H.I. No. 113: Thelma & Louise

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"Thelma & Louise"
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"H.I. #113: Thelma & Louise" is the 113th episode of Hello Internet, released on November 28, 2018.[1]

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Episode 113 on the podcast YouTube channel

"Grey and Brady take a Southern road trip."[1]

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don't let me distract you we are in parking space 35 Alabama Airport in a car about to start our road trip from Alabama to Tennessee Oak Ridge Oak Ridge this is the first time I've ever been in the car with grey driving and then later on when and if we have the courage to do a swap it will be the first time I've ever driven a car sitting on the left hand side of the car and driving on the right hand side of the road and you will be in the car this moment I'm not gonna lie I'm a little nervous about that I'm gonna wait until we find a very empty section of road to get started with you all right there's gonna be an interesting first hello internet roadtrip how are you feeling about the car you're happy with what we got and you know let's set the scene for us yeah we're in a we're in a nice SUV since I'm not the best of driver and Brady is in a foreign land we're nicely protected in armored and I'm feeling comfortable right now but it's probably because we haven't started moving yet it is a Sunday afternoon which I think works to our advantage and we are in kind of a quiet part south so I'm hoping that a pepping all will be alright we'll also talk later on about what we've been doing in the south and what's going on there will be hot drops there's already been a hot drop there has parking space 35 I put a little hot stopper in the sign but I'm sure that'll be gone by the time anyone hears this it never hurts to check though you never know I'm looking forward to the hot drops - how wonderful do a few yeah no we've gotta be like a Johnny Appleseed of hot Stoppers I found this southern route of our road trip the southern try Oh like in years to come it will be like a pilgrimage like route 66 yeah the southern hot drop the southern hard drive route yes yeah and so what are we gonna do about navigation if you we into use your phone or you wanna use the Sat Nav here or oh I never want to deal with whatever the car has I figure I'll use my phone I'm gonna use your family yeah what a good old reliability what are we gonna do we're gonna mount it somewhere or holder or I don't know it's a pretty straight route I think I think we'll be good do you know what manage what's the name of the highway we're on do you know or or that's sorry the interstate I could say it's an interstate highway I have no idea which one you know it's all it's all one big like river system of America Brady alright let's do it [Laughter] that's a terrible road trip reference sorry sorry let's go alright but you concentrate here are some here is some early ground rules if one of us is driving the other one starts talking for some reason then like you can just a shut up shut up that's a layout that there will be no like a fence takin work shut up is the code word for stuff talking and also what's going to be our policy about like backseat driving like the other person saying you should change lanes or like like because obviously you a backseat driver is that is that what's gonna happen I am normally not mmm-hmm and I normally don't like being backseat driven but I want you to know when I'm driving I'm totally cool with you over coaching me and I won't be like yes I saw it I'll be like an abundance of caution is are are you get yourself set up get yourself in design he's putting in the details into his phone yes basically just heading out of Huntsville straight on to the interstates interstate 565 and then that's it yeah interstate 565 for 200 miles and then we're at Oak Ridge so you go ahead of the airport turn right and then you get to Anchorage yeah there's no like yes that is 100% correct this is how driving works in America yeah I was hoping for one of those you know when used on TV you see those junctions that they always shoot from the air and they look like these beautiful symmetrical spirals and you know those interchanges will pass through some of them yeah but just like under them well I mean or over them right I mean if you want we could get off and then get back on the interchange if that would make you happy let me have a look at one first and decide all right let's do this I did go to get in the wrong side of the car right from the start this guy's driving the wrong way exit left and yeah you have full permission to backseat drive until I decide you're too annoying with the backseat driving okay no probes I don't know what level the backseat driving to expect but feel free to start high and then we can adjust low you're going against the arrows it said turn left oh no we got it we're almost out in one mile sheep rights to merge on survey 565 east towards Huntsville that's way too loud good for podcasting there yes okay lose control after I did notice when we got in the car the first thing gray looked for would like the cruise control settings like before he looked at seat belts and seat positions he was like where's cruise control you obviously a fan of this this technology that's how I Drive Brady its uh lane assistance cruise control a lot of American Truck Simulator I now primarily drive through cruise control so yes I was a little nervous and I thought for a moment there wasn't any but there is some so we'll get there safe and sound in fact the only time I've ever seen great drive was on track simulator no making you were making an absolute mess of a truck in a car park so look I'm very good that is just an example of distracted driving my truck simulator driving so this is gonna be just fine don't you worry it's riffing very high are we in the right gear hmm but no that is crazy for the revving it's not supposed to be there is it no to the right what's what's to the right oh yeah that's right yeah there we go we were in the wrong gear we were in the wrong gear in an automatic car this is the level of car sever you're dealing with with Graham Brady in the car to put the automatic car no but I don't need to know no but if you're over that side that's where you can go you can control going up and down the gears who wants to do that in an automatic I know and I used to have a car that had the paddles on the steering where you could change gears with but it was also automatic and I was like I never used the paddles there we go eighty-five miles without a turn now okay here we go what are we gonna have for lunch I don't know we're gonna get one of these like road stops what what do you call these in America it likes services in England you call them the services what do you call that the facilities on the side of the road where they'll be like four or five junk food places and petrol there's like a rest up a rest and rest up yeah I think like it's an exit with the service a rest stop is normally like a state maintain little Park or something to stop in alright let's do it let's see let's let's get to our first restaurant we've been going over an hour now I think grace maybe turn the steering wheel once I've got it on cruise control yeah that's the way you drive nice and straight I hope you've been okay with my driving so far Brady very smooth very smooth we've mainly just been gossiping and talking about YouTube the whole time we probably should have been recording would have been a really nice hello internet pisode maybe a little bit too gossipy yeah well we've just come from a conference that was full of YouTube and full of people so yeah we're very reflective on the whole thing on this ride so far we might talk about that at the other end if we have time we don't want to tease too much out of us while we're supposed to be concentrating on being behind the wheel but I've been very impressed by the scenery we've chosen a magnificent day I've been in Alabama for a week and the sky has been very grey but today glorious blue skies and we seem to be going through not mountains but hills and they're very very tree covered and the colour is a lovely mixture of green and sort of autumnal colors so this is a despite the fact we're on an interstate with some pretty ugly billboards and pretty tacky takeaway shops on the side of the road the actual scenery is glorious yeah now autumn is clearly the best season and this is like a perfect autumn day to do a little road trip so I'm very happy with this and you've enjoyed the drive because you don't drive a lot you've been you know like riding a bike you've been pretty you seem pretty comfortable there I've been in America for about ten days and I specifically practice driving when I first arrived when I was with my parents so I wouldn't be too rusty for our road trip so I'm feeling good about it cuz I practiced for you Brady thought you wanted to impress me I didn't want to do something terribly embarrassing like get the gears wrong in an automatic car as we're pulling out of the out of the parking lot so I thought I better drive around a little bit to make sure I've you know I've got the whole system down lights turn signals just wanted a little bit of practice and we're gonna stop for coffee and food in a minute after we do that you're gonna let me loose if you're ready if you feel ready for it Brady I'm feeling all right for the road continues like this just straight with no turns and and because we're in like a dual carriageway where the lanes are split you can't even hit cars coming the other way it feels idiot-proof I don't want to I don't want to phrase it in that way but I would say that yes you would have a very hard time we just we just crossed into Tennessee oh that was a sign said when gray and gray nearly drove off the highway welcome to Tennessee there we go see you later Alabama so we've quickly pulled over so that we can do a hot drop at the Tennessee State side graded quite a dramatic u-turn to get us here some pretty hardcore driving one thing that I just coach me there gray was I always hear so much from people especially since my comments about saying where you're from in America everyone tells me about how important states are and they're almost like Nations and things like that it felt like that border crossing was very understated it didn't feel like we were going from one state to another I will agree with you that I think the border crossings should be much more dramatic some of them have sadder border crossings than others California I'm looking at you you've got the worst saddest tiniest signs some states are amazing Wyoming I'm looking at you you have the bests enormous signs to let you know that you're wandering into Wyoming we got a medium ish sign here but yeah I think there should be more lights and fanfare when you cross over the state borders but you can still tell people that you're from a state Brady that's what you should be able to do should we go into a hot drop hot drop time let's go this is our first ever joint hot drop I think yeah on the side of the road I don't know if we're supposed to park here but we're doing it yeah just walking on the shoulder of the highway is is totally legal to do I think there's an exception for state signs where do you reckon crow should I put them in the base of the sign or where do you think I should put them yeah base of the sign that's where we're gonna go Tennessee the Volunteer State welcomes you a bunch put down five also there's atomic fireworks for sale big billboard right next to the state let's do a regular Sofia so you can get one enough it'll work can we get the state sign on us all right I mean I'm in the car on the wrong side for the first time in my life grazing the passenger seat we've just done a hot drop at an Arby's where are we we're in Kimball Arby's Kimball was my first ever Arby's what did you think of it Brady bloody delicious now the reason we went to Arby's is because if I'm doing a road trip with my wife Arby's is forbidden as a food for me to consume so if I'm ever doing a solo road trip I'm always gonna stop at an Arby's and get their delicious roast beef sandwiches and this is the first time I've been able to do a road trip with someone else in the car and we both go to Harvey's so I'm very glad you liked it Brady we're basically while the wives are away the husband's were late RVs yeah it's fantastic but yeah we're here in Kimball right now in the parking lot of Arby's and there may be some hot Stoppers a growing underneath the bushes underneath the Arby's sign should we not like not tweet that one and just make that purely a podcast hot drop yeah I think that's a podcast half drop because those ones are pretty secure so Arby's Kimball where'd you say under the bushes to the big sign under the bushes under the big sign and you reckon they'll last like a week or two before this goes out I think they will they'll make it there's five of them they're not Brady the break had like a cushiness that I wasn't expecting like you know obviously I Drive a car almost every day I'm very familiar with driving cars but suddenly it feels like the first time again I have a really dumb question the pedals aren't reversed are they no the pedal stay the same yeah okay all right that does make me feel a little better I never really thought about it until this very moment and you seem surprised by the pedals which cause me to be very concerned there's more just the feel of different pedals like any new car yeah I I'm constantly reaching to my left to change the gear Brady looks very confident he's got his serious Brady face on I was talking to a friend of ours Matt Parker the other day who it was also from Australia in England about his experience driving on the right and he said something to me and I'm already think I'm feeling it and that was sitting on the other side of the car makes driving on the other side seem more natural like it kind of kicks in kind of automatically what to do and I'm already feeling it like it feels less foreign than I expected like yeah I think it kind of just the moving me on the other side has flipped everything in my head almost already we're currently just tooling around the parking lots we're not really on the street or anything it it feels very natural when we're in a completely open space where there's no obstructions anywhere yeah you can go I thought I like turning right into that Lane felt like it just feels natural right whereas when I'm sitting at home on the sofa thinking about it it's all how do I do it what do I do it but now it's like it feels pretty natural okay we're now approaching the first real street that actually has lanes and you're gonna make a left up here Brady you're exactly in the middle of two lanes here so fortunately the guy behind this is gonna be making a left - so we're good but I feel very concerned about this turn so you want to go towards the Waffle House the Waffle House is your target how long until I get beeped at for the first time hopefully never Brady hopefully never I would definitely get beeped at in the next ten minutes and then when I get when I get over there where am I going it's gonna be a little left another left all right first turn successfully accomplished by Brady we're gonna go under this bridge I know you like your interchanges you were very excited about that so we're going under this and once we're under it we're going to make a left-hand turn also again you're sort of driving in the middle of the road the death the dashed lines are going directly under me the passenger thing that's different where to position the car in the line that's what I haven't got the feel for you left here yes left here yeah that that's the one thing I haven't that it's different to not in the driver to get as close to that as possible yeah so now you're all the way over properly okay I was realizing I'm doing this Brady I'm leaning over in the car that's the trick that's the thing I have to land yeah so just left here and then we're merging on okay luckily we're not in New York we're down in Tennessee they're a little bit more forgiving okay we're about to hit the interstate well so far we're gonna give you perfect marks we've merged onto the highway and aside from just being in the road a little bit this is great how you feeling confident yeah I'm feeling I'm liking all right great let's see how this goes yeah much to our surprise we just passed into the great state of Georgia I didn't realize that our road trip takes us on this very slight curve just into and then out of Georgia on highway 24 so there's now two out of two road signs spotted by Brady Haran on our road trip we're coming around we're gonna go back into Tennessee in I don't know maybe five minutes if you want to risk the driving you can try to pull over and see if we can capture a Georgia sign on the other side but it might not work at all with this highway we'll see the roads are a bit busier here I seem to have hit Sunday peak hour so I'm having to actually have my about me a bit but yeah I mean I'm just racking up the states now I know I've only been driving for 15-20 minutes and I'm I'm gonna be crossing a couple of state borders yeah I'm an old hand how are you feeling about the driving as we discussed in our last little short section positioning the car in the lane is the only thing causing me any difficulty I have this natural tendency to try and hug the right lane markers which on this side of the cloud means I'm throwing grey out into the trees and the lakes and things so I need to get into the habit of hugging the left lane with my brain so that's my so occasionally I'll be my wheels will start going over the markers on the wrong side of the road grater his critter is not whinging or complaining or calling me on at all he's being very patient but I am aware I'm doing it I mean we are attempting to pass other cars Brady's on the left hand lane now and when we do pass the cars I'm a little closer to the cars in the right-hand lane that I would otherwise prefer but you are doing it you are doing a much better job than I would have expected I would have expected this would just completely break your brain even just driving on the highway like this so you're doing very well and it looks like we're coming around to Tennessee and maybe like two minutes looking at the clock on our recorder we have spent exactly four minutes in the state of Georgia and now right now we're back in Tennessee and we're over the line where are we what time is it it's like it's very dark for 5:00 p.m. the Sun set surprisingly quickly I think caught us both out and we've just pulled up outside a Dunkin Donuts Willie we're living the bachelor lifestyle on the road here we really are well can't go to RVs normally time to go to RVs whoo Dunkin Donuts break don't mind if I do I was like do you want to stop for a coffee grinder I said yeah and then he went and I think I want a doughnut too you know we don't need to talk about that but it's fine everyone knows calories don't count on road trips but yeah we're at a Dunkin Donuts in Athens about a yeah we're about an hour away from our final destination alright so I did my hat along did I Drive or I'm gonna review my performance yeah you drove for about an hour yeah and I kept squishing over a little bit in my seats but you did pretty well you did way better than I was I was expecting um and you were clearly getting better staying in the lane as time went on yeah everything was great until the very last second when we were just pulling into Dunkin Donuts yeah and I think because you weren't thinking about the car that's on my side you you missed the car next to us as you pulled in by maybe two inches as you were swinging around but a very important two inches yes now we missed it that's all the counts but no I think you did great you did way better than I would have done in your situation so I'm quite impressed how are you feeling I think clearly this is the issue I thought the problem was going to be like the road rules and what lane to be in and like getting confused there that was not an issue whatsoever the problem and the thing I haven't yet adjusted to is actual car awareness and that the car the bulk of the car is now on the right side of my body and not the left side of my body that's the thing I didn't come instantly and probably takes another few hours to get the feel for but I think it's gonna take more than a few hours I think that's the kind of thing you need to sleep on and your brain like your brain then learns to think of the car is the extension of your body yeah cuz that's that's really what it is when you're driving yeah your brain like extends the body envelope around the car in a way that's just a liger almost like a reflex yeah I don't think if we kept having you drive tonight you would like have that by the end yeah I think you need to sleep on that and then your brain reprograms itself so what kind of donut you're gonna have I think I'm gonna go for some classic glazed donuts I like they like as good as Krispy Kremes let dunkin donut glaze huh well Krispy Kremes I find are like so much donut they're horrifying it's like some kind of event horizon of donut and it feels like I'm eating a black hole of glazing sugar eNOS Krispy Kremes I can eat them but boy do I regret it and I can I maybe what don't enjoy them so these are much less than Krispy Kremes but I view that as an improvement not a detriment all right let's still I'll grab some hot stoppers in case there's an opportunity as well so all right let's go in let's refuel donut time we're back from Dunkin Donuts it was quite the experience but the best thing of all was we were in there having our donor and like add drinks and I'll let you tell everyone plane crash investigators came on the TV and you seemed very happy about it Brady you spotted it straight away we sat down we're enjoying our doughnut and oh look we can watch a recreation of people dying in a horrible plane crash it felt like a very hello Internet sign like a sign that there's a road trip is going well yeah very good so gray is gonna bring at this home he's back at the wheel and he's gonna bring us into to Oak Ridge where I am going I'm the reason we're going to a Ridge is actually because I will be filming at the National Laboratory at Oak Ridge tomorrow gray would not be joining me he will be flying off for further adventures proper nighttime now it's time for some night driving so I don't think you need your son I don't know I pulled out my sunglasses I don't know why I did that that's just a reflex okay all right let's do it let's bring this home you're going forward look we all know driving is very complicated and you can put things backwards so look reverse Drive sometimes it's hard to tell the difference so clearly I have problems with car positioning you have problems with the gearstick I don't have any problems I'm doing great everything's great it's the final mile of our trip of our day trip through the south hot drops have been done unhealthy food has been eaten destination is on your right Doubletree by Hilton Hotel Oak Ridge so we've made it to Oak Ridge Tennessee the reason we have Tennessee nan the periodic table that's the reason we are here Gray's done a magnificent job behind the wheel we're looking for our hotel it's not what I expected it's pretty much like everywhere else in America with McDonald's and all that sort of stuff I was I was imagining some leafy amazing place on the edge of a science facility and it's just like it's a bit disappointing really you know everywhere but it's also an incredibly diverse nation that's as regional differences like you wouldn't believe but it's also the same everywhere you go it is it really is the same everywhere like this feels exactly like when we were in Huntsville even the shops that names are all the same and yeah but you know got the hotel in view I can say it it's big it's that's a light shining in the distance the only possible final hurdle is parking I know which I nearly mucked up before but I'm sure gray on naylet as long as I don't have to use the shifter at all but I'm also noticing the time and somehow we have turned what should have been a three-hour journey into six-hour journey okay we're pulling up plenty of parking space can't possibly muck this up aren't you straddling the line no look I'm exactly in the middle yeah yeah 100% okay all right well done sir we made it I'm glad you experienced your first American driving with me you did a good job as well and we both survived a little road trip with each other we should do a longer one sometime same don't you reckon I mean let's not get ahead of ourselves [Laughter] hello Internet say you wanted to track all of the places that Brady and I have been on this epic road trip and share it with the world all the great states on all the great pit stops what would be the easiest and best way to make something like that and share it with the world well the answer of course is Squarespace Squarespace is the fastest and easiest way to take your idea and turn it into a real website putting up a map of the epic journey from Huntsville to Oakridge it couldn't be easier with Squarespace everything you need to showcase the work you do or to publish a blog or to promote your online or physical business or sell goods is simple to do with Squarespace they have just the easiest to use drag-and-drop tools that allow you to assemble the whole thing together easy peasy they do this by giving you beautiful templates created by world-class designers that you can pick and choose from and then customize to be completely the way you want them to look they have analytics that help you grow in real time so perhaps you can expand from just a website about a single road trip to all of the road trips anyone might ever possibly want to take and they have built-in search engine optimization and will automatically rescale your website to whatever size device anyone is using to look at it so Squarespace encourages you to make it yourself head to squarespace.com /hello for a free trial and when you're ready to launch your amazing website use the offer code hello to save 10% off your first purchase that's squarespace.com slash hello and offer code hello to save 10% off your first purchase thanks to Squarespace for supporting the show and thanks to Squarespace for making everybody's websites so good looking so gray I guess we should explain what we're doing here in in the deep south is that the deep south there's like is this the deep south I think Alabama counts as the tube so it's deep south alright Mississippi's definitely deep south and Alabama is right next door so I think counts as the deep south this is something that has its Genesis in numerous things that we've taken part in whether it's brain stem the roof first place we met and then random acts of intelligence where we also like had some good times like it's sort of built from all that isn't it do you want to be the one to try and explain how we got here I mean I would just say we're here in Alabama because Destin brought us to Alabama he invited many a creator from far and wide and we all came to Huntsville for a little conference Destin was putting on thinker cotton think akan and it was well I would call it more than a little conference I think there was something like a hundred all right I'm gonna say a hundred creators that is completely unavoidable content creators a hundred hundred about a hundred people are so he would like youtubers and not just youtubers there were all sorts of other types of creative people all with that kind of educational bent and we sort of came together and hung out for a day or two and got to spend time together and then it culminated also with a big public event at the US Space and Rocket Center where random acts of intelligence was held a few years ago underneath the big Saturn 5 rocket and there was a big extravaganza with set was a 700 members of the public or I was close to a thousand people in the building all kind of a lot of people intermingling and shows and things like that it was quite the fete that uh that Destin along with a few other people on a committee and a few sponsors made possible but uh it was I was impressed by it yeah I had fond memories and flashbacks to us being here years and years ago which now feels like it was a very long time ago but yeah Destin Justin knows how to put on a show and putting on a show in a venue where there's a gigantic Saturn 5 rocket overhead is always always bonus points for awesomeness what have you taken from it like what's been you know has it been useful for you has it been a good good use of your time obviously you're not someone who loves a public event but you ask someone who loves hanging out with fellow youtubers and stuff and there were lots of there were lots of pretty cool people at the event I was not so much on the public side but yes I was here for the company the Destin had invited and there were there were very many cool people here and one of these things about doing the job that we do is a lot of us are just like we're all in our own little places working on our own little things and so it's really nice when someone like Destin puts in the effort to get us to all come together and even me who's not perhaps the most social of us it's it's really nice to have a have an environment where you can hang out with other content creators and your field who are doing things like you do and you know bounce ideas off of people or just get different perspectives on how other people do their work so yeah that that to me is like one of the reasons why I come to this this kind of thing it's like I always think of it as colleagues you know people who are broadly in the same world you know working on working on interesting things what about you you were part of like the public side of it Frady well let's come to the public side of it in a moment okay you did you did come out to the public for a while I saw I saw you with your queue of people we have these two parallel queues and we were signing signing stuff and meeting many a Tim I will I will come to that because I do want to talk about that but I want to talk about a few more parts of the hanging out with creators beforehand Park I'll start with a serious question I will talk about a couple of the less serious things one thing was you know you must have had like you know 100 conversations over the course of a couple of days what kind of things do you find come up most often when you sit down with people who do the same kind of work you do is it always like very business C or is it always a very much about the creative process or is it about you know problems with comments or like all the different things that youtubers might gossip about or complain about or just want to share did you notice any themes or is it completely scattergun no no I think I would say it's pretty scattergun it depends on who you're talking to I feel like that the pattern for many of these things is finding out what somebody else does and then you you end up discussing what the commonalities are between your work or you know or like what I like is meeting people who have made a thing that I've enjoyed so that there were a number of times where you meet someone and you're talking and then and then they're describing what they do and you have that moment of realization of going oh you made this thing that I really like that's a great experience but like now it just depends so much on the individual person and yeah I just I really just like talking to people about what they're up to and trying to find like overlap in what problems they face but I don't think I don't think there's a clear consensus about what people are being like what's on people's minds complaining about comments or any of those kinds of things yeah so there were some fun things that were organized because they wanted to put on bit of a show all the people who were in Huntsville and I have to say perhaps one of the great highlights of the event was there was a little like kind of like opening night party and we were given like activities and things to do and one of the things was we had to make these bottle rockets where you get like a bottle of soda and then they like pump it full of air don't they to a high pressure and then pull some cord and they go shooting into the sky so we all got broken up into little tiny groups where we had to like design our rocket around this sort of two-liter bottle of soda and you could make it you know you could put a tube on it and a cone and fins and and decorator and everything I want to make the most impressive rocket and grey and I and and Steve mold who's another youtuber and creator who was there we were in a little team of three and we went I was pretty proud of what we could when we created we created a rocket that I would describe as memorable yeah without a doubt it was probably the most memorable rocket that was there yeah although she may have not flown the highest of any of the rockets she wasn't pretty but she had it where it counted exactly and you dubbed her at the Saturn six yes quite enjoyable yes but yes and we inscribed I also inscribed a message for alien civilizations on it just in case the rocket was more successful but you gray was in charge of lighting you put the area lights we put the fairy lights on it and you you had like I would say a 50% role in the design of the nosecone I was very bad at attempting to roll paper into the shape of a cone well you know somehow I could not conceptualize turn this piece of paper into a cone to stick on the top of our rocket but like everyone else I didn't everyone else like cut those down shorter when they put like the cylinder over thee over the bottle and I didn't initially I didn't cuz it didn't occur to me it was an option but then once I saw everyone else cutting theirs down to a size to make it small and streamlined and light for maximum height I was like no we must have the biggest we must have like this the show-off Saturn one and then I went looking for things to make our cone extend higher and a little popsicle stick to put on the top just for height but let all the people who were overseeing the activity when all the Rockets were finished and made and people were saying and I went up to them and I said which one are you most looking forward to watching have launched I like later tonight when the launch has happened you know they all said satin zigs of course of course it was the most standout rocket and then and the launch itself there was an astronaut at the event who came along and he did the launch for us so we even had an astronaut do the launch like it was all it was all about spectacle yes it was it was all about the spectacle yeah we put a single fin on the rocket just so it looked it looked more like an awesome shark yeah it just didn't really contribute to stability or anything no I really had this feeling of when we got assigned to these different tasks and we're going to be making a bottle rockets like oh god I'm having these PTSD flashbacks of being a physics teacher like and all these kinds of things but I was looking around and I think all of the other teams I mean these are a bunch of science creators serious people and it seemed like a large number of just like eager beaver's working on their Rockets very seriously Oh awesome oh yeah beautifully designed at work on them yeah and I felt like we were the total delinquents in that group like we were the kids in the corner making making this ridiculous rocket but I loved it it was great we'll put some pictures in the date so people enjoy a picture of its magnificence and the hell had to have eggs in them the slave mode well he was in charge of egg safety on a rocket he did his job because our egg didn't shatter there was a NASA team there and they they baraka like these were old NASA employees and their rocket like it was pretty cool and I think I don't have a twin the highest but it went really hard and went really fast and then I was there after when it hit the ground and they were taking it apart to like take their egg out and then I saw their egg protection device and I've never seen anything so impressive like it I couldn't imagine that anything could have happened to this egg it was like it was in aerogel or something I was all like in this deep and they took it all apart to get it out and all the crowd was watching just like to revel in their magnificence and when they finally prize to open their protection device it had completely shattered it was literally egg all over their faces it was brilliant I'm ashamed to say I reeled in a bit too much I think it shattered just from the sheer awesomeness of the launch but you were having a very fun time you were so proud of Saturn sex now are you going to reveal to the people where Saturn 6 is right now I wanted to bring it back to England so that it could eventually end up in the hello internet museum but I couldn't figure out a way to get this huge bottle rock on the play and so I have left it with Destin and he has promised me that he's gonna preserve it here in Rocket City Huntsville where it belongs but he has said if the museum ever opens he will arrange for shipping so that it will be it will be displayed photo I feel good knowing that Justin is the protector of the Saturn sex did you do any of the other like little play events they had organised for us did you do the axe throwing where you got to throw axes at targets I have one great regret from this weekend Brady yeah and that it is I did not make it to the axe sir like okay so like a fool I thought day one is very busy saying hi to everybody and I thought you know what I'm gonna do I'm gonna catch axe throwing day - yeah and if there's if there's any lesson in life if you have an opportunity to do the awesome thing now Don't Tell yourself I'll do it later because you won't and so day two rolled around I had to arrive late for various reasons then there was a thing and it's like I missed the axe throwing I missed the axe throwing and I'm like I'm really gutted about it I'm just totally I was like there was a room where you could go in and throw axes and it was like it was the number one thing on my list and I didn't get to it well great it's important to say this they were actually two rooms where you really axes and I'll tell you why this is important because now I was safe from the start safety was an absolute priority for this company you had to do all your disclaimers and you know they were they were really well supervised so this was a very safe thing but there were two rooms where you could do it and it felt like one room was a bit stricter with the supervision than the other room like they were like they were it was like the mothership room and there was like a second overflow room when there were too many people wanting to throw axes in these like cages where they had these wooden targets and the second room which I was lucky enough to find myself in it felt like there was like less adult supervision and we were doing some awesome extracts in the in the unsupervised room because like they were letting us like throw - at the same time at two different targets so you had an axe in each hand but then it got to a point where like with the correct training and I'm sure and safety in place we were like throwing them in the air and then catching them and then spinning through a hundred and eighty degrees and throwing them like a like in a movie or something it was amazing I think in his own mind he had become Gimli in this back room and was just like a man loaded up with axes and throwing them around and admittedly your pictures did look very cool yeah maybe like in my head I was slightly better at it then then I actually was yeah I'm you think I'm gonna keep just going with the good memory so the public event there were loads and loads of people who I think listened to hello internet there and judging by the number of hello Internet shirts and flags and things like that and I got to meet lots and lots of them which was amazing and sign lots of flags did you meet did you see you know the guy who proposed in a black stunt t-shirt and then got married in one he was there yes I got to meet him he was one of the that people right at the front of the line so yes I got to meet him and that was amazing that was I have plenty of time for you man like you get you get married in the hello Internet shirt that's amazing it was a celebrity I asked to have my picture taken with hey you like came up and I said can i with you he was like a superstar for me and did you see the guy wearing Halloween turnovers game shakers yes we saw hello Internet shoes yeah yeah there were there were rice hen and swamp rat shirts all over the place like you know it was it was great it was great to see people bring things out so I had a couple of like responsibilities I had to do on stages and the rest of the time I was able to go out onto like the main floor and meet Tim's and like say hello and things like that but then I know at first I noticed you were like you were secluded in a private place and then suddenly I saw you appeared on the on the main floor and quite the queue formed and I could see you like just in the distance because I was like a few meters away and you were like you know meeting all these people and talking to them and there was this queue stretching like the length of the Saturn 5 and I thought Grey's gonna be here all night and then you weren't there anymore and I still don't properly know what happened did you get a bit did you get exhausted because I know you were pretty tired anyway what happened well I mean okay so so listeners to be clear with this conference there there were like people who were publicly doing shows and things and then there were people who were attending the conference and I I was but a humble attendee okay I was not like a master of ceremonies like Brady you know doing a doing a show doing that kind of stuff so I was just there and not once not twice but thrice I attempted to make it to the front of the room make it to the tip of the Saturn 5 rocket I walk the length of the walk the length of the hall yes from the back where we were by the engines to the front because I thought I wanted to have a little bit of a little bit of a memory moment of like we did a thing on this stage a long time ago and I would like I would like to get to the front of this rocket and just to see this thing like I'm not a big memory person but that was that show that we did was it was like a big event and it was like a moment for all of us and a really enjoyable time and like I'll always think of it fondly so I thought I want to go back up to the front and see see that place I did not make it no I did not make it any of the times and yes I got a little swamped and a little overwhelmed and in the time that I did have I tried to say hello to as many people as possible but there is not infinite time at one of these events so I do feel I feel bad do you have a message for those people who were waiting and then saw you just like turned oh well I mean it's not I didn't just like I didn't just turn around and walk away and say nothing but you know it's like at a certain point like there's other things that need to happen and you need to go um but um I'm sorry I'm sorry I didn't get to say hi to everyone yeah it's great that all these people are there but it was an overwhelming number of people and I never made it to the front of the rocket Brady I've never been somewhere where I could walk such a short distance without having to stop and some of the people said to me like some of like the people running the volunteers running the show like they were all really surprised by this and they said to me your life must be so difficult this has happened to you all the time and I said I promise you this happens never ever in my life anywhere else and will never happen again this is the only place in the universe what I will ever get stopped and have to do this I can go weeks without anyone ever speaking to me this is a very very special set of conditions Rocket City is the episode in a Brady Fame or an event where people have come to come to say all these people is but yeah there were lots of there was lots of cool people to make oh I will have you know that I reckon over the course of the last few days I have been asked at least 15 to 20 times where you were or what you look like or people who would like point you out and I refused every time so I did my job thank you but I was not I was not the cause of any security breach at any point thank you I appreciate that I kept my mouth shut I learned a lot to me I was talking to one chap though I think he was like a volunteer or someone involved in like one of the other days I mean he'd said like oh I'm quite looking forward to meeting CGP grey and having a chat to him I really liked his work but I'm not exactly sure what he looks like so I'm not sure if I'll know him when I say him and he said that he was he was waiting at the light at this event like where we all walked in in through the door and everyone was coming in and he said then I saw this guy and a long dark coat comes sweeping in and the first thing you did was went straight to the hand sanitizer and I said that must be CGP grey and it was so if you ever want to like trap a grey in the wild I think you need to use hand sanitizer I mean look there's a lot of people whose hands you're shaking all of these things I just got off a bus filled with other germy people like I'm gonna use the hand sanitizer right you gotta get through these things without getting sick but yeah I guess that is a that's a better place to try to spot a gray is that your local sanitizer watering hole that's a tell you may have heard in the show Brady and I took a little selfie in front of the Tennessee State sign that photo would be 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you and I are sitting at this table sort of 45 degrees apart from each other touching distance touching distance like grace physically touching me right now right he stopped now and it was only for a second yes and I used my hand sanitizer later yeah but we can't seem to decide whether we should be looking at each other while we're recording what we're recording right now or if we should not like I keep trying to not look at you but we can't set up in the room so that I don't see you at all in my peripheral vision so I keep turning to look at you and we have these moments where are we talking to each other are we not talking to each other this is the strangest recording setup we've district well let me tell you the situation because as grey says we're kind of at 45 degrees and if I look straight ahead towards my microphone I just look at a wall like I pretty much don't see great okay but where grey is when he looks straight ahead he's kind of gonna see more of me you see just like the side of my face but like I thought to make things more comfortable for you because you didn't you know you don't like doing the face to face you prefer yeah you know down the line so I'm deliberately not been looking at you I've just been looking at the wall to make you feel more comfortable but every time I do like a sneaky sideways glance you're looking right at me and then I feel like you just want to have a conversation so then I'll start looking at you like so now I don't know whether I should look away and it's like we keep doing like this weird dance of half talking to each other half not talking to each to each other which is your preference I couldn't like I don't know I think we have to just talk to each other this is so strange to bounce back and forth between the two of them yeah and it's also as a mobile podcast recording setup is always kind of weirded ridiculous that I'm sitting in this really low chair so that the pillow is high enough that the microphone is at at my mouth but it makes me six seven inches stronger than you at this table as well and my microphones perched on a pile of like four pillows like Leaning Tower of Pisa with a with a microphone sitting on top so I don't know how on earth this is going to be edited together but the actual timeline is that right now it is the very end of the day after the conference has been over we said goodbye to everybody in the morning and then we spent six hours taking it what should be a three hour road trip and we have arrived in Oakridge and are now awkwardly recording this podcast in a room together so tell me about like road trips and long drives because you do them yeah you do a few of them what's like standard operating procedure like what do you like to have in the car with you to like do you like to have like loads of bottles do you like to have snacks on hand you prefer to stop your snacks do you have like a a two hour interval stopping and like what do you like to wear talk me through your you know like do you like wearing like we wear like jeans or do you like a pair of comfortable trackies we were a hat or no hat but I want to know the whole like the whole thing now you're making it sound like it's it's much more it's much more thought-out than it really is no Brady the point of a road trip is to enjoy the road trip and also do not die so you need some basic supplies in the car yeah some basic food some basic water if you're driving across the deserts in America make sure to have a lot of water a lot of food yeah people do die by the roadside when cars break down and then you're in the middle of nowhere yeah but now you just want to have a good time and like we did today everyone knows calories don't count on a road trip so you want to make stops and have some some junk food it's not a road trip if there's no junk food at all that's a fundamental law yes of the universe yes hi grey but no it's it's just like it's just about having a good time although the thing that's a little weird for me for today is I really do prefer road trips to be a solo experience right for me that's very much a fundamental part of like the road trip is you're going a long distance you're on your own the time to reflect to turn inward mentally and think about your life yeah looking at you know the terrain in front of you the distance that you've gone and it normally doesn't include a Brady within touching distance yeah right off to your side cuz I I think we're pretty good mates but we'd have we haven't reached that point where we could be in each other's company and be silent yeah although we did hope we did have sections today little sections on the road trip but this was like a little a little testing of oh yeah we're gonna be an enclosed environment for three hours together and like this it's not a social environment we're just going I think if we were doing a longer road trip by tomorrow already we would have sections where we're just like we're just driving and we're just quiet that's important I think you do need able to do that so when you're doing some of the road trips you've done over the years obviously we're and we're in a project Cyclops era so things might be different now but normally what we have in terms of sound we have silence and just the drone of the road or we put on a podcast or music what's your preferred listening well because no one's around you can you can play road trip music which is the best UK music yeah you can go music for road trips stuff what you went into music like didn't like music music serves emotional states yeah and I think that a road trip is a is a particular kind of emotional state so I have a have like a road trip playlists with some songs that I feel is like the right kind of mood setting hmmm for this experience yeah and the other reason why it's probably good that I do road trips like on my own is because I will often put a song on loop for like an hour what the same song yeah like the same song and it's just like loop over and over and over for an hour which a passenger might grow rather tired of very very quickly I don't do that sometimes maybe I like six or seven times in a row but six or seven okay yeah maybe not quite an hour is most of this music music like with lyrics and spoken word or is it normally instrumental yeah no it'll be something with lyrics but it just becomes like nothing in the background we're going to sing along with it there might be singing along sometimes wow there's like you know there's nobody there's nobody I God my brain is not even capable of imagining you singing along on a road trip it's a special time a special time oh gosh so so when you're driving what makes you stop what will you stop for you start for snacks snacks but like is the catalyst your hunger or seeing like the RB sign is it what stops you I think the primary function in road trip stops is how far is it until the next exit with services yes that's the thing you want to keep your eye out for is like is there we gonna enter like a big zone where there's gonna be nothing like we did today right I was looking at the map and realized oh we were about to enter an area for an hour where there was nothing to turn off of so we stopped off and got a coffee you're making a face Brady I feel like like I felt like on today's trip there was never a point where it felt like you know I'm I know you're from America and it's a big country but I'm from Australia and it's very empty country yeah no this this section was pretty supportive it felt it felt very settled all the time and we never said we were never anywhere it felt like if we broke down like we were gonna die whereas in Australia that you can break down and not see another car for a few days no no no this the southern section was pretty settled I just happened to do the search for coffee and it's like well there's coffee five minutes from now and there's coffee one hour from now and those are your two choices so it's like that's a good time to get a cup of coffee so if you're doing one of your us sojourners like you know one of your big ones is each day planned where you get out of map at the start of the day and think here's a rough plan or is it there and I'm gonna sleep there tonight or will that sometimes just be I will end up where I end up I'll eat where I eat I've never done a road trip that doesn't have a destination so the like that's always what acts as the impetus for it as in the hotel that not know what I mean is like if it's a multi-day trip there's always someplace that I'm supposed to be right it's like three days from now I need to be here and then just the rhythm of the individual days dictates like where do I understand like I don't think there's any point and I think it's also super unfun to plan out meticulously each particular day like I think that's that's anti roadtrip fun so you won't have you might know where you're gonna sleep that night no no never like that's you know you haha you smiling you seems like that's it seems surprising to you well I have very limited experience with trips where I don't know where I'm sleeping that no you don't strike me as a guy that's just gonna walk into some shady Motor Inn on the side of a highway in the middle of Hicksville USA and say you got a room like it doesn't seem your style like to slap down some cash and like it seems so dirty in your way I have stayed in some very small hotels in some very small towns on occasion but like this moment right now when we're in this hotel much of America is very much the same as other parts of America and you can be on the highway and you pull off and there's a little section where it's like oh here's a Days Inn Hotel and there's a gas station and there's a box restaurant and maybe a couple of other services and it's like this little island that just exists and then it is clone stamp two thousand times across the nation and so you know it's sort of like humor where I heard this but a long time ago I heard some I heard someone describe all airports as a single location distributed geographically across the world but that like the airport is like Aero Portland and you're just visiting different parts of it and it's ultimately like a contiguous single region and a lot of the places where you can stop in America have that feel of oh I'm in days inland or I'm in Hilton land right like it's always just the same sort of place oh this is service land on the side of the road so it's it's much less adventurous that it sounds cuz I mean I know like you know the Bates like Motel like that little four or five rooms on the side of a road and nothing but y'all staying usually in Chains and you know if there is a chain available I will take the chain yes I've been in places where there isn't anything and those can be interesting experiences but it's actually I'm just thinking through like very often you don't really have the choice of like not being in the chain right it's like that like the places to stay is just like the hotel that's been clone stamp across the whole of the world there's something about that they they feel like the same the same places I tell you the best road trips that I've been on and they are road trips in plains cuz my friend who's a pilot used to take us on road trips across Australia but instead of driving we just fly to like another another city you need to explain this more do you mean you are taking a plane like like Epping black-owned city yeah or like a little full just like a little four seater right and he'll just like there'd be a football game in another city like you know and you could drive there for nine hours or he would just fly us in a small plane and we'd go there and like those were the best trips cuz like that's like the ultimate road trip cuz you're like you're flying I don't know I don't think it's a road trip if you're flying that's just flying no is that a road trip because it's still just like you can't pull the plane off the side of the road and enjoy a local rest area you could you can stop in a different town like in a country strip and stuff like that a really cool thing we used to do was cuz Australia's like you know so big and unsettled and we've sometimes flying through the night it would be like completely dark and it would be all black below but in case there's an emergency and you have to land we have to go to an unmanned airstrip they would have this button you can press on a plane that will make automated air strips down below light up and all the lights will come on and you'll see the runway so because this is just like it's just like outside some small town there's no staff the lights aren't on all night for like a runway because you're not gonna burn all these lights all night for a runway airstrip so planes have these things where you put like a little code and you press a button like bbbb like Morse code II type thing and it speaks to a receiver on the ground and that automatically switches on the lights for the airstrip in his country town in my head I'm imagining this like a garage door clicker that you have in the airplane and you like you click it and the lights go on it's like oh that's where I'm gonna park yeah it's almost like that but you so some really interesting so sometimes as we were flying they would just be this like big black mass below us and then we'd say are coming can we press the button alright we pressed the button and it would be a guess as to where the first like runway was gonna light up and it was like it was really exciting I the first time this might ever did a road trip for the guys I wasn't there but I heard this story and he was still quite like a new pilot he's a really good pilot super responsible really like you know capable guy so he organized to take all the all the people on this trip across us to the other side of Australia and they all got in the plane and there were four of them and it was really really cold and get quite cold in those little planes they're not very well you know protected from the elements so they're all up in the plane flying or whatever altitude there and they were all rug Dougie's coats and scarves and beanies cuz it was like there's parently they're all shivering and then suddenly they hit this like really really bad unexpected weather this storm just came from nowhere which ended up requiring them to like dodge the storm and like land and they ended up having to land I think for a couple of days to see out the storm it was like but when they're wrapping the sky and the storm came they were all a bit worried but they were all still absolutely freezing cold and the stories they were all rubbed up in his huge coats shivering shivering like and they looked at my mate who was flying the plane and he was just wearing a t-shirt and shorts and there was sweat pouring pouring off him out of every pore as if he's trying to fly through this episode never seen before they said that was really unnerving that would have been you today if you did turn to me to see how the brady handling driving on the other side [Laughter] it was buddy it was beginners wasn't it being on that side being you know on the interstates and stuff i think a city with all lots of turns and intersections you know that's next level yeah on our baby road trip today how many turns do you think we made ten in the entire and I did it's you know it was a smaller version of it today but one of my favorite things ever is is on a road trip when you punch in the directions and the Sat Nav says like oh yeah make a left-hand turn in 300 miles it's like that was we did this the tiny version of that today but yes I think they were basically 10 turns today but every six everyone because you missed that turn off and then we had to like wiggle around to find our way back up this day because we were too busy talking and not listening yeah that's true we were paying zero attended to the Sat Nav and we were just chit-chatting and I completely missed the turnoff that's that's what makes it roadtrip is you slightly slightly lost for at least a little bit yeah we got to go and see how other bunch of McDonald's and Daisy ins yeah it was a very different experience so gray you've got to watch me driving on the other side for the first time I know you you've obviously lived in the UK for a very long time have you ever driven on my side of the road no I have never driven on the other side of the road and as you laugh at me when I on the occasions when we drive somewhere that even after all these years in the UK I still always tried to get in your car on the wrong side and you always laugh at me and I think it's completely reasonable but you seem to think it's hilarious every time that I try to get it to your car on the opposite side I do it and I do it when I come to America so no I've never driven on the other side but as part of my thoughts about trying to have a little bit more novelty in my life I'm toying with the idea of maybe trying to get a driver's license in the UK do you what was that involved could do cuz when I moved from Australia to the UK mm-hmm I was able just to convert my Australian driver's license to a British one there was like there was I don't know there's some treaty or some rule so I didn't have to do like a driving test or the road rules they just like show us your strategy and license okay you're legit and they issued me with a British one I think that's because you were part of the Empire right whereas as punishment for breaking away wasting all that tea I am NOT able to convert my US driver's license into a UK driver's license so you've got to let do the whole so I've got to do a physical driving tests to get a UK driver's licence how do you feel about that well I found out from a friend that apparently there's a little bit of a trick which is you can look up what the pass rates are in different regions that give the test and everybody assumes you that you have to take the test in the region where you live but you don't at all you can basically jurisdiction shop before which place seems to have the kindest teachers when it comes to the task so I think if I ever do it I've 100% going to do that but yeah it would really it requires me as though I was a citizen of the UK who had never driven like I have to go through the whole process and there's some kind of written test as well but I do find it like I find it it's a thought that I just I've been having more frequently in combination to like what we've discussed about going into nature and hiking is like well if I want to do that kind of stuff more frequently which I find myself attracted to is just not practical with trains to try to then go someplace to hike so I've been thinking about maybe getting my driver's license but I don't like the idea of taking a physical test because when I was a boy taking my driver's license test the first time I didn't do very well yeah and I I couldn't parallel park for absolutely anything no I made a missing my first parallel park parallel parking is a ridiculous skill this should not be part of the test I don't think this is a requirement well in all seriousness in New York State is like a requirement that you can parallel park yeah an automatic file if you don't get if you don't nail it right so I went to parallel park what we've got between two like broomsticks in traffic cones sort of thing between two sticks yeah we thought it was on an actual Road somewhere between actual cars yeah between actual cars see mine was just but I just set up two sticks in like an empty car park and you could get it between sticks oh that's okay that sounds much better to do with that well I still made it you know my driving chest was up just on the bike roads in New York oh you do it on the road but the parallel parking they would take us off into like a Nashville tieria - right oh I guess the idea is they don't all these students damaging yes you had to get between two million cars two civilian cars and so you know you do the thing like you line up with the first car and then I don't know he's supposed to look over your shoulder and like turn in the opposite direction who knows I immediately I just immediately mocked it up yeah and the woman who was giving me the test gave me this look like I was a total and I'll never file never forget as long as I live she said to me she said honey do you want to try that again was she not supposed to do yeah yes I really do I really do it's like we drove around a little bit and tried again and I did it just just badly the first time and I could not parallel park I couldn't do it for anything but at the end of the test honestly this like sweet angel of mercy from heaven she said you did everything else great you're an incredibly cautious driver we're just gonna forget about that part about the parallel parking and she passed me oh she passed me even though I shouldn't have passed I'm outraged I got fired for her well you know that's what should happen so you passed you test first time I passed my tests and no exaggeration I've literally never parallel parked in my entire life well that will change if you end up driving in England especially in London no I'm only ever gonna drive out of the city and then back home I'm never gonna parallel it's so easy now with sensors anyway with parking sensors I literally could parallel park with my eyes shut now mmm because of sensors but if you if I ever drive a car now without sensors I will be completely it's like completely gone skill now but but sensors make thank you so much easier I want one of the cars that does the automatic parallel parking if I ever have to do might were you press the button and it just does it but this is why I don't think you should have to do it on the test because it's like a whole lifetime of driving and you know it's like all these skills in school they're like oh you're gonna need this every day no maybe you don't and parallel parking is like my driver's test version of this like yo you need you live in New York you need to know how to parallel park no you don't not if you pick your parking spaces carefully you don't mind walking a little farther yeah fair enough but it is it is a very useful skill to have parallel parking but I can see how if you are like willing to make sacrifices and like when I was a new driver I would avoid parallel parking it all at all times but so I failed my first driving test on parallel parking and it was fair enough I made a mess of it my second driving test I was absolutely fine and she gave me an automatic fail for allegedly making some other car slow down fire in the distance like was something I did made some car like in another state momentarily ponder maybe I will slow down for just a moment and I swear this phantom car never existed that she says I made slow down as it was like I'm still bitter about what do you think she was just out to get you the driver I do I think I always say because they get paid per test as well and I think there's a whole little racket because the my driving instructor would then pay their friend to do my test like you know here's my friend Bev and she does driving tests and she does driving tests for all my things and I had then I've got to pay Bev a hundred bucks and do my test and then she fails or passes me so she's completely incentivized to fail me I never I never I don't know if the system works the same in New York but that sounds like a horrific ly corrupt like like a cartel yeah I think Brady's mum's got a few bucks you'll probably pay for what do you reckon three tests so we'll make Karen a three tester so incest owns those parents like they're gonna they'll get pretty angry so that they can get there straightaway like I swear I swear I was I'm still a bit I'm still a bit bitter about it so anyway I got it I got it in the end say how are you feeling about driving on the left like do you have trepidation or nerves or do you just think out you know it'll be fine I'll just well I mean there's two things today watching you drive for the first time made me feel genuinely much better about oh this is probably a much more achievable skill because I think we were we were talking about it how you know you've been in America a bunch and you've never rented a car because you're thinking it's a much bigger deal than maybe it really is and it seemed like you you didn't think it was as big of a deal to switch sides as you were expecting yeah and me seeing that gives me another piece to think like oh I've never really pursued driving in the UK partly because I live in London and it's not necessary but also partly because I've always assumed surely this must completely break your brain but seeing you do it actually has inspired me know and gives me the confidence to you try it in in the UK but in Euro Truck Simulator right when you switched between the continent and the UK as the hardest part of the game and I messed that up all the time but maybe because I'm not taking it fully seriously because it's a virtual game just the side of the truck you're driving on change there cuz I'm gonna reference Matt again well in that Parker who I was talking about this this problem switching with and he said to me when I come to America it's easy cuz I'm on the other side of the car but when he drives his British car over to the continent and has to drive on the other side in a car where it hasn't switched he says that's really hard that's a hard thing to get your brain around to be on the your usual side of the country on the right side of the car for a Brit but driving on the right-hand side of the road he says there is a brain breaker ah yes ok I could see that I could see that the seats don't change in truck simulator because I put the camera to be on the top of the truck so it's like I'm flying over the road there's no seats at all and maybe I'll blame it on that are you gonna have like presume that you're gonna have like paid driving lessons when you when you go through this process like you know get taken out with an instructor and yeah I guess I don't know and then I'm gonna get sucked into this racket right there where they're like oh this grey guy it looks like we can make him a v tester yeah but I imagine you're someone who wouldn't take well to driving lessons like it doesn't seem no no I mean if past experience is anything to go by I liked exactly none of it but ya know he got to do stuff you don't like to do get things that you want and if I want to be able to drive in the UK at some point I'm gonna just like I'm just gonna have to suck it up and do it but no I don't anticipate that I would take well to driving lessons especially being in this situation out like I'm a grown-ass man who's driven thousands of miles like and now oh this is how you turn left in the car like yeah I know I know how to turn left in the car it's just I got a different problem here yeah is there a place in Britain that's like top of your list that once it becomes attainable because you can drive you go is there a place like in the UK that you've been thinking for a while I go check that one out and you haven't been able to get there yet and you you know if that's gonna be high on I would say one of the places that my wife and I have been joking about for the entire time that we have lived in the UK is the Lake District and we love it as a joke because it's like every English person ever will reference to you they'll be like but have you been to the Lake District yeah as like well like we are pushing over a decade of having not been to the Lake District and but you really must go to the Lake District and I think that's a thing that it seems like you just absolutely have to have a car to do it in the proper way of like getting around and thing so it's not exactly a target but we will we will finally close the circle and conversations or weekend's where we can say oh yes we have been to the Lake District you like it's you guys are basically taking the piss out of the term like how it's called the leg juice yeah it's like you hear it so much it becomes this idea of like oh this place that must be amazing right the league does its webs Hache people go on holidays yes I prefer the peak district I'm a I'm a peak district man where is a peak district like Darby shear so the pictures I'm so Derbyshire helps me not it's like why are you giving me these tiny geographic regions in the United Kingdom is that where Derbyshire is great like it's in the peak district just sort of like the middle of England near Nottingham where I still live doesn't help you because you just get a train there it's and the lake district is further north it's like beyond like Liverpool and Manchester getting up towards Scott oh not quite you're not quite in Scotland but towards Scotland hmm I tell you where you should go and funnily enough it's is it's not in the UK and that's Ireland so you just get you'll be able to just nip across to Ireland and Ireland is a lovely place to drive around and do road trips for like a week I ran the Ring of Kerry and that's a very beautiful place to go you driving yeah but I don't think I don't need my UK driver's license to do that I think I can show up as an American tourist and go high and rent a car okay yeah I don't live here no I've just arrived from America please let rent me a car so I think I can do that without it maybe that's where you should go and practice your left-hand driving before you do you UK think okay that's not a bad idea not a bad idea and I think in this very moment it had not really occurred to me that Ireland also does left-hand driving I know this is gonna sound crazy but in this very moment I just realized that I had imagined like Northern Ireland does the left-handed driving and right and the rest of Ireland doesn't do it that way they do it the right way but when you cross the border you swerve across like a scaly exactly you have that cross over okay yeah like obviously if I had ever thought about it that couldn't possibly be true but I'm just realizing in this moment I hesitated for a second whereas like why are you praying a farland is this things like oh right of course it's good it's going to be the whole way is gonna be the same you don't switch sides of the road when you cross from Ireland to Northern I mean I eat it not yeah do it all right you're right I will good luck with the driving test thank you thank you very much don't let me sit in the back and record up a hello Internet I will not let you sit in the back and record it for hello internet that will not happen Brady now