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"Wax Cylinders"
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"H.I. #122: Wax Cylinders" is the 122nd episode of Hello Internet, released on April 24, 2019.[1]

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"Grey and Brady Discuss: Hello Internet on Wax Cylinders, April Fools Revisited, the true height of Mt Everest, the banality of life in the past, the Event Horizon Black Hole, The Rise of Skywalker, and Brady's office."[1]


Brady claps three claps great claps There we go that was well-spaced. Oh, thank you. Thank you. I know you always have some comment on my Clapping abilities, but those were well-spaced claps. That was three of the best you've ever done 100 plus episodes in I'm finally getting the hang of clapping at the start What have you been up to lately Brady? Well, it had to happen. Mm-hmm, and it has what had to happen There is a new Limited edition Hello Internet episode. Okay. The longer-weighted sequel to our now legendary vinyl record Well, I think a lot of people were saying you know, what are you gonna do next time? Will it be a cassette tape or Something like that, but I've always had a fascination with and I finally managed to execute an episode of Hello Internet on an original old-fashioned Edison wax cylinder All right now Because I I recorded with you. I know that these things exist in the world But when you first pitched this to me when you're like I have an idea Let me I got two words wax cylinder. I I Find it Almost inconceivable that the manufacturing capabilities for wax cylinders Still exist in the world. Oh great. Yes, they do you still can't have the blade the things I've seen and the stories I could tell okay because you and I recorded the episode digitally mm-hmm because you know, we had to do it in our usual way and then I went off with the file and Have gone through the process of having this turned into a wax cylinder for those who don't know What a wax cylinder is I've been reading a bit about the mom Wikipedia first Yeah, for the younger members of our audience who haven't used them in their lifetime Phonograph cylinders are the earliest commercial medium for recording and reproducing sound Commonly known simply as records in their era of greatest popularity which was 1896 to 1915 These hollow cylindrical objects have an audio recording engraved on the outside surface Which can be reproduced when they are played on a mechanical cylinder phonograph In the 1910s the competing disc record system Triumphed in the marketplace to become the dominant commercial Audio-medium. So this is like the beta that was beaten by VHS and I've always been a bit fascinated by the ideas of wax cylinders As like you know the ultimate antiquated technology, but I never really knew like what they look like and how they worked And it turns out there's a guy that lives not too far away from me who's like keeping the technology alive So I basically said to him can you do an episode of our podcast and he said well I can do anything if you pay me Yes, that is how the market works Yes, so it's happened There are restrictions the episode is about two minutes in length Okay, right and rather than doing a normal episode over many many discs Great I recorded a special two-minute episode, but it is a genuine episode Isn't it in which we reminisce about our favorite old technologies? Yes, it is a Hello internet episode highly distilled Yeah But I learned something you about you in it. No spoilers. I don't want to spoiler Of course you don't want to spoil those glorious two minutes of content that we produced But I went along great and it is amazing to watch these things get made Because literally to make it this chap has to play our episode over and over again Through a machine on which like a needle literally scratches the episode into this Wax disc actually if you switch your camera on I'll show you because I'm holding one here And I'm using the proper technique for holding them as well There's a special way to hold these things. I mean when I'm looking at did I not know what it was? I would think it was just an unusually thick toilet paper roll that's sort of what it looks like That's not bad actually. Yeah, that is what it looks like a toilet paper roll without the paper on it Yeah, yeah slightly more diameter I would say but if you look really closely you can see the episode like etched onto it like on a record player But it's amazing to watch because as it was recording I was hearing our voices and the needle Was scratching onto the wax and you see the wax falling off like shavings Falling off like your grating cheese or something say the wax is literally shaving off I've got videos of this I will include all the stuff in the normal kind of linky places so people can go and have a look at this But watching it was so amazing and he went and showed me he makes the wax himself I went and watched him like doing the wax and melting it He then casts it but then he has to shave it to this like super precision so that it works But not only that like he used a digital file to make ours Although each one's unique because he has to play it over and over again But you can actually speak into this giant like cone horn thing And you can actually talk onto the wax disc and you can watch your voice live like getting etched onto it So I made like a little ad for hello internet for the cylinder and we recorded that live onto a cylinder like and you're watching the wax Fall off as you talk like your voice is literally been captured in the wax It's awesome. So watching our episode being Carved into the wax. It must be like watching Michelangelo carve David out of a block of marble Couldn't have said it better myself That's exactly what it was like. This was like our voices literally being etched into immortality I never really thought about it, but with the production of vinyl When is being manufactured? Is it carving into a hot vinyl? I forgot you can carve that's very laborious Yeah, but I thought it's press our episode was pressed and we've we've actually shared a video of that before too of our episode Being made of the vinyl that's what I was trying to think is like it's a pancake that presses it and then yeah Horrible off the edges. Yeah, so for that they made like a hard copy like a die And it was just being pressed into the hot vinyl time after time, but this one is like Each one's unique and a little bit imperfect and different and I listened back to it on this old cylinder player that he has with one of those giant You know like bell type code and things on the top seriously. It was like going back in time I had so much fun. I could have stayed there all day It was brilliant just recording your voice memos into wax and listening back This was a thing that I didn't realize but you did realize because when you were texting me about it You dropped this knowledge that I didn't have until I went and met the guy But up until Surprisingly recently at offices like bosses would use them as like Dictifying these wax cylinders and like dictate a letter and the cylinders would then be given to the Secretary of Staff who would have all these wax cylinders and listen back to them and tie up the letters and then at the end of the day All the wax cylinders would be sent down to a special machine in the basement and the recordings would be like shaved off the wax and then cylinder made smooth again for use the next day for more Dictifying recordings. Yeah, I mean before you pitched a hello engineer episode on a wax cylinder That was the only thing that was in my head of knowledge of like what are wax cylinders for for Edison Yelling at his secretary through a recording like I think this is all this is for yeah, it just never occurred to me that you could In the modern age do the thing that we do which is like have the recording and then industrialize producing copies of us talking and like a little brief hello internet episode his system is so antiquated though I believe he had to take our digital recording that I gave him and like transfer it onto like a cassette tape or something Which he could then play out of a different machine to record. But see this is just an extra selling feature because it's such the warm Brady is the warmth that these two analog mediums bring to the recording. Yeah digital recordings. Yeah, so cold So in person this is times to Analog it's like this is as analog as it gets these things are amazing They're very fragile. I also didn't realize how fragile they were but you can snap them like a prawn cracker if you're not careful with them They're like they're amazing. I'm gonna go back for more. I want to go back and do more with him like So interesting now the thing that I'm wondering for anybody who's wishing to purchase yeah, the wax cylinder Oh, hold the back. Yeah, no sure I'm sure there's a great title wave of people coming. I'll be a maize if there is one Tim who has the ability to listen to one of these things I'll be a maize. I'm not gonna lie the fact that we're selling these Part of the appeal for me when we did the vinyl episode it felt like a hello internet achievement get to Listen to an episode on an actual record player, right? It's a it's a hassle to do. Yeah, but that's like achievement unlocked. Yeah, hello internet on vinyl. Yeah now in all video games you have Baby level achievements that you're just going to do when you're playing the game then you have actual things that require effort Yeah, which is what the vinyl episode feels like yeah, and then you have achievements That only the insane will pursue because of their difficulty level that only the most intense and hardcore players Will pursue devout Yeah, that's about and that's why there's really appealed to me because I thought how many people in the world If their life depended on it Could find and use the equipment to play a wax cylinder. You can buy them at eBay grade this phone a graph cylinder players Because I said I want one Because like right of course I would be able to listen to my copy of it I have listened to it the episode on wax at his house, but I would be able to do it at leisure Right, and of course he seems to think I could get one for the ballpark of Over a hundred pounds, so you know, 150 bucks or so I'd be surprised, but That seems that seems crazy to me. Yeah, he repairs them as well So I've got he'll be able to fix one up for me, but yeah, although again Perhaps like the dinosaurs attacks market there's gonna be a spike in the price of Wax cylinder playing Very soon I don't imagine anyone but I don't imagine anyone buying one at all But if they did I don't imagine people buying this for the playing it's more just for like the object right It looks cool. You know because I've almost finished having like special labels designed and made and they're gonna look old school I've they're gonna be designed in the way they were back in the day So it's more just for the object itself, but to give you some idea of where I expect demand to be at this stage I've had ten made Thinking that you and I can have a couple each and then I don't know what happened with the other but you never know There may be an untapped market for wax cylinders and if so my man's on standby I said to him look if demand goes crazy If the teams want wax Can you deliver and he said yes reluctantly and basically it's gonna involve him sitting literally in his lounge room Listening to this episode over and over again as a nail etches it into wax and the wax literally falls onto his coffee table in his lounge room while he makes them It's extraordinary. That's amazing. That's amazing Perhaps like there's been a vinyl resurgence. This could be the spark That starts a wax cylinder resurgence. We could switch the podcast exclusively to wax The world's only exclusively wax podcast It has a very small but very dedicated fan base Anyway, so details Should be available Either now in the show notes or there will be a link in the show notes somewhere You know and if you follow us on all the usual places as well the twitters and the Patreons and things like that. That's where you get there All the info as it comes to hand if you can't wait to hear us tell you ourselves But it's been a very fun. I mean, it's been a very easy project for you it required two minutes of your time But for me it has been a labor of absolute love. I've gone on long drives into the countryside I've learned all about how it works It's brilliant. It's charming. It's absolutely charming. You have genuinely seemed so happy about this project I'm really glad that this has been a hello internet project. It has been just a pleasure I'll be sure to get you a wax player for your birthday So at the time of recording we've had another April Falls day Happens every year. Yeah one less to have to live through Do you know what I was asked to be involved with an April full prank and I said no Because yeah, I'm against April Falls day. I think it's a bit naff. Yeah, you say no because that's the correct decision But then the day before April Falls day, I actually had like coincidentally I had an idea for something I thought would be funny to do as a bit of a prank and I thought oh tomorrow is April Falls day I'm gonna do it. So I did it. No, and I felt dirty You should I should bring it I did 100% should feel dirty for doing. I'm not proud of it. I'm not proud of it I did it I don't know I can't even justify it but I did an April Falls prank Can you explain to me what the prank is or is it too embarrassing? I took a photo of the golden hot stopper Okay, in a hiding place like you know in a non-descript hiding place And just put GPS coordinates So I created the illusion that I'd done the legendary golden hot drop but then if you put the GPS coordinates into some kind of non-wax technology that is capable of telling you what the GPS coordinates are You would learn that those coordinates were for the so-called pole of inaccessibility the most remote place in the ocean That you can possibly have okay the ungetable place where they try to land satellites and things like that So that was my little gag. It was like it was very hello internet-y golden hot drops. I had geographical locations of interest. I'm not proud of it look The wax cylinder you ran past me and I approved immediate leaks. It's an amazing fun idea That is not a April Falls check. I actually have made them. No, no, I know what I'm saying is I heard nothing of this idea And you didn't run a past me. Oh, hey, what do you think of this idea? I think you didn't run a past me because you knew you knew I would give you No encouragement. No, this endeavor. No, you would have stopped me and you would have been right to have done so But I can't change it alright. It's happened. Let's move on look. We all make mistakes in life and Participating in April Falls is one of those mistakes But April Falls day has found a new way to annoy me. Okay, please Different way Well, there are two new traditions now that people who are too cool to do April Falls jokes do if they still want those sweet sweet clicks You know, yeah, you got to get the clicks of course And they are you either ride an article About great April Falls jokes of the past right? Great April Falls jokes and they're like, you know the ones you always see like the BBC spaghetti farm one So they do that the listicle to cash in on April Falls without having done one right and the other one is Five amazing stories that are happening today that aren't April Falls jokes Can you believe these are real stories today? Everyone does that article. Oh clever. They're reversal. Yeah Five things in the news today that you thought were April Falls jokes But they're not and everyone does that and they've been doing it for years now and they think it's really original I would almost rather an April Falls joke than have to read another one of those lists Wow stories that aren't April Falls jokes Why so down on the reverse April Falls? You got to find an angle for the story right? No because you don't have to find an angle And because it's it's unoriginal, but they think it's original. There's nothing worse Then people thinking they're being really really original when they're not nothing is original nothing is new except that There were no ideas left the last one went about eight years ago. Okay But I mean when you say that that actually feels quite freeing to say like oh well for all out of new ideas Let's just go then we're fine I'm curious though Brady Is there an acceptable angle to you? It is there a way That you would be fine with an April Falls joke Possibly, but it's entirely at my discretion and on my whim. Okay, and I don't know what that is You'll know it when you see it. Yeah, it would depend on my mood and how hungry I am at the time when I stumble over it. Okay What about you? What's the acceptable face of April Falls day for you? I don't know something that's just not Dumb here's the problem. I used to make like snarky tweets on Twitter about how like April fools was the annual stay off the internet day I just like hey everybody take a step back like it's just gonna be so dumb and This year it caught me off guard because I was I didn't have that in the forefront of my mind and I was just on YouTube And it's like oh god damn it like a couple of people's stupid videos Caught me out for like why did this channel upload this ridiculously dumb thing? Oh Yeah, great. Thanks for wasting my time. I am having bit of a pushback against The anti-April Falls day movement though as well like I'm almost jaded by that. That's how cynical I am That's what a grumpy am that's why you don't like the genuine articles on April Falls day Yeah, you know, I think about those prank channels what makes a good prank is that The prank e Should laugh when they discover that they're in on it Right, yeah, and I feel like the April fools thing should be Good for the person Who was fooled yeah, like they should have the feeling of oh that was really clever Well, great. Can I come back to my April fool there with the golden hot stopper? Because this is my justification for it and I'm not really trying to justify I will take my medicine and admit that it was naff The thing I liked about it was it rifted on the idea of the golden hot drop But it sort of posed the question in your head if we were to drop the golden hot stopper if we were to hide a hot stop I made of gold with a diamond in it Where would we put it? Yeah, the politics in accessibility that would be like the hardest place you could possibly put it the most challenging hot drop You could ever have would be that hot drop So if someone then put those coordinates in to find out where it was in their excitement And then they realized they'd been fooled and I hadn't actually done the hot drop They would still think oh yeah, the poll of an accessibility. Do I know what that is? Do I not know what it is? Should I read a bit about what it is? Why did you choose that place? I felt like there was like Discussion to be had it wasn't just haha. I made you look Don't you feel silly? It was oh yeah, it's an interesting place or I know that place Oh, yeah, that would be the place to do the golden hot drop I'm not justifying it but I do think it wasn't I wasn't just making people feel Dute it was like oh yeah, of course. Yeah cool place for it That is where you'd put the golden hot stuff up. Yeah, I'll give that to you You were not engendering the feeling of stupidness in people Yeah, but that falls astray in my mind of a different problem which is Like the brief excitement crushed. Yeah, and time wasted and I did waste time The time there is relatively minimal like I'll give you a pass on that right But I think it's more like my god. It is the reeson. Is there going to be an Indiana Jones style hunt across the world for the golden hotstopper That would be amazing and then it's like oh no, it's a joke Okay, let me ask you this yeah, I haven't seen it. Did you at least photograph yourself Like the old lady in Titanic holding it out over the water so that it would seem like a possible drop No It was like in a place that you wouldn't be able to identify but it was like in a pot plant sort of thing it was on them, you know Oh It should have been over water Brady. It should have been over water Okay, you're right. You're right. I didn't commit that much time to I think I might have wondered if you put it in the wrong coordinates There's what I did and you're right. It probably would have been better if I'd oh yeah What is this is what like over a path in your garden or something? It's done now. It's done. You did get 12 retweets. I hope it was worth it Brady. Oh, it would eat the brand I don't know. I've like now I like the idea of having some global 80 days around the world Challenge and hunt for the hotstopper with Clues spread everywhere, but that sounds like a lot of work and also that hotstopper belongs in a museum This episode of Hello Internet is brought to you in part by away first class luggage at a coach price Away is the company that is made your perfect suitcase You just don't know it yet because you haven't tried them Rather than just make a suitcase they asked thousands of people how they pack why they travel and what bug them the most about their luggage And then designed a new bag that solved a bunch of old problems Does your luggage have sticky wheels on the bottom not way the way does your phone ever die while you're traveling not with away Their suitcase is designed with premium German polycarbonate Unrivaled and strength and impact resistance while still being very lightweight If you put your valuables in an away suitcase trust me You don't have to worry about when you've put it into the overhead bin someone else smashing the precious objects in your bag I don't know this suitcase is going to protect your stuff The interior features a patent pending compression system, which is helpful for the overpackers among you or at least in my case I'm neatly packed on the way out to the trip and terribly messily packed on the way back So that compression system really helps get everything back in the bag when I just can't be bothered to fold it nicely Also while traveling to America very important they have a TSA approved combination lock built right into the bag And there's a battery built right into the suitcase to charge your phone when you need it most Traveling a dead phone while traveling is just a total disaster They have a variety of colors and sizes and you can try your away suitcase for 100 days Which is just a crazy amount of time That's how confident they are that you're going to love the suitcase get it travel with it Try it for 100 days if you don't like it for any reason you can send it back But you won't the suitcase is amazing. I've got one. It's really impressive So for $20 off a suitcase visit away travel.com slash h i 2019 That's the letters h i 2 0 1 9 and use the promo code h i 2019 during checkout That's away travel.com slash h i 2019 and promo code h i 2019 for $20 off a suitcase Thanks to away for supporting the show and thanks to away for making travel much easier I'm such a grump. I know I'm a grump and actually I'm in a really good mood tonight. So I don't think if you as a grump reading that's not how I think of you. Well, I want to there's something else I'm annoyed by I mean you've come to the right place. You know how they're always finding water on Mars right? Right of course water on Mars water on Mars. I'm a goods another story about water on Mars And Voyager has left the solar system. Yes. Yes yet again the Voyager has left the solar system I've realized there's another new story that seems to come up all the time Like it just seems like a perennial story. Is this not sorted? Why are we still having the story reported? Okay, and that is re-measureing the exact height of Mount Everest. Oh, yeah There's always some project or team or group of people who want to definitively once and for all Measure the true exact height of Mount Everest and of course it has to be Mount Everest because no one cares about the heights of the other mountains This is always the one So I've seen in the news this week that a Nepali's team is going to measure Mount Everest and mid concerns It may have shrunk following the recent earthquake in Nepal But it's all about how there's never been like a Nepali's team that has measured the exact height of Mount Everest so the time has come Nepal is sending a group of expert climbers to re-measure the heart of Mount Everest today By the way, there's no suggestion that it's not the highest mountain in the world I was I was about to say that the word concern in that article there. I cannot I muster up within me Concern for a mountain like it just no I don't have that emotionally within me And it's like hey that must mean The next highest mountain is really close in height and maybe it's shrunk But that's not the thing either so this is all just an excuse And this is once they successfully reached the summit They will use a new global navigation satellite system that can send readings about its height to their colleagues at base camp They're basically just getting to the top and then using satellites That sounds like someone wanted to climb Everest But they won't need it to use their business expense account to do it Right? Like oh this is for science We've got to get to the top It's got some huge budget this project They believe the device will allow them to accurately measure the height of Everest to the centimeter Putting any uncertainty firmly to rest Centimeter Okay, maybe I'm an idiot here but surely annual Temperature changes Must cause Everest to expand or contract more than a centimeter And also I'm pretty sure this like snow at the top there is rock I guess they're going to have to dig down through a bit of snow to the rock Yeah, measure from the rock I don't know exactly how they decide the highest bit of rock And the highest bit of rock presumably is like A millimeter higher than the bits of rock to the left and the right of it And if someone's always wanting to touch that point put their GPS on that point Is that getting chipped out and like Yeah, or I'm thinking like when you walk on the beach And you see those guys who just balance a little tower of rocks at the top You know, surely someone's going to do that on top of Everest I need to know but it has to be true That there's thermal expansion and contraction of Everest That cannot be true if I know anything about physics And I'd be shocked to hear if the tolerance on that Is less than a centimeter That has to be the case You'd think something as big as Mount Everest would even be affected by like the moon and tides Because there are tides in land So surely it's being pulled up and pushed down as the moon does the business too Yeah, this sounds like a ridiculous boondoggle That's what this sounds like We just think just though We need to buy a new satellite We wanted to climb to the top of Everest How can we expense these to the local university or whatever That's what this sounds like to me That's what I think this is Yeah Although as you're mentioning one about Everest I just realized I can think of another one of these routine stories Not as frequent But it is It's one that I've come across on occasion And it's earliest signs of humans at location x Whatever it is So there's always like I feel like an American in particular It feels like every couple of years There's a new story about how like Oh We thought people came to America 10,000 BC But we're pretty sure we've just found bones From 15,000 BC For 20,000 BC That's the one that feels like I come across that every once in a while Like we're always going to keep pushing this number back Of like someone is always claiming that they found like the oldest human remains At a particular location It feels like one that comes up every once in a while as well Yeah That one doesn't float my boat either as a story I mean you know space things and man everything's obviously Oh like right in my wheelhouse So I am interested in these subjects But I don't get too into like Early humans I'm like I'm a bit like you know I'm more interested in people who would like from about two or three hundred years ago Because I'm always wonder how much like me they were Whereas the people like 20,000 BC I'm pretty sure they weren't much like me So what do you mean like how much was a 1700s Australian Like Brady? Was that what you're asking? Yeah Were there people in Australia in 1700? I mean like you know convex When did that start? Obviously the aboriginals were there since 250,000 BC But late 1700s, 1788 like Okay 1788 So just under the 300 year mark then Yeah Less than 250 You think that they Could be very different? Well yeah I just sort of wondered like Would like a married couple in like The late 1700s Would their relationship be like my relationships I don't know I always wonder how different life was Because you know how you know you watch like a western right And it seems like people living in the wild west All they care about is not getting shot And drinking whiskey But you know Particularly they had other things Like they would argue over Doing the dishes Or they would have banal like Oh I must paint that door at some point Or like I want to get some idea of what the minutia of life was like then And how much it was like life now Or was it more I mean I would suspect in the west in particular There were a lot of minutia concerns around horses And people were like oh I need to put a fresh coat of paint on this horse Yeah well And then the guy in the saloon is like Is the horse bigger when you put the paint on it And yeah obviously It would, it would, it would, it would, it would, it would But like did they kiss the same way Things like that I know that sounds silly but it's like I don't know just all that kind of stuff How different was their life To depend down this question You're thinking in terms of like daily life And cultural differences Like if you took a baby born in 1700 Into the modern day like no one would ever know Right is that like a Presupposition that you would have Maybe it's more if I went back How easy would I find it to fit in I don't know I just think about it I think you would not fit in at all You may be battle tested in hardest nails But I think the 1700s would defeat you very quickly Things like day to day life Like when we think about something We were not part of like say World War II Right In the UK When there was like rationing And there were air raids And everyone was worried about being bombed And that You kind of think that they were living through All this time All these years Just every night waiting for a bomb to land on them And being hungry right Like this time of suffering and fear Yeah But like during that time Life was still going on Like people were still like you know Sometimes we're getting married There were still shops And like so there was some semblance of life going on But that stuff is you know Forgotten Perhaps almost rightly Because of the significance of the other things that were happening But that makes me more curious about it Like what was normal life Like even during World War II If you weren't You know Having to fight the war Like what was that life like Was there ever a normalness I'm thinking of When my wife and I Watch Escape to the country Like the old people that we are They often talk about like Oh the local history of this village You know and because it's England That like oh In the 1400s or whatever You know Things that are 20,000 years ago And Sometimes they will They will mention like what a person did Or things that seem to be like Oh this local person's Hobby was turned into like a museum You know for example There was an episode That happened to contain like Oh if you go into this town This manner has a museum That's a display of this tremendous Seashell collection That there's noable woman hat at the time You know it's like the world's most boring program And my wife and I often have the same comment Which is Even these little like insights Into anything that's remotely like normalcy A long time ago Makes it seem like the world was incredibly boring If you could live a life of leisure Right so like if you were An upper class person You just had nothing to do Like in the Jane Austen novels Like why do they all make each other's lives miserable It's like well because they have nothing else to do But gossip about the neighbors all day long Like it just seems like There's nothing there And then if you're a poor person I wonder how much of anything that feels like a normal life is pushed out Just entirely through the drudgery You know I was seeing a show which was just Talking recently about How long it takes to hand wash clothes You know before a washing machine came along It's like my god You don't even really think about it But it's like oh of course Even when you account for people had fewer clothes Keeping clothes clean It's an enormous time consuming task So I don't know I just I tend to kind of assume that as you go backwards in time You have this weird disparity of like Nothing to do Or no time at all Because your life is filled with the drudgery of survival But I could be totally wrong I suspect we're falling into a trap there Because it's the things that we know are different about them right Like you know they had to spend ages washing their clothes Right So you suddenly think that was like a massive part of their life But maybe they had more in common with us Then like Did the guys building the pyramids Complain about their boss Would they go home and say I worked really well today And you know what my supervisor said nothing Or you know Barry He was slacking off all day today And I was the one that had to lift all those big blocks And But did they have a normal life Would they go for beers afterwards And like Talk about their day Or Like Was the guy building the pyramid on the left Sleeping with the wife of the guy building the The swings Like Things that are just like normal to us Like you know The minutiae of human life We just Arraised that from those people And think all they did was pick up blocks And build pyramids All they did was wash clothes All they did was collect sea shells And I don't know I'd like to just go and See how much it was like Today Or how different it was If you're wondering if people gossiped And bitched about how much Work other people did in the group I guarantee you That goes back Tens of thousands of years For sure Someone's going like Oh Thag He never participates in the hunt He just eats the meat What a lazy guy And I know they occasionally will find like a Hiring lift where someone says You know I hate Barry he's got a big nose or something And that's like the most exciting thing they ever find I read this book so long ago So I don't know if it's held up over time But I remember liking it You know when I was a teenager But called grooming gossip And the evolution of language The central thesis of which Was like humans invented language To be able to complain and gossip about other humans Like So I think at least that part of life Probably goes back a very long time What's this black hole image I'm seeing everywhere all over the internet Brady What is this? Well Grey This was cheer pressure turned up to 11 Okay You know what? Before you say anything I'm glad to hear that Because Sometimes I just have this Feeling about something And again Like on YouTube suddenly I saw that like every thumbnail in the world Was this black hole And Some like newspapers The headlines were about this black hole And there's something about this Where it's like Wait a minute Why is this everywhere all of a sudden That throws up my defenses And I feel like Incredibly resistant Like when a dog puts down its paws And it's like I'm not walking any further I've sort of avoided this I'm very interested to hear you say That you felt like it was a cheer pressure story Because I had this like suspicion about this Yeah I mean my tweet deck When the image was released I swear There were more images of that black hole My tweet deck Then there are actual black holes in the universe It was amazing It was everywhere I don't know how frequent black holes are Maybe that's actually literally true No they're pretty frequent I mean they reckon this Probably That's super massive one at the center of every galaxy So that's already loads Plus you've got Stellin and galaxies Can there be breathing? There's quite a few And then you've got stellar black holes Just like dotted around Galaxies too So there's quite a few of them So my joke stands Okay but so what is so special about this one Well the thing I found interesting about this was You knew it was coming Like they announced this press conference Like a week in advance It was like the release of a movie There's going to be a big announcement From this event horizon project They didn't even say what the announcement was But everyone knew It was going to be an image of a black hole Because that was kind of the point of this project Yeah I mean the project is called event horizon It gives you some clues about what direction it's in So they'd used all these radio telescopes Around the world as a giant into ferometer With you know essentially the diameter of the earth To get this incredible resolution And they pointed it As such at the supermassive black hole at the center of the Milky Way And also they pointed it at the center of Messier 87 Which is a big Quite interesting galaxy Far far away And Everyone thought they were going to release an image of the Supermassive black hole at the center of The Milky Way But they didn't get as good a picture of that But the one at the center of Air 87 They did get a better image of I should say But there was all this hype and build up beforehand Which I found really weird for like a science announcement It seemed to kind of unscientific To be hyping it and building it up And have all these synchronized press conferences There was something a little bit Less dignified than what I'd expect As a slight side point here I'm curious though because As Being the science communicator that you are I feel like I have heard you Promote the idea that there should be Like more of a story when communicating science And it shouldn't just be about the results Does this not fit into that idea that it's like We're letting you know that something big is coming And then we're telling you, wait instead of just dumping the photo out I mean that's never what I've meant by that Okay, I think that's a whole separate issue Okay, I've never thought they should like You know Hype things up like that I don't know, I guess I'd have a resistance to hype I didn't mean that Whatever it just feels Strange to have the results And then sit on them strategically Like to try and get your best possible coverage I guess it's just the obvious Transpareness of them trying to Play the game And fair enough they do have to play the game And that is something I have said before So maybe that's what you're getting at And you've kind of got me there like But it was just so obvious the way they were playing the game You know we mustn't have leaks and they were really they ran a really tight ship And no one could find out about it beforehand And this is the day it's going to be released And this is the you know It was such a strategic thing To get maximum media coverage And you like to think somehow They're not but you like to think scientists are somehow above that And this just made it obvious that they're not above that Because they were totally playing the game Yeah, just to be clear I'm not trying to get you on that I just sort of like You know because like scientists Genuinely and especially in the The modern world where everything is trying to soak up people's attention It does often feel like science is Fighting to even get any kind of attention You know, which is why they need to put astronauts And spider-man costumes And these kinds of things There was also a bit of Voyager leaving the solar system about it for me Because I remember all the hype The first time we saw Evidence of the black hole at the center of the Milky Way When they tracked the motion of the stars At the very center of the Milky Way And they showed that they Moved dramatically fast towards the center And then suddenly loop around And they're all It's obvious when you see this famous animation That there's something invisible At the center Yeah That all these stars And that was like last There we go That's the smoking gun At last we've shown Yeah, I remember that call very well It's still an awesome animation I love it So before the image was released I was sort of saying to the scientists So how is this different You know Am I actually going to see a black hole then I didn't think I could You could see a black hole That was the whole point She didn't think you were allowed I like that The universe does not allow you to see this black hole But then the astronauts were sort of saying to me Well, yeah, that's true You're still not going to see it But you're going to see the stuff around it And I'm like Well, I've already seen that Heaven eye through the stars And obviously what they released was different Because now what we're seeing is Stuff closer to the black hole You know the actual Gas that's swirling around the black hole itself And so it is Different But it did feel a little bit like We're still not seeing the black hole We're still seeing what's around the black hole We're just going a level closer To what's you know And I can imagine in 10 years There's going to be some new image of a black hole That you search this one And that's going to be the first time we've really seen A black hole Like I can just see this happening again I feel like there are further levels That they're going to take this down And we're going to forever be seeing The first images of a black hole of some sort or another But don't get me wrong I thought it was a pretty cool image I did make a video about it on 60 symbols The Duke from Venezuela made excellent videos about it Which I definitely recommend watching He was really smart because he made one The day before It came out He said this is probably what you're going to see tomorrow So he really cashed in there Because to be fair It also was a fantastic video So it would have been a good video any day of the week But he released it at a very smart time But Derek he's not just pretty He's also clever So he was trying to catch the wave before it really got up He did And he did another one after the image came out He did it faster Oh even better Now he gets twice as many views for the one topic Too much to the cherry I couldn't be there So I actually had to send someone else along To film it for me And then have it all Sent to me via like Dropbox And edit it all that night But I was quite quick I got it out quite quick as well So I did try to catch the The last remnants of the wave So don't get me wrong I was you know playing the game too And it was an awesome image It was an awesome image I thought it was a bit more worthy of The cheer pressure than some other things have been Yeah Have you seen? What do you think of the image Yeah I've just loaded it up I don't know This is one of these moments where Like I get it I get why this is It didn't live up to the hype But the problem is There'd been so much hype About it That I was convinced it would be disappointing And just like a few pixels That when it finally did come out I was like Ah That is actually Not as good as the hype But better than what I'd convinced myself What was going to be So it was sort of summer in the middle for me Like this is a scientifically important image Right I can already see it in all the textbooks In physics textbooks talking about black holes I mean I would say that this counts as direct evidence As opposed to indirect evidence Like the planet orbiting is Even though that indirect evidence Is so solid Like even I in a court of law Would convict based on that kind of indirect evidence Like yes Okay Please like You know This couldn't be more clear The colors artificial Which I think people quickly forget Like it just didn't It didn't even occur to me It's like yeah no scientific image of space Like basically just assume all the colors are artificial I don't know like when you talk about There's a press conference And there's a big PR push behind this I don't know There's part of me Brady That sometimes wonders if it would just be better for science To try to mind its own business And not play The attention game I totally understand why That is not actually reasonable Because of funding And everything Like and everything else But I just don't know How many people something like this Captures or like brings on board To the team of funding science I don't know I don't think it's a big deal But I also think Unless you're already pretty on the science team It's hard to look at this image And and be imprester understand What it is If you're watching a Veritasium video about Explaining the black hole Like you're pretty already on the science team So I don't know I'm not poo-pooing it But I just I think like you sometimes they just feel a little strange About these kinds of things Yeah I do agree with you that in the future There will be another Image of a black hole that's higher resolution And evidently And I would kind of like to see the black hole At the center of our galaxy It's like oh, somebody else is black hole It's not nearly as interesting as ours They did release that one I didn't really kind of got a bit buried But the juke's video did mention that And they showed it But it kind of because they didn't get as good an image of it I don't think the black hole was probably Pog was an oriental at the best angle or something So anyway It does exist But it's not as Pretty as the M87 one So So be it Black holes Stay far away I mean they are awesome Don't get me wrong You know That's as awesome as science gets But we're not trying to downplay The coolness of a black hole Today's episode has been brought to you by Hover The Premium Domain Registrar You should know them by now Gray and I both use them on a regular basis But today I want to talk about a feature on Hover that often gets just like a cursory mention But I've been using it more and more Sure Hover is the best and easiest way to register domains It has competitive prices and really good customer service But what I think is really handy Is how easy they make it to transfer your existing domains into the Hover fold Because look I'm going to admit it Before discovering Hover In fact, perhaps before Hover even existed I did register domains elsewhere And boy, are those domains a pain in the butt to manage I think some of the world's worst user interface designers are currently applying their trade In the domain register industry But that's not the case at Hover So I've gradually been moving my domains over to them I was doing it just again this weekend And the processing guidance Hover give you make it so easy Like actually easy Easy is not a word I often use when talking about domains They have ultra dummy guide level here You just go to your Hover account Click on the really obvious clear tab marked transfer And they'll hold your hand all the way through All done Another domain where it belongs in my Hover basket To check it out for yourself And get 10% of your first purchase with Hover Go to hover.com slash H-I That way they'll also know you came from here And remember if you have strayed and registered your domains elsewhere It's okay It's not too late to write that wrong hover.com slash H-I Don't forget 10% off And our thanks to them for supporting this episode Speaking of cool space should we talk about Star Wars? You put into our show notes new Star Wars trailer You Well Finger on the pulse I only put this in It's a very minor thing Because I remember Whatever it is 10 years ago now when the new Star Wars movie came out the first of the new trilogy And I was going to go into it Perfectly cold Have a pure experience But I had started a podcast with a friend of mine And he insisted No you have to watch it live on the podcast Even though you don't want to Even though we all know this will make your experience worse You have to watch it live And I cannot remember With the second of the new trilogy Was it last Jedi? Yeah last Jedi I honestly cannot remember if I watched the trailer Beforehand or not Yeah But with this one When I saw it come up at my recommended feed I just went Oh I clicked and I watched it immediately And that is the behavior that I have For movies that I really don't care at all about I was just I was so aware of it It just caught me in a really funny way That I just I clicked I didn't have a Seconds hesitation About should I watch this or not To preserve my Star Wars watching experience I was just like Click Oh watch this trailer Ah okay I'll see it Seeing it feels to me as As inevitable As the arrival of Thanos And it's like yeah Okay This is just a thing It's just a thing in the universe But I feel like I've kind of couched this movie in my mind As This is the last one I have to care about Yes Of the hook Yes Yeah Yes 100% Brady I had that exact same feeling of like This is the last time I have to Even though I don't care about it This is the last one I have to Like I'm obliged to care about Oh that's amazing I'm so glad I feel the way Yeah Okay Alright so I assume you watch the trailer as well I have watched the trailer I didn't like Seek it out In fact I think what happened was There were lots of stills from it In my Instagram Okay There were lots of pictures of the woman who plays What's her name? Ray She's good I think she's a really good actress But anyway Anyway So I was seeing lots of pictures of her Holding a lightsaber And I was like Why are they Is it her birthday or something Why am I saying so many pictures of her Right Daisy Ridley Is it me the fourth? Anyway yeah I thought it must be her It must be her birthday And then I realised Oh no these are stills from a trailer There's a new trailer out So I swiped or pressed I did whatever I had to do And And watched it I watched it once And then My wife heard the laughing at the end And went Oh that sounds really familiar Can you play it again for me So I played the laugh at the end And she's like Oh yeah that's what it is It sounds just like the laugh from thriller Okay Right yeah I could see that And then I watched it again Quickly before this episode Just to get myself up to speed So I've watched it Two and a half times What are your impressions, really My impression is that Isn't it amazing What a template, pro-form, a cliche All these teaser trailers For Star Wars films have to follow now Like there has to be Sound with no picture Yeah Like just like breathing or some sound And then suddenly A hard cut to a bright stark picture From the blackness Yeah I was trying to think like Did they recreate the opening shot From the first trailer Where um Either the stormtrooper Yeah It's like Was that shot for shot the same I have no idea But I wouldn't be surprised if it was And then you have to very early on Have a little like a cliche Star Wars sound Like a tie fighter sound Or a shot of a lightsaber And then you have to have Meaningful voice over Saying something that is supposed to be really important But it's totally forgettable Like you know We are all born with one destiny And like They could be saying anything And it doesn't matter As long as it sounds like Like wisdom Yeah Like it's like foe wisdom You have to have some of that And then you have to have some Extraordinary visual effect That everyone's just going to go Whoa In this case it was like Her doing some Back cartwheel over a Spaceship In slow motion In another one it was like You know the millennium Falcon doing some loop to loop Mm-hmm And then you have to have lots of really really fast Fast clips that everyone's going to pause And pour over every detail Without knowing anything that's going on And then you have to suddenly have a shot Of total mega nostalgia And this time it was like Lando Karrissian Previously it's been greyhands so low And things like that It's this complete template And this followed it like Beat for beat for me What you're saying there Makes me think of There's a great video on YouTube Called How to make a blockbuster movie trailer Right And it does this It's going through all of the Classic tropes But what's great is that The video is nothing But White text on a black background And it simply says What is in the movie Right so it's like Black opener Sound that you hear that you know Right and then it's like Shot of main character And it's like it's totally true Like the Star Wars one follows it Absolutely perfectly The only thing that this video does Which I absolutely love is they're like Serious remake of a classic pop song Right so you know that it's like a dramatic movie Honest to God I saw that trailer And I swear it like Fell right out of my brain Like I could barely remember Anything about it Except the two things that annoyed me Like I just don't care And like the magnitude of my inability to care Is amazing and I feel like You and me Brady we've been on this This amazing Star Wars journey together Low these many years And I would not have expected it to end In an apathy all consuming I would have assumed The most probable outcome would be like I'd hate it as much as the prequels You know and now it is this this feeling of like Oh we're almost free Like I'm almost free of this thing And I just have to watch it again Don't get me wrong I am kind of looking forward to it Like if I was saying it tomorrow and I I would be pleased Like I am looking forward to watching it But I do feel like it's like And then I'm free And that's probably because some of these like Interlopet ones that have like Just like set on their own Like that solo one Quite liked So I am thinking there will be ones I quite like In the future But this feels like this is the last one That matters And this is the last one That if it's Be it good or be it crap That matters because it's part of the nine And there are like three good ones And then there were three bad ones And then there's this sort of mixed bag since Like this is the last one That goes on your permanent record Yes Yes that's an excellent way to put it This is the last one on the permanent record Yeah Where it's like oh yes for 30 years We've been hearing this totally made up story That there was always intended to be three trilogies Right and now it's like oh it's finally all finished What did you like or not like about the trailer then Greg Oh again I can't really remember anything that I liked You can rewatch it if you like I'm happy to wait for one minute It's not even the length of a wax cylinder episode Actually no it almost exactly is it's two minutes It almost is exactly the length of a wax cylinder episode Oh yeah that's right that's right because The reason I don't remember anything is a 50% of it is just ray in the desert And there's a tie fighter that's chasing her I do like her outfit Her clothes look cool Brady's given props to the wardrobe people Yeah Well done a wardrobe people I'll tell you this The only thing that I still have a genuine emotional reaction to If they haven't beaten out of me yet Is the sound of the tie fighter shooting I think partly because I spent so many hours pretending to be a tie fighter pilot As a child in our video games Is like the tie laser sounds still get me The score when the score rouses partway through and finally lifts Yeah and it goes full John Williams Just after she does the cartwheel and it goes this Christmas And the full music comes in then you're like oh yeah man He nailed the music that guy Yes but that's just cheating because you know music is emotional manipulation That's what it is It's like the sequence of sounds that hacks your brain Into glitching into an emotion like that's what music does and so I can I don't even I don't even count that So I'm just like what am I going to give this trailer? I'm going to give it the tie laser sounds Which I still like and have this emotional reaction to But I mostly don't care but then also It's just like there's two things I was like oh no The first one I should have like I should have known that it was inevitable But it still made me sad We're seeing Lando on the screen for a moment Yeah It just kills me because I've always totally loved Lando Slightly fat Lando Yeah and that's like part of what it is is like Luke and Leia and Han getting older I'm fine with like I think it works in the trilogy as the main characters Yeah But it's like I want to think of Lando as like well hello hello hello Lando right I want to think of him in cloud city Yeah And like being this cool guy who appears and kind of mixes up the main cast a little bit And I've always really loved his appearance in the trilogies And you know like in solo which was surprisingly good We have a young Lando that's cool that's fine You can do a kind of different take on Lando But it genuinely made me sad of like because this movie is the last required one It's like I don't want you to take away the cool Lando in my brain and replace him with What is now just oh what's a man who's lived his life on earth and he's older now And he's older and chubby and they brought him back for a movie And now this is also going to be in your head it's like oh I think it's partly because I feel that way because it's like Unlike Leia or like Harrison Ford Or even like Mark Hamill like I just don't know him from anything else other than being Lando So it's like oh that made me sad It's like the late episodes of happy days when Fonzie sort of starts You know having responsibilities and being like a normal person It's like oh no Right that's not what I want to see that's not what I want to see And now when you see Henry Winkler Who's had like a successful career as a director and doing other things But when you see him as like a great old man Based still looks like Fonzie but just like old and you're like oh no No that can't happen to Fonzie Maybe it's because I was never very attached to Fonzie But I think he totally redeemed himself in arrested development Which was like genius when he shows up but I didn't watch that so I don't know I will put I think whatever it is the first Two or three seasons of arrested development the original airing of it is like one of my top three Commities of all time is great. He's in it. He does a really good job But yeah, it's just like Old Lando I didn't ask for this. I don't want this and it's required and I have to see it But of course you're gonna know what the other thing is it's the big thing in the trailer What do you think of the big thing in the trailer Brady are you talking about the Death Star the laugh at the end All right Yeah, I thought seeing Rickage of the Death Star was very interesting to me Yeah, that's cool like I think that's interesting and cool I'm undecided yet about how I feel about it because I need a lot more context But just the notion that there's like Death Star wreckage is is an interesting thought the laugh at the end of the trailer is ridiculous Why is it ridiculous? I don't know what they were thinking well, it's just so Hammy, you know and a bit corny There's nothing good about it is it's supposed to say you know palpatine's back Yeah palpatine's behind it all that's what that is and that just makes me think Oh Let it go see it didn't occur to me, but watching this trailer And when little palpatine laugh comes at the end. I totally had this feeling of oh of course of course in the last on record movie They want to establish it as canon that the Emperor is back in some form if palpatine is not dead If palpatine did not die in that shot after on the Death Star in return of the Jedi then my entire Childhood has been completely betrayed Because my my existence Depends on the fact That Luke Skywalker's dad finally came good and killed the Emperor that turned years and years of thinking dothator was bad and turned it around I'm like he fought that's his legacy that like Everything that is good about my life centers on that moment when Darth Vader looks at Luke suffering and says I'm gonna fix this and kill the Emperor and if he didn't kill the Emperor that day Oh genuinely be devastated Oh my goodness, okay, okay wait now That's brilliant Brady What are your feelings on force ghost Emperor? Well, I don't know. I'm not happy with that either because it feels like the one reward you get For being on the good side the light side right is you get to be a force ghost. That's like heaven And if the baddies also get to have their own Heaven because obviously if they're in hell they wouldn't be able to you know do stuff right You know have agency in the galaxy If being on the dark side means you also get to go and run a muck in ghost world Then what's the point of even being on the good side? Like that's the reward the blue light and living forever is your reward For making the right decision you can't have bad force ghosts Oh, I'm pretty sure that bad force ghosts are canon in the Star Wars universe though. Okay. Okay I'm pretty sure that they are and like it's one of the TV shows or something Don't talk to me about something in some book or TV show I'm with you 100% of like books and TV shows whatever. I'm not interested like the movies that were count But because it's Disney running a whole show about some book. Yeah Like yeah, I'm totally not interested But it's I think it does open the door to them having force ghost palpatine That's like we do this elsewhere and now again We're just gonna get it on the official record right before the end Okay, and as we learn in the last movie force ghosts can call down lightning from the sky like they can interact with the world I never really thought about like what is the afterlife like what is the metaphysics of the Star Wars universe? I mean, that's the end of return of the Jedi isn't at the end of return of the Jedi we see Anakin force ghost and it's like oh, you at the last minute he redeemed himself So he got to have a force ghost he got to have the blue glow And otherwise he would have been condemned to you know Star Wars hell I feel like I never really articulated that in my head up but like obviously obviously that's the thing I just never really thought about it in such clear terms that the bad guys don't get force ghosts They're just dead. I've got another question about metaphysical like Star Wars heaven If you're a good person and lead a good life but you're not a Jedi right Do you not get to have like happily ever after eternal life? What happens to people after they die if they're good but they're not a Jedi? Right, you're asking is there heaven in general in the Star Wars universe? Yeah, like because they've established there is heaven for Jedi's to only Jedi's get heaven that would be like going to church and being told and the priest saying I get to go to heaven, but all of you parishioners don't Can you imagine that like religion wouldn't work anymore if that was the rose? It would fall apart very quickly although like I'm not sure I really agree with your concept that they are in force ghost heaven They're not in heaven. Yeah, they're force ghosts You know that they live in like the exposition dimension where they can come in and tell you stuff They're obviously having some degree of eternal consciousness because they're conscious Or do they live in the subconscious of the person looking at them? Maybe they don't even exist and they're just imagining them. No, no, no again They're there, you know, because they can burn down your Jedi library You know, they're real they have agency in the world. Yes, sure They can come back one more time just to laugh at you and cause you problems And make fun of you for not reading a book reveal family secrets The more I'm thinking about it the more Forrest goes heaven actually sounds like Like a black mirror hell. It's like wait a minute. You're around Do you have eternal life now but just as a force ghost and what do you do you just hang out and you wait for things to happen Can you ever not see existing as a force ghost when the universe comes to an end or you stuck like this forever now Again in the Star Wars universe death is preferable to being a force ghost Right, it's cool for the first 15 minutes and then it gets boring really fast and also if being a force ghost is Good, right like you know, it's a nice existence That makes obi ones active self-sacrifice on the death star seem less Noble doesn't it like he's like yeah, go on strike me down Then I'll be a force ghost and won't have to hobble around in the desert anymore. Although again, I think it's uh Is quite gone gin is the first one who becomes a force ghost? Because I think that's I think that's the way that works So there's actually not very many of them. That's right. Oh those prequels They're now something yeah quite on gin like invented force ghost Yeah, yeah, they got that in I think it was at like the 11th hour of the third prequel where they're like oh, hey by the way Quite a gins around he's figured out a cool trick. Let me tell you about it He's working on it. He's working on something. Yeah But you think of all of those Jedi's who got slaughtered in the prequels and you know Quite gone figured out something. It's like hey, why don't we have an afterlife? That would be widespread Yeah, will it though? It won't be if you're stuck around for all of eternity after the stars have blinked out of existence And the black holes have have radiated away to nothing like that's not gonna be any fun whatsoever Yeah, then there'll be then there'll be got buddy quagg on gin just prequels Everything was fine until then yeah, I don't know. I just like if I'm trying to put odds on it I give it near one hundred percent odds that the emperor is back in some form 60% space ghost 30% he just totally lives 10% something really dumb that I can't think of there's some sort of Brexit thing going on We don't know exactly how he exited the films right yeah, but he's like he's gonna be back You know, you know 10% will divide it up like 5% chance It's a clone. There's an emperor clone who just happens to be exactly the same Brother yeah, that's exactly how it's gonna go his brother Oh, I never told you I had an identical twin brother who I was training as my replacement You know something we were separated at birth. Yeah He's growing up on a desert planet for sure. He's coming back and it's just like Oh, what did you think of the laugh at self-thing ray like as a dramatic moment in the trailer? It's silly I think they should have had him say something. I mean look here's what you should do If you want to bring back the god damn emperor, hmm It should be a surprising moment in your film That shocks people if you're say trying to achieve an artistic goal of Oh god everything that we've ever fought for has been for nothing and This war will continue on forever because the mouse will never let it stop like you can make that like a dramatic moment in your film But if what you actually want to do is After a disappointing previous movie try to make sure that everybody buys a ticket to this movie You want to have like emperors in it. Hey everybody emperor. Yeah, you remember him the best part of the prequels He's in this and he's laughing and he's being evil and the emperor is great So come see this movie because the emperor's in it It's a bit like you wouldn't end a teaser trailer for the Empire Strikes Back with like at the final moment as a screen fades to black having Darth Vader's voice going No look. I am your father. Yes Yes, that's exactly right like you'd sell a bunch of tickets with that trailer, but it's like oh Yeah, you've robbed the movie of everything that it could possibly be What do you think of the name the rise of Skywalker? It's a strange name Hmm my initial thought on it is I don't know if you remember but in the the first movie they don't call them the rebels they keep calling them the resistance Hmm and I found that really annoying, but it makes sense like oh we can't have the rebels because we used to have the rebels But the long term plan um convinced was always to get them back to calling them the rebels again And I can't remember what stupid nonsense happened in the previous movie But they eventually did like the linguistic change of like oh, we're not a resistance anymore This is the rebirth of the rebellion right so like okay, we can just use the word that we actually want to use my suspicion is Rise of Skywalker is going to be some some kind of sneaky way to get the Jedi back that like Skywalker becomes the title of The head of a new school of Jedi or something like this is what this feels like to me is like oh We said there's no more Jedi But obviously because we're disney and we own this intellectual property and the war has to go on forever We just want there to be Jedi and sit forever. We need some way to bring this back. So that's what I think this is What do you think? Well my problems with it a twofold one is it's a bit like I'm not another you know Return of attack of like you know it's like okay Is this how we name the films or are now we're rising off? Yeah No, Star Wars episode nine you know reloaded my other problem is you have to remember this is not a prequel This is like you know after what's come before so Is Anakin going from Desert boy to run of the mill Jedi to basically second in charge of the Empire Like that strikes me as a rise of a Skywalker and then Luke going from farm boy to twice defeating the Empire Like also strikes me is a pretty impressive rise of a Skywalker. I feel like We've already had the rise of Skywalker. I don't feel like there's any more rising for Skywalker's to do I feel like the Skywalker's of Pete what more can happen. I mean, I don't know what happens in the film Maybe they're gonna do something even greater, but I feel like the Skywalker's have risen the Skywalker's have like They've made their mark. They don't need to rise Yeah, I don't know like I've got my my money is banged on some kind of Skywalker school Right or like Skywalker title. Oh Right, okay, so it becomes like the Nobel Prize. Yes, that's right You get the Skywalker medal because we see the medal, don't we at that the being fondled at some point in the trailer You know the the new hope medal presumably that they get presented with okay If there is a medal being handled, I bet a thousand dollars right now. It's for Chewie I just think they're having an objectivity moment where they're like saying Look here's the medal that Luke and Han and Chewie won back in a new hope Thanks, Keith Very possible very possible when's the film out Christmas? So are we gonna do it this Christmas? Can we do a review? That's what I was just wondering when are we finally released and we have released this Christmas Yeah, that is Disney's Christmas present to us Freedom and we're not committing to what physical format the episode will be released on yeah, that's true We're releasing it in a holograph form This episode of Hello Internet is brought to you in part by Ting Ting is the mobile phone service that does things differently and is helping a ton of people Save money on their mobile phone bills There's no contracts overage fees or any other carrier tricks You just pay a fair price for the talk text and data you use up every month If you're like most people on your phone you're around Wi-Fi a ton of time So why pay for a set monthly data plant with Ting you just pay for the actual usage at the end of the month And for the average Ting user that means that their phone bill is just 23 dollars a month Ting offers nationwide LTE coverage on both T-Mobile and Sprint So the phone you already own will likely work with Ting You're just gonna need to go to high.ting.com grab a SIM card from the Ting shop and you're good to go You can always transfer your phone number over to Ting and Ting offers award-winning customer support through phone chat email and social media once again, there's no contracts Which I just can't stand having on my phone so you can try Ting for a month with no strings attached Go to high.ting.com and get $25 off your bill or $25 off a new phone in the Ting shop And again since the average bill is only $23 a month that's basically one month free So make the smarter choice from mobile get $25 off your phone bill at high.ting.com High.ting.com Thanks to Ting for supporting the show So great. I know you haven't been following the news much lately But I don't know if this one piece your bubble have you heard of the great Brady Harren office reorganization of 2019 No, I have not heard of the great office reorganization of 2019. I would like to know more Six day project I basically Just got sick of like my office goes through boom and bust cycles of how tidy it is Right, but underneath it was getting away from me like even when it was tidy Psychologically, I knew the cupboards and the drawers and everything weren't truly organized and it was like a Plak in my brain. It was like oh, it's just annoying me too much. So I said that's it I'm not working for a few days and I'm gonna go deep with the office reorganization Through away loads and loads of stuff shredded loads of stuff put lots of stuff off to my storage unit It was epic and now every morning when I come up into my office to start working. It's just like Oh, it's beautiful. It's like a sound of music moment or something I have to expect Julie Andrew to be up here and talking to me like fantastic Oh, that's very exciting Brady. It's made me so happy this makes me think That the Brady office move is much less likely of a thing to happen That's gone into a holding pattern for various reasons. Okay The main reason was the one place that I was considering as an option for an office to move to The person who was running it like who was like selling the office space just struck me as incompetent And that lost me because I like I emailed and said I want to come and have a look at some space And then that night he emailed me and said it was good to meet you today That space that you liked is going soon So if you want to reserve it like getting quick what and I was like I haven't I haven't been to visit you I think you've got the wrong email address Someone else I was the guy who just wants to come and have a look And I expected to get like an apologetic email back saying oh sorry. That's embarrassing what it mixed up But I had no reply at all And I was like oh if that's who I'm dealing with then yeah, that's a that's a that's immediate abort Yeah, you have the if you have that kind of interaction you know like oh This is how it's always going to be forever Every time I feel like I have a new office now anyway, so it's like it's it feels nice at the moment That's really exciting to do like that kind of stuff is great to do. Yeah, clearing it all out Trying to make your office a smooth Well-oiled machine. I have one thing left on my desk. Okay. That is an interesting object though And I'll be meaning to talk to you about it Okay, because when when I bought my new iPad recently Uh-huh, and I texted you and I said Do I get the keyboard with it? Do I get an apple pencil? You know, and I was asking you what specs I should get in that You told me to get the apple pencil. Yes So I've got my apple pencil here sitting in its box like the box open it sits in the box like as a ceremonial holder You know what? I have not used it one time It has never even touched the screen of my iPad not even once that was a bum steer. No, no no I don't know what you want me to do with this information because it sounds like you're trying to blame this on me I gave you bad advice Yeah, and all I'm hearing is I bought a thing and I never used it Why did you tell me to buy this thing that I have not used because I thought it's it's a use would just like be self-evident Okay, but but this just never a time when I'm on my iPad thinking oh, you know what I need now like another device It's just that I could lose you will Don't put it in my breath, but you knew me right you already like You knew a lot about how I worked. No, no, don't try no don't try to turn this around on me I feel like when you advised me to get it when you advised me to get it Yeah, in your imagination when you were like imagining Brady using it What was he using it for he was using it to touch things on the screen like everyone I know who has an apple pencil uses it So in which application was he touching the screen all applications like email if you're right if he was writing in an email or Well, if you're writing an email you would use the keyboard or tell me that which application What would I use the pen in all of them suppress the buttons net Netflix? Yeah, I use the pen and Netflix you can use it to press the buttons If you're on the sofa watching something on Netflix and you're like oh, I'm just gonna pause this for a minute to make a coffee You will pause it with the pen look I'll pause it with my finger, but the initial browsing stage for sure the pencil is in my house with the pen Yeah, which is just as you're swiping up up and down on left and right to like yeah 100% listen Listen, let me just get this out. Okay, so I sanity no, I feel like I Feel like you're a person. It's just a hygiene thing, bro. No, it's two-thoucacantamit No, it's 2007 and like smart phones have just come out on the market and You're a person who's bought an iPhone and you've left it in the box and what you're saying is oh My phone is perfectly good. I don't know why I would use this is like I can't explain to you Why you would use this if you haven't touched it if you haven't used it See you bring yourself unstuck there because what I thought you're about to say is what brings you unstuck Remember when like you know digital phones and that first did come out and you would have little Styluses with them that you would like insert into a slot and and like you look at retro films of people using the first digital phones And they're all using those little stylus. Yeah like pom pilots and stuff. Yeah, and then suddenly someone realized This is ridiculous. Why you know, that's the old way. That's how paper and pencils work Now we can just use our fingers. It's less to carry around it works just as well And so we ditched them Because we realized they were silly and now it feels like they're coming back for no reason Well again, the technological difference between the styluses of 15 years ago and now is enormous So like as someone who has used old styluses and apple pencils like I will tell you they are basically fundamentally different things Aside from the idea that you're pointing at a screen like they're they're just very different Okay, great. Let's before we get onto that because all right I accept that if I was an artist I could see the use for the pen right What do you think I'm doing beautifully sketching stick figures on my iPad To Netflix right yeah When I'm deciding what show to watch on Netflix tonight and you are deciding what show to watch on Netflix tonight What advantage do you have over me because you are using the pen? It's just more precise and it's more physically comfortable Precisely you can't miss those squares on Netflix like they're huge I'm trying to think of another analogy here and this analogy will not help at all It's like a game controller versus using a keyboard and mouse when you're playing video games Yeah, both of them will get the job done But a mouse is a it's just more precise. Okay, this is the experience with the pencil is I'm just swiping and then moving around and I'll use the pencil to like manipulate objects on the screen But yeah, like if I'm just pausing a video that I'm in the middle of watching I'll reach out with my hand Because I'm just like bam. I just need to hit it anywhere in the center of the screen and it'll pause right it doesn't matter I don't even know why I'm having this conversation with you because if you don't take it out of the box and clip it to the top so that it charges for a second and just Physically use it once or twice to swipe around the screen and open up apps I don't even know why I'm trying to convince you with anything All right, I guess I just don't use my iPad for many work purposes and that's the problem And I I remain unconvinced that I need more accuracy in Netflix Which is my main use of my of my iPad to be honest All right, I'll come back to you on this Very frustrating. It just feels like a real dud purchase for me She can use it just to use it Sammit you can't say it's a dud purchase if you haven't even touched pencil tip to screen I refuse to be blamed for this Brady. I refuse I'm still blaming you, but we'll see To be fair, I was always resistant to a Wecom tablets and now I couldn't live without one so And that is a similar thing maybe one tail use it for now it remains the entirely ceremonial object like my rowing machine Shall we end with a Christmas card? Yes, let's end with the Christmas card I keep them in a little A little space here next to my desk so that when we when we want to question at the end of an episode You have to have it nearby because again, it's always Christmas at Hello Internet Yeah, so I'm looking through all the ones that were sent in Here's one this will be quick, but it's topical because it's about to be big time in the news Oh, yeah, and the question was The person just said I would love to hear both if you talk about Game of Thrones a song of fire and ice oh my god, and they also have glitter all over this are you ah My nice tidy office Oh perfect, that's beautiful God damn it Christmas is very glittery Brady you always have to watch out I've always really careful about glitter with these things I'm not sure it came off that card or another one underneath that but covered in glitter It's really fine glitter as well. I'm sorry Brady. It'll never it'll never be gone You know what for that we're not talking about Game of Thrones Well good. I've never watched an episode. I'll put it going to get a vacuum cleaner now. I'll catch you later. All right. Bye

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