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"Eleven Pipers Piping"
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Original release dateJanuary 4, 2019 (2019-01-04)
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"Eleven Pipers Piping", released on January 4, 2019,[1] is the eleventh installment of the 12 Days of Hello Internet series. The series consists of twelve parts, released one day at a time from December 2018 to January 2019, that together serve as Hello Internet's fifth annual Christmas special and as its 116th overall episode.


It is the 11th day of Hello Internet. This is a marathon. I've done so many train trips back and forth to come and see you here Brady. Oh no, it's amazing. I admire your persistence. But all of a sudden, I can't believe that we're coming to the end of the 12 days of the trip. An ultimate? Don't run, you know, there's still time for magic. That's what the word coming means. Oh, you were coming to the end. It's not the end. That will be tomorrow. But it's gone by in a flash. What have you got there? You've got another card from a Tim? What does it say? Yes. This was just a random one that I opened up. Grey's doing a little pre-read before reading out loud in case there's anything. Well, it's obelisk. Some of them are long and you're trying to, you want to see where is the question? Skip, I've decided this is one. That's one for the recycling. Just lots of, you know, Brady's great, Brady's excellent. That is 100% of the reason I skip it. It's like Brady, it's just all these Brady compliments. What have I got? When I open one here, it looks like it's got something in it. So this is a card that's full of blank postcards for Rochester, New York. Dear Grey, on the left, Brady, on the right. Grey, here are some postcards that pretend Rochester isn't a frozen tundra eight months of the year. This comes from George in New York. I love the show. I'm a stay on the flag voting, but listen to every episode since the beginning. Not a question, but I would love more playing Crash Corner. Wouldn't we all, George? Wouldn't we all? No, we wouldn't all. And more updates about Lulu, Audrey and Mr. Chompers and of course more Black Stump news. Best podcast on the internet. Well, I mean, I can't disagree with that part. There's no question or discussion point there, but I enjoyed every word, every word. Thank you, George from New York. How long do you think people would keep listening to Hallow Internet if all we did was read cards from people saying I really enjoy the show? Right. Well, I mean, I have skipped a lot of them because of that. But we have enjoyed them. Thank you, people. Yes, yes. Well, this one's come from Australia, so it must be good. Oh, it's well sealed though. Okay, Brady, I have a question for you. Yeah. What is your favorite place in Australia that's not in South Australia? Oh, I mean, can you even think of one? My favorite place in Australia that's not in South Australia is Urluru or Aesrock. By some distance, I love it. I love going there. And if anyone ever goes to Australia, I highly recommend visiting there. And if you can, I highly recommend driving there, because that's like part of the experience for me. And the best place to drive there from? Adelaide. No, no, no, no. I'll drive South Australia. You can't sneak that in. Well, that's illegal. Yeah, you can only really drive there from Adelaide or Darwin. So anyway, Aesrock, definitely. Go there, people. Urluru, magnificent. So Australian. So beautiful. Am I missing remembering? But I thought I came across a story saying they were going to limit visitor numbers to Urluru at some point. Were I am I thinking about that incorrectly? Well, there's always talk about banning climbing it, because the native Aboriginal people there don't like it being climbed. And there's a sign at the bottom saying, we would prefer that you didn't climb it. But you are allowed to climb it. Right. A lot of people just go ahead to climb it anyway. They'll close it if it goes above a certain temperature, because it becomes dangerous. But if it's cool enough, you are allowed to climb, or you can just walk around the base. I've been to Aesrock three or four times. I've never climbed it. I've always just walked around the base, you know, because I thought it was the right thing to do. But there is always talk about banning climbing it. Maybe they think it would hurt the tourism numbers too much, because there's a certain number of people want to go there and conquer the rock and climate. So maybe that's why the ban hasn't come in yet. But there's always talk about it. I told you about taking rocks from it, didn't I? I must have told you about this on Halloween Internet before. So people always want to take a piece of the rock as like a souvenir. And there are bits of rock everywhere. So you can just pick a little bit of rock up and take it home. But you're not supposed to do that. It is banned. And you shouldn't do it. There's like an urban legend that taking a piece of Aesrock gives you incredible bad luck. And it's really, really common. There's a whole like the people that run like the office. Almost every week will receive three or four pieces of rock sent from somewhere in the world from people saying, I took this piece of rock. My life's like gone to crap ever since. Can you please just go and put it back on the rock? I'm trying to undo the bad luck. So obviously it's superstition of course, but it's a funny story that there's almost like a whole department for receiving bits of returned rock from people who took it. That's great. What's your favorite place in America that's not in North Carolina? I don't know. But basically the thing is I'm not doing boosterism for a particular part in America all the time. So nobody needs to ask me that question to say like, oh, what's your favorite part in America? What's your favorite part in America that's not the part of America you're talking about? If someone from England or Australia said to you, gray, I've got like two or three days. And I've got a free ticket to go to America. And I can only go to one place in America. And it's the only time I'm ever going to go to America in my life. Oh my God. What's the thing, the one thing I should go and see for a day or two? I know that's really bad. That's an impossible question to ask. I know it's difficult. I know it's difficult. And I know it's different from person to person. So I'm just going to make you take the plunge. You don't know the person. You don't know what their personal interests are. You just know they're only going to go to America once. And you want them to come away thinking, I'm glad I saw that. I don't know if this is the best answer, but it's the answer that's coming to my mind. And it is a thing that I often recommend, which is the area around Moab in Utah. And there's two national parks and several state parks that all surround the city. And I have had various reasons to go to Moab a few times. And I would recommend it because I think it's beautiful in a way that's different from almost anywhere else in the world. But I think I can also answer your question this way because it's very American. And for the rest of that person's life, if they ever watch movies that take place in the West, they will be able to say like, oh, I know that spot. Like I was in that canyon, right? Or I know those hills in the background. So even if I guessed really wrong, and it's a person who doesn't like an outdoorsy, deserty place, it's still a place that I think I could recover a bit of a win in the future. If they're watching a movie that takes place in America that they might then have the feeling of, oh, I was there. And I think that might be better than New York because it would be unexpected in a sense. Like they, it's like, oh, okay, I have some connection with that place. So maybe that's what I would pick. Maybe that's what I would pick. Okay. I've not been there. So obviously I have to do. I recommend a break. Yeah, obviously. Yeah. I will go there. I will go there and have a look. I would send someone to New York. I think that is the safest bats. New York City is the safest bat for sure. I feel like that's a place that it is good to have seen in your life. I'm beginning to tire of it a little bit. I've probably just been there too much lately. In fact, as people are listening to this, I've just got back from there yesterday. Oh, I did do. You just got back from there yesterday. As people are listening to this. Yes. But I've been there like three times in the last three months. I maybe have had my fill for now. But it's amazing. Isn't that like, you know, it's amazing to look at. It's amazing to be inside. So much to do. I mean, obviously I grew up kind of in the shadow of New York. But in recent years, I've had the opportunity to go back there a bunch. It is a great place. Yeah. It's very different to experience it as an adult coming back versus growing up as a kid. And I like it both ways. And we were talking about city design before. One thing that I really like about New York is it's distinct. It feels like New York, even just on a random street. Yeah. And I like that property in cities. And there are many cities, particularly in America, that feel like they could be anywhere. And New York is not one of those places. It's also the sky of New York. Like it's so big. And you do start taking it for granted because everything's so big. And sometimes you'll look at a building and you'll think, well, that's a bit of a disappointing nondescript building by New York standards. And then you'll stop and look at it more closely and go, my goodness, it's like 30 stories tall. It's ginormous. Like it would be the biggest building in Adelaide by quite some distance. It would even dwarf the mighty black stump. And yet here, it's just like, just a little, it's just like a nothing building. And that's like pretty amazing. That happens. It's a pretty amazing city to wander around. Here we go, Gray. Dear Brody and Gray. This comes from Sydney, Australia, from Carolyn. Thank you for continuing to create such an awesome and enjoyable podcast. But enough about the Unmade podcast. That's it. I would be interested to know what the layout of the Hello Internet Museum would be once it's opened. You thought about this yet. I mean, how is it going to work? Is the Hello Internet Museum? Is it going to be lots of different rooms? Will there be themed rooms? Do you think? Or is it going to be like one big open space? How is the Hello Internet Museum going to work? We seriously need to start thinking about this because my office is going to start overflowing soon. That is true. I mean, we were already settled that the Golden Hust-Up are is going to be set up like the Queen's Jewels. Yeah. It's behind a glass case. And you need people-movers to keep people moving on by. Because there are throngs that are going to be there. So that obviously is going to be in some kind of vault that would be in the center. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I actually, you know, I don't want to get too carried away here and get designed to be- Yeah. You never thought about this, of course. No. But I do think it would probably be just one large space. Hmm. And at the center with all the lights on it is the Golden Hust-Up. And then the walls around the edge would have different themed displays and cases that people kind of wander around. But I mean, it is going to be quite a vast space by the time that we're done. I'm talking the turbine hole, you know. Yeah. Like this is what- Yeah, but when you say, oh, on the walls on the edge, but I'm- I am my head I'm thinking, yes, but those walls will be very far apart from each other by the time we're done collecting artifacts for the show. So there will be like, plinths in the middle, right? Plints in between where people can look at things like mounted. Yeah, you're right. Yeah. There's got to be more. So it can't just be the walls and then you have to take a five minute walk to get to the center where the trools are. The other option is like we go bigger, like more ambitious and I'm talking, there are different levels that you could go with your ambition. But when you come to like top level ambition, I'm talking like United would donate the plane you are on when you came into land at Newark that we did the episode about. And that could be like suspended from the ceiling. Okay. The car we did the road trip on could be donated by the higher car company. So there will be all these like huge machine artifacts and children could wander up and down the plane. And the seat you were sitting on when the aborted landing happened, that would be like roped off to protect it. So you couldn't pose for photos in that because it would get worn away. Right. Of course. The constant usage, but like so you could start having all these like really like major objects. I love your grandiosity breathing. I really do. They're probably not going to donate a whole passenger airline or our life for the sake. That's not going to happen, isn't it? I mean one can dream one can dream. We just keep we just keep growing the show and eventually you know they'll have to say yes. It could happen. It's not going to happen. Great. Can I show you? Yeah. I should have shown you this on the first day of how they went to know Christmas day. But I lost it here under a bag of other postcards. We do have a lot of postcards laying around. This was sent by a team who I've actually met in person and has even done a little bit of work for me animation. She's quite a talented artist called Allison. And she sent this Christmas card with a piece of artwork on it that she created. Oh, I feel like I've seen her work on the subreddit. Like this style looks familiar. This is great. So it's drawing of the two of us and drawing our holidays. And I am a robot who is wearing a very comfy Maryland flag looking shirt. Not the typical gray robot. Not the one that exists in the side guys. Yeah. So there's like obviously the I feel like you have a much more consistent representation, which is like a good looking caveman. That's your like the robot is sometimes like this has many different features. One of the things I like about this robot is my in my head. The robot has clamp hands. And this and this version of the robot has little clamp hands, which I like. So that's what you imagine. Like if I'm imagining the like the style guide for the CGP gay robot, I always think of it as having like the classic robot clamp hands. Okay. As opposed to having like articulated fingers. But this is like a very human looking robot. Yeah, like a silvery man. Yeah, like a silver man. Like a silver tin man. Yeah, a silver surfer of the tin man. Yeah. I also like that the eyes are just glowing green like the glasses are implied with these green rectangles around the eyes, but it's not actually glasses. I think the only problem with that is that that picture makes it you look friendlier than I would imagine. Like in that kind of picture, you look too relaxed in that picture. That's the problem. Yeah, that's yes, that's what it is. I have a very relaxed posture. Yeah. And I don't imagine you being that relaxed sitting in front of a fire next to me having a drink wearing Christmas sweaters. Yes, I like that you have a hot stopper in your drink as well. Oh, yeah, I did a little hot stopper in there. You have a nail and gear. I really like this art style though. It's great. Alison has sent me a link to a digital version of as well. So we've got to send that. Oh, yeah, you've got to send that. Like, you know, that people have a look at what's going on. Okay, so now I like this. It's dear Dr. Brady Harren. Yeah. And the God of bees. Finally, I get some title here. I like this. I hope I find you both well, Merry Christmas. My topic suggestion is Chick Flicks, Chick Flicks, Chick Flicks. There have been a lot of cards asking A about Chick Flicks in general. And when we're finally going to do our promised Pajama party Chick Flicks episode. Yeah. Grim mentioned a long time ago that he has many opinions on the formulas and tropes of Chick Flicks. And I would love to hear both of your favorites. Hers is the devil wears product, which is great. Excellent. Excellent. Chick Flick. Hmm. It's kind of keeping it festive as well. Maybe discussion on love actually. I think of our Chick Flick episode as a thing that I do want to do at some point still. I don't know what that would be, but perhaps discuss it at another time. I do have an idea for like for 2019. There's a way that like I sort of want to do stuff on the podcast, which then brings up some of the things that I want to do. Not spike. Some of the things that we've been promising for a while like Chick Flick. Like the cricket episodes. Yeah. All those things. Okay. But yeah, do I have a favorite Chick Flick? Huh. I mean, there's so many that I've seen. Again, I have like the recent high bias. Like I saw how to lose a guy in 10 days, just a couple days ago, which is pretty good. That's a pretty good structure to it. Love actually is obviously a classic disservice. Is that a chick forever? Love actually. I wouldn't put that in as a Chick Flick category. It's very hard to define the difference sometimes between Chick Flicks and romantic comedies. There is a blurred line there. I think of Chick Flick as a supersat. I have a very broad interpretation of what would be a Chick Flick. Yeah. You know, you think of those charts like what is a sandwich and you have like structural purists versus ingredient purists. Yes. All right. I am very expansive in my like what is a Chick Flick? Maybe controversial. I would put the Twilight saga as Chick Flicks. Like I would categorize those under this umbrella. I would put love actually as Chick Flick. I'm open to many things being Chick Flicks. Even things that people would totally disagree on. Do you have a more, you look like you have a more narrow concept perhaps? Like when you think romantic comedy versus Chick Flick, what are you thinking? I don't know. There's sort of this date movie romantic comedy Chick Flick. I don't know. I've never thought about how I think about it. And so putting me on the spot and I like, I reserve the right to change my mind about this. But I think of like Chick Flick as one that when the bean counters were sitting around in Hollywood thinking who's our target audience? They would have been saying women. Particularly younger women. And I think when they were sitting around and making legally blonde for example, I imagine they were thinking who's going to go and see this movie? Top of their list were kind of women, particularly younger women. I mean, other people see it and enjoy it. I love that movie. But they only have so many marketing dollars where you're going to spend their marketing dollars. Yeah. But when they made love actually, I don't think they would have straightaway said, this is a film that's mainly targeted at women. So I think maybe that's how I think of it. The number one category in their marketing was women. So you are a demographic purist in a sense for Chick Flicks. Like what thing matters to you? I mean, you know, and I happens to be that I really love those films and they're not restricted to women. But that's just something I that's just an attempt at defining what is in my head. It's not a bad place to start a discussion like what is the perceived marketing demographic for this movie? Yeah. Like I just really don't have anything in my head except a general. This is where I am arbitrary man, right? I'm like, this movie is a Chick Flick, that movie is a Chick Flick and I don't really have it in my head. Any clear idea of what it is? Yeah. In some ways, a huge influencing factor is was it a movie that my wife wanted to see that we watched together? It's like, oh, well, maybe it's a Chick Flick, right? But yeah, I don't know. I couldn't possibly pick a favorite, but there's like there's so many good ones. What's the one with Alicia Seal's tone? Clueless. Clueless. I mean, Clueless is classic. Yeah. I was going to say like it's a Jane Austen of Chick Flicks, right? Which is almost redundant. Yeah. But I would probably put that as, as my number one that also fits totally in the genre. Like there's no ambiguity as to what genre that fits in as well. That's clearly whatever Venn diagram you draw, I can't think of one where that doesn't classify for the genre as well. So that's why I feel comfortable placing it in there. Yeah. Clueless is like axiomatically a Chick Flick. Like I would feel like if we had to record our episode and pick a film for it, that would have been my pick. Hmm. But who knows? Yeah, that would be high on the list. I don't know if it could possibly work, but I would find it hilarious to do a discussion of the Twilight Saga with you, but that is also an investment of seven movies. I'd love to do that. I'd love to do that. Because I want to like that more than I do. Mm-hmm. The first one I quite liked and then just gets really bad, doesn't it? See, I unironically think those are good movies. Like no joke, no humor in it at all. I can actually defend the Twilight Saga all day long. But it's like, it requires a hell of an investment for people on the other side. I think after about four films, it falls off a bit of a cliff. Have you made it all the way through to the end reading? Maybe I haven't. Like I like it when Jacob starts getting a bit better looking. Mm-hmm. That becomes more interesting then because there's like a genuine like, I would have thought that he'd more of a rivalry in Bella's head. But so the first one's good because it's like the magic of that, wow, these are vampires. And then it gets good when Jacob gets like, he gets his hair cut and suddenly he's like a viable alternative. Right. He suddenly suddenly has grown up. Yeah. But then it just gets really weird when you start all the international intrigue of like vampire politics and stuff. It's like, what the, like I just want the will he or won't he boyfriend girlfriendy stuff and when it all gets a bit weird. But see here's the thing, I kind of love it. I love when they bring in like these weird vampire politics from from foreign lands. I love it because it's so ridiculous. But somehow for me, it doesn't quite fall off the edge of being stupid. And like the guy who plays, oh, forgot his name, the main ridiculous like thing of the game. Michael Shane. Yeah. He's so overacting, but it's like you've sold me on this somehow. Yeah. I don't know, like I just totally buy into it. You're more of a team Jacob than the team Edward. I think I probably would have been a bit more team Jacob. Maybe I don't know. I respect her loyalty. Mm-hmm. But I don't know what I think about those films. I think I don't like them. But I definitely would like to talk about them. It's way more fun talking about films you don't like than films you do. So it'll happen one day people, but we've been saying that for a while. We still haven't done a visit to the tip. I saw a couple of Christmas cards saying, when are we finally like the rubbish tip? Like I was talking one time about how I love going to the rubbish tip and I was saying, how you should come with me. I'm finding it so hard to take you seriously now because we've opened so many cards that are not trivial amount of glitter from the cards has made its way into your hair or your phone. We've been like glitter bombed over here. We're like glitter everywhere. We're covered in Christmas cards. We're both sparkly like vampires right now Brady.

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