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Welcome to the BomBARDed Wiki[edit | edit source]

BomBARDed is a musical D&D podcast following the adventures of Yashee, Raz'ul, and Randy, three students at Strumlotts School of Barding, as well as their teacher, Splash (AKA the artist formerly known as Symbol).

It is performed by the band Lindby.

Since this is a new wiki, most information will be duplicated from the fan wiki - edits welcome!

Check out the Episode List! How about the Character list!

Latest Episode[edit | edit source]

Ep. 17 - Oh No You Squidn't![edit | edit source]

May 1, 2018

Listen on Podbean, the Lindby Website or iTunes!

News[edit | edit source]

Chaos Sauce Vol 1 now available! 

Find it here on Bandcamp!

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