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"Shadow Of The Colossus"

Today's podcast we talk about Shadow of the colossus. This is an amazing game. The title focuses on 16 colossi and taking them down. This video game itself is a piece of art that transcends itself beyond the medium. You are wander and you must save mono with the help of Dormin. This episode is broken down into 4 acts. Throughout the acts we talk about the story of the game, the setting, the legacy of this game. I also discuss my thoughts and opinions on the game as well as my personal review. How can a game that features only 16 individual enemies be considered good? Let's find out on this episode of I Heart Gaming! Don't forget to support me on Patreon at I Heart Gaming! Follow me on youtube as well! (Full article...)

"FInal Fantasy XIII"

I Heart Gaming's first episode. Final Fantasy XIII Is the game we are tackling today on the podcast. FF 13 is such a big game and the history behind that game is an amazing story to tell. We cover the hype before the release, the release of itself, the development, and the review itself. Final Fantasy Thirteen tells the story of 6 Characters: Lightning, Snow, Sahz, Hope, Fang, and Vanille. It is a game that covers Cocoon and Gran Pulse. A game so ambitious that The full vision of it never made it to completion. Final Fantasy versus XIII and Agito XIII transform into other games. Let's travel down the hallway that is Cocoon. Support me on Patreon at I Heart Gaming. (Full article...)


I introduce myself. I am bit nervous. I talk about what is to come on the podcast as I gear up for the first episode. This was recorded really late at night trying to set up equipment so go easy on me. I was super excited about alll the work I have been doing and have been wanting to get something out there! (Full article...)