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"H.I. #127: Very Hello Internet" is the 127th episode of Hello Internet, released on July 31, 2019.[1]

Website synopsis[edit | edit source]

Episode 127 on the podcast YouTube channel

"Grey and Brady discuss: the annual heat wave, Plŵgpopeth, being remembered for a thousand years yet again, correctly reporting the Apollo anniversary, Grey unintentionally fuels several conspiracy theories, new airport security features and possible paranoia, sneaky sportsball corner, and Formula 1: Drive to Survive."[1]

Release and commercial performance[edit | edit source]

"Very Hello Internet" was released to podcast clients on July 31, 2019.[2] The corresponding video was premiered live on the Hello Internet YouTube channel on the same day and received 26 thousand views within its first eight days of release.[3] The audio is set to undersea footage of a decrepit shipwreck situated on a sandy floor in shallow water.


I've got a chompers in the house and Really doesn't like it when his pack isn't completely together He was arriving and my wife was leaving and it can be an upsetting time for everyone But I've dragged a bed into the recording booth and he's now curled up behind me So I think I think we're good for the show You're back in the UK now aren't you? Yes, I'm back in the UK. You missed the heatwave I mean are you saying that I missed summer is summer the thing that I missed? I'm here for the tail end of summer. I know you're very reluctant to ever grant heatwaves to the UK Because you think there was like an overreaction to summer But like we've had the hottest ever summer temperature in UK history if you can't give us a heatwave now When are you going to give us one? Well, I heard the inevitable arrival of this topic I knew this was going to come that we were going to revisit this because I Got back to the UK on Wednesday and Thursday was apparently the hottest day on record and Yep, I would like to tell you the person that I heard this from Was the man in my house who was doubling the size of our air conditioning system that day So last summer we had scheduled into install this this strain system that we have to because we Can't have anything on the outside of the building so we have to do this like weird and complicated internal system and getting it done Was an enormous hassle and we had scheduled for next summer to double up and get to where we're supposed to be and so yes They were doubling up the air conditioning on what is supposedly the hottest day of the year and the AC guys were telling me all about it I'm like, oh we're getting a lot of calls from people we have a lot of business where people want to install air Conditions so maybe Maybe people of England are finally seeing the light that it is hot in the summer and you should install air conditioners and Yes, there are records about it being hot So I will totally grant that when we have the hottest day of the summer that is a record setting day 100% that's a record setting day of course of course it is I was completely jammed by the story about this hottest temperature that I wanted to share with you because it just I don't know It just presses all my buttons. Okay. I'd share this with you from the BBC website because Thursday was the UK's hottest July day on record right but was it the UK's hottest day ever? This was the question. Oh, okay Well the Met Office says we can be sure it's the second hottest Like they'd confirm that they won't be able to confirm what is apparently its highest reading until next week Basically, this is because where they recorded the highest temperature of 38.7 Celsius which beat the previous record of 38.5 set in 2003 This 38.7 was recorded at the Cambridge University Botanic Gardens Now it says here unlike the other weather station readings that report instantaneously Cambridge University Botanic Gardens only reports at the end of the day That's why I took the Met Office until Friday to release the provisional figure But a Met Office official explained any reading that challenges the all-time record must be carefully vetted Now each of the UK's weather observation stations is checked over every two years to make sure everything is still in good working order This official said the momentals should be in shade and in ventilation Because of the sensitivity of this reading because it's the highest temperature ever recorded in the UK We want to double check So the Met Office is sending out an engineer to inspect the station and the equipment They'll go out, they'll check the site looks fine and there's nothing untoward there That there's no overgrown tree or a new building that could change the readings As well as checking the area, scientists will pour through all the readings from the day to check There wasn't a sudden spike at the time of the hottest reading They would expect a gradual increase throughout the day and any sudden change could indicate some temporary interference Like a car parked nearby It should be early next week when they can confirm the reading He insisted he'd be surprised if the reading did get discounted So it was two years ago was the last time they checked the thermometer A year and a half ago that it had its proper inspection I guess it didn't occur to me until now when you say like what is the hottest day in a country That they mean the hottest temperature anywhere in the country Yeah It seemed a little strange to me but I guess it makes sense if your country is the size of the UK I feel like it should somehow be averaged across the entire country It very quickly becomes a kind of calculus problem of summing up and averaging the temperatures over all of the measuring stations But over what time period as well I think you could give it at any point The right because it's like the highest that was reached I'm just thinking like in America it occurs to me I've never heard like it was the hottest day in America Because that barely makes any sense as a statement Right The people will say oh the hottest temperature ever occurred in death valley today But that's a very different statement from saying like it was the hottest day But I guess it does make more sense in the UK But so it's really like the highest temperature ever recorded in the UK Within the confines of the country Right Yes We're not including the commonwealth in this measurement Right Just within the United Kingdom Yeah Territories and islands and things I also I don't know I always find these sorts of articles a little bit frustrating as well Because they just they raise a million more questions than the answer I thought that was a pretty good article Okay, we need to go check that there were no spikes or anything I just started to wonder straight away like Wait, this thermometer Is there like some guy who just goes out every hour and writes the numbers down Or is it digitally recording continuously throughout the day And in either of those circumstances How do you not know immediately if there was a spike in the temperature readings I find it confusing about like what is the thing that could cause the delay of a week Like are the records on the back of a donkey slowly making his way towards the main office No, it's the check that's causing the delay of the wake I understand that that it's an automated station Okay And it must just do its data dump once a day back to the met office Ah okay, that's what you're presuming That would make sense I guess And when they did the data dump they were like Oh, this one here in Cambridge We got a record here, Bill And then they're like, we're hang on There could have been a car part next to it Or they could have like built a building next to that station In the last year with a you know With a near conditioning unit right next to it But also, I want to know is like Okay, is there a security camera on the thermometer Like was there a merry prankster out there With a torch next to the thermometer on a day That we were already expecting to be really hot Like I want to know how it's great to be verified I want a Netflix documentary on how they verify What the hottest temperature is Because like I feel like there's just a million details I want to know Dude, I'll totally up for that I watched that 100 percent I can't remember if it was into thin air It was one of those books Talking about the fastest wind on earth Where the like we don't know what the number is Because every time this tries to get measured The weather station breaks It's like Chernobyl right We only have measurements where it's like Oh, it's above 3.6 But we have no idea what the actual Fastest wind on earth is Because we haven't had a weather station not break In what we presume is the most obscene conditions But yeah, no, I would totally watch that Netflix weather documentary For sure 100 percent I was also reading this book Which brought up a thing that never really occurred to me But it was simply talking about How much more accurate weather predictions Have become over the last 50 years And I know that everybody likes to give The weather people like a hard time about these predictions But it was a really interesting thing Talking about how in the last 50 years I forget exactly what it was But it was something like The five day forecast has become as accurate As a six hour forecast used to be And it's like, whoa, that is quite an improvement And I do imagine it is a side effect of the hard work of all of the people Doing this thing that I want to know the details about right now Which is Exactly how are you going to verify That it's the highest temperature ever recorded In the UK But can I ask Brady By you Did it feel like the hottest day of a recorded Did you wish that you too Like me had installed air conditioning in your house Well, funnily enough I had to spend almost all of that day driving I had a really long drive to Wales So I was in an air conditioning car the whole time So I was lovely and cool So you did install air conditioning in your car That's quite reasonable Well, yeah, my car has air conditioning I also did a hot drop in Wales Oh, yes So first of all, I wanted to find out what the Welsh word for a hot stop at was You mean you're trying to create the Welsh word for a hot stop? Create the Welsh word, yes indeed Sorry Somehow I don't think that's a pre-existing thing in ancient Welsh So I spoke to some Welsh people and We came up with Oh man, Welsh is like the hardest pronunciation language of all Anytime I'm in Wales, I look at some of the names of places I honestly wonder if it's some sort of joke By Welsh people on outsiders At least others will be hilarious Pwag poir, pwag poir, pwag poir The great, pwag poir, perfect Yeah, something like that It basically means plug hot But then I was at the Royal Welsh show The big agricultural show and I said I was going to be there And a Tim got in touch and said I'm not there but my parents are running like a jewelry stand there selling jewelry So I went to the jewelry stand and I gave them a hot stopper To pass on And then I tweeted back to this Tim and said I've left a hot stopper at the stand for you And then this Tim then sent a text message And he showed me the text exchanged with his father And I love the text he sent to his dad, he just wrote Did a random Australian just leave one of those plastic muddlers you get in coffee at your stand And the dad wrote Yes, he did What's it all about? Random Australian plastic muddler you get in coffee A plastic muddler This is how things are being perceived I suddenly realize I like that, I like that I wonder if we were doing it at similar times Because I too left a hot drop in America And I've tried to think about how to post where I put it now that I have no social media presence I think I'll put it up on my YouTube channel But I've realising like I'm slightly concerned about If it's still going to be there or not But yeah, so you never know you never know when a hot drop is going to happen anywhere Random Australian dropping it off Somewhere in America there's a hot stopper They can happen at any moment So of all the things we had feedback from from the previous episode I think the thing that was talked about the most was Will Neil Armstrong be remembered in a thousand years or not And who first discovered America and things like that I had never heard of Leigh Farrickson I'm going to admit it But boy have I heard of Leigh Farrickson now So I'm presuming that Leigh Farrickson was the Viking who originally stepped on American shores Vinland Land of grapes and wine and things like that apparently Yes, it was Leigh Farrickson That's where Leigh Farrickson stepped when he discovered America He was the Viking who did it Apparently so He's the Neil Armstrong of his time Right Now Brady, do you think you've heard from more than or less than 100 people telling you about Leigh Farrickson? Probably at the moment less But we're heading towards a hundred with a bullet So I was thinking about that Like I do find this a kind of endlessly fascinating question of people rolling off the back end of of history What What are you laughing at? It's just like it's kind of sad isn't it thinking of all these people with their big egos thinking they're important and they're on this like conveyor belt that just they suddenly just drop off the back I like that you presume that all historical figures have big egos There's probably names that we have on this list that were not big ego people That is true but most of them will be because you've got to have a little bit of something To achieve greatness Like some people achieve greatness without that But I think most of them do have a bit of something I think you are probably right You're probably right that they've got a little bit of Genesis a quah Of trying to do big things like that I would expect that to be overrepresented in the number of people who achieve big things over time But like I don't imagine that the Buddha was like man I want to be remembered forever I can't imagine that that like ego was at the center of what he was up to Maybe I'm wrong but you know I wouldn't necessarily expect that I'm willing to bet Leigh Farrickson the Viking who set off on all these crazy voyages to go and find Lands he'd heard of Did have a little bit of alpha about him. Okay. I was gonna wait for the word right because it's like alpha about him Totally grant by definition that basically has to be true right you're engaged in like risk-taking behavior Sure 100 percent I do wonder a little bit about like how much he was going to think about being remembered for all of history And again thinking of that like how much of a concept would that have even been in the year 1000 like how much would people even think about that as an idea pulling names out from history like when was Herodotus? Is that the first historian guy? I can't quite remember. There's like a famous Bob one, too, isn't that? Oh my god. I can't believe I got that right That terrible classics class I had to take in university that professor'd be very proud right now that I remembered Herodotus Yeah, there's Hundreds of hours were totally worth it So I could remember a piece of irrelevant trivia many years later But yeah, Herodotus. Okay, so 425 BC so history the concept of history starts in 425 BC So maybe if leaf Ericsson was a big Herodotus fan he could have the idea of I want to be remembered for forever in history but I was thinking about that thousand year thing and it's not just the concept of the name Rolling off the back There's something about it where like so I had heard the name leaf Ericsson before I'm gonna guess it showed up in American schooling at some point like this is the whole thing about Vikings Statues of him and everything Well on his Wikipedia page there's a statue of him in St Paul, Minnesota where he's looking quite impressive So hello to all the St Paul, Minnesotans I think Maybe I give myself like a 40% probability that I might have guessed that he was the first Viking in America But I'm not very confident about that. Just to fight about that to you by the way. Well. Yes. Let's get to that moment But I think there's something else that I almost think is is more interesting than is the name purely remembered. I think there's also a concept of The person being remembered as fundamentally different Right whereas like leaf Ericsson first Viking to be in America But can anybody name or say anything about the person? Like I think there is a way in which You sort of count as being forgotten If there's like a dictionary lookup happening of name one fact associated with it Right where it's like Neil Armstrong landed on the moon Jonas Salk polio There's a way in which that doesn't count as being Remembered it counts as being like a trivia question. Do you agree or disagree with the statement? Well Yeah, I guess yeah, of course you like there's a difference between how you're remembered by Your family and your friends as opposed to you're like defining accomplishment These are two different definitions of remembered And no one is remembered more than a generation or two For what they were actually like unless like it's we're talking about like you know Abbott and Costello or something and you can watch oh yeah, they were funny dudes something But so that's actually exactly where I was going to go with this is I think that once you get to the age of Media in any sense written You know radio television movies I do think that becomes a different kind of way that you can think of a person as being remembered And it's like Abbott and Costello I've totally listened to who's on first right even though it was created 300 years before I was born And I like I had to read Herodotus's really boring history of whatever back in college I think like that kind of counts More and in a different way than The like oh, I just associate a name with the thing you're talking about people that imprinted their Personality on to their accomplishments. There's two levels of it There's like imprinting the personality onto the accomplishment Which I think is a higher level and then I was going to say like even Neil Armstrong I can kind of give him a lower level of this because you can watch him step on the moon right or you can watch him step on that Soundstage whichever it may have been who knows I can't believe you're even giving that Are you when you talk about the earth being a sphere do you also say or maybe flat? Of course you don't I can't believe you have all people even said that I only said it to rile you up But like I do think there's there's another level of it and in all seriousness So the other connection of that like sort of joke There's this thing which I sort of don't even want to bring up but the leaf erics and thing relates directly to it and it is It is this Tremendous Uncertainty about history especially once we get before the media age of any kind So we heard about leave ericson and So I quickly look him up on Wikipedia And this is the kind of thing that always makes me so uncomfortable and is also the thing that has killed so many videos So you look at the Wikipedia article and it's like leaf ericson Norse explorer from Iceland first known European to have set foot on continental North America Before Christopher Columbus right Great great first sentence. It's very clear So then the next sentence is According to the saga of Icelanders and then it just describes again like he established a north settlement blah blah blah And it's like oh no saga of Icelanders that sounds like something that's oral history So you you click on saga of Icelanders and again the first paragraph Sounds great saga of Icelanders prose narrative mostly based on historical events that took place in the ninth tenth early in the 11th century blah blah blah blah And then you scroll down a couple of paragraphs and you get to the part that just kills me Eventually many of these Icelandic sagas were recorded mostly in the 13th and 14th century And I have come to think of these as As This is a little bit harsh, but it sort of falls into this category like lady godiva stories where so much of what At first glance you think is history a piece of information like leaf ericson stepped on America first You know like okay, where'd that come from oh it came from these Icelandic sagas Oh, okay great were they written at the time no they were written 300 years later like oh Okay Maybe I'm being a little bit harsh, but my view of it is like okay, well this doesn't really Count then we do have archeological evidence that there were Vikings, you know in North America at a particular time You can like carbon date that kind of thing and then you can connect it through architecture or technology to a particular civilization And I was like okay these Icelandic sagas that were oral history they weren't based on nothing But when we get to a question like Was there a man called leaf ericson who stepped on the land first? I feel like you can't place a lot of money on the table to bet on that and I get uncomfortable with so many historical things How quickly they descend into oh and this was written down a hundred years later and that's the historical Record that we have Do you think I'm too uncomfortable with that Brady? Do you think I'm being too harsh on history? Yeah, of course You're right of course, you know things I mean if you can't even mention the moon landing without the word soundstache What chances leaf ericson got I guess I'm uncomfortable because I haven't made a lot of friends in the historical community As you know especially after our guns terms and steal episode And I don't want to be this person, but I just constantly find myself running up against These like incredibly sketchy recountings of Things that we regard as historical facts. It makes me very uncomfortable and I've had like There's like two projects that I've been working on which we'll keep running up against this exact same thing Where it's like oh, we know a bunch of facts and it's like oh, we actually have no contemporary record at all from the time that these things occurred We just sort of say that they happened. I don't know it makes me uncomfortable and leaf ericson. I was like Right at sentence two. I was like, oh no, it's one of these things again It's oral history oral history isn't the same as written history I feel the frustration of not being able to know things for sure like I like to know things with a certainty as well. I have quite a scientific mind and I like facts But I also do have a soft spot for legend like when you travel around Israel particularly Jerusalem there's like quotation mark historic sites everywhere. This is where this happened right This is where David Fortgoliath. This is the legendary spot where all these things supposedly happened Many of these things themselves probably didn't even happen right yet alone the odds of knowing where they happened This is where Jesus did the sermon on the mount This is the church we've built on a little hillside by the sea of Galilee where he gave the sermon and how could you possibly know that right? But it's just becomes the historic place to celebrate a thing that may or may not have happened I still get quite lost in the magic of those places And it almost becomes That the place has been celebrated for so long that that's almost what it's historic Like whether or not Jesus ever gave a sermon on that mount to become so relevant because for hundreds of years This is where it's been celebrated to have happened and even that's historic now So I kind of don't mind getting a bit lost in all the magic of at all even if Like the origin of it all has been lost in time and is probably not Genuine you use the phrase like lost in the magic of it all So even when you're enjoying these places though you you're not really Taking them seriously or is that unfair to say I'm taking them seriously, but I'm taking them seriously For what they are for them being a Place where we celebrate something whether or not we're celebrating a myth or we're celebrating at a vent in the wrong spot I'm taking it seriously as the place we celebrate it The few square meters of this planet where we decide to Make this the site of it even if it's not the site of it and While that is There is a bit of a flaw to my reasoning there. I'm okay with it. I'm okay with it Like it would be weird if we celebrated the spot of the Trinity nuclear test and we celebrated it in New York That would be weird if you know where something happened That's where you want to mark the point that it happened But if we don't know if it happened or where it happened then I'm all right with having another place where it's celebrated Especially if it's been that for a long time Which is like everything in Jerusalem and Israel and stuff like that, you know Yeah, this is where the church for the sermon on the mount's been for hundreds of years So I guess the uncomfortableness is part of me once Some way to put like an asterisk more clearly on all of these things where is it like oh? This is where David fought Goliath asterisk right to indicate that there's some level of uncertainty and Even in like the leaf arixin one now again I'm basing this entirely on two paragraphs of text. Oh, there could be more evidence that I'm not aware of But this is a general situation that does come up where I feel like I kind of want Wikipedia like opens with this really strong sentence But I would like something that's not a footnote that's something more of like an asterisk The first known European to have set foot on continental North America asterisk This episode is brought to you in part by Ting go to high.ting.com to get $25 off your mobile phone bill Ting is a different kind of cell phone company There's no contracts or anything and at the end of the month you're just build for the talk text and data that you actually used With Ting there are no strings attached You're not tied to them and you can use any phone you want even the latest galaxy note nine or iphone xs And still have an affordable bill if you're like most people you're around Wi-Fi all the time So why do you need to pay for a set monthly data plan with Ting you just pay for what you use But when you are out and about Ting offers nationwide LTE coverage on both team mobile and sprint All you need to do is grab a SIM card from the Ting shop and you're good to go The average bill on Ting is just $23 a month per phone So when you go to high.ting.com to get $25 off That's basically like getting your first month for free So make a smarter choice for your mobile phone and get $25 off at high.ting.com That's high.ting.com Thanks to Ting for supporting the show and thanks to Ting for helping people save money on their mobile phone bills So speaking of the moon landing there's something I want to show you Yeah, yeah, what do you want to show me? So the paper I used to work for in Adelaide was called the advertiser But it had like a Sunday paper essentially the same company same building see For all intents and purposes it's the same So I'm going to send you the front page of the Sunday mail Celebrating the moon landing Uh the 50th anniversary of course and I want you to talk me through it So this is the Sunday mail that I'm looking at here. What do you see? 50 years ago today Australians watched on as Neil Armstrong became first man to walk on the moon only Australians No one else is watching Very periculous I was gonna say I think I In your speech last time I enjoyed the pericule part of it because yes, it does seem Because a way in which sometimes Trying to in big into thing makes it so much smaller and yeah Like that subtitle it makes me laugh. What do you think of the imagery? I mean, I don't know like I don't know what to say except that it looks like a newspaper Newspapers look like garbage with Add banners on them like they they all look ugly. I think this looks ugly Yeah, there is a crappy ad on this ennestupid story down on the bottom half of the page But I'm talking about the Apollo part of the page But the words like Sunday mail have been Dirtyed up. I guess to make it look old. Yeah, like moon dust and stuff. Yeah moon prints You know, there's a little ad over the main photo about a souvenir poster that's inside the newspaper. Yeah I don't know I feel like I am not attuned enough to newspapers to know what I'm supposed to be looking for here Nothing particularly stands out to me. Let me tell you about the two things about that photo that concerned me as they were talking about Australians watching on us Neil Armstrong took his famous walk on the moon. Okay One There was no lunar rover on Apollo 11 the lunar rover didn't start till Apollo 15. Oh really? There's a lunar rover in the background. Oh, yeah, I guess that's right. Yeah Also Astronaut space suits on the moon didn't start having red stripes on them until the later missions as well So you could differentiate between the commander and the lunar module pilot this astronaut has red stripes on his suit Also, there is no good photo of Neil Armstrong on the moon This photo is of Jean Sounan from Apollo 17 and they've used it as they're like Australians looked on at this historic moment as this astronaut stands next to the flag saluting It's not like there aren't photos from Apollo 11 In fact, some of the most iconic photos of all Apollo are from Apollo 11. Right They've put a picture from Apollo 17 As their huge front page commemorative photo marking the day 50 years ago Australians looked on as Neil Armstrong became the first man to walk on the moon So you think this is like me just being relax shall I okay? No, I was sighing there some trying to Classify all of all of my thoughts. Do you think if you're doing a front page commemorative edition for Apollo 11 You should use a photo from Apollo 11. That's the question. I'm asking basically Okay, so I'm hesitating here because I feel like I'm trying to be very delicate and One of the things I want to be a little delicate about here is I feel like You have very high expectations For what the newspaper is going to show on its cover Which is all about selling the newspaper just just before you continue. Yeah, you don't have to tread carefully here I want to know whether or not I'm too close to this and this doesn't matter That it doesn't matter that they're using a photo of a moonwalk from 1972 for their commemorative 50 years ago Neil Armstrong walked on the moon in 1969 Okay, I will agree with you that I think it's wrong that they didn't use a photo from the actual event that they're talking about Right like 100% I agree with you. Okay. I was gonna guess that it was like a composite photo or something I think I didn't say anything partly because I don't really have high expectations that the like the hero image that they're going to use Is going to accurately represent anything that they're talking about It's like how often do YouTube thumbnails really accurately represent whatever the video is like well That's true, but there are great hero images from Apollo 11. Yeah, but they're not in color. Yes. They are. Oh, there are Okay, yep. Yep. So in my head all it is is the broadcast the live broadcast No, there's great photos. Let me send you a few The live broadcast just to be on the opposite side of this for a second the live broadcast that would have been impossible to pre-record and broadcast as live with 1969 technology that wouldn't have been possible to like pre-record the whole thing So I guess in my head it's all like low quality greenie black and white stuff I'm sending you some Apollo 11 images some of which some of the most famous images That even you will have seen before So okay Yes, they totally should have used Oh, that last one you sent me is really good actually know that one's been faked a bit What do you mean it's been faked a bit? Well, there's a second astronaut there which is fake. Oh, I didn't even notice the second astronaut But how about this this is I don't know that's been for it's hard to find ones that haven't been faked up a bit I'm enjoying this moment right now like it's because I'm looking at Google images and not a NASA site And I'm just depending on my knowledge But if I went to a NASA site. Yeah, I would get all legit images That's very enough. I also feel the need in this moment just to state very clearly for the record because we've now At these two topics that I've sort of joked about was like no gray does think the climate changes the thing gray does think that we landed on the moon All right, like just to make it 100% on the record because people lose their minds over this stuff Anyway, you don't you don't think it's that big a do I'm gonna phrase it this way in that I'm not suprar like As a comparison like what is important in the world and My wife and I started to watch a movie the other night which was about some tennis match And the movie starts off by talking about how important the tennis matches for the world And I couldn't deal with the movie after that because it's like is not important You know it matters to the people involved but Importance is a word that's like a tricky word and I think people want to like Add on a lot to it. So is it important? That the Sunday mail gets the image right for Landing on the moon I would say no like it it's not important Because nobody should be using this as the primary source for what does it look like when we landed on the moon fair enough Yeah, right? So like I don't think it it doesn't matter yeah in the same way as if At the time say when the like the photos were released if NASA put up a bunch of doctored photos At the time the event occurred And said look we landed on the moon that is important because These should be the images of record yeah, and later we can have a sort of different idea about what did it look like But the primary source has to be as primary and as accurate as possible I don't think it's important for the Apollo historians that the Adelaide Sunday Mail got the picture wrong on the front page I think it's important to the Sunday Mail though To their credibility that When they're doing a story about the most famous event probably in Recent human history You know, it's like if they were running an anniversary story about 9-11 and they ran a picture of like the wrong building on fire Right like how bad would that be that would be very bad yeah Yeah, yeah if they had an image thing remembering the twin towers and they showed the Chrysler building Yeah, it'd be pretty bad the producer for trainers towers or something yeah exactly I think also part of my problem is simply that there's so little on the moon to show Right where it's like what we got moons we got astronauts. There's dirt. There's a flag There's some space stuff we brought with us, right? Yeah It's almost like if you're showing a picture of the moon now or a picture of the moon a thousand years ago Not a lot's gonna be different So I agree with you. It's a bad look for the newspaper. Yeah, but again like this is where I feel like I'm treading lightly I don't have high expectations that the newspapers are gonna look good in these environments Like I don't think that anybody's really going to these things to be super informed except in the most passive of way So this is totally for someone who just knows nothing about the moon landings and it's like oh right It's the 50th anniversary of the moon landings It's not important To that person That they've seen the exact correct Image so I was curious about whether other newspapers in the same stable because The same company owns various newspapers around Australia And so I was wondering I wanted anyone else to do this on the front page and I don't think anyone did But I found out a bigger paper the Melbourne sort of sister paper the herald son Made the same Mistake I was at a mistake or was it a little bit choice? I don't know they used the same picture, right? Let me send you how they used the picture They've done a few things differently here They used it on an inside photo spread as a montage of pictures across a double page So the two things they've done differently first is I think their caption is more explicit if you read the top part of that caption Neil Armstrong plants the us flag on the moon they they're now saying this is Neil Armstrong planting the flag on the moon Right, so I think that's like that's worse right? Okay. Yep. That is worse. That's worse. Yeah But also look at the sky oh Oh Wow, okay for the listeners. I didn't even notice a yeah They photoshop like the galaxy in the background I don't know what it is if it's the Pleiades or what it is, but it's all like these blue glowing stars in the background Yeah, it's brilliant blue like in a movie starscape in the background I mean that's gone beyond sloppy now that's going into full naughtiness Again, the reason why I have slight sympathy here is I fully expect That like what's happening in the editor's room is Is like in movies when they have the concept of what will read to an audience and so in movies There are very many things where they do something where they like they know it doesn't make any sense But this is like the literacy of movies like no one will believe the sky was black like that Yeah, exactly It's like the way you know if you've ever shot a real gun Like both of us have on a trip and then you see gunshots and movies It's oh guns are nothing like this right but but if a movie showed the way gun fights really look and sound People would think it was unrealistic So I can understand that The newspapers looking at a photo of a man on the moon and they're thinking well people know it's in space Can we put some stars in the background to make it look more like it space again? I'm not saying that's good But I sort of don't expect different and I expect that this is what you're gonna get as a like man We need we need like bright colors. We need stars. We needed to look like the moon It needs to look like an astronaut. I don't accept that to come back to 9-11 Which I know obviously is incredibly sensitive subject But it is also historic event so I feel like I can talk about it like this. No, it's a good thing to compare Yeah, if we were running 9-11 pictures and an editor said Ah, I always thought there was more fire when that happened Can we put some more fire in there? Can you imagine? I mean, it's ridiculous isn't it You don't doctor historic Photos like I understand doctoring photos in newspapers barely a photo is published in a newspaper now that probably isn't Has something done to it, but you don't doctor like Especially especially the moon landing Which already has this whole mythology of conspiracy theories and doctoring and tampering around it To then go in and start doctoring the moon landing photos Whereas September 11th has no conspiracy theories around it. What's it? Yeah, sorry. I wasn't saying as opposed to I'm just saying is there anything that has more around than the moon landings for saying the imagery has been fake And now we are faking them. I'm putting them in the paper 100% the moon landing is Ground zero for conspiracy theories. It's like the first big spawns off the whole concept kind of thing right I guess I'm just I'm thinking there's a little bit of a confounding factor Which is that September 11th was more recent than the moon landing So you would have yeah, you would have more people being able to first-hand knowledge Call out that the image is incorrect Whereas I'm a relatively sciencey person and you show me the Sunday male and I'm just thinking in the back of my head It's a little Photoshopped or something or but I like it doesn't clock to me that there was no moon rover I don't know about the the stripe on the uniform. I couldn't call that out as oh that's obviously a hollow 17 but I would also not be the least surprised if at some point in the last five years a newspaper has has run a doctored image that shows the two towers Both standing with a plane on its way to impact the first tower of which there are no images that exist Like I wouldn't be surprised if that's a thing that showed up in a newspaper somewhere Again, I think the whole thing is like the concept of expectations And I totally creates bad and it's a bad look for the newspaper and they totally shouldn't do it And space nerds are gonna call them out on like oh that's the wrong stripe on the uniform And I'm glad that they do. I'm glad that's the world that we live in But I don't think it's important and I count myself also as a zero surprised but I'm very glad That you're here to set the record straight for the moon landing spray and just a short shout out to Island where they published a commemorative stamp for the moon landing And they spilt moon incorrectly. Oh This is the one euro stamp with Neil Armstrong and they had like you know the Irish version written in their language and they instead of the Irish word for moon which I can't pronounce but is something like gale They put gale which is actually the Irish word for gale So that was the first landing on the Irish language. Oh And that's Come on guys. M-O-O-N. That spells moon Okay, Brady. I need you to sanity check me on something I need you to tell me If I'm being paranoid. Okay. Can you do that for me before hearing the details? Probably yes. Okay. No, that's unfair. Look. I'm asking you like to do me a solid here and just sanity checks something for me So I've been traveling around the summer a bunch and the thing that caught my attention And everyone's favorite place Which is passing through security at the airport This happened Several times it happened on the regular security line And it also happened when I was using my special TSA jump the Q global entry pass where it's just supposed to be like the easy security thing And here's what happened Several times at different airports as I'm passing through the security person asked To see my phone now This was not International this didn't happen while I was doing the coming into and coming out of the country thing which Is a bit of a legal gray area of like can they see your phone these were domestic flights And What they did was they did not ask me to unlock the phone or anything but they said We need to see your phone So we can run it through I don't know the name for it But it's the machine you sometimes see at the airport Where they're using it as a bomb detector one it's that machine where like they'll rub a cloth over your bag And they're trying to detect like nitroglycerin or other bomb-related chemicals Yeah, and they put it through the machine and the machine says like oh yes You've been your bomb stuff also one of the times I was traveling I did actually set off that bomb detector thing But then I got through I don't know if I should like give the key But the guy asked oh have you have you been on a farm recently and I said yes And he's like oh okay, it's fine Which again these things always make me so uncomfortable like oh is that all I need to say sure I was on a farm why not because of what not trights and things like that I presume that's what they're scanning for so when they took the phone I have like Like hawk eyes right on my phone and I've quickly put it into that little mode where you can't unlock it using face ID You hold down the two buttons and you feel your phone go click click and you know that it's super locked so I hand the phone to the guy and Each time it seemed like they were doing what they were saying I saw them take the phone They put it in the little bomb scanner machine The phone was never 100% out of my sight like I could kind of see it sticking out of the machine The lightning port wasn't being it used and then they hand the phone back to me So what I think People have told me I'm crazy paranoid, but I think this is the thin end of the wedge To getting people used to handing over their phones That like the bomb detector It's all a red herring the real thing that they're trying to get you used to is When you're passing through the airport you may have to turn over your phone And in the future They might try to use these like cloning machines that are supposedly in force at the border But I think they're trying to domestically get people used to taking the phones And it wasn't just me like several times there were other grumpy business men who didn't like this at all of like Why do I have to give you my phone and like oh no it was just for the bomb detector It's nothing else. We're not doing anything But I I think they're trying to get people used to this am I being paranoid? Well, yes I think they've probably just had some intelligence that People are going to be using phones and phone batteries as like you know For some attack of some sort so they're just upping their game on phones. Oh interesting But I also think that is going to happen I think the US and the UK and other places are definitely going down A path Where like you know privacy and rights and like the state at imposing more control of people I mean, I think this is going to happen They're already asking for your social media and your Twitter details and stuff when you enter the country And The next step is not getting you to volunteer your Twitter handle It's just going into your phone and seeing what you've been saying about the government and what can you do Nothing If you want to fly or travel That's an interesting point that you raise About perhaps there was just something about oh phone batteries being used as bombs because I know they're they're all over Lithium battery sizes They're very concerned about lithium batteries and everything So like I I had to double check a bunch of the things I was traveling with about the battery size Yeah, because they can be very fussy about that So that's interesting that does make me feel slightly better But then you slide directly into You do think that eventually they're just going to say We have to see your phone to fly you think that's where this is going. Yeah I don't want to be that guy and I don't think I really am that guy And I certainly don't want to rabbit on about it on a podcast where we prefer to joke around about flags Yeah, moon landings But definitely we're seeing like you know The world is heading in a kind of more authoritarian type direction At the moment, you know these things ebb and flow And the way things are ebbing at the moment I think we're definitely moving towards a situation where the state is going to start Demanding to know what's in our phone if we're going to enter their country and things like that Yeah, I guess the thing that concerns me is just that these were domestic flights Yeah, but I think like you know When things go in this direction, it's not just outsiders that the government starts Looking at really really closely. Oh yeah, and going on planes gives you that excuse You know gives you that that reason to do it if we're going to let you on a plane Which we now know are these dangerous weapons You got to tell us more about you my friend. I don't mean to say that's like oh all domestic flights are free of Suspicion, you know the 9-11 flight toward domestic flights. Yes. It's just like I'm thinking of Levels of security and it seems totally reasonable that the security at the border between countries is vastly higher than The internal security between internal borders. Yeah, but like okay. Let's say you were in America And let's say they asked for your phone on a domestic flight And they take it away and they disappear with it for a while And then they come back and and hand you your phone What would you do in that moment like this was a total surprise to you? You didn't know they disappear with your phone in 10 minutes later they come back like how would you react in that situation? I probably wouldn't react to the people very much because I feel kind of powerless in that situation And if you kick up a ruckus you can get yourself in a whole lot of trouble I would go and change a whole bunch of passwords later on I mean there's nothing in my phone that It's gonna like end me people see it My only concern would be you know, yeah, it's all my money threat or something So I should approach should I change my bank password now that all this data's been put into some Black box. I don't understand So I'd probably you know protect myself from things like that But what can you do you can't do anything Especially as an outsider if it happens in America, which is where I assume it would happen Well, I can't sit there and kick up a fuss. I'll get thrown out of the country and I'll never be allowed back in I guess the other thing that when I was discussing what this was some people caused Claims of paranoia is I think if if I was caught off guard like that Which is why I had my eye on the phone like for every split second If they took it away and I couldn't see it and they were gone for some period of time and then they came back I would say oh thank you Take my phone and then as soon as I was out of you It's like I would put that phone right into airplane mode so they couldn't communicate with anything I would tell that phone to reset itself and then I would throw it in the garbage and get a new phone I really have the feeling of like if you have lost physical security over your device You just have to assume that that device is completely compromised. I didn't even think of that You're thinking they're gonna have like be able to surveil you at a new level or something because of something They've put onto the phone. Well like here's a thing. I use an iPhone and As far as I can tell Apple does a pretty good job with security But ultimately this is a like a trusting thing. Oh, I just kind of trust that Apple's pretty good at this But there are companies out there that claim they can do things like Clone the phone and Apple is always sort of in a like a cat and mouse game about this and Sort of interestingly I came across again Another one of these stories out of China, which I sort of want to verify of like how true is this But that China is starting to require Passing into the country lets them install an app on your phone It's like whoa, okay The question isn't do I think something has been Installed on the phone like if this had happened the answer would be like I'm not assuming that it would But I just think in terms of a general security practice If you lose physical control over the device like it makes sense to just assume that it has been Compromised and yeah, then I would totally ditch that phone and If the United States did start doing this is like regular checks for phones I think I would end up just Traveling with vastly cheaper phones that have nothing on them if I possibly can Banna yeah, but like basically that and then it's like okay now am I crazy now? I'm the guy traveling with like a burner phone or like I have a phone waiting in a locker for me upon arrival at the airport I don't know. I just don't know how insane this is but I just The phone is like it's like someone is looking right into your brain And then it's also the device that's with you all the time So I think it is actually quite reasonable to be on very high alert about Security around your phone But I would say very few people agree with me I mean, there's the indefinitely paranoid like you're definitely the guy who's like only a step or two away from building some Metal cage around his office But who says I haven't you're also making a lot of sense Okay, all right. I'm gonna take that then as a thumbs up from Breedy. Thank you This episode of Hello Internet has been brought to you by curiosity stream the subscription streaming service full of all sorts of great Educational smart films as of now. This is always changing. 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I'd never heard of it. I was really chuffed to find it. So thanks curiosity stream It's full of great archive footage stories. I didn't know about now if you want to sign up or remind again You can get that free month long trial curiosity stream.com slash hello internet the promo code is hello internet There's also a link in the show notes usual places Thanks to them for supporting this episode Someone posted a comment on reddit yeah asking suggesting theorizing claiming that they reckon that you're a bit of a Granny driver that you would drive like an old lady You were talking about your feelings about the Tesla Your feelings about driving and stuff like that and they were speculating clearly from everything we know about a grain everything says The guy drives like an old lady Well, Brady you have first hand knowledge of my driving experience You've been in a car with me. Can you settle it for the people? Do you think I drive like an old lady? I haven't seen enough To answer that Based on me seeing you driving and I will say for the record I'm bit of an old lady driver. Okay So I'm not the best judge But I think you would be I think you're a warrior I think the conversation we just had about mobile phones shows that you are capable of worry and driving is a big responsibility. It's a dangerous thing And there were things you should worry about when you drive and if there are things to worry about you know Grey's gonna worry about them. I think that's that's a slanderer statement I think I worry about reasonable things But in this case You can be a bad driver because you're an inattentive driver You can be a bad driver because you're a reckless driver And you can also be an overly cautious driver And I will completely acknowledge that I fall into the category of overly cautious driver And that that does put me in some situations that are not always great on the road So I do not think it is an unfair characterization to say that I'm an overly cautious driver I've just got that image of Mr. McGoo at the like at the where limous jelope going really really so Mr. McGoo is a bad driver because he's inattentive because of his his inability to see anything right so he's He's actually inattentive Whereas if anything it's like I am too attentive on the road But like that does get back to the thing that we mentioned last time about Driving is a negotiation between all of the drivers on the road and Overcautiousness is a thing that people sometimes don't expect from the other driver which can lead to ambiguous situations I mean, here's the thing if people want to judge for themselves I have uploaded something like 40 hours of dash cam footage from me driving a few summers ago The only thing that I will say on that is you cannot pass judgment Until the third video when I actually get out to Moab because If you watch the start of that drive I am horrific horrifically slow on the highway and driving horrifically cautious But that's because it was a car I had never driven before And I hadn't been on a highway in 10 years at that point in time Is there any like in a city crazy driving and that though that's where how good a driver someone is comes to the fore? Not highways and oh yeah, like later on in the video I'm driving in LA and I'm driving in Las Vegas like I think people can make a judgment for themselves then But yeah, I think it's fair to say that I'm an overly cautious driver And that's not a humble brag. That's just a bad thing. I wish I was Less cautious on the road But you know, I'll just keep waiting for myself driving Tesla Great. There's a few things I'd like to like go through machine gun star I know there's one big talk we still want to do but there's been so many interesting little new stories and things in the last week or two I want to just quickly run some of them by you but don't feel like we need to get bogged down by these Let me show you this first one It was done a little while ago now was done during the Wimbledon tennis tournament But there was a pole done of people And I think it was something like 12% of men just normal civilian men like average Joe's Believed that they would be able to take a point off Serena Williams if they played her at tennis The 23 time Grand Slam singles title winner. I found this absolutely fascinating That this pole was even done and the result of it because like in years gone by I think it's been bit of a stereotype that men thought our women's sports not at a very high level and it's be ever giggle I think that's changed a lot in the last 10 years But still I found it interesting that over one in 10 Men just walking the streets thought if they were playing Serena Williams at tennis they could take a point off her Are you surprised by this result? I'm zero percent surprised zero percent surprised by this I think this is just a side effect of the like done in Kruger effect of people Just dramatically overestimate their skills at things they're really terrible at right so like I'm fully willing to bet that if you broke down this group of the The headline here says one and eight men believe they could win a point against Serena Williams I would love to see a follow-up question for those one and eight which is how frequently do you play tennis? I would be willing to bet that never is disproportionately represented on that group That people who never play tennis disproportionately think they could Score point against the woman's world championship. So I don't find it surprising because I don't know this is just a just a general rule in a thumb when thinking about surveys Is I think people read surveys and then they Not explicitly, but they sort of implicitly imagine That the people answering the survey are a lot of people like them Whereas you know my answer would be No, I couldn't win a point against anyone in any amateur league in any sport anywhere in the world I'll just lay that sentence on the table right now. Like I can hold a tennis record I had tennis lessons when I was a boy and like you know if I go out on a tennis court I'll hold my own against someone else who doesn't really play tennis But then one day I was having a hit of tennis with some friends You know in a barbecue type scenario and one of the guys there played suburban Adelaide tennis Like still many many many levels below even being anywhere near a professional tennis player And he came out and decided to have a hit with us. Mm-hmm. I couldn't take a point off him. Okay. I was amazed I was like I'm a goodness. I didn't know people could serve this fast And he was like a suburban tennis player There is no way I would take a point off any woman in the top hundreds In the world and don't go on to Twitter or Reddit and talk about double faults and stuff like that. That doesn't count There was a viral video just recently that I think was made subsequent to this poll I don't know if it was with like dude perfect or one of those type YouTube channels Where they then had a hit around with serena Williams and she started Waking the bowl at just normal guys Art good tennis players and they had no chance Was all over the place. Yeah, it's like a professional Going up against an amateur like yeah, I don't find it surprising Because again, I'm thinking of it Just in terms of the people who were taking the poll That's why I would I would just love to see the statistics broken down For characteristics about the people who believe that they could and I think you would find yeah This is not like middle of the bell curve people right to like I've never played tennis before But I think I could win a point against it. It's like yeah, you know nothing you know nothing about the sport continuing our little mini sports ball corner and local news Oh, you try oh you're sneaking in sports ball this way. Okay, well that was that was sports ball The the commonwealth games Which I used to think of as like The next level down from the Olympics, but I now think of as the Krapa Olympics. Okay I've been held in Birmingham. Oh, he must be excited and they have unveiled their logo when you say it's the Krapa Olympics or the the commonwealth games Are they like the Olympics in that they're um They're like a corner cupia of random sports collected together. Yes. Yes. You know you're athletics and you're swimming and yeah Oh, okay, not all the same sports, but yeah a big multitude of sports across multiple games But only for countries in the commonwealth as an astradian like when I was growing up The commonwealth games was like almost as big as the Olympics and we won more stuff at it So it was really exciting. I now kind of it's it's brand is diminishing. I think those things are related Brady Tell me what you think of the Birmingham commonwealth games logo I know that's what you want me to do, but I'm immediately distracted by something else Which is who's still in the Commonwealth like I always Who's part of this club? I know I always just love the trivia fact that America has an open invitation to join the commonwealth at any point That we have officially not responded to and we haven't turned it down. Oh, it's saying that's like talking about you know Oh, it was that it's still on the statutes and stuff like like that is to totally what it is But I just think these diplomatic games are sort of funny right? I'm like oh, we didn't say no But we didn't say yes All right, so commonwealth the big players. It's Australia, New Zealand Canada, India South Africa And then a bunch of countries that will be angry that I didn't mention them, but okay, so that's the commonwealth games Some pretty big countries there though and like some pretty big numbers India Canada Canada is physically large, but has fewer people than California the UK. Yes. Yes The United Kingdom is also in the commonwealth that is true But not Ireland Ireland. Oh, it's nothing to do with the commonwealth. I don't know the logo looks like a logo It just looks like a corporate logo. Yeah, there's been a bit of flak a lot of people say that I think it's very good and It doesn't look like a typical logo for a sporting event in my opinion Yeah, that's why it just looks like a corporate logo. I see here on the bottom of the article that it's uh The shape is vaguely like a sort of super stylized B the letter B not the insect and it's Connecting what like the hosting locations in the city the venues the sporting venues as they're spread across Birmingham Yeah, it's sort of like a a tubi map style Representation joining all the venues together apparently. Yeah, we'll put a link in the show notes to so you can see the logo and why it's the Yeah, I'll give it a pass is sort of just totally forgettable I don't think it's as bad as the London logo was for the Olympics long time ago, which was a pretty terrible one But I just can't imagine this one like anyone wanting it on like a t-shirt or anything. I thought this London Olympics logo was rubbish as well But I could imagine having a t-shirt with it on this but it's Birmingham. I can't imagine. I don't think it's Celebel, you know, I'm not gonna buy a teddy bear with that stylized tube map B on its tummy. I can give you that that is a different interesting way to think about it that I think the London logo is worse but is More brandable. Yeah, I can see it on merchandise in a in a way that this looks like the logo for a large pharmaceutical company You wouldn't think of it as a branding opportunity for teddy bears and t-shirts But also the color on this Birmingham Commonwealth Games logo It's like some of those colors have been chosen to be deliberately unappealing Like you know that green sick color that's apparently the most unappealing color in the universe and they want cigarette packets to be like This color which has got this gradient through along all the way down the line like goes through almost the whole spectrum of format Yes, well, I mean of the many rules we can have for logo designers One of them should definitely be don't use gradients gradients are off limits So you don't agree with the chief marketing officer for Birmingham 2020 who said that the logo is quote bold and dynamic just like the region itself close quote you don't agree with that Well, also this caption here says the logo was designed after 160 hours of in-depth consultation 160 hours that's not even scratching the surface of how much time gray spends on a video That is literally true. That's not even impressive to me 160 hours of consultation. That's like Those bodies that organize things like the Commonwealth Games and design logos can burn through 160 hours deciding what coffee to have So you're not going to be getting a t-shirt to forever remember the Birmingham Games. Are you going to go? Are you going to check it out? Probably not Wow If they had a better logo, maybe they could have gotten you to go So great, I don't know if you're aware But the UK has a new prime minister. I'm assuming you're not that much out of the news that you don't know that happened Yeah, yeah, I did come across that. All right So as a result of having a new prime minister that we have a whole new government and one of the people who's been given a very senior role in the government Is a chat name Jacob Riesmog. Okay. I'm not going to talk about politics because you know Let's avoid politics when we can But one thing you do need to know about Jacob Riesmog is he's like He's very old fashioned. Okay. He almost revels in his old-fashionedness He's very conservative both with a capital C and a small C and he's really really old school and he's really really posh like he's like this typical old-fashioned British guy right And on his like first or second day in his new ministerial job He issued a style guide to like all the people in his staff and department about things He wants done differently in the way they write and do documents and that And that's what I've shared with you because some of these things I thought you would enjoy The Jacob Riesmog style guide. This is legit. He's legitimately issued this to his staff So I don't understand when you say his because I don't understand this person's position is this a style guide For the UK government as a whole or for his department or it's for people that are under him It's not for the government as a whole. Okay, he's the new leader of the House of Commons So I guess anyone who's doing any documents or letters or things on his behalf Have been told to follow the style guide. Okay, so it's a House of Commons style guide like a congressional style guide I'd not exactly sure which people have to follow it and which ones don't Okay, well the one that sticks out to me So there's a bunch of rules that are listed here. Yep, and the one that surprises me is that is the very first one It says organizations are singular. Yep You know when people from different places talk to each other they love to talk about what's different right? You know You say table we say table you say bottle we say portal, you know this thing. Yep. Everyone loves to do that and I think the most jarring at least to my American ear difference between the language is the plural organization so when you say Parliament has passed a law or parliament have passed a law right yeah apple Has released a new iPhone? Apple have released a new iPhone. Yeah, that one I find just incredibly jarring and it's it's a result of the organizations are plural But because of its jarringness it feels like maybe the most British grammarism that there is so when you say this guy is very old school I find it quite surprising that rule number one is Organizations are singular. Yeah, that's very surprising to me I always find this the most difficult to grapple with when talking about sports teams You know, Australia has won the World Cup Australia have won the World Cup Sports teams are where I find that the biggest conundrum the New York Yankees have won the World Cup the New York Yankees Has won the World Cup sports teams we tend to go plural don't we we treat them as a bunch of people right yeah, whereas where the country is Singular I never really thought about it, but I think if I'm talking about sports teams I use plural because then it's more clearly a group of people but he's saying you know the Ministry of Defense is a has not a Ministry of Defense has issued a statement I mean, I think the one that is most indicative of who he is as a person is that all Non-titled males have to be referred to as a squire after their name But that's just like funny But I thought the last four would be the ones that would Interest you there He's insisting that they always have a double space after full stops Well, I mean, that's just correct. Yeah, no comma after and you'll disagree with that way Yeah, no, I like that. Yeah, the Oxford comma is the way I want to go. I think that makes more sense Yeah, but also he's insisting they always use imperial measurements Which I find like a funny thing to make official policy that wouldn't make sense though Because the UK still does use imperial units for lots of stuff like I In my head it's all muddled up because I can't quite keep straight the The few differences like when I go to the doctor. They want to know my height in centimeters They don't want feet and inches But yeah, it's still officially imperial so that that makes sense to me And again double spaces after full stops. Yeah, of course. That's the way it should be Obviously, that's the way it goes. He's also issued a list of banned words and phrases which I find very amusing You are not allowed to use any of these words or phrases very Do you too? ongoing hopefully unacceptable equal lot got speculate No longer fit for purpose. I am pleased to learn Meet with ascertain disappointment The thing I love about this is that this guy has like been wanting to get in power for a long time now He's like, you know, he's a real Brexiteer and he's like been longing for power and he finally gets in power And he's got this little list of like gripes that he's finally dealing with and they're all these quite like seemingly Like trivial things. I love it. I love it. Like the first thing he does in power is like said finally I can get rid of single spaces after full stops It's beautiful look at it a different way Brady When you get in power job number one is we have to communicate and here are some rules on communication So I think I don't know I'm not in government, but I have a little document that I use for Style guide for my own videos and like where I just make little notes for things I'm just one person here, but it's useful to have something like this And I think it it totally makes sense to actually have this is one of the very first things that you do because presumably on day two People are already writing up documents for here's how things are going to change and and so yeah That should be one of the the earlier things that you do about how we want to communicate and I think it's acceptable to have lists of Bandwords and phrases and the very one makes me laugh because That's in my own style guide of like try not to use this unless you're being intentional about it Because it's a word that's easy to just throw in It doesn't really add any context like it can be used for humor But it the word in itself is almost meaningless and there's this famous quote which when I heard it years and years ago Just completely changed my mind on it from mark Twain Where he says oh after you've written a book You should go through it and replace every instance of the word very with the word damn And then it will make you realize how you don't need any of these damn varies and you can just get rid of all of them And As like he's totally right like this word just adds nothing you know like that was very interesting That was damn interesting like guess what the word interesting is doing all of the lifting in that sentence You don't need the word very at all I have to say there's one on here Which I do really like but it's the band phrase Invest in the context of a sentence like Invest in schools I'm with that 100% because I think that's a word That is overused in many circumstances as a kind of Weasel word to change people's minds So you know you're not buying yourself a new car You're investing in your transportation and it's like wow wait a minute now Investments are things that should pay me more in the future than they pay me now Well, that's I'm sure people would argue that's what schools do great right I understand that but I think it is totally reasonable to say we're banning this usage Because it is too carelessly used as a kind of convincing word. We're not Paying for the nation's defense, you know, we're investing in security and it's like oh that's like You can just overuse it and then it becomes meaningless. I'm with that completely But no, this is exactly what you should do you when you get into power step one Fussy style guide for your underlings Whatever it is that you think is important in the world that you wish to spread the news about You could probably use a domain name to help you do that Well, hover is here for you hover is the best way to buy and manage domain names It's where I go when I think of a domain name straight to hover calm Slash each eye to get to 10% off the message you want to send to the world starts with your domain name If you want to celebrate every anniversary of the moon landing You would want to buy moon landing anniversaries calm and to buy that domain name before anyone else does you need to go to hover Hover has the best in class technical support team with no upsells on their product at all That's one of the reasons why I always go to them first. 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No, no hover does what you need to do And once you have that domain name It's very easy to connect that domain name to any website builder You want to use with just a few simple clicks Everyone needs a domain name now and hover has over 400 extensions for you to choose from If dot com sounds a little too commercial to you Then you can use dot me or dot tld or any of the 397 other ones if you've never used hover before lucky you go to hover dot com slash I and get 10% off any and all domain extensions offered for your entire first year That's hover dot com slash h i to get 10% off any and all domain extensions for your first year Look, if you have a lot of domain names in your head And you've been meaning to reserve them before someone else does now is the time Thanks to hover for managing all my domain names and thanks to hover for supporting the show People the moment has arrived We set homework a while ago. We've been putting it off You thought you'd gotten away with us not checking your homework, but the time has come Well to be upfront about it. We haven't been putting it off I've been putting off work You're a busy guy gray watching like a one hour TV shows is a big ass I've been putting off my homework until the last possible second And figure that it cannot be delayed anymore So I watched the f1 documentary The exact name of which eludes me at this moment, but I watched it drive to survive drive to survive Yes, that sounds right. We've only watched episode one. There's multiple episodes But we've just watched episode one. I didn't ask any more of gray and I've only watched episode one as well I could say right now. I watched more than episode one really Yes, I've only watched episode one Was this your first ever taste to formula one in any way because this is kind of like a behind the scenes documentary that they followed Last season the 2018 season and they kind of have this like you know all access Type thing behind the scenes as they go from race to race and this episode one was sort of behind the scenes At the first race of the season. Yeah, which is always the Australian Grand Prix Was this your first experience to formula one? It's always the Australian Grand Prix Okay, interesting for a number of years now. Yeah, because I did say very first thing that I noticed in episode one is Oh the main guy they're following is Australian and the race is taking place in Australia And so I thought yeah, I see why Brady likes this no no, that's pure coincidence because yeah I think they chose to focus on him for that race because it was his home Okay, okay, I thought like I we've got a little Cross contamination here with Brady topics of Australia and also f1 pure coincidence pure coincidence Yes, this is was my first real exposure to f1 in any meaningful kind of way I've been vaguely aware that Racing existed. I think it was only several episodes ago that you cleared up for me that f1 is a different kind of race than other races I think mostly I knew about it because of Monte Carlo and like that famous race track and Ironman 2 So like I think that is primarily my exposure to f1 racing right and so yeah, I sat down You know all the screens were closed And I gave this my full attention Well because that's the way to see something like I'm not gonna half watch it. Okay So I don't quite know where to begin except to say like the first note that I wrote down was very early in the show One of the managers or something is talking about how f1 racing is The ultimate drama this has to do with with everything, you know, there's life It's death there's competitiveness. Yeah, there's winning. Yeah, there's losing and This is kind of a like a pet peeve of mine for sports in general like the tennis movie I made reference to earlier that you're watching That was the same thing there's like a quote from Andre Agassi About like oh in tennis. There is love and ties and whatever and it's like and it's it's the ultimate drama that that contains the entirety of the world And I've heard chess players say the same thing yeah All I'm waiting for is some youtuber to make the video about like YouTube is the ultimate representation of life right where there's everything that I was like oh at least with YouTube It would be kind of more true and that youtube does cover this vast spectrum of humanity Obviously, there is hyperboeberly, but yeah, I think the case can be made more strongly for formula one than Any other sport and by the way formula one is not my favorite sport But I think that argument could be made more strongly for formula one than any other sport and I will give that To you. I think the only other comparison that that popped into my head is rodeo So a number of years I went to and watched a rodeo and yeah I kept going back to that experience of Sitting in a giant hall watching a rodeo and thinking I could see a man die out here Like this man is trying to stay on top of a bowl that is not happy about the situation And I know I don't know what the fatality rates are in rodeo, but that's what like I kept thinking about that and so F1 much more than chess or tennis Like the grim reaper is in the audience watching More attentively than he would watch other sports. I will give that That this this analogy makes more sense for this than others because you do have the specter of death Looming over the event and it feels real in the same way that watching a rodeo feels like oh this could go very wrong Very fast I think you've only partly Taken on board what's meant by it though like it's not just Risk of death like of humans dying when people say that it's because of the all the extremes of formula one like There are very few sports for example where only 20 people get to compete in the event at all like you know Lots of people can try and win win wouldn't lots of people play baseball lots of people But only 20 people even get to race in formula one such this hyper hyper competitive thing to get into in the first place and also like The volumes of money involved are like crazy and the amount of like technology and science involved is crazy It's like all the different things At this like Exaggerated level and I think that's kind of what that means. It's like everything in Vivid technicolor blown up to its extreme Hmm, I can see that you're right. There is a that the show especially at the start and throughout does have a lot of like Self aggrandization of the sport. Yeah, and here's the thing you're making a documentary about the sport That's totally fine The other thing that kept popping into my head is there's a Netflix show called seven days to launch I think is the name and like they did an episode on the Kentucky Derby Which is a famous horse race in America that may or may not turn up in trivia quizzes for general knowledge And that's a similar thing of like People are really getting prepared for this and they agradize the Kentucky Derby to and it get an insane level right of like everybody really cares about the Kentucky Derby It was like well, no not really but everybody involved super duper cares But I guess the reason why I mentioned it as a bullet point is Now I'm obviously not the normal viewer of this But Those kinds of things partly bother me when I'm watching something because It's like the writing lesson of show don't tell And Repeatedly in the first episode I had the experience of you're telling me this is really exciting But you're not actually showing me anything you you doth protest too much me thinks It's not that but it's more like oh the people who are Involved in this world are very involved in this world And so of course it seems like all of life to them because that's what they're engaged with yeah, and You know there was a lot of like You know guy saying oh your body is is ready for the competition and time slows down and everything is very excited And it but it was just a lot of like Telling me I would rather see the guy Getting ready for racing then have this like description of what he's up to But that is partly why I watched further Because like episode one I feel like Like with any TV show I think you always kind of have to give first episodes a little bit of a pass Because they have to set up things in a way that later episodes don't have to Right, so like episode one is like bam. We got to give a splash Oh, this is related to everything to life. It's so exciting You know the drivers are all on edge yeah this kind of thing So I wish I'd watched it for so you know, but yeah, right but so Okay, look normally you ask me when we watch movies for my opinion upfront and I get resistant about it But this time I think I need to give my opinion upfront to continue to talk about this so okay I have nothing against people who Have sports in their life and enjoy sports I feel like my philosophy in life is very like live and let live You do you all do me and The only time we have problems is when those come into conflict But most of life is like you can just be your own person and do your own thing and like whatever you're really interested in Awesome man do it like I just read an entire book That was about Truffles some people are really into truffles and that like the author of this book is really interested in truffles and I got to the end of the book and realized I didn't even have any idea what a truffle look like but it's like you do you guys this truffle thing It seems really important to you contained within the truffle is all of life. Yeah, and that's awesome and so like I gave this show my full attention and I just could not Get my brain interested in any part of this yeah, I'm not saying it's it's like oh This isn't good for anybody. It's just like people are interested in different things and yeah Interest exists on a level that is not able to be or needed to be explained It's just a property of your brain when related to certain subjects and I was trying to figure out Something like by that sort of by the time I got to the second episode of like why am I just not interested in this and one of the things that I can kind of I've mentioned before but it became a little bit even more clear watching this and it's partly Because of the like you said before the nature of how few participants there are on the actual race When god was rolling the dice to create the character sheet for me How is this human being going to score on all of the various traits that we can measure human being on? I think the reason why I'm I'm just not very interested in sports is I score very low on competitiveness And that's like the whole thing that sports is like I just this doesn't register emotionally for me In the way that it obviously does for these guys, you know to be one of these racers You know these 20 people on the on the course you have to be one of the most competitive humans on the face of the earth Like you just have to be in this tiny percentile all professional sports people have to be Serena Williams has to score crazy high on competitiveness It's just like a required part of that job But I also think that there are some people who are just not interested in sports and there are some people who are I would bet a million dollars on the fact that if you could do some kind of cross-population survey of How competitive are people you would find that sports fans score higher in this competitiveness trait than non-sports fans And it made me think of you Brady I think about our relationship that we've had low these many years and A thing that like especially in the earlier episodes. I think listeners can go back and even hear it I sort of Didn't believe you often when you described Your competitiveness So like I remember earlier in the show we kind of had the idea sometimes of like oh we should play a board game Or let me rephrase that I mentioned it a few times and you would bring up like no We can't play a board game because it's just too hard core right? It's like you get too intense. Yeah, and I remember really not Believing you or or thinking you were sort of joking around or it can't possibly be true But this is like the fascinating part of trying to understand another person And it's tied up to me in this idea of human communication is so difficult and people always Overassume that others are like them Like these are all the things I'm thinking about while watching the episode And like I was thinking about you a bunch and just this is why you don't like formula one great because you weren't concentrating on the sport enough No, I was so f***** bored by what was going on on the screen that I had to think about other stuff like honest to god like it really is the case of like It's boring like what are the like I don't care about any of this like It's not intrinsically interesting like it's just boring But like just just to finish the thought with you like I have come to believe over time That you really need it when you say that you are competitiveness and it is a thing that knowing you Because I just don't think about it. I constantly get surprised at times you can be competitive in ways where I'm like I don't even understand like it just it catches me off guard And it is also a thing that catches me off guard Like I could say in in my relationships with other men sometimes as well as like oh This person's being competitive right now in a way that I find just Unexpected so that's partly why I just I find a boring because I don't find competition intrinsically interesting as a topic Where I think people who are into sports Do find Competition intrinsically interesting as a topic and there's yeah, I want to be clear There's nothing wrong about that, but like I've also had this problem with um Over this past summer in particular but having a really hard time finding interesting nonfiction books To read like I've just been burning through book recommendations and all sorts of stuff and I often find like a lot of these books will try to frame a historical or nonfiction event in terms of competition and those are always the books that I find the most boring the fastest like just tell me about the thing Like I don't give a shit about any of the people involved like I want to know about the event that occurred And so when I was watching this f1 thing I was kind of wanting is Can I have an f1 documentary that doesn't involve any of these people? I don't want to know about this dude from Australia and he's competitive with his teammates I don't care at all I'm sort of much more interested in the car I'm much more interested in the logistics of how the races occur I would like them to and I hope maybe later in the series they do go more into The science and the technology of the cars because when you're watching a race Don't get me wrong competitiveness is important. Yeah, but when you're actually watching a race all this stuff like tire degradation and grip and temperature and downforce and stuff becomes a lot more Like it's a very omnipresent Yeah, in this first episode I did feel glossed over How important the design and the technology and the physics is yeah, I don't know if that is yet to come This is also why I think you were totally correct in your assessment of if there existed a sport for me This would be the sport and perhaps there is some other venue into this like like in all seriousness If someone knows that there's an f1 documentary out there that exists which is f1 but no people I would totally watch that I would be interested in seeing that but This was not for me and the reason why I watched the second episode is I did just want to see like okay, let me First episodes don't count. Let me have this go more in depth But then the second episode just struck me as oh Okay, we're talking about the rivalry between this Australian guy and his teammates and there's more rivalries over here And all of these guys really want to win and they're gonna talk about how they really want to win And it just suddenly felt to me like oh, I'm watching a Reality TV show except it's just f1 guys And if I'm watching a reality TV show I'd rather watch terrace house I mean, they've obviously decided the way to sell formula one is by humanizing a bit Humanizing something's not the way to sell to grow to them like but this is what I mean Like I know that I'm the wrong audience member for this. I just I know that I am and also there's also the problems of like I have so little in my life to compare this to so you know like while they're racing around the track What am I thinking I'm thinking oh that kind of looks like when I play Mario Kart right and then It's like oh, I'd rather play Mario Kart than Watch people race on a track. Why do you like playing Mario Kart if you are not competitive What I want to specify here is it is not that I am not competitive. That's why I use the phrasing like it's a trait that I score Low on right. I just compared to other people but like it would be wrong to say that I'm not competitive Because every human has it to some extent. It's just like did you score a one or did you score a 10 when the dice were rolled? Yeah, and so Like when I play Mario Kart I want to win and It can be frustrating when someone like snatches the win right out from underneath you so like I still I experience this is a thing But I think like I can enjoy Mario Kart because I'm Doing something yeah, it's a bit like I have friends who really enjoy watching people Livestream video games It's just like sports where I can understand that the person is interested in this the person can explain to me why They're really interested in this and I can on an intellectual level kind of understand But it's an activity that just holds zero appeal for me personally I feel like if I'm watching someone play a video game Why don't I just play the game myself With incredibly rare exceptions. That's the way I feel and I think the sports thing is a bit like this like oh I'd rather be playing Mario Kart than watching this f1 Documentary yeah, but I do know that Like the the mental comparison of how much is this track in Australia like rainbow road is probably not helpful for the viewing experience of of me actually Watching the thing so I'm very glad that I watch the show. I'm like I'm glad that I did finally Get around to it and stopped putting off my homework But I like I don't really have a lot of Notes on it because I just I just found myself uninterested. What did you think of like the look and the production and the editing and the style of it? Because I thought watching it a second time. I was just as impressed the second time by how cool it looked I just thought it looked cool. Okay. Looked cool. I will totally give you 100% looks like a hour low music video. Yeah. No, it's filmed really well Netflix is in a funny position. I think in the last year where when I watched off on Netflix I'm very meta aware of is this something that they wanted to spend money on or is this something they just wanted to get So they have something in the back catalog and and a few of their shows is like This show got Netflix money and the f1 totally feels like this got Netflix money It's also got f1 money I wouldn't be surprised if f1 have poured in quite a lot of the money too And they've obviously supplied a lot of their own footage because it's it is kind of a big advertisement for formula one Isn't that yeah, that makes sense. I didn't think about that. But yeah, of course Of course they would have to get the permission. Oh I'm sorry. I just I realized I'm sorry. There is one point Where I was emotionally engaged with the show And it was when they when they showed that poor Australian's mother Watching him race. Yeah, and she says she says this thing about how She had like seen races on on TV like when he was just a boy and thought oh all those poor mothers You have to watch their sons racing around the track and now she's one of those mothers that my heart genuinely went out to that poor woman I was like oh you poor woman having to like That mixture of emotions Must be unique of my child is is one of the best in the world at a thing But also I can't possibly relax until that thing is over like I think she must be having a quite rare human Emotion and experience whenever her son is not being an astronaut's wife. Yes. Yeah. Yeah. It's it's that kind of Fabilites. Yeah of someone you love is doing something that is singular But also You may watch this person die I think that is an emotional experience that a very small percentage of the human population has So I felt very aware of her In those couple of scenes where where she's talking about watching her son on screen. So Yeah, that was that was where I was most emotionally engaged. It's like oh you you poor woman the humanizing worked at least once then By wheeling out the mother What did you think of like the head of the pastime Gunter Starn? I think his name is like When he starts swearing all the time when things go wrong and he's got his cool accent I think he's become bit of a cult hero and formula one because of this documentary I think everyone sees him differently now because of all his swearing and the way he talks. I thought he was like a really Charming character. Yeah, I guess like I noticed him more than others But I can't say I was like oh, I'd love to see more of this person. Yeah is mostly like yeah It's a high stakes environment people are can to be upset when things go wrong Of course, I've seen people flip out for the Kentucky Derby preparations You know, it's it's like yes, this is this is what's going to happen in a in an environment like this It's a huge pressure cooker, but yeah I couldn't pick him out of a lineup like I've sort of already forgotten what he looked like yeah, so I don't know. I'm sorry Brady You shouldn't be apologizing you've done exactly what I asked you to do you watch doesn't tell me what you thought of it I should be thinking you I am thinking you I'm very interested to hear what you thought about it. I wanted to like it more For you is a little bit what I what I felt this morning. Ah, it's that's sweet I don't like it because you know There is this thing where people who like something is very natural that you want to share it with another person Yeah, yeah, and it's very natural as a human to wish to reciprocate the like feelings of sharing with someone else But I think that this is this is a topic on which I cannot reciprocate

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