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"Dinosaurs Attack!"
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"H.I. #118: Dinosaurs Attack!" is the 118th episode of Hello Internet, released on January 5, 2019.[1]

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"Grey and Brady discuss: Dinosaurs Attack!, MBS hotstop updates, more annotations #neverforget, Brady visits Paris and Moscow, and Diamonds."[1]


Grown the last show you told me that as a boy you collect these dinosaurs attack cards. Yeah, I Explained a lot about why you've turned out the way you did What do you mean by that Brady? They're harrowing What a thing to expose a young boy too? Well, I mean, who's the thing? I found a link for the episode last time and I put it in the show notes And I meant to have a good jolly romp down memory lane But I didn't quite get a chance to really look at them. Shall we go through them? Let's go through a few and anyone who's this thing if they want to We're gonna go to this page that's put together by a helpful chat named Bob Heffner and he has scanned all the cards in an epic Moment of free booting but we'll forgive it. This is a historical document I'm sure these dinosaurs attack cards are very historic look my memory of them is gruesome but awesome And that they would almost certainly never be produced today So I'm happy to take a look at some of them if you if on this one time on Hello Internet You want to take a stroll down memory lane with grave for some reason? So it seems the premise of the story is some dude is doing some kind of time research and he wants to go back and look into why the dinosaurs became extinct But he presses some wrong button or does something wrong and by mistake Brings all the dinosaurs into modern times they like sucked through time through some rip in time and suddenly I just Among us and just right absolute havoc for a while Mm-hmm and then Right at the end spoilers right at the end of the series of cards He figures out how to suck them back to where they came from isn't that the plot twist though? Isn't it that modern man and his meddling in science is the thing that caused the dinosaurs to go extinct? At least in my memory the dinosaurs don't do very well when they come into the modern world and they're all torn to pieces when they get sent back So I feel like that was a great plot twist of childhood like oh we are the ones that made the dinosaurs go extinct Maybe that was lost on me anyway the interesting stuff is what they get up to during their brief sabbatical in modern times okay Like it starts off okay. There's a title card and card two has this Thing up in all but this space station where the researchers happening wow card three sets up. There's a problem Card four things kick off and we get our first dinosaur in modern times ripping this bridge apart and being attacked by fighter jets These are drawings obviously by the way. They're not historical photographs even though No, I think I'm historical documents drawings of the time so anyway at this point at card four I'm thinking oh this is cool fighter jets shooting missiles at a Dinosaur the dinosaurs got trained and it's mouth. What boy would not love that? Yeah, and it look it's all quite bloodless so far that it doesn't let there's a person falling out of the train or something that the dinosaurs eating It's all quite bloodless and then you get to oh Card five home room horror. I remember this. This is like burned into my brain Each card has this like Really click-baity title as well. So card five is home room alright Now we've got some purple dinosaur ripping into a classroom and just like it's got like some Screaming woman in one hand who's at least still alive in its mouth There are two people being completely chopped to basis. There are three people being chumped pieces pretty I have to really look at the detail like these dinosaurs attack cards. They're filled with detail and And presumably that woman is a teacher you'll also notice that the classroom lesson that was occurring is about dinosaurs Right, so this is like a tremendous irony that the dinosaur attacks during a lesson on dinosaurs Leve very clever and of course as a child you imagine yourself as the boy who's getting away That's opposed to the teacher and your horrible classmates who suffer the fate that they obviously deserve You're projecting a lot into this card If you manage to do this with every card I can see why you were so into this well Do you think I am wrong Brady with my assessment that these would not be produced today? It feels like a holdover from the I don't know I guess early 90s I don't know when they were made because there's a lot of blood like the whole mouth of the dinosaurs filled with blood The teacher is poking out the dinosaurs eye and my memory is a lot of the cards are really like this Oh, yeah, that's time go to card six. Okay, police precinct assaulted. Oh, God Jesus. Yeah, I remember that one and we've got is that a steak that's a stegosaurus and Like in its mouth it's biting a policeman and half with blood coming out and at the same time with a spiky toe It is literally with one of its spikes Swipe at the eye of a policeman and the eye has come out of the socket followed by an explosion of blood Yeah, and also the detail that you can see the police officers skull underneath like I sort of wonder This must have been a dream job for the right kind of artists because look there's more detail than is really necessary If you're some company and you say We want to make a bunch of cards where dinosaurs Attack this is the briefing for the artists gonna be dinosaurs. They need to be attacking and run with it It feels like some guy said this is my dream job like this is the moment I've been waiting for my whole life because there just so much more detail that needs to be And the detail is all gruesome and horrifying How big were the cards gray like were they like the enormous size because there's so much detail in the pictures It must have been hard to say all the detail Well, I mean looking at this. I'm like I remember these cards I remember the detail that you can see the dudes skull underneath his face I mean, I think they were just like baseball card size or magic the gathering card size like I don't know exactly But they weren't Dinner plate sized so that you could really see all of the detail they were regular trading card size. I mean in card seven DC holocaust While the White House burns right under attack from teradactals a woman is being absolutely Savaged by this teradactal in the background another guy's head is head cut clean off by like the is that the leading edge of a teradactal wing Yeah, as we all know from paleontology teradactal wings were sharp as razor blades and could slice through anything I presume that dudes like a secret surface dude. He's got the sunglasses on he's got a machine gun in his hands And was was attempting to protect the presidential family and epically failed because of course who could go up against teradactals With their descriptions on the back because our friend bob hasn't scanned the back of the cards Like presumably the story of what's happening on that card was told on the back Pretty I can't believe this how did you not know the thing that you would like the most if you click on View card back on this web which shows you the reverse Stupid of course they were all so there listed as newspaper articles. Oh, they're done as news paper articles I think there were a couple of outliers like notes from people trapped in a basement or other things like that Apologies Bob you are a thorough man So this the back of the DC holocaust card is done as the front page of the Washington examiner And it says Washington DC a nation watched in horror as the president while boarding the helicopter and shouting to reporters on the white house lawn Was savagely slain by a trio of hungry teradans the first lady and two secret servicemen were also eaten alive as hundreds of Consurrented citizens Watched on live TV what a dream story to write as a reporter like would you really enjoy this scoop? Can you imagine sitting there writing that the first family literally being eaten on the front lawn of the white house in front of reporters? I guess it's a moment that reporters can only dream of you thinking I've got page one for sure this time Yeah, yeah, for sure as the president gets eaten by a Flying dinosaur even if you were say new to the Adelaide observer, you know, you're gonna get page one with this story The thing though on this back is that they have a picture They show you like a teaser of what the next card is presumably to help Kids who maybe can't count with numbers get the next one They have a preview of the next one You will not be surprised to know that this one as a child I thought was way over the line and I didn't like it at all So Caddy is crushing a canine Yeah, and after like the epic Grand scale of the first family being eaten on the white house lawn We have just a moment on a street corner Where a giant dinosaur foot is literally stamping down on a cute dog While it's little gal owner looks on in horror through gaps in her fingers as she covers her eyes And the poor dog. I don't like to look at it. I think this. No, this is too gruesome Yeah, my memory as a child was I had a box of cards and things that I didn't keep this one in the stack with the other ones. It's really interesting You know, it's like an innocent doggo, right? It's funny you can watch the first family being torn to pieces but yeah And this one is quite bloodless in the scheme of things like there's no blood. It's the least Physically gruesome It's the most Emotionally hurtful. That's why it's like I can't deal with it. Let's move on. Yeah, we have to move on to number nine Nupchal nightmare Where a triceratops has managed to impale both the bride and groom on two of its Spikes right now that is just hilarious Yeah He looks kind of confused doesn't he the triceratops like he doesn't really know what's going on like how have I ended up here? What these people wearing here's the thing in these stories Are not the dinosaurs the true victims? They were just minding their own business when humans came along and Ripped them out of their timeline and drop them off in the middle of a wedding. It's like a surprised Buffalo just appearing in the middle of a wedding like what do you think's gonna happen? Nothing good Brady I do you really want to zoom through every one of these cards like I will do it with you though I'm not entirely sure the listeners will have the patience to go through every one of the dinosaurs attack cards Let's skip through where they attack a baseball game a rock concert. Oh trapped in the basement That one's a real drama what numbers that that's number 11. Oh, I'm trying to skip forward and you're pulling me back to 11. Yeah, but look at the back of the card Brady. This one. I remember really striking. Oh, so instead of a newspaper now We have just like some kind of flyer that's been handwritten in Red Right, it says help us were trapped in the basement air running low Monsters burrow out of the ground every night to eat us we dot dot dot and there's like a smearing as the sentence was not finished As his red magic marker trailed across the bottom of the page there I'm sure and the picture on the card itself is the moment that dinosaurs do get into the basement and just like Go to town. Yeah Notice that a heroic man in the corner is trying to save everybody by using a power saw to slice off the skin of the dinosaur There's so much detail. I never missed the details Brady Just looking at these give you like huge deja vu to when you were a kid looking at these This is genuinely it like a bizarre deja vu moment. I feel like a lot of these cards are just burned into my brain and I know you were sort of joking at the beginning, but like do you actually think this stuff is harmful for kids because I'm obviously on the side of No, it's not harmful. I think kids are much more resilient than adults give them credit for But I'm also kind of baffle that they ever got produced and parents were totally fine with kids buying and collecting these cards I think they're deeply affecting But I don't know that I would call them harmful Like I think this affects the way you are in a lot of ways. What do you mean by that? I don't know. I just it just forms lots of the mental pictures in your head of what things look like Like obviously all these cards are dealing with Forms of death, aren't they quite gruesome death And I think as you grow up and you think about death and you have fears about safety and death A lot of what that kind of looks like in your head is colored by these depictions Do you think you can draw a straight line from dinosaur's attack to CGB gray uploads 24 hours of death onto YouTube? Is that what you're saying? There were no dinosaurs in that video by the way Not a straight line. No But a curvy line. There's no way this hasn't affected you And made you part of who you are I will grant that in terms of the butterfly effect of life that Did but dinosaurs attack not exist? My whole life would probably be different But that's true for anything you know, that's true for magic the gathering cards That's true for any Sunday morning cartoons. I watched that's true for every teacher in my like it's true And also meaningless I think I don't agree it's meaningless but Obviously something else would have taken its place right but I mean let's jump to number 18 okay to the restrap because here we have a beautiful hallow internet moment Because the teradods with the appetite not satan by the first family in Washington Have made their way for more presidential dining and they are now about rush more. Oh, I never made that connection There's a thematic through line here. They're gouging the eye out of George Washington That was a detail as a kid that bothered me because I thought Like it looks cool on a card But it's nonsensical There's no reason for it to gouge out the eye that eye is just made of stone of George Washington It's not delicious to eat There's clearly a bunch of people at this tourist trap to eat instead I felt like that broke immersion a little bit in the reality of this story Like well, I can assume that there's dinosaurs around but that they're eating stone or just vengeful Against the presidents of the United States is a little hard to swallow if we go to the back of the card We can see what the rapid city herald had to say about it under the headline tourist trap Mount Rushmore's nest of horror We have in South Dakota above the impassive stone faces of America's greatest presidents is a horror beyond belief Early this morning a flock of teradons created an enormous nest made up of trees, shrubs and shredded wood from nearby cabins As the giant eggs of their offspring hatched the teradon swept out of the sky and hunted for suitable food Innocent tourists from all over the world I love the idea that the whole world is under attack from dinosaur but tourists are still going to Mount Rushmore I never connected that I'm also thinking that the The life cycle of these eggs is quite short. What's the timeline here? How long have dinosaurs been attacking? I guess maybe they appeared out of time with the eggs already intact. I don't know But also confusing the timeline and the urgency of everything is the final sentence of this story In the rapid city herald which is a plan to blow up the site was considered by Congress But ultimately rejected as an extreme response to what could be a temporary problem In the timeline if this one yeah, where the story's been written Congress has sat and considered what to do and made a decision and I mean I didn't quite notice these we can call them plot inconsistencies in the story I didn't notice them as a child, but it also does Raise the question of okay Dinosaurs are attacking the world presumably There's a long list of problems and is a bunch of lizard birds on top of one of the most remote tourist attractions in the world Something that Congress really has on its agenda as a thing that needs to discuss Specifically considering that the presidential family has died It doesn't seem like it's going to be top billing for what are we worried about? Should we destroy Mount Rushmore for this temporary problem? Like I'm pretty sure they're considering Do we have to nuke our own cities at this point right? But then this is also on the agenda Ha ha Card 23 Is an odd one for me. Okay 23. This is called the perfect wave. Oh, yeah I thought this one was dumb This is like a visual gag of a dinosaur coming out of the water and there's a dude on the surfboard on his head And he seems to be unaware that the dinosaur is there or he's just willing to keep surfing and going with it And let there are women either side who are also surfing and they're continuing to surf One of them does look concerned the other one less so but yeah I felt like this is like in a drama where there's a misplaced joke or a joke that feels like it's from a different movie That's a little bit with this card feels like it's a bit out of place Card 24 are London in flames So obviously you weren't affected enough as a boy to be scared of moving to London despite the horror that is Befalling it here. I'm still not entirely sure I go along with your thesis here that these cards had a big influence on me as a child And I feel like this is evidence exactly through the contrary surely I would not go to London having seen the horrors of this card It was worse in America You start to get this theme starting around card 30 where the humans fight back We've got a kid strikes back and a kid has like got a bazooka and seems to have Be blasting a hole right through a dinosaur followed up by the amazing card 32 cat ladies revenge where Yeah, a cat lady uses a shotgun to blow off the eye of a dinosaur and coming near to eat her cats good for you cat lady Defending your home territory. Yeah, that's very graphic although the card before 31. I think is the most Graphic of all of them. It's just a close-up shot of a man who has been stepped on by a dinosaur It is probably the most graphic. There's also a rat suspiciously lingering in the background. What's that rat about to do? I think we all know we know we know what you're doing There's a few where New York are under attack. This must have been close to home for you as a boy. Yeah, of course. It was Terrifying pretty card 35 the Statue of Liberty. Why would a dinosaur attack the statue of Liberty? Because it makes a cool card I think that's why I have to attack the statue of Liberty look 36 Comic-cons catastrophe. They have the dinosaurs attack a comic-con Like just in case you're a nerd and not worried enough Like I don't know the history of this. Maybe some dinosaurs attack historians can dig at the details Even as a child I always assume that one of these three guys or all of these three guys in this card Are the artists or the people who worked on this good co even as a kid this one feels like a little bit of an injoke And so preferential yeah, and particularly the guy running towards the camera. I feel like he's Almost so detailed. He's out of this the art style that has been established in this universe Thank you, Rob. I assume that that's one of the artists again like with magic the gathering card Sometimes the artists like sneak themselves in as the subject of the thing That's what this always felt like as a kid like I bet that dude with the glasses drew a bunch of these pictures Yeah, that's my guess. What do you want next anymore? 44 meltdown is pretty gruesome as well. Oh, yeah There's like fire and someone's really copying the hate there in the foreground their face is coming off second best 45 must be terrifying for you Brady anchorman's peril. Yeah, they're specifically attacking TV reporters now, right And then in the last couple few the tide turns Humans send the dinosaurs back in the past There's also like a devil dinosaur which seems a little bit strange, but whatever. Let's just skip past that Yeah 47 supreme evil they sent they've just lost the plot. Yeah, it's like wait. What were we doing? Okay, there's a devil dinosaur Doesn't seem necessary, but let's keep going But card 49 is the first time we see something really graphic happening to a dinosaur besides the one that lost its eye because you're right as they ripped back To the past They don't seem to be ripped to the past quite as cleanly as they were ripped into the present and it seems to pull the dinosaurs apart Their skin comes off their body and Something about that that's not working for them. Yeah, I think that's why I assumed as a kid that this is like the plot twist that we caused the extinction of the dinosaurs So it all like it all comes full circle back in the end I guess the lesson here is don't metal with science. I think that's what you're supposed to come away with as the moral of dinosaurs attack So the sonopsis card says the sudden yank of this time reversal literally shreds the reptilian invaders into bloodied pulp and bone Despite unprecedented losses and mess destruction our civilization recovers So we end on a moment of hope right humans are always resilient Yeah, I think the other lesson of the cards is be sure to be well armed I imagine that part of the reason it takes place mostly in America is because Americans are the ones who have shotguns and pistols and home bazookas with which to fight back Against the dinosaurs, which makes it look more awesome in the card That's why in London they're just all dying on top of a spiky dinosaur. They don't they have no way to defend themselves That's right I don't know I'm still maintaining that this is a kind of innocent boyhood Fun like it's not serious. It doesn't matter. I agree. Great. I don't think it matters. I think it like shapes Who you are but not in a negative way Maybe kind of like you say in a meaning this way everything shapes who you are but You know, this is something that would stick in your head as a little boy though You're like this is not forgettable and you've shown that you like you remember these very work. Oh, yeah I probably remember these dinosaurs attack cards In much greater detail than I remember most of my childhood and also that's not necessarily just because they're graphic Because I remember all those return of the Jedi cards Extremely well. Mm-hmm. And maybe it's partly also because of the collecting and coveting nature of them. Oh, yeah, for sure I do think that that's part of it That's also why I've already referred to the few times but magic the gathering cards are also the same thing like they're really burned into my brain Some of the early ones and I think that is part of the collecting Nature of it. Yeah, and also a certain kind of repetitiveness of it that when you're collecting something You're going through the collection a few times to be like ah, I finally got number 37 right or you know I finally got that rare card. I was looking for them Let me place it in the binder with the rest of the collection. I enjoy it. I enjoy those castes. Thanks Brady And of course thanks to Bob Hefner for his very thorough free booting of all of these cards Although I don't see this there's not any ads on here So perhaps this is just regular old copyright infringement But somehow I don't imagine whoever produced all these cards is really trying to track down their Copyright an intellectual property ownership of them. It was tops. I mean tops are still around aren't they so in all seriousness If any of the listeners out there do have any information of the story about how on earth these things came to be I would really love to know that because it just seems like such a strange thing to exist in the world Can I just say I'm genuinely grateful to Bob for the website. He's created Archiving all the dinosaurs attack trading cards But I do feel like he's mr. Trick with his URL if you're gonna create the world's number one destination for dinosaurs Attack trading cards aficionados It feels like you should have an appropriate web domain. So I went along to hover.com Yes hover are the sponsor of today's episode and I had a look at what's available dinosaurs attack dot pictures dinosaurs attack dot gallery both good options fairly priced easy to buy in just a few clicks But then I saw it Dinosaurs attack Dot cards available Too good to be true in fact so good that I snuffled the domain all for myself I kid you not within 10 seconds. It was mine. It was so easy and then in another couple of seconds I had it forwarding to Bob's great page you could do that with any domain you register as well If you haven't got a website ready yet You could just forward it off to something else. So it's not completely dormant go along dinosaurs attack dot cards right now And hover will deliver you to Bob's fantastic and gruesome collection of cards now if you have a website now Or maybe you're thinking of launching one in the future You should be going to hover and registering the best possible names. Don't get scooped Hover's a really great simple service. It's a clean website that makes registering domains Well, it actually makes it bit of a pleasure Hello internet listeners can get 10% of their first purchase By going to hover.com slash hi seriously folks I know this is like a sponsorship message, but hovers are really great service I use it personally all the time and I recommend it to my family and friends You can get 10% off that first purchase hover.com slash hi Thanks to them for supporting the episode I've been contacted by a lot of people who've been traveling to Adelaide I am becoming a little bit concerned about the number of people who seem to be making Adelaide a destination now So they can go to the mighty black stump for a hot stopper. Why are you concerned? Quite a few people who are adding it to their itinerary. I mean, it's a Hello internet pilgrim website breeding. I don't understand what we would be concerning about that I mean, I'm beginning to feel like a real player on the South Australian tourism scene. I enjoy that's where Your mind goes, whereas my mind feels like oh, this is great. We're at step one and a half of a cold religion here Right, so we're going at this from different angles, but don't be surveying people at the airport Why have you come to South Australia and to be the wineries? peanut pound the beaches Hot stoppers at the mighty black stump, right Anyway, supplies have recently run out. Oh, no, so I was being contacted by people who in some cases had traveled Thousands of miles and then found that either Black stump espresso was either shut or had run out of hot stoppers, but I have Sent them another restock. So hopefully by now or very soon there will be more available Make your way to the mighty black stump Pack well for that long pilgrimage, but we make no guarantees as to availability or the training hours of Black stump espresso They are in no way officially affiliated with Halloween tonight and the The randomness of if you can get them or not. It's like a lesson in life. That's part of the pilgrimage. Yeah, it's the whimsy It's the whimsy sometimes you travel literally around the world And you get nothing so speaking of people who travel around the world my friend who is a airline pilot recently came to visit me We were driving around so I said to him oh, I've got something you feel to listen to and I played him some sections of the podcast where we talked about Your recent flying dramas, you know Conspiracy the near crash. Yeah, all that sort of stuff He had a listen and he basically thinks the whole reason for the the plane pulling up was pretty much what we Summised it was just going a bit too fast and doing that fly around was very routine like any pilot He's just straight away. Well, this is routine. This is nothing. That would never concede that something was extraordinary I'm sure he watches but he's sally land on the Hudson and says oh Routine I could have done that is this the property of pilots I mean in some ways that's a very yeah reassuring Property to have that they feel like it's all routine and normal. Yeah, they will never concede anything is it is extraordinary or surprising to them But the other thing that I was interested to get his comment on was the talk about why pilots come on and introduce themselves Because he does this right he listened to us talk about this theory that it was about building Report between the pilots and the passengers which he dismissed out of hand as we did right but He said the reason they do it is just the airlines do market research all the time and one of the things people like is when the pilot comes on and talks to them people just like it And I can say that it's part of the ritual of a flight, isn't it? There's you know like whoever drinks a bloody Mary in real life No one and yet it's like one of the only drinks you can get on a plane because it's part of what you do on a plane But there are certain things that are part of the airline experience and I think the pilot coming on and talking to you just must be one of them That makes me sad. That's just people ruining everything. Oh, oh, I love it when this happens Yeah, oh great. Thank you for filling that out on the feedback survey so that now I have to listen to this all the time Yeah, as always with Brady stories there are Several things that I love about them first question your pilot friend. Does he have the pilot voice? Does he have the you know the calm hi? This is flight whatever yep calm deep From male pilot right Yeah, he's like very cliche pilot And like my friends and I for years he doesn't like this, but he's learned to accept it We always jokingly will call him wolf. He's just like a wolf in Star Trek Really serious all the time, but you know how wolf's like always so serious okay, but he thinks he's a bit of a Joker And he is bit of a Joker like but he thinks he's mr. Fun time He doesn't realize he is thought the really sensible dude right okay, which is good. That's what you want in a pilot He's the organized sensible dude, but he doesn't think he is But that can make a person much more funny sometimes when they think they're the funny one and they're not So the second thing here is I love the image of you Brady you're out with a friend you're driving and you say hey Let's listen to the podcast that I'm on and you're playing a section of your own podcast to someone else to listen to I'm wondering how often that happens. It feels like a thing Brady might do a lot Very rare okay very very rare. I'll take your word for that except maybe sometimes for my wife But even that's very rare now as well. Yeah, so my understanding is that often hasn't gone very well He's like genuinely interested in my work and I'm really interested in his work like Wolfspan I was talking about each other's work So he quite appreciated actually hearing an example of what the podcast sounded like because he knows it's part of my job and Like he's got you know he's very analytical guy So he was interested to hear what the podcast actually sounds like do you think you could be a pilot Brady? Yes But I think I would find it very boring. Hmm. Okay, so it's not a job that would call you You can't imagine an alternate universe Brady who would be a an airplane pilot. No, it's too much Time of hours and hours of boredom You would be a good pilot because The sort of people who want to be a pilot are the sort of people who want to earn a good nice income But not work very much. Oh, yeah, that's why it was it was one of my top contenders for Jobs as an adult. I know I've mentioned that before on the podcast, but for sure Seeing my mom as a flight attendant and like the flexibility that she had with her schedule And then being exposed to that world a lot has like sweet the pilot looks like the optimal solution to this like Pretty decent money Also don't have to work a bunch what more could a human want out of life than that? Where's I'm not a lot that I need to work a bit more. Okay. I should rephrase that What more could almost all humans want out of life? Nothing more than that. That would be great Then I found out it was a lot of work to become a pilot and I was like, oh, I'm not climbing that There's one more factor that I want which is not too difficult to acquire That's what that's what I'm looking for in a job. It's not very hard I also get paid a lot and I don't have to do it much Who knew that YouTube was coming for you. Oh, man. Thank you YouTube. You're the best Speaking of YouTube we discussed last time YouTube's removal of annotations Which I will hashtag never forget It really is it's one of the great tragedies in YouTube history But there's a little final A little final annoyance for me that was waiting with this because I mentioned I had to go back through all of my videos and try to fix everything that was going to be broken because of annotations and During that process I forgot that for a brief period of time earlier in my career I had the brilliant idea of uploading footnote videos to the main video as Unlisted so every once in a while like there'd be some little thing that I felt was important to mention But I didn't want to put it in the main video so I'd make these little adjacent things I don't know why I thought this was a good idea for a little while, but I did it for two videos and here we are Four years later it came back to haunt me because when I was going through these annotations I realized oh no I have five footnote videos that are invisible on the channel and now that annotations are gone What do I do with them? No one will ever find them you can't click on the buttons to see what they are And I didn't want the work of past me to have been for nothing right like I want to build things the last Brady And so I didn't want those videos to go away. I don't yet say the problem. This seems like an easy fix to me Well Here's the thing I wanted to make them public But I wanted to do it in a quiet way So I thought I had the correct solution to this which is I went into YouTube I went into all their little advanced settings and there's the box that you can uncheck which says hey I'm going to make this video public But please don't bother my subscribers with it. Yeah, don't put it in the subscription feed Don't send them an email. Don't do anything. So I went through I unchecked all of these boxes and In the back of my mind I had a suspicion which was I don't think this is going to work the way I think it's going to work. I think something's going to go wrong Why don't I wait until I have an actual real video to put up so that I can hopefully distract or from this problem in case there is one And sure enough the day came I made those old videos public and I was trying to Stage them out over time and YouTube was notifying and recommending this to all of my subscribers for like the first hour It was up. It was incredibly frustrating. It's like I felt like I'd been kicked twice like god damn it YouTube You took away the annotations. So now I'm going to make these old hidden videos public But please don't bother people with four-year-old little footnotes that aren't main things and now all of those videos have hundreds of Thousands of views on them because YouTube was pushing them on my subscribers So it's like one final pain point from YouTube like god damn it this button didn't work the way I wanted it to work I thought it would be nice and silent and the other thing that kills me is those videos now show up in my timeline as though I uploaded them last week I even went there's a setting in the back end of YouTube which allows you to like manually specify what they call a recording date And I thought oh maybe this is the thing I can go in here and say these videos are from four years ago They're not from now and now of course that doesn't fix it So it's like I feel like I have this scar on my channel left over from the deletion of annotations Which is now five thirty second videos. I don't see why you made them public. What did you want me to do, baby? Well, I would have gone to like The main video source video the mother ship the mother ship and just where you used to have the annotation To take people off to the footnote video put a card there So the card pops up in the top right saying see annotation now right because you can card to an unlisted video And I would have gone high up in the description and said here are the annotations for the video and listed the links And I would have gone into the comments and said here are the annotations for this video one two and three Here are the links pinned to that as the top comment that would have given Three different ways for people to get to those annotations from the source video Which are all prominent enough for what is already an old video right and for annotation videos that aren't that important And you would have solved the problem without the obvious other problems that were inevitably going to happen Okay, you say inevitably I was trusting in YouTube system That was my problem Well, what's wrong with my solution anyway? And you would have kept them hidden that way and I wouldn't have appeared on the channel and you know what part of the problem is Part of the problem is I totally forgotten that these videos existed and the fact that They were different from all of the other footnote videos this inconsistency Brady It was a thorn in my brain as soon as I discovered them It would have bothered me until the end of time to not have Made them part of the channel and I figured I only had one shot to do it Where if something went wrong at least was understandable which was after the annotation delete But why didn't this bother you before I didn't bother you when you made them It didn't bother me before because I totally Forgotten that past me had ever done this I didn't even remember these videos existed But why didn't it bother you when you made them like and when you made them they weren't visible on the channel This was the case when they were brand new to you and the week they came out This was the case that they couldn't be seen on the main channel that is 100% true but this was Past me Foolishly okay trying some idea that actually wasn't a really good idea because nobody ever clicked on those videos The click through rates for them was very small and it felt like there's no point in doing the footnote videos It all if this few people see them which I think is why I stopped and for whatever reason past me didn't think to make them unlisted At a time when they would have fit much more in the timeline So I understand you have these alternate solutions which would have been totally reasonable But you know me Brady I cannot abide by pointless In consistency So I wanted to have these videos be public on the channel like all the others were Now I have to live with these five on my timeline out of order Forever it's like YouTube is personally punishing me For hashtag never forgetting about annotation deletion. I don't say why you are unwilling to have such an important video It's being visible. It's consistency Brady. It's consistency. That's what I wanted And again my real problem here my real problem is that I trusted that by unchecking the button Don't notify people about these videos YouTube wouldn't actually notify people about these videos and would not Clog up their recommendation screen with them But so now I don't even know what the point of that button is like why is this button here? Presumably they didn't go to subscribe as in a subscriber feed They just started turning up in recommendations because you can't turn that off That's where people started saying it presumably They just went high into people's recommendation list because you're highly recommended I think that's true But I did see on some of the YouTube comments that people were saying they got notifications about it This is where you always wonder like what's going on with YouTube? And there's the question of Did people get notifications? Did they not get notifications? Are people confusing stuff showing up on the home screen with notification? Yeah This is one thing where I do have sympathy for YouTube because We all complain about subscription boxes and the way videos are recommended But they also have urban myths around what happens that are impossible to get rid of And one of those is when you have a channel where there's a lot of people You're always going to have people reporting some problem And then you have to wonder about what the veracity of that is I don't know but I did see enough comments from people saying they got a notification about that new video And so I just I have some doubts about how well that system worked I think there are two things going on here I think because just the nature of your channel you're being highly recommended prominently So you're getting a lot of clicks on recommended videos And I also think Just because of the nature of the people who are super fans of you I bet a lot of them have got ways to be notified of new videos of yours existing That are like hacks and workarounds and art conventional ways of being notified And I think they're confusing that with just bog standard dumb user subscription notifications Possibly like I bet there are like rss ways to find out when your channel you like has a new video or something that Is bit of a hack and that would still let people know when anything new appeared in your List of videos that is possible I have one other really irksome complaint that I'm going to put in under here While I'm complaining about small things But under youtube wants to be tv corner there was a thing I discovered in uploading the most recent video Which I'm really annoyed at But it's another feature that youtube has taken away And you no longer have the ability to link To a video at a specific time Anywhere in the youtube system So for example, yeah, let's say they're at an end card Like this has come up with the podcast a couple times like when I made that video about Thinking about attention like that walking vlog on my second channel I wanted to put a card at the end of that which linked to the hello internet episode at the particular time that that conversation took place It's like nope you can't link to a specific time in an end card and I thought okay Well, they made end cards they just haven't put that in but I discovered by playing around with the most recent upload There is nowhere on youtube that will allow you to link to the video at a particular time that works for someone to click on it So you used to be able to in a playlist Specify the time a video should start in the playlist nope That's been totally removed you can't do that anymore And I even found out that they've gone in and if you Copy paste a URL which has the time code in it and you put that link In the description of your video when a user clicks on that link It just drips out the time code and just starts you at the beginning It's in theory it's again, it's like anything that's interesting that would allow Creators to play with the internet e format of the videos has been Removed and this this one is like I can't even put it in the description of a video That's in theory eating so as far as I can tell the only time stamp thing that works now on youtube is when people Leave a comment on the video that says ha ha I really like the joke at 304 and someone can click on that and then it will jump to that section in the video But that seems to be it like if you want to link to someone's lecture on youtube and say oh the interesting part is 20 minutes in And have a link that works that has been completely removed as far as I can tell Which is extra dumb because you can send someone a link You know that they can click on an i-message that will open the video at that time, but you can't do it On youtube anywhere as far as I can tell incredibly frustrating Why do you think they've done that Well, here's the thing with any of these little decisions You can come up with a whole bunch of speculation about why But I just view it as this continual narrowing of possibility that everywhere Creators used to have flexibility They're bringing in the gates and it feels very much to me like youtube is optimizing for Watching youtube on an apple tv that's like the idea Like they don't want to have a tv experience be a thing where video starts at a particular time They just want to have the videos start at the beginning And play to the end and they're taking all of it in and the the thing that really kills me is By putting a link in the description with a time code in it It means they had to go in and tell the youtube system to manually strip out the starting time code when you click that link Like it's a positive thing they've done As opposed to everything else where they're simply removing features So you think it's optimizing for kind of a cross platform compatibility on youtube I think that's what it is that they basically want it to be like Netflix everywhere that you're just watching videos and the videos roll into next videos and Anything that could potentially be clever or that could be non-linear is slowly being removed Which of course is extra funny because netflix just did bander snatch but yeah Cool interesting yet another place where our creativity is narrowed by youtube. Thanks youtube Hey while we're winging about Media platforms. Oh, yeah, it suddenly occurs to me that I think it's outrageous That Twitter allows people to see the list of people who follow you okay Wait, can you clarify what what the complain is here? I'm a little confused So if you go to my twitter profile it's like oh who are all the people who follow number file You click on it and there's the list of them all oh Because I was reading about people who are like launching new youtube channels and trying to promote things And they were saying oh yeah, the best thing to do is go to someone on twitter who's got lots of followers who are in your area Get all of those names and tweak them old and message them old because you know they've got like a you know predilection for that Area suddenly incredible invasion of Privacy that's really interesting. I never thought of that before like if I was launching a Channel about you know Dinosaurs right I would go to the leading dinosaur expert on Twitter look at all the people who follow them and just try and contact all those people say you should check out my dinosaur channel Okay, so I have to ask you can you When you're looking at the followers of someone else Can you then filter that down to just see who the verified followers are of someone else? Hmm, I'm kind of wondering can you not only see the list but also pick out like the high quality People who are following them. I'm just kind of curious But I never really thought about that because I've never like there's you don't have any reason to click on Who was following this person? It's such an insidious thing to do that such a naughty thing to do that It makes me a bit mad that people do it, but I think you have a point. I think You are correct that it's it's almost like a kind of free Email subscriber list access for other people yeah The information should be Private by default. Yeah, I mean, I've never particularly liked that Twitter does a lot of that Facebooky feeling stuff where If you look at someone's profile at least that I'm presuming they still do it It'll show you like oh the people you follow who follow this person yeah or being able to see the list of people that Someone follows I think it isn't private because Twitter is this public platform Like I think it's the most interesting thing and the most useful thing about Twitter is it's Public nature between people and the semi connectedness of a mutual follow between people is is interesting and one of the most valuable parts of Twitter but I Think it's a little uncomfortable that that you can see the social graph So clearly exposed But I never thought about it on the other end as well that just in terms of the pure follower numbers That's all visible I would love it if Twitter had some kind of semi-private mode where I don't have the count be Private so it's totally locked down and basically a useless Twitter account But it would be good to be able to say like don't let people see who all my followers are and don't let people see Who I'm following But if I'm following someone that person should still be able to see that I follow them if you see what I mean like it's still around that connection Yeah, the world is a scummy place when people are scraping and promoting to the followers of other people on Twitter that feels really gross Yeah, it's poor form the people who do it know it's poor form tell you about you know it is poor form That's an excellent way to put it Brady poor form is the desperate scummy well we live in high at least there aren't dinosaurs attacking though This episode of Hello Internet is brought to you in part by Dashlane I don't know about you But I have a lot of passwords that I need to remember So many passwords that frankly it's an impossible task and once you live any part of your life on the internet Which you obviously do because you're listening to this podcast You two are going to quickly accumulate more passwords than can fit in a human brain So what do you do use the same password everywhere? 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I think you can sneak under the radar sometimes I mean you can edit out coughs and sniffles But you can't edit out like the baseline effect that you're just very nasal I'm willing to bet a significant number of viewers did not pick up on it until now. That's my bet Ah leave a comment in the reddit and Brady will let me know how that went I blew it I blew it Gray. I was doing so well So I've been to Paris, France, and Moscow, Russia Recently, what did you think of Paris? I love Paris and I know you don't and this is a bone of contention between us Okay, right. I just I couldn't remember if you're one of these people who are insane in love Paris And I just I just wanted to make that clear because yeah, I think it's a total disgusting cesspool But anyway, tell me about Paris. I love it. I love it so This year has been declared the international year of the periodic table By UNESCO. Is it an anniversary? Yes, it's the 150th anniversary of 150th Mendeleev's first publication of it. Oh, okay. I can't decide if that feels like it's a long time or it's a short time I'm even going to claim a 1.7% Ownership of this year being the international year of the periodic table. Okay. That's my arbitrary number Of credit that I'm going to take for it. All right, and why is that? Because As far as I can tell the main reason it happened Was because surmaten polyokoff who I make my chemistry videos with all about the periodic table Thought of it and suggested it to some influential people who then went on to recommend it further to UNESCO and Got it to happen So like the kernel of the idea came from him. It seems and I have some email proof of that And I don't think he would have suggested if he didn't make chemistry videos with me and became mr. Periodic table I think that's fair. I think that's fair Obviously, it's just an arbitrary number that you pick there But I think it is fair to say that you deserve a non-zero amount of credit For this happening. Yeah, non-zero So I don't know maybe 1.7 is high. Maybe it's low You decide But anyway Now that I've built myself up right allow me to tear myself down. Oh great because Going to these events was incredibly humbling for me And I mean it in the true sense of the word humbold. Okay. I was properly humbled on these trips Because I mean the last big trip I did that was publicly facing was thinker con right In Alabama and because it was a very self-selecting audience and everyone who'd come there had come there to see educational YouTubers right like you feel like bit of a celebrity don't you Gray like Loads of people recognize you and want to say hello and take a picture You get this Overinflated sense of like importance like oh people know who I am People like what I make. Yes. They associate it with me. They know that number file is made by Brady They know that periodic videos is made by Brady They thank me for making it and you come away with this like Glow right and this inflated ego is that what happens when one visits an event like that how interesting There is some of that of course. Yeah, no, that's what things like big con were invented weren't they so that Non-solubrities could feel like celebrities. No, of course I agree 100 percent that's my experience too Anyway, whether you like the attention or not you certainly come away with a sense that people are familiar with who I am and what I make yeah, it's ground zero for The density of people who know and appreciate your work. Yes. It's going to be nowhere higher on earth than an event like thinker con Exactly And don't get me wrong, you know, I walk the streets of London on a regular basis and not a single person knows how I am So I don't think I'm famous right, but I feel like all if I go to somewhere like that people know who I am and what I do in the right circles You're an important notable person So I thought going to the launch of the international year of the periodic table Being the guy who like for the last 10 years has made the videos with Sam Martin polyaccombat the periodic table and chemistry And there was going to be full of chemistry teachers and students and people from the world of chemistry I thought oh, I'm sure someone will come up to me and you know Say good work. Maybe not maybe not maybe so So I went to this event with Martin, you know, there was lectures and talks but there was also a big hole full of periodic displays and members of the public were coming and Martin Who if for people who don't know he's this chemistry professor. I work with who's got this big frizzy head of hair And he's very distinctive looking and he's obviously been in hundreds of videos with me that have been watched, you know, couple a hundred million times Martin was a superstar Like he could not move Like their crowds were forming cues were forming he must have been in a thousand photos and selfies Which is funny because he's absolutely terrible at them and still doesn't know where to look So you get these weird pictures with him He was like Rockstar absolute rock star Right I was Seriously like that guy that carries the nuclear football for the president I was nothing Except the guy that had to take all the photos Like oh can you take a picture of us because I was always standing with him Can you take a picture of us? I was taking all the photos and that and like Martin what an amazing thing you've created what a fantastic idea you had Oh, it must be so much work that you've done over the years Making all those videos. I'm literally standing there like I'm literally standing there having given my life to make these videos Spent God knows how many hours up until midnight not to take any credit away from Martin He works hard on it too He also has been responsible for a lot of the funding and his knowledge and just like Charisma other reason the videos are successful. I don't forget that But gosh, it was funny for like the contrast to be so absolutely anonymous sometimes Martin would remember to say I'll see that guy standing there, you know He made them all when people would say how did you have the idea? If I'm standing next to him he's learned not to say it was his idea because I call him on it So he'll say it was that guy there right and then they'll just look at me and go I feel like I'm he's like Assistant like his camera assistant that just carries his equipment and points the camera at what he tells me To point the camera it was such a contrast. It brought me so back down to earth That brutal in my head the mental picture your painting is that you're a camera donkey like you're there to be holding the things I think they think I'm one of his chemistry students. Right who can operate a camera The best thing was I had a whole day of it. It's fine. Yeah, it's life. It's a good life lesson for me And then at the end of the day I checked my email and I had this email Which just like was like the cherry on top of the cake said Dear Brady I have greatly enjoyed watching a number of your videos over the last couple of years They are highly entertaining This year I'll be running and it's this science festival this person's running. I'll be running the science festival Bearing in mind. He's just called me highly entertain right We are looking for entertaining and informative speakers to come and do some kind of show talk presentation In our local town hall and I'm thinking oh here we go. This is where you know you even have experience with this kind of thing Yeah So uh this year's dates are blank blank blank saturday would probably be the main day for events All right, I'm bracing myself. I've already approached professor polyacoff But alas it looks like he will not be available in September fair enough. He's a busy man Now I'm feeling a bit like second place Charlie. All right. Let's hear what you got to say next sentence I wondered if you might be able to suggest some other scientists who might fit the bill any helper advice you could provide Would be greatly appreciated. Oh best regards Oh Brutal it's extra brutal because of the psychological setup that you feel like you're going to be number two like oh And then no you're not even number two. Not even that not even that I don't want to be imodest on your behalf Brady But this story is also extra funny to me knowing that whatever event this is if you were to But tweet that you were going through this thing they would have a packed house I have to say that like I am genuinely surprised that You were the camera mule at this event Do you think it was just that the attendees were say out of the demographic of periodic table viewers or like I'm just curious if you have a theory as to why yeah Maybe they were probably only light viewers for stuff. They weren't like super fans and I guess on periodic videos I'm a lot more anonymous. I guess My face doesn't appear on screen, but surely people know someone's filming this I think in here you ask questions. Do they think about that? Maybe they just think it's just you know like it's just This court of people around surmarten who does as the great night instructs And I just it was my day on the camera that day. Oh maybe like I said it was humbling and it's good to be humbled right Especially after the high of Huntsville I did do a hot drop With surmarten while I was in Paris which has now we've dubbed a less shoulder plank I had a bit of a help from some French speaking friend as that's the ideal name for a hot drop Shoud I think means Hot and plank means stash the word drop was inappropriate. I was told so I was told to go with the shoulder plank So we did a shoulder plank at the Eiffel Tower and a hotel called the Tim Hotel the shoulder plank That's kind of fun to say Shoud a plank. I mean I'm sorry I tell you what I like about Paris though I want to put this on a list a new list. I want to create And that is a list of things that are so much like the movies that they don't seem real And that is the sound of French ambulance sirens Like they have this sort of comical sound about them French ambulances and like even their emergency services That aren't like any other you know the countries I'm used to being in like England and The US and Australia And it always reminds me of being in a movie when a French ambulance goes past I feel like I think I can hear it in my head, but I'm not 100% sure like American police cars those big black and white ones So like American money although I've gotten used to American money now But the first time that you ever have to do with American money you feel like you're in a movie yellow taxis Yeah, I mean again I put the entirety of the city of New York in this category That's where I always have the feeling the strongest Lots of things in London too All the London stuff the magic has completely worn off for me I don't have that the movie feeling but New York always has that really strongly Especially if say you're walking by the Ghostbusters fire station It's like oh That always really throws me every like I happen to have a reason to be around that area a bunch And every time I walk past the Ghostbusters fire station it's like wait Did I fall through a wormhole into movie lands like Do I have a ticket to the last action hero here? It's it's always very disorienting So after Paris came Moscow And I did go to Russia now a year or two ago But this time I got to spend more time in Moscow, which was good But I did have some like Russia problems this time now okay And this was being like a media person a camera person In a country where there's you know different attitudes to that do you mean like scary Russia problems well not scary just more Unfriendly towards the idea of media It first exposed itself as we were being driven to a place where we were just gonna go and have some meetings And we were thinking maybe we'll do some videoing there right and on the way one of the mind has said Oh, they don't want Brady to film anything They've been googling and they found his name associated with a bunch of BBC stuff because obviously I worked for the BBC for seven years Right they'd been googling me They thought I was like I don't know they did they think I was like an undercover BBC thing But suddenly I wasn't Martin's camera donkey anymore I was like a BBC journalist right not but not only a BBC journalist maybe a spy no who knows so it was like oh Is this gonna be a problem? It turns out we were going I didn't want to film there anyway because it was Dulles dishwater but it was like I was just gonna be a problem never they felt very high school there really I didn't want to film your thing anyway It was funny because a lot of these things that we were going to kind of with things Martin wanted me to film Right and it's quite often Martin wants me to film things that he thinks are interesting and I have to tell him This isn't interesting we shouldn't be doing a video about this And this was like my get out of jail card we went to this place and Martin was like trying to explain to them I didn't work for the BBC That's fun Martin I'll check my camera and that's not creative scene like I don't know That's great so you you can play it like you're not disagreeing with him about the Interestinglyness of this boring thing and it's just oh The Russians won't let me film here otherwise this would be great This episode of Hello Internet is brought to you by curiosity stream a subscription streaming service that offers over 2000 documentaries and nonfiction titles from some of the world's best filmmakers You can get access to all of their documentaries and exclusive originals starting at just 299 a month and as a special offer for Hello Internet listeners The first 30 days are completely free if you sign up at curiositystream.com slash hello internet and use the promo code Hello internet curiosity stream is the world's first streaming service addressing everyone's life long quest to learn Explore and understand their content spans nature history technology society lifestyle Then it's available across almost every platform you can imagine and of course because this is the internet It's available worldwide if you want to learn about it. They probably have a video about it Say for example, you've recently rekindled your interest in dinosaurs Well the rise and the fall of the T-Rex is waiting on curiosity stream for you So once again for unlimited access to the world's top documentaries and nonfiction series and for our listeners go to curiositystream.com slash hello internet and enter promo code hello internet to get your first 30 days of membership free Use that URL let curiosity stream know that you came from hello internet and go watch some interesting documentaries The next event we went to Was the big launch event in Moscow for the periodic table year because they had the event in Paris And they had like a mirror event in Moscow because the Russians are very involved in The celebration and the event for obvious reasons because of mental I'm stuff So it was being held in this big lovely building that had this great big auditorium and in an avenue and We got there early So we were going through this side entrance that we were told to go through because the public entrance wasn't open yet There was a side entrance for people involved in organizing the event and the stands and things like that and Martin was like the guest of honor He was one of the big big speakers. So he was a big deal. Mm-hmm And the problem was the prime minister of Russia was also doing a talk at this event. Mm-hmm Which suddenly made it like a big deal security was jacked up to the max And things like that everything was higher alert because the prime minister was coming all the car parks were closed And there was metal detectors and stuff like that And we went to this side entrance and Our name wasn't on the list that they had at the side entrance because we weren't one of the exhibitors I don't know where our name was but Martin's name wasn't there yet alone mine So like they put us to one side which was really funny because we also had all these minders and important people with us who were like incredibly embarrassed because So Martin couldn't come in and he had to like sit in this chair and wait while the People with earpieces and that were trying to figure out who was what where this list isn't who this person was I was fine with it. I was just like I thought it was funny But it got even funnier because the next person that tried to come in the door was Yuri Oganesian Who is the guy who just had an element on the periodic table named after him? Right. He was the other super VIP guest You know element 118 has been named after this man He's the only man alive with an element named after him. Oh wow And so he turns up at the door and says his name and then again, they're like Your name's not on the list at which point I leaned over and said to Martin His name's on the periodic table. Is that not enough to get you in? He could just point a periodic table and see see that there That's me This is all about me Because he's an old Russian guy. He just said bugger this and just walked in that's also really good But I like the idea of carrying around a periodic table as ID. Yeah, that's my business cat Recognize this. Yeah, that's me So anyway, we got in but then the writing was on the wall now. I was like, okay This is an interesting environment a couple of times while I was in there people came up to me and said do you work for the media? I was like no, no, I'm here with the professor. I make these YouTube videos Okay And then about 10 20 minutes before the big event started I went into like the main auditorium where Martin was gonna do his speech And I was gonna film the event and stuff And I hovered close to this back door because I figured I'll shoot it from the back You know, I want to be out of the way my camera's got a good zoom Mm-hmm, and this burly security guy says who you do work for the media And he didn't speak very good English And I said no, no, I don't work for the media. I'm with the professor YouTube. I'm an invited guest You know, I was like a proper guest. I I was sent invitations formal invitations to get my visa and everything. I was like properly VIP He says come with me and makes me leave like the auditorium And then all of a sudden I find myself off to the side in this room that I didn't even know existed That is just full of journalists like there must have been 50 Russian journalists there and they were penned in this room outside the main auditorium where they weren't allowed to go And they were watching everything that was going inside via screens and they were being like I don't know who they were being monitored and you know Hearded into this one place where they could watch when the prime minister came in and watch it on TV But not be in the room And there were all these minders and they all suddenly all came up to me trying to figure out who I was this guy with a camera And I was like no, no, no, I'm not I'm not a journalist. I'm not from the media. I'm here making this video for the event I'm a guest of the event You know and I couldn't get this across to them Right Russia is a place where if you're not being shown the respect you think you deserve You kind of have to play it right Yeah, I mean this may be the first time I've ever heard you Downplay the journalism part of your life Usually it's like top card to come out bam journalist Facely independent. I'm facely independent now. I was just a lackey of some Filming chemistry. I've never heard you downplay journalism ever before But this feels like the correct situation in which to do that journalist. I've never even heard the word Yeah, what are you just don't Google me and BBC? So anyway, I said look I need to go and get someone who speaks Russian to talk to you guys Here's my camera. I'll leave my camera here with you I went quickly back in and got like our mind and I also got in some Martin came out And they came out and this big discussion ensued and it was a big flurry and these people I don't know they weren't having it But I wasn't having it either and they said he has to wait in here until after the prime minister goes And I said look if I'm not allowed to film the prime minister that's fine, you know you guys make the rules But I'm not flying all the way to Moscow to come to this event about the launch of the periodic table at your invitation And then being locked out of the room So I said here keep my camera. I won't film it. It's fine the rules are the rules But I'm going back in to watch because that's why I'm here And you tell me when I can have my camera back and when I can I'll start filming again. I trust you with my camera There you go In the end, I think they realized I wasn't going to stay in this Pen with all the journalists Right, so I went back in and left my camera behind and then like five minutes later The woman who'd taken my camera comes back into the room where I'm just sitting in the auditorium now With my camera and says here here's your camera back. We've decided you can have it After all that But then five minutes after that a message comes back, but don't use your camera until after the prime minister's gone I was like in the end, but he went the prime minister was there He was there for five minutes and then left straight away while he was there There wasn't a single person in the auditorium who wasn't filming it on their phone They were like thousands of people there every single person was holding up their phone the entirety of his speech My camera was sitting down by my feet. I'll share a few other random thoughts I had about Moscow though because this time I went and saw Moscow properly last time I didn't actually Go to Moscow properly this time. I was based there So I went and walked around the city and saw a lot more of it right And my thoughts are it certainly we didn't feel controlled like you know you were talking about this was a place where you could just you know Just go anywhere. It was just like a big city full of tourists and you know I went and had him McDonald's Where I was sitting at a table looking at the Kremlin like literally right next to the Kremlin. So it was like you know that feels like an American victory To be fair There is an obsession there with burgers and like American diners like everywhere you go There is like American style diners and burgers and hot dogs like There's like a crazy over compensation towards American food since it came in obviously because there was almost no where you could eat That wasn't very Americanized. I mean to be fair American diners are awesome. It came in handy Actually came in handy when I did my one hot drop in Moscow as well because I was nervous about doing a hot drop You know furtively So the only place I did do a hot drop in Moscow was in a shake check I left a couple in a pot plant at the Moscow Shake Check say There doesn't quite a deal as on brand with the place that you're visiting as your friend's drop But you know you got to do what you can I was playing it say I can understand that you wouldn't want to be hiding something Outside the Kremlin. Oh, here's a fun hard drop from people. I tell you what the discussion I had in Paris with the Tim hotel explaining why I wanted to leave hot stoppers in their reception was quite funny But coming back to Moscow The city like exceeded my expectations for how much I liked it and how grand and interesting it was Except for red square which was bit of a disappointment Maybe that's because that's the one place I thought would be awesome But ever or else I was really impressed by all the buildings and the scale of everything The subways amazing I'm aware I think it was built a lot by prisoners so Maybe that's you know there are sensitivities involved but the subways are very grand They're like banquet halls they have these amazing Ceilings and chandeliers and it's like the subways are worth going in We went to the subway with a local and he just took us to four or five of his favorite stops Just to see how awesome they were yeah, we'd get out and look at them and think wow this is amazing And then we jump back on the train to another one he wanted to show us Moscow subway Ridiculous those things do look amazing and the one thing that also is really striking about them is There's no advertising yes, they're beautiful things I've seen this from a few countries around the world where they do like the one thing that's kind of interesting is You don't have this commercial Influence in all of these places and it creates it is just Totally a different Space and yeah, I can't remember if it was Helsinki or another country where I went to where they did the same thing like the underground stations We're just like beautiful cathedrals Yeah, I don't know if I'm overplaying it because as someone who's used to and grumbles about all the advertising on the London underground Which is everywhere and awful I don't know if it's the change that makes it seem so much more striking But I can't help but feel that is a better environment for people to be when they're commuting is just just be in a Place that was architected to be beautiful rather than Just a hole in the ground that is filled with advertisements trying to sell you stuff on your way to and from work I feel like there must have a positive Mental impact to have these kinds of spaces as part of your day And it's great for a government to be able to say like no, no, no, this is not a commercial space. This is a Space for the people passing through it another thing That was new information to me and I feel stupid But maybe I should have known this already But one of the big things we did in association with the periodic table launch was we went and filmed with a company in Russia That's a huge diamond mining company and they gave us access to Basically all there are some diamonds Which was brilliant, you know, it was so interesting for these videos we've made And one of the things we did was they showed us all their Uncut diamonds how they come out of the ground And in my head Diamonds out of the ground were always like Quite boring lumps and then you know the cutters and the polishes would go to town and turn them into these objects of beauty I didn't realize that not oh but most lots of diamonds come out of the ground As these quite beautiful octahedrons Really like diamonds come out of the ground Beautiful. Oh wow. I'm googling raw uncut diamonds Yeah, in my head it was yeah like they're In coal that people have to carve away and turn into the beautiful thing I mean they are in kimbalite. Yeah, but they have they have a sheep like they're much more diamond sheep Than I ever would have guessed yeah when you get them out of the rock when you get them out of the kimbalite No, but loads of them have this beautiful geometric shape. That is really surprising the reason they were called Diamonds like it comes from you know I think it comes from ancient Greek for like sort of unbreakable And the reason a diamond shape is called a diamond Is because of the natural shape of these bits of carbon that came out of the ground that were called unbreakable Huh, so the shape diamond is called that shape because of Unbreakable diamond comes out of the ground with a shape roughly that way to send you another picture I took of some just you know another handful of diamonds. That is really striking Yeah, you know before you sent me your photos There's just googling the raw images and It's beautiful enough that I'm seeing some places that just use raw uncut diamonds as part of the jewelry Like they just mounted as is and it's really quite a striking look the video We up shortly are sent it to grade like some of the diamonds they showed us You occasionally like clouds you can sometimes get cloud that oh that looks like a dog and stuff You do get diamonds that look like weird things like skulls or Soccer balls and things like that so they showed us a few and you do get Lumpy diamonds that are just shapeless lumps that they then you know cut into shape like you do get the whole gamut But like the default is usually the octahedron or sometimes you get ones that are like Quite perfect cubes as well I mean, you know when you think about it it makes sense because they're crystals in their formings crystals But I didn't realize that crystal structure manifest itself so much on the The macros go. Yeah, no, I never thought about it, but this is interesting. This is very interesting today. I learned fact I'm looking forward to seeing your video on it And I was deciding what to call the video I've never had a video that I've had so much trouble thinking of a title I mean, it's one of my favorite scenes We're doing a couple but one of my favorite scenes in the video about the uncut diamonds is they bring out like a million dollars worth of uncut diamonds And Martin just like sticks his hands in like washes his hands and all these thousands of diamonds So there's this image of like washing hands in diamonds. I'm thinking do I somehow title it around that and I was talking to my wife last night saying what am I going to call this video? I haven't got a title and you can't call you know washing your hands in diamonds because that's stupid and too long and stuff She says well, what's the video about what's the main thing? And I said well the main thing about this video is uncut diamonds Because the next video we're doing is going to be about how they cut and polish them and you know make them look amazing She said diamonds uncut And I felt stupid for not thinking of that. I've been thinking for weeks about What do I call a video about uncut diamonds? And I never thought to call it diamonds uncut diamonds uncut is good But it feels like it could be clickbaitier washing your hands with diamonds I think it that's clickbaitier Brady. I don't like being too clickbaity and B Isn't that too many words and too clumsy a phrase for a YouTube title? I think it's on the outer edge, but I think that could work. I mean look diamonds uncut That's the classy title. It's cool. Yeah, it's got a coolness about it classy title But does YouTube reward Classiness or does YouTube reward clickbait and then an outrageous thumbnail with someone making a Like a shocked face at all the diamonds and then an arrow pointing to their hands being washed in diamonds That's what YouTube wants. I don't know. Right. I feel like in the last Yeah I don't know whether it's like a you know YouTube suicide packed or something But I feel like I've really moved on to a point where I'm happy to not Chase what YouTube rewards Like I've been guilty of chasing the clicks from time to time. I also think overall I've probably been fit had a fair bit of integrity on YouTube but I feel more and more Pulled towards the integrity side of it as it turns into more and more of a Cess pit I feel like okay, you know Maybe it means the start of the end, but I'd rather go down with the ship and a bit of dignity then this eternal battle with arrows and Shopt faces and bright colors and I'm glad you feel that way Brady because There is an arms race a coming soon To YouTube over this stuff. So I'm glad that you are content with your classy titles. We are gonna have to make decisions along these lines out Yeah, no, we totally are how low do I go? You know because if I if people don't watch I will go out of business and then everything stops I mean, this is an age old debate isn't it? It just feels that like it's becoming more and more of a Something in our face if I end up calling this video washing your hands in diamonds people will know that I totally sold out now I will use that imagery and the idea in like social media, but I just don't know if I'm willing to have it as the title of the video Well The listeners will now know whether Brady Crackter not link in the show notes

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