you're off the field and when a referee makes a decision in rugby no matter how bad it is the players just like steer clear and don't all like surround him in a circle and start the bullying because they know you just don't do that in rugby the marker has been laid down I don't mean to go off on a rant on mr. Speaker I think it's just I've been having this frustration because I've been pulling all of the people in my life for their like Brexit odds because it's just because I'm interested in like oh what do you think's going to happen what do you think's going to happen and near universally you know people tell me whatever they think their Brexit prediction is and then they also throw in a like comment about how they really like mr. Speaker and he's funny and it's just like it's been driving me personally crazy are they American that must be Americans that say that no they're not not entirely Americans thinking it through like it's actually disproportionately people from Europe that might be partly what it is right not Brits yeah because Brits are quite used to this and he's quite a polarizing character the speaker even before all the Brexit stuff he was he's always been a person who enjoys the limelight it would be fair to say and his wife very much enjoys the limelight and goes on like reality TV shows and oh no okay that's bad there must be a video in it somewhere for you because the role of Speaker is so fascinating in the British Parliament because they appoint the speaker and then both parties agree to never run against him or her in elections it is a strange thing like I don't understand I mean to be fair I don't really understand the mechanism of Speaker of the House in America like I don't know how dissimilar or similar it is right I think more than this weird thing about how oh he's a member of parliament and no one's gonna run against him in his seat it really feels like the person who is chairing the meeting shouldn't be a member of parliament for one of the teams yeah but when you become the speaker you sort of half put that to one side you are supposed to become a bit more neutral but you also still have to like kind of realise you're working for the government yeah like the Speaker of the House of Representatives in the US is a complete politician aren't they they're like a political leadership role that is totally true but I also like I don't know because you know no one can watch more than 30 seconds at a time I don't know how much the Speaker of the House is running the show in the same way that like the chair does like they may very well be doing that but like if that is the situation I would still feel like I don't know this feels like a position where we should have like like a librarian should be appointed to this position right like someone who's not intimately involved in this way it feels like it's begging to be a at least somewhat politically neutral position and it feels strange that the party in charge just picks like oh this is the person who's going to chair it I have to say I don't think this is a problem with the parliamentary system the fact that the Speaker is appointed because they're usually appointed on the nod of both sides there's someone that both sides say that they can hand or they do become a neutral person I mean John Berkho the current Speaker is well in the last few weeks has become notorious for not doing what the government wants always I mean it's become a real sticking point obviously in the last week or two that he went against the government's wishes and how they wanted things to be run there haven't been a lot of really really bad cases where the Speaker has been perceived to be too biased I don't think it causes the problems that one would imagine that the Speaker is just appointed from the benches of the majority party it always seems to work and they always seem to agree on someone who everyone can get along with because if you couldn't parliament would grind to a hoe yeah I mean that is fair and again on my list of frustrations his neutrality or the fact that his seat is unrepresented is like these are the minorest of concerns and my majorest of concerns are dude you need to back up your threats well it seems like your biggest concern at his ties if we're going on the order that you raise the issues well no no it's just like the tie is what that's what made me squint my eyes I think I have a mental model of what kind of person you are based on like made with people who wear hats yeah it's like that like hmm I have an idea and we'll see if this is verified and sure enough it was and the the Scottish MP thing walking out was like you totally caused this problem with your inconsistency dude like this is not this is nothing to do with them and this has everything to do with you and also YouTube just been driving me crazy with recommendations of like compilations of him and funny moments in parliament I'm like I can't stand this like you're driving crazy he loves he loves it those compilations just making do it more he loves the attention oh yeah I totally think sometimes he's doing the order for the cameras like he 100% is and that's that is a great frustration but I have been sucked into the like sort of news cycle and at time of recording who the hell knows what's gonna happen but yeah it really is all up in the air at this point in time this episode of Hello Internet is brought to you and part by curiosity stream curiosity stream is the subscription service with over 2,400 documentaries and nonfiction titles from some of the world's best filmmakers this includes original content featuring Stephen Hawking, Sigourney Weaver, McEo Kaku and many more then you can watch it 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chase but that's not my style right now we know we get the shaggy Brady story first yep I prefer to think of it as a narrative whatever works for you I was walking along by the sea one day quite literally okay I looked directly up and I saw a strange rainbow configuration that I had never seen before it wasn't like a normal rainbow there was a rainbow on the horizon but above there were these two other rainbows doing these weird arcs that were touching each other with a tangent I'd never seen anything like it before and I thought this is good snaps to Graham material right so I made a little 15 22nd video to put on my Instagram story of this interesting thing I was seeing in the sky okay so you're all like double rainbows across the sky yeah so I thought it was interesting and I said oh look at this isn't this interesting post it to Instagram lovely job done so I later found out that what I had seen was quite an unusual thing to see it was rare and one thing led to another and we ended up making a YouTube video about this thing for one of my channels my physics channel so the video that we posted starts with the professor who's explaining it Mike Merrifield who are from the University of Nottingham says oh Brady recently saw this interesting thing so we're gonna tell you about it so I got the footage off my phone inserted it into the video is this like you know from the wild moment this like raw moment I'll look here's the actual moment that started all and then the video cracks on for however many minutes and we explain in the usual way what it was how it works science science isn't it wonderful so I got lots of comments and I wouldn't call them mean comments I had no problem with the comments but I had lots of comments complaining about the fact that the video that I put in the moment from the wild when I had seen it was vertical because I filmed it vertically because I was posting it to Instagram and everyone was like oh man I hate people who film things vertically oh I can't believe it Brady you're supposed to be professional how could you film anything vertically you're an idiot and I was very much like this myself a few years ago if I was ever watching the news and they said oh look here's footage of the moment that the damn burst or the cyclone hit or the plane crashed and we'd be watching some nump defelming it with their phone got shakily going oh look at this is amazing and they'd be filming it vertically and I'd always say they're going why do people film vertically this is crazy people should film horizontally and I realized that my attitude to this in the last two or three years has changed completely okay and I think there is nothing wrong with filming vertically I think there's nothing wrong with putting it in your videos and I am going to go so far as to say I think the use of the vertical footage in my video enhanced the experience for viewers okay enhanced is a bold statement there let me explain why I think it enhanced it okay yeah it's a fact of life now that a lot of content that people film they're filming for social media they're not filming it for YouTube or television they're filming it for other people to look at on their phones on Instagram and on whatever snapchat and things like that yeah and I mean like that's got to be 90% of all media captured in the world at this point exactly so I think my initial decision to film it vertically because I was thinking at the time this is just for Instagram was a fine decision now later on it turns out what I filmed was more interesting than I thought and I wanted to use it in my video but I think putting it in the video is vertical footage it's almost become part of the grammar of watching television 16 by nine television part of the grammar of watching that is if you suddenly see something vertical that's a visual cue to the viewer that you're about to see something that was filmed in the wild and was filmed by a normal person and therefore the fact we're using it means it must be special it must be rare we couldn't obtain this via our usual methods of sending out a television crew there wasn't time to film this 16 by nine we had to depend on an amateur you're seeing something exclusive and the price you're paying for that is we have to show it in this unusual format and I think that straightaway sends a message to people if I'm watching the news and I see something vertical on the news now I'll look straight away because I'll be thinking why are they using this it must be amazing it must be incredible and it's also this nod to the fact this was done away from professional time this was done in the wild and I think when I dropped that vertical footage into my video even though it was filmed by the same person me this was telling people are the thing you're looking at now like you weren't even meant to say this this was something else be quiet you're looking you're looking at something special and I think it works and I and I would almost like choose the vertical format for that Brady in his off time moment versus Brady in his professional making a YouTube video moment I think it works if I went back in time and I knew it was really rare would I have done a second lot of shots that were 16 by nine as well I probably would have and maybe I would have ended up using them as well but I kind of feel good about it and I know longer when I'm watching the news and I see them using vertical footage get all sniffy and say oh what numpties why are you filming that vertical I completely understand why they were shooting it vertical now of course they were they weren't thinking it was going to end up on the TV or even if they were who cares that's what civilians do now civilians shoot vertical professionals shoot horizontal and sometimes the civilian materials more special than the professional material because professionals can't be everywhere I'm no longer sniffy about it and I'm surprised people still are rant over well I mean I think you're thinking of this from a very particular perspective as the YouTube creator which is the useful grammar of being able to distinguish the two modes of Brady's out for a walk on the beach thinking Brady thoughts and beautiful moment occurs and he just takes out his phone and he films it versus cutting back to the office where a professor is explaining how this works that's totally correct that there is a useful grammar there to be able to distinguish visually to the audience what these parts are and so I I guess I can kind of go along with your statement there of enhancing the experience from that perspective that it makes it's clearer to the viewer what this is or what that is it's not just about differentiation though it's about the little signals that it sends off in people's brain hopefully the little chemicals it releases that says oh exciting thing different thing it's not just you know a shot and be shot but I think that rolls up into the whole idea of it's a different thing because most of the video you're watching is filmed in 169 or why does it catch your attention more on a news broadcast because most of the news broadcast is still 169 and then you just have this vertical section so it's it's the different thing in the same way that if like a section of the a video you're watching is black and white you know it's going to be more attention getting it because the rest of the video is in color I think it falls into that sort of category I don't know that like the thing about people leaving comments about it's a vertical video hmm I feel like I like I want a name for this kind of phenomenon it feels like a kind of correction bandwagon that just doesn't matter prime minister's question time yeah let's go say like yeah it's exactly like when people want to tell you that it's prime ministers question time versus prime ministers questions you know it's like okay thanks is not remotely relevant to human communication and it doesn't matter ever but it's a little bit different like the thing about vertical video is a bit different because it's not like showing off your superior knowledge is it it's more yeah it's not the comment where someone wants to tell you oh I know a thing better than you do and I know what a long a pointless axis that's not relevant at all to the main thing right which you know it's very very common on the internet the vertical video thing feels like I don't know like I almost want to point to there's a very old video on a YouTube channel called glove and boots where they made like a public service announcement to friends don't let friends shoot in vertical video like it's a funny video I like their channel but I almost wonder like how much of people feeling like they need to comment on vertical videos can be directly pointed back to something like this where it's created a bandwagon where people just leave this comment I don't know I can't quite find the edges or the shape of this in my mind but while I don't like watching something in vertical something like I just find it uncomfortable I wouldn't want to watch a whole video in vertical like even the little segment that you showed yeah I always find it distracting I also find it distracting because you have the problem of what are you gonna do with the black bars on either side and there's always like a question in my mind of what method is the person going to use are we just going to have the pure black bars that seems to have fallen out of vogue are we going to use the expand the video and blur it in the background thing which you have to do well to make it look good and many people don't you know or as in this video of yours Brady you chose a kind of snazzy stop motion black smudges on either side that's just the generic background of oh 60 symbols videos that's what's in the background with text and all sorts of stuff that's like a channel wide motif so that's my equivalent of black yeah but you're going with a motif that's moving on either side yeah like you have to add something there yeah so like I find the vertical stuff just uncomfortable but the comments about the verticality feel incredibly pointless and I don't it's like guys can we leave this in the past plus when I open up my phone the number of times I intend to shoot something horizontal but end up with a vertical video you know say I'm out in a park with the chompers is very high because the phone doesn't always rotate fast enough so it's like even though I'm holding the phone horizontally when I hit the video button immediately because it's like oh this moment is adorable and it must be caught on camera you know I press the button faster than the phone recognizes that I've turned it horizontally so it's like oh great now I've got this vertical video of this amazing slow motion ball catch and vertical videos they just happen it's a part of life and you're also right that it does complicate the issue even more with some social media platforms using the vertical video as the default standard anyway so I really feel like this is some kind of internet complaint from about 2012 that needs to be put to bed I think we need to realize that's a mixed economy now I still don't think you're giving the Jews to the value of the different format not just like as a cue for being different but for being native like you look at films like Blair which project or a better example maybe Cloverfield like it works because it feels more authentic and it feels authentic because of the inferiority of it because professionals didn't make it and I still think the vertical video carries that message with it like this is the real deal this is authentic what everything else you've seen up to now is just is polished and prepared and scripted and but this thing you're saying now because of its crepiness it's almost like authenticating it I get that but you know I watched the Blair Witch project and I enjoyed it a long time ago I don't think that whoever is working on their vertical video found footage project is a thing that I could watch enjoyably you know even though it's like wow it feels so authentic it actually is found footage because it's all vertical I don't think that would be an enjoyable viewing experience so like we agree but I'm not going all the way with you here I just think it's useful for the signaling of of what it is but I'm not like looking forward to vertical videos

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