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"Episode 17: Evidence of decline in horse based transport. Corwin, Smith, Doyle, et al."

Dallas comedians Wes Corwin, Tom Smith, and James Doyle sit down in the crosstown concourse studio to talk about the Trivers Willard hypothesis, why tattoos are so hard to get rid of, and a world war II museum you can't drink inside of. (Full article...)

"Episode 16: CRISPR CATS - Garner, Miller, et al."

Organising director of MidSouth Peace and Justice Center Paul Garner and Comedian John Miller visit the studio and chat about citizen science initiatives, a new CRISPR/CAS gene editing tool and how ants can't handle the cinnamon challenge. (Full article...)

"Episode 15: Effect of ingesting too many Tums on a podcast host. Bencivenga, Fili, et al."

Hosts of Surf Memphis Podcast Christy Fili and Carly Bencivenga talk with Mark about Dunbar's number, highly targeted deep brain stimulation, and what happens when a podcast host eats too many antacids. (Full article...)