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"Episode 10: Boyz II Men"

In this episode, Christy and Carly are joined by Mark Brimble, resident British scientist and host of the Dr. Heckle Podcast. They talk about drunkenly trying to buy America.com, transplanting to Memphis, becoming a professional British wedding greeter, and how a European hiking trip turned boys to men. (Full article...)

"Episode 9: Peeling Feelings"

In this episode Christy and Carly sit down to talk about Workaway, a website much like couchsurfing that has slipped into their hearts. They talk about why their couchsurfer Judy split from her life in Australia, how Carly stole Wi-Fi in Portugal, and peel back the mystery on a big banana car touring the country. (Full article...)

"Episode 8: Missed Connections"

What happens when you're so hungover that you miss your 7am flight to Nashville? You record a podcast episode with your couchsurfing hosts, of course! In this episode, Christy and Carly sit down with Bre, a young Australian girl who after working at SXSW decides to spend a week in Memphis. They talk about pranks, what Australians think of Americans, finding yourself, and peanut butter baby. (Full article...)