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"Ready Player One : Movie Review"

After weeks of multiple viewings, we have finally taken to the mic along with returning guest Willie Simpson from the XMen TAS podcast, to dig into this miracle of a movie that, under most any other circumstance, would never have been made. We hash out what we loved, and what drove some RPO fans nuts with frustration so grab your popcorn and lets Get To The Good Part! (Full article...)

"Chapter 23 - Ready Player One"

We are on the hunt! Touching down on Frobozz for a virtual Zork adventure on the way to the jade key. Under threat of IOI gun ships we explore the realm of phone freaking, cereal munching, and dangerous creatures that lurk in the darkness beyond. Grab a torch and Let's Get To The Good Part! (Full article...)

"Chapter 22 - Ready Player One"

This chapter lands us on planet Archaide where Parzival is searching for trophies but ends up finding himself while deep inside an out-of-order game. Along the way your hosts uncover some strange artifacts that made its way into the real world so slap a quarter on your favorite game because it's time to Get To The Good Part! (Full article...)