Max Adelholf

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Max Adelholf

Max and this twin brother Felix Adelholf are the nephews of Marrol and Sola Duthane. Following the Lunar Crisis many lunar monsters roamed the countryside from Diamond Throne to the Sage Coast. Marrol and Sola decided to go into the monster hunting business and needing some reliable members of the family they invited Max and Felix to join them.

While setting up a ambush for the Lunar Dargon the twins were surprised to see there cousin Randus Duthane along with his friends, Orem Rivendorn, Torq, Ket H'zard, and Trelle Surestep come in an attack and kill the dargon. The twins were amazed by the teams work. However Randus had come looking for this parents so the group quickly loaded up the dead dargon and took it back to the main camp.

During this time Max and Felix showed Torq how to fire a bow and help clean the dargon so that its hide could be turned in for a reward.

Five years later after Lord Randus Duthane had help save the kingdom of Diamond Throne for King Emnos III. Randus was given a noble house however do to the small size of Randus's family his extended family was also brought in to the join his house.

When Orem returned to Natural world he and Little Sparkle were greeted by Max and Felix having seen the amazing light show and having come to investigate. At Orem's request they took him to see the Lady of the House, Sola Duthane.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Episode 207: Apology Accepted

Episode 309: Oh Lord, Randus (S05-003)