Season 4 Summary: Lords of the Feywild

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Thrown back into the Feywild. Orem and friends need to return this dangerous Realm back to the way it was but not all will go according to plan.

Main characters[edit | edit source]

  1. Orem Rivendorn - Eladrin Wizard played by Stephen
  2. Torq - Three-Quarter Orc Warrior played by Matthew
  3. Randus Duthane - Human Artificer played by Brian
  4. Ket H'zard - Half-Elf Warlock played by Rob
  5. Trelle Surestep - Elf Ranger played by Adriana

Animal Characters played by the party

  1. Bravest Rabbit - Rabbit Warrior played by Rob
  2. Mother Mantis - Monk Mantis played by Adriana
  3. Biium - Sorcerer Humming Bird played by Matthew
  4. Plague Jackal - Druid Jackal played by Stephen. 
  5. Longshanks Crane Bard played Brian

Major NPC's[edit | edit source]

  1. Master Althern
  2. Spud
  3. Kammis Revendorn
  4. Brall Rivendorn
  5. Althea Rivendorn
  6. Stagzi
  7. Woogan
  8. Sola Duthane
  9. Erudite Cloud
  10. Arquebus
  11. Queen's Rebellious Daughter

Important Fey Characters[edit | edit source]

  1. Spring Queen
  2. Summer King
  3. Autumn King
  4. Winter Queen
  5. Hogba

Season 4 resources[edit | edit source]

  1. Map of the Torqletones Travels in the Central Continent
    File:Season 4 Travel map.jpg
    Art by Rodrigo?-02-0000?-02-0000 Notes added by Sayomoara
    . .
  2. Preseason 4 Part 1
  3. Preseason 4 Part 2
  4. Preseason 4 Part 3
  5. End of Season 4 interview with Rodrigo
  6. Sage Coast Part 1
  7. Sage Coast Part 2
  8. Seven Clans Total Control Area Part 1
  9. Seven Clans Total Control Area Part 2
  10. Diamond Throne and Sundrie Lands
  11. Mandravo 
  12. Druid Orders

Summary of Season 4[edit | edit source]

Into the Feywild[edit | edit source]

Following the sealing of the Void at the end of Season 3 Orem Rivendorn was returned to the natural world by Reginald. He returned to the place near a Fey glen that sent him to the Feywild. Unknown to Orem Randus Duthane and Torq were right behind him as he returned to the natural world. Orem was transported away but Randus was able to find a way for himself and Torq to follow Orem into the Feywild

Spring Wood[edit | edit source]

in the Spring wood the party found the once great Cerulean Grove had been overrun with plants however where the Cerulean Academy had been a plant shaped done now lay over the area. After fighting their way into the dome Orem found the Eladrin who had originally sent him into the natural world Master Althern. It seemed that Althern and a gnome named Spud who had found away to use crystals to hold back the plants, and Althern had come up with a plan to use a charm on the four seasonal sovereigns that would drain them of the extra energy which has been released into the Feywild when the moon had been pulled close the natural world.

In addition Althern gave the party a guild named Trelle Surestep. An elf that had been saving Eladrin and gnomes in the spring wood for sometime. Before leaving the Cerulean Grove a priest of Corellon Master Hendren who had also just returned from the Celestial Crusade met with the party. It is at this time Torq becomes a Priest of Corellon and Orem found a much deeper faith.

The Spring wood had become a dangerous place and the party had to find a way to get to the Spring Queen but danger wasn't unexpected. However, what was unexpected was Ket H'zard thought dead on the Storm Breaker however he was in fact alive and following a hedgehog named Poke. Ket explained that he had been saved by Asmodeus and it was Asmodeus that had helped him return to the party.

Together now five strong the party was able to battle there way to Spring Queen and using the charm she was returned back her own senses. However she didn't like the charm and threaten to take it off however Ket said that Althern would make her a new one that would match her outfit. This seemed like a reasonable compromise to the Spring Queen and the party left her prescience. As the group left on the road home Gai stated there as no way to make a charm that Spring Queen would find acceptable.

At the Cerulean Academy Master Althern told Orem not to worry about the charm. As the party prepared to go to the Summer Canopy they started arguing about the best way to get there and Torq getting frustrated just started walking off in a direction that seemed right. This brought him and the party into the camp of the Hogba. The Hogba was a Greater Fae and Orem warned the party about having dealings with Greater Fae however the party wanted to help the Hogba so they entered into his pack in trade for transport to the Summer Canopy. What followed felt like years but its unclear how much time passed however at one point Spud tried to do a sending suggesting at least six month pasted with the Hogba. No matter how much time passed the party was trapped until they defeated the Sapphire Dragon. They raised armies marched across great distances but in the end they climbed to the top of the dragon's tower and defeated it and thus were returned to the spot which they had left so long ago.

Not wanting to waste more time Trelle focused on the Summer Canopy and was able to transport  the group there.

The Summer Canopy[edit | edit source]

In the summer canopy the party was attacked by many larger creatures however it wasn't until Orem destroyed the wards protecting a gnome villages that the party almost fell. However it was at this village that Orem found his missing Sister and Trelle missing girlfriend Kammis. Kammis had been looking for her parents but had had little luck however she was happy to join the party and makeup with Trelle who she revealed that he had lied too when they have parted not wanting Trelle to follow her but she still cared deeply for her and they made up.

The party made their way to Summer King now a giant manta ray made out of mud once again using the charm he was returned to his original form. Ket had feared this meeting since the Summer King was also a member of Kobold Alley however no conflict came of it.

Kammis was able to stabilize Trelle travel and the party was then able to transport to the Fields of Autumn.

The Fields of Autumn[edit | edit source]

The fields of autumn were surround by fog and the party did its best to find the Autumn King however they kept getting separated. It was during this time that a pumpkin started following Ket. After the party worked through some emotional issues they were able to get back together. In the hall of the Autumn King none of the Fey creatures including Orem, Kammis and Trelle were able to enter without falling asleep, and even Ket felt like at least it part of him was falling asleep. So it fell to Randus and Torq to find the Autumn King which they were able to do. Following putting the charm on the king the sleeping spell was lifted and Autumn King awoke.

Autumn King said the Pumpkin that had been following Ket smelled betrayal. On Ket it was future betrayal on Trelle and Kammis past betrayal from Bellicca a former member of there adventuring days. The party left the Autumn King asking only that he keep the charm on.

The fields of autumn grew no safer after freeing the Autumn King from his slumber with horrible riders attacking the party. However it was after this fight that Kammis got a hit on the Crystal technology she had been using to track her parents. In a fog bank unlike the others in the area is where they found Whitestone.

Following the events of the moon almost crashing into the Natural World Orem and Kammis parents Brall and Althea had lead a group of Eladrin and Gnomes to this place hidden in the fog to protect those few that still lived.

The party was not happy with what they found with Brall setting himself up as unquestioned ruler and gnomes being treated as second class citizens. The plan was also for Orem and Kammis to stay in Whitestone for the next 1000 years until Feywild returned to normal.

Unhappy with the prospects of being stuck in Whitestone for a 1000 years with a mission still undone Orem disowned his father and made a break to escape however Kammis knew if one of them didn't stay behind the rest would never get away so she choose to stay while the others left.

The Fen of Winters[edit | edit source]

Following the hardest transport yet the group finds that area that they had expected to be cold was in fact hot and they quickly ditched their winter gear. They were soon spotted by a strange bird with a golden helm and this bird brought others which attacked the party.

What followed was some of the worst fighting the party had ever seen however they were able to overpower their foes only to have that followed up by more of these creatures known as the Golden Kind. The Golden Kind when to such lengths as to redirecting a river to flush out the party.

Unable to rest and under almost constant attack the party was finally able to get out of the city and cast of ritual which allowed them to rest long enough so they could fight again. The group had noticed a single cloud off in the distance and with no other lead they made their way there. What the party found was one of the few places it was still snowing in the fen of winters.

Once the party had made it into the snow they found the Golden Kind were unable to cross into the cold. It was at this point the party also noticed another cloud so they made their way.

At the second cloud the party found what looked to be a camp of some kind however the flowers on the floor marked the body of a Eladrin that had passed. It was while party was here they were visited by a greater fae known to Trelle as The Baltinok.

The Baltinok with one of his followers who told Trelle they had been enjoying following her. During this time Gai was also awake and the follower said the devil he knew about the Star they were trying to keep hidden to which Gai hid away. The last act of the follower was to show Trelle on a map where the rest of the parts of Winter Queen were.

Having the information the party needed Orem and Randus started working on a machine that would bring all the parts of the Queen together while Trelle, Ket and Torq went to get more parts. This went ok until Torq attacked a giant alligator Malfriend. Trelle was able to convince the alligator to throw Torq up with the promise of feeding him lots of golden kind.

The alligator agreed and the party rode on Malfriends back while feeding him at every chance. After returning to cave the machine was was ready to go however it worked a little to well and it created a wave of snow that was threatening to kill the party. Some quick thinking sealed the cave and all the parts were now ready to be put back together.

Using the charm the Winter Queen was restored and as the snows started falling again and she went to start killing Golden Kind as she has done so long ago.

Return to the Spring Wood[edit | edit source]

The job was now complete the party return to the spring wood to operate the device which would restore the Feywild. However when the party return to the Cerulean Academy Master Althern was dead. In his grief over his friend's death Spud had modified the crystals to absorb the powers that was meant to be discharged. Spud activated the device absorbing the the four seasonal sovereigns into himself.

What followed was a quick battle which destroyed many of the parties weapons and each member of the party in twisted inside out and banished from the Feywild. With Orem the last one standing he tried to talk sense into Spud but it was to late and Orem too was finally driven from the Feywild.

Natural World[edit | edit source]

[edit | edit source]

The Sage Coast[edit | edit source]

The party wakes up many days later in the cave home of the Gnome Druid Woogan an old friend of Randus. The gnome said he found the party laying unconscious and had brought them back for healing. When the party goes to where they were found they find the way is blocked by Spud with no way back into the Feywild.

Having few other options party takes Woogan's boat and sails to the Sage Coast city of Basalt. As they are about to enter the city a group of very questionable looking men approach the party and suggests that the party should follow them. Figuring they can take the goons if need be they go with the men.

These men take the party to the home of there employer Mr. Whispers or as Trelle knows him as Stagzi. Stagzi had been a traveling companion of Trelle and Kammis. Stagzi had set up a criminal operation in Basalt however due his relationship with Trelle he offers any and all the help he can give to the party in completing there quest.

During the dinner that follows night Stagzi suggests that if the direct ways into the Feywild aren't open many the party can go in the backdoor via the Feydark. Stagzi knows of a man that can get him Skull Spider Venom. A very rare poison which only comes from the spiders of the Underdark. This suggests there still might be a well open to the Underdark.

Returning from the dinner the party sees a local group of entertainers showing off a group of Monkey Lizards and other lunar creatures. However when they escape it comes to the party to protect the people. The party is quickly at odds with one another on what to do. Trelle doesn't want to kill the monsters while the others do with Ket actively trying to kill the monsters before discussion can be had. In the end there is no way to save the lunar monsters and Trelle gives them a quick death.

This creates a lasting divide in the group and while they always work together rarely are they all in agreement. After much arguing Randus tries to do a sending to his parent and discovers they are in danger Randus insist the party leave as soon as possible to offer his parents assistance.

This leave the party unable to wait for the cold iron which Stagzi had bought for them. It also meant they couldn't travel by boat into the heart of the central continent. So the party left Stagzi behind but he gave the party the names of different people he knew that could help in the Seven Clans Total Control Area.

Everdeep Woods/Seven Clans Total Control Area[edit | edit source]

Flying on the backs of Eagles over the Everdeep Forest. The Elves flag down the party because they are in need of their Twilight Guardian Trelle. Spuds tapering with the Feywild is having affects on the Natural World. In the Everdeep woods a giant hail storm is destroying trees and extra water is causing other trees to start poisoning the water and the elves aren't sure what to do. In addition to that Monkey lizards have moved into the forest and the elves can't decide if they want to kill them or try to save them.

Trelle doesn't know what to do not being very conformable as a Twilight Guardian after consulting with Randus she decides to do nothing and promises to come back after the party has found Randus parents.

Once again on the backs of eagles the party approaches the Seven Clans Total Control Area city of Mem Fendyen the party meets a group from the Walking Devil-Bears Clan lead by a woman named Moth who had been sent by Stagzi. Moth takes the party into Mem Fendyen where the elf druid Zarelyl was investigating the strange water levels in the well, but as soon as he sees the well he know something is terrible wrong and before Zarelyl can get away the well explodes with a Tempest Toad emerging. The party is able stop the toad but not before becoming contaminated with its foul spirit magic.

Zarelyl who had survived the explosion with only minor injuries tells the party he needs to meet with him at his house as soon as possible however the members of the party feel a need to help the people of Mem Fendyen first. Ket, Trelle and Orem go looking for survivors in the ruble while Randus and Torg go about healing the wounded. Its at this point Randus realizes that people of the Seven Clans area do not like arcane magics much and many fear Randus but he helps those he can. Torq on the other hand using the power of healing granted to him by Corellon seems much more welcome.

Moth helps the party find the information they need about the Duthane caravan. The next stop is to see Zarelyl he helps purify the party of the taint of the Tempest Toad. However Ket fearing that purification would damage the souls he had collected from Kobold Alley leaves before being fully cleaned. This meant that the next time the climbed on the spirit eagles Ket merged with one of the eagles and was left with the hair on his head change to feathers.

After much searching the party found what they believed to be the Duthane caravan however it was in fact a trap for the Lunar Dargon manned by Randus's Cousins Max and Felix Adelholf. After a epic battle with the Lunar Dargon defeated, Randus founds his parents safe and sound. It turned out that they had been hunting this dargon for sometime and every time he had tried to send to his parents they had been unable to respond.

All is good when word gets back to the party that Everdeep Band has been attacked by Monkey Lizards. Thus the party rushes back to see if they can be of help. When they get the glen which the had met the elves at only a few days before is empty with clear signs of battle.

It isn't long before scouts approach the party and lead the party to elves new base. Lyrelia the leader of the Everdeep Elves as well as Trelle's family are found to be all well with the rest of the elves due the timely intervention of Prince Elk. It seems Prince Elk had been in the Everdeep Woods when Elves were attacks he had used some of trees that were poisoning the waters of the area to drive back the Monkey Lizards.

With the attack on the Monkey Lizards having made the decisions for Trelle, she with the rest of the party and Prince Elk go to work preparing to attack the Monkey Lizards hive. Many elves are lost and Trelle's brother Kharda would have been one of those if not for the timely healing of Randus.

In time the hive is cleared of all but queen and another huge argument comes up over how best to kill the queen monkey lizard. Trelle wants a vote knowing all the elves will go with her the other argue every moment the queen in left alive she is in danger the argument is heated to the point where both Torq and Orem leave having realized Trelle has long since stop listening, this leaves even more rifts in party. The queen is eventually killed but not before more delay.

With the issues of both Trelle's and Randus's families behind them the party goes to the Seven Clans Total Control Area Capital The Mootlands. Its here with the help of Erudite Cloud that Randus creates his first Cold Iron Weapons and charms for the battle with Spud. During this time Stagzi makes an appearance it seems that the Sage Coast was getting to be bit to much trouble and thus returned to see if he could offer more help to Trelle and the rest of the party.

After convincing many of the clans that the danger to the Natural World presented by Spud in the Feywild is real, Ket is finally cleansed by the gnome druid Woogan. Which results Ket's return to normal and an egg being created that is still tied to Ket, but shows to signs of hatching.

As the party was leaving the Seven Clans Area they decided to split the party and have the fastest two members of the party Trelle and Ket go ahead to meet with King Emnos III, however Orem thought it would be wrong to send message to the king so instead they send a sending to his seneschal Phoros however the message that came back did not make much sense and Phoros sounded drunk. Next they contact Arquebus of the Exilarchy of Cogs who promises to help.

With few other options Trelle and Ket started riding ahead of the group but about 100 yards down the road they disappeared. It turns out that a half orc by the named of Irving Stonehouse had been moving young orcs out of Mandravo after a brief fight where no one is killed Torq talks to the orcs and does his best to inspire them to be more like him. Trelle sends Irving off with instructions to find Mr. Whispers aka Stagzi knowing his connections and willingness to work outside the law can help these orcs.

Diamond Throne and Sundrie Lands[edit | edit source]

After crossing into the Diamond Throne territories the party finds itself in the Town of Tuberville however unlike the last time the party was here. The whole town has been taken over by the Church of Asmodeus. Brother Pine and Brother Olaf are happy to see the party. They are shown to the inn and even allowed to see parts of the massive church being build to Asmodius however it is clear the local population is being enslaved or worse. However because of Ket's connection to Asmodeus the Brothers are more than happy to give the party all the materials they need to complete there mission.

Unlike many of the other discussions the party quickly agreed they don't want to use magical components made from the blood of the townsfolk. So after the Brothers give Ket some new gear the party leaves for Diamond Throne promising the people to do what they can, when they can.

After Tuberville the party has few issues however they keep getting odd looks by travelers coming in the other direction one of the travelers tells the party to use the East Gate into Diamond Throne and as they do the party is greeted by Moon Hero Piazza with large but no giant statues of Torq, Smith, Orem, and Randus. However it seems the artist was only good at making normal human bodies because all the other statues other than Randus look like a human with Orc, Eladrin, and hairiness features added.

Word quickly makes it to the keep and the new seneschal apologizes for not having made arrangements for the moon heroes but quickly offers to take care of the horse and puts party up in the nicest rooms they can find. It is not long before the party is meeting with King Emnos III and Queen Crystal. They promise to do all they can to get the party the resource they need to fight Spud.

In the next few hours fighting is heard throughout the castle as the party comes out to investigate they see member of house Margraven the kings house being attacked by royal guard. It seems there is a coup afoot and party rushes to the Kings chambers only to see King Emmos finishing off the last of his former guard.

Before the party can move the King and Queen very far they attacked by a group lead by drunk former seneschal Phoros. The King and Queen prove to be skilled fighters but in moments of rest after Phoros's group is dispatched the King shows shows concern for his queen and their unborn child.

As they group moves through the castle they need to cross a bridge which is watched by archers and king is wounded in the passage however another set of foes in masks looking like an old mans face were sitting in the path of the party. Ket knows this is a group of men from the Freelands known as the Alderman and more importantly a group that is not known to ever leave the Freelands. They do not share there motivations as they die but this is a challenging fight for the party.

Finally making it to a secret passage the king and queen are lead safely from the the castle. Soon after leaving the passage the king is met by Zelvara head of house Obleea seeing this as his best option to restore the throne the king and queen go with Zelvara and her son Xan but urge both Randus and Torq if they should return to come an support the cause.

Having seen the king and queen off the party makes its way to the Exilarchy of Cogs who had been last seen on the moon. At some point they return but the humans that occupied the skeletons towns surrounded by the Exilarchy after the destruction of Moonhold had not stayed so the cogs of the exilarchy when they left for the moon. Having few humanoid interaction the cogs were still struggling with interacting with the other creatures of the natural world.

When the party arrived they were greeted by Arquebus who shared with the party that there human friend Thoney had died but he had left a gift for Randus a tracker of some kind with no instructions. After explaining the parties needs the cogs were more than happy to help. A new robot named Grill was created to help take care of the party while in the Exilacrchy however Trelle hated every moment she was in the robot city and left on the number of occasions to get back to nature. In time The Cogs were able to created the Cold Iron Weapons and charms the party needed to fight Spud.

On the advise of Stagzi and King Emonos the party hooked up with a mercenary band called Fearless Company. A Fearless Company scout helped the party stay clear of Hallbaron patrols and troop movements, but overall its a quick trip to the pass over the Shield Mountains.

Mandravo[edit | edit source]

Once inside Mandravo the party decided to avoid the gnoll group known as the Bone Takers and rather take there chances by staying on the Goblin side of the boarder between the to groups however they are quickly overwhelmed by a huge group of goblins.

The group is taken is before Imperious High Admiral Fnek in New Malgublostan, Ket does his best to tell the Imperious High Admiral about whats going on with the crazy weather and the plan to go threw the Underdark to get to the Feydark that should get them back into the Feywild. However Fnek isn't buying it and gives party an option to become assents to the Goblin nation or die.

However Holy Speaker Dreing suggest that if party gives up all the information they have on Diamond Throne then theywill be allowed through Goblin territory. The Imperious High Admiral agrees to this and puts the party in Dreing control. Once outside Fnek chambers the Holy Speakers frees the party and shares he is a member of the druid order Reapers of the Shining Harvest and Zarelyl had sent word ahead that the party was coming and that they were trying to make their way to the Underdark.

The Holy Speaker gets the party out of New Malgublostan but before they can get out of goblin territory the party is attacked by the Hunt Master. A large fight follows with Ket setting jungle on fire as part of their escape. As party moves out of Goblin territory and into another area controlled by the gnoll group Mystery of Blood. If moving throw highly hostile area wasn't enough Ket gets recalled to Kobold Alley causing more delays for the party. However with the guidance of the Holy Speaker the party is able to make it to the well into the Underdark.

Into Darkness[edit | edit source]

The Underdark[edit | edit source]

The portal to the Underdark stood undefended without a Drow anywhere to be seen. At first the party was expecting a trap but the longer they were around the well to the Underdark the more they realized something had happened to the Drow. After talking over the matter for a long Torq decided to just jump into the well. The rest of party spend over a day using ropes to go into the well and exploring but as other groups started approaching the area the party realized that the only real option was to jump and that is what they did.

At the bottom of the well of fertility Torq waited the party to follow him. While in the Underdark Torq saw no living Drow. When the party finally did show up they made their through the huge tunnels that connected different areas of the Underdark when they did finally see a Drow it turned out to be Queen's Rebellious Daughter using a hat of disguise to find out what had happened to the Drow.

Getting into the Drow city they found no signs of living Drow. Everything pointed to the city having a orderly evacuation. The temple of Lolth showed signs that the people could have been evacuated there but to where was unknown.

With no answers to the mystery Queen's Rebellious Daughter stated she planed to stay behind and keep investigating. However she did show the party the portal to the Feydark.

Feydark[edit | edit source]

entering the Feydark appeared like a dark night with the moon in the sky however there was only road and it took the party to the a strange house with strange chairs which seemed to have been past victims of this Greater Fae known as the Oolark. She seemed to take special interest in elves however another Fae had busy with party thus she was going to let the party go without keeping any as long term guests.

As the party left the house of the Oolark. They were greeted by the Hogba ready to keep his work to get the party to the Summer Canopy. As group walked the Hogba shared he had joined a new campaign but should the party need his help he would be willing to discuss terms. Not committing to anything the party leaves the option open as they see the trees of the Summer Canopy

Return to the Feywild[edit | edit source]

Unknown to Orem and members of the party other groups inside the Feywild had started to mobilize. Eldest Rabbit an old adventuring companion to Brall lead a powerful animals. Bravest Rabbit, Mother Mantis, Biium, Plague Jackal, and Longshanks were fighting their way through Fen of Winters in order to find more allies for the upcoming battle with Spud.

While other powerful animals like Malfrield were unwilling to the take on the fight they were symbiotic to the cause or at the very least non-hostile. Some of the most powerful allies were the Hedgehogs. In spite of all that had happen to the Feywild these small creatures were still able to make there way underground between the different Seasons of the Feywild.

Returning to the Feywild Orem and the party found the same wild blisters of Fey energy known as Weirds running wild. It seems as Spud reshaped to Feywild to his wants there were byproducts one wave that hit Orem's group as they tired to move to the Fields of Autumn had thousands of Weirds. While Orem and his friends were able to get away it was only find some of Spuds master works the Fractal Piazzas.

These huge piazzas made of crystal floated above the different parts of the Feywild with wells in the middle to make food for those who would live there. But guarding each plazas were the huge statues of the Remembrance Guard. Each statue had the likeness of Master Althern and if someone tried to leave the Fractal Piazzas they would use deadly force to stop them.

So it was when Orem's group tried to leave the they were quickly becoming overwhelmed by the Remembrance guard. However through the timely intervention of Brall, Althea, and Kammis the party was rescued.

Together animals, Brall's group, and Orem's group were able to come up with a plan for depowering Spud and if needed killing him. However the plan had one weak spot. Orem's mother was going to have channel a huge number of elemental to distract the Remembrance guard protecting Spuds keep. As Ket stated this created a single point of failure outside the keep that could cause the whole plan to fail. Thus Orem and others contacted the Hogba for his help.

The Hogba was more than happy to help, but the price would be one of Orem, Torq, Randus, or Ket would have to join him on his next campaign. Which likely meant they would never be heard from again. But weighed against the whole of the Nature World and Feywild it seemed a small price and so the men took the deal.

The Final Battle[edit | edit source]

With the Hogba's army and Althea handling the distraction outside. Brall Kammis and the Animals fighters took the hedgehog tunnel into Spuds keep to get the crystal device that had given him his powers. Spuds defenses were limited to animated library books, after defeating these books Brall and Kammis made quick work of the crystal device depowering Spud. However the explosion that followed made for a narrow escape for all involved.

While this was going on Orem and his Iron circle of friends had went to face Spud directly. They found the cold iron charms protected the party from the Spud destroying their bodies the way he did in the first fight and their Cold Iron Weapons were highly effective against him. In the end they were able to keep Spud under control until he was depowered. However before this happen Spud did his best to kill Orem.

After the depowering of Spud, he and Orem were transported to the top of tower. Spud asked Orem if he would have done the same for one of of his friends. To which Orem said the price was to high. Spud did not fight his end and Orem killed him with his sword and was transported back to the keep. While no body was found Orem seemed sure in Spud's death, and they all returned back to camp.

With Spud gone there was only one thing left to figure out. Who would pay the Hogba's price and join his campaign. Orem wanted to take on this responsibility himself but everyone argued against it. Ket even went to speake to Asmodeus who wanted to keep an eye on Orem as the nexus of the group.

In the end Orem was knocked out and the decision was taken away from him. Ket knew he couldn't go due to his ties to Asmodeus. Torq knew it would likely kill him but told the others to take care of the Orcs in the Central continent and let his memory always burn bright.

Ket fought for a moment to bring Orem back to the Natural world with him and the others but he was transported back before could put up any real fight. Trelle promised to see Kammis again after her work was done. Lastly Randus and Brall left on kind words.

Epilogues[edit | edit source]

  1. Somewhere in the Feywild we see Poke leading Longshanks, Biium, Mother Mantis, Bravest Rabbit, and Plague Jackal down a path
  2. In the Natural World we find Ket H'zard very angry in a meadow with his wand out. When he realizes what has happened he puts his wand away and goes about finding a road
  3. Elsewhere in the Natural world Randus Duthane is shaking off the transportation jitters when he hears a strange beeping noise coming from his jacket. Randus finds its the devise that Thoney had left for him. It beaps louder in one direction, and when Randus points it at that direction a strange ship shaped cloud starts moving towards him which can only be the Proud Baroness.
  4. As Trelle Surestep returns to the Natural World she reaches into her bag and pulls out the Twilight Guardian scroll she had been given about the Southern Continent. After reading them again she heads off on her way.
  5. We see Torq walking to the crossroad in the Feywild. Waiting for him there is the Hogba they nod at each other and start walking down the road. And Torq is never heard from again.
  6. Time passes in the Feywild and Orem comes at Spud's Keep. Orem is being taken cared for by his mother. As Orem looks over the broken remembrance guard there is still one statue of Master Althern that remains with its sword pointed west. Things are explained to Orem he doesn't take it that well but he's experienced a lot of loss recently and he's become a little numb to it at this point.
  7. More time passes and Orem and Kammis are looking out into the Feywild when they both see a bolt of blue light appear in the sky and falls a few feet from the wall. Out of the light is the priest of Corellon Master Hendren. He yells up to Orem "You will never believe what I managed to do." As Hendren keeps walking other bolts of light start to fall out of the sky, in each is an Eladrin. As thousands of stars begin to fall the Eladrin start to sing a very old song.

Though my sisters lay exiled and lost,

Though the wilds stretch out before me,

My eyes can see the vernal path,

By wand or by sword, by wine or song

Through the rolling shifting routes of fate,

Each step I take reminds my heart,

The reason why we dance and fight.

It holds my head when sorrow would claim me,

It shields my heart when death would take me

The reason for my every breath,

My family and my name,

My family and my name.