H.I. No. 123: Pop Quiz

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"Pop Quiz"
Hello Internet episode
Episode no.123
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Original release dateApril 30, 2019 (2019-04-30)
Running time1:24:24
  • HelloFresh
  • Molekule
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"HI #123: Pop Quiz" is the 123rd episode of Hello Internet, released on April 30, 2019.[1]

Website synopsis[edit | edit source]

Episode 123 on the podcast YouTube channel

"Grey and Brady discuss: wax cylinder mass production, hanging out at a pub, RSS limits and (Goodbye Internet on Patreon), Grey has a pop quiz for Brady, YouTube legends, and a Brady paper cut."[1]

Release and commercial performance[edit | edit source]

"Pop Quiz" was released to podcast clients on April 30, 2019.[2] The corresponding video was premiered live on the Hello Internet YouTube channel on the same day and received 32 thousand views within its first 8 days of release.[3] Its visual consists of still frames depicting, in both sequential and reverse order, the assembly of a pile of variously-colored cards that have question marks printed on them.

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