Trelle Surestep

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Trelle Surestep

Trelle Surestep is an elf ranger, played by Adriana Ferguson. She is the daughter of Armillion and Melily. Trelle was born on the first day of winter and is one of four children of the Surestep family. Early in her life she was marked by a Twilight Guardian with a seed tattoo that grew into a tree as she grew, signaling to the other Elves that she too was a Twilight Guardian.

In time she would go adventuring joining the likes of Stagzi and Kammis Greyborn the latter of which who she would in time become romantically involved with. Their adventures took them all the way to the Shadowfell and back where before they were all done the party was leading an army of ghosts.

When the Lunar cataclysm happened Kammis felt a need to return the Feywild. Not wanting to put Trelle in danger, Kammis broke off their relationship. Trelle returned to her family an drank a lot she returned to a normal sense of self.

However Trelle having recovered made her way into the Feywild. She found purpose as she started helping Feywild residents find shelter and became known as a guide who could somehow forge new paths across the newly devastated Feywild.

During this time providing assistance in the Feywild, Trelle encountered a Greater Fae known as The Baltinok. They two have are bound to one another in a somewhat symbiotic relationship that hasn't been explained, but The Baltinok seems interested in travel and utilizes Trelle for that purpose. While apprehensive, when she encounters The Baltinok again in The Fen of Winters, she seems relieved that he has survived. 

When Orem RivendornTorq, and Randus Duthane were asked to help cure the Sovereigns of the Feywild Master Althern asked Trelle to serve as their guide.   

The Mountain Ghost[edit | edit source]

While not mentioned by name, It seems that after returning to the natural world Trelle found her way to the Southern continent. Where she helped the mountain Elves there battle the Salamander’s Coil

Equipment[edit | edit source]

The following pieces of equipment have been acquired over the course of Trelle’s adventuring career: 

  • Rebounding Great Bow (possessed prior to her introduction)
  • Kukri (possessed prior to her introduction)
  • Scimitar (possessed prior to her introduction)
  • Glowing Hide Armour +2 (possessed prior to her introduction)
  • Amulet of Aranea +3 (possessed prior to her introduction) [Level 15] (pg. 148 Adventurer’s Vault 1)
  • Cincture of Vivacity from the Duthanes (Ep. #208) [Level 14] (pg. 165 Adventurer’s Vault 1)
  • Darkhide Counterstrike Armour +3 from River in the Mootlands (Ep. #223) [Level 15] (pg. 7 Adventurer’s Vault 2)
  • Cold Iron Double Scimitar from Randus (Ep. #225)
  • Cold Iron Great Bow +3 from Randus (Ep. #225)
  • Cold Iron Amulet from the Exilarchy of Cogs (Ep. #241)
  • Cold Iron Kukri from the Exilarchy of Cogs (Ep. #241)
  • Cold Iron Scimitar from the Exilarchy of Cogs (in exchange for her double scimitar – Ep. #241)