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"#024 - 5/07/2018"

Colin and Jakk are back this week to reign in the false news, and bring you the truth. This week they cover Cinco de Mayo, Ukrainians, Bears, AI Take-Overs, Sticks, and much more! TheRevereReport.com (Full article...)

"#023 - 4/30/2018"

This Week Colin and Jakk are bakk this week to drop some truth bombs. The guys talk Kanye, Feminism, Democrats, Giant Turtles, Donkies, and some handy ways to treat an ear infection. Be sure to visit TheRevereReport.com and Rate, Review, and Subscribe on iTunes suckas! (Full article...)

"#022 - 4/23/2018"

This week Colin and Jakk tackle all things current, and all things events. The death of Former_FLOTUS, Israel, Twitter Polls, and a very special segment on Nibiru. TheRevereReport.com (Full article...)