H.I. No. 23: Call of the Postbox

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"Call of the Postbox"
Hello Internet episode
Episode no.23
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Original release dateOctober 28, 2014 (2014-10-28)
Running time1:44:43
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"H.I. #23: Call of the Postbox" is the 23rd episode of Hello Internet, released on October 28, 2014.[1]

Official Description[edit | edit source]

Grey and Brady discuss selfies at the world series and on the moon, driving on the right wrong side of the road, Brady's new subreddit, death by electricity, how to steal a 747, livetweeting rules, the event horizon of mail, the worst of both worlds, wallets, the worst city in the civilized world, Nobel laureates vs million-subscriber YouTube channels, forgetting what we've talked about, Grey switching to android, train travel, a mile of pi, and being a secret billionaire.

The most minor of spoilers for 30 Rock and The West Wing.


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