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"19 - Amber is a MILF"

Happy Mother’s Day to all of Sensible Nation! Today we’re celebrating our very own soon-to-be-MILF, Amber! Amber receives a handpicked gift from Tay, and Raw Dog walks us through some of the oddest children’s internet videos. Of course no baby shower would be complete without some baby shower games! We kick off with “Is This a Real Children’s Book?” where Tay and Raw Dog have to guess whether Amber is reading a title and synopsis from a real or fake children’s book. Unfortunately, Raw Dog was in charge of the food for the party, so we end with a classic, The Baby Food Challenge, where Tay and Amber blind taste test baby food and try to guess each ingredient. (Full article...)

"18 - The Mandela Effect ft. WhiskeyBoy Radio's DJ Matt Blake"

This episode of Sensible People is unlike any episode that’s come before as Raw Dog, Amber and Tay accurately and undeniably uncover the secrets behind what caused the Mandela Effect. Starting as a thoughtful* and intelligent* conversation about what the Mandela Effect is, the trio walk Sensible Nation through some of the most notable examples of this phenomenon from recent years and end with a fact-based* explanation of what caused the rip in the time space continuum. The group is then joined by the notable Silver Fox of Texas aka WhiskeyBoy Radio’s DJ Matt Blake for another tricky installation of “Did It Really Happen?”

  • Note: The terms thoughtful, intelligent and fact-based are used subjectively. (Full article...)

"17 - You've Got Mail"

Today we’re traveling back to the 90s to discuss the technology of our childhood. Raw Dog, Amber and Tay talk about everything from the classic video games, pagers and CD players to lesser known computer games, HitClips and Tracfones. We then have a very unintelligent and uninformed conversation about the future of sex robots, wireless charging and self driving cars. Last, but certainly not least, Raw Dog and Tay debate whether one extraordinary fried chicken cook has what it takes to enter the Hall of Fame of Freaks. (Full article...)