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Asmodeus, god of tyranny and injustice serves as the leader of the Dark Council, insofar as the Dark Council can be said to have a leader. He is known to cause suffering for suffering's sake and to profit from it by any means. Asmodeus rules the Gulag Magnificent with an iron fist. Lawful Evil by nature, Asmodeus commands legions of devils and angels. His military might is largely due to his enormous slave population. In fact, he has the best organized and most dangerous army on the astral sea, with the only possible exception of Bahamut.

During the events of a Celestial Crusade, Asmodeus was approached by a diplomatic party from The Pentatheon to enlist his help against [[]The Void]]. He discounted the threat the Void posed and stated his belief that he would stand to take a lot of ground if the void decimated the other armies of the Gods. He demanded four atrocities to be named later in return for his aid, a price the diplomatic party found to be too high.

Asmodeus accepted Ket H'zard's request for patronage in the Kobold Alley tournament on the condition that Ket continued to win his challenges.

When the Storm Tamer was destroyed by She Who Slumbers in Agony, Asmodeus rescued Ket and dispatched him to the Feywild to observe and aid Orem Rivendorn.

The Church of Asmodeus[edit | edit source]

The followers of Asmodeus are commanded to subjugate the weak. There is no place in his organization for mercy or pity. The organization runs as a bureaucratic nightmare with efficiency taking the foremost priority.

Tuberville[edit | edit source]

The Church of Asmodeus is interested in the Farming Country town of Tuberville. A devilish incursion occurred during Four Against the Void, but was halted by Torq, Orem, SmithRandus, and the Queen's Rebellious Daughter. Later the Church of Asmodeus succeeded in establishing a stronghold in Tuberville sometime during or after the events of a Celestial Crusade. The branch was run by two priests who, together with a devilish force, enslaved the entire population of the town and forced them to mine the bedrock under the town.

Bao Bel-Bina memorandum[edit | edit source]


God of Tyranny

Holy City: The Gulag Magnificent

The Lord of Injustice is probably the closest thing the Dark Council has to a leader. This is primarily because he is simultaneously the most militant and most organized. He commands several legions of devils, as well as corrupted angels and other powerful immortal creatures. His followers are instructed to subjugate the weak and align themselves with organizations that allow them to do so.

~Bao Bel-Bina[1]

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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  3. Episode #271: And they were never heard from again (S4-115)

Mentioned[edit | edit source]

  1. Episode #148: #dontkill poke
  2. Episode #228: Holes
  3. Episode #229: Return to Tuberville

Known Priests[edit | edit source]

  1. Brother Pine, human working for the church in Tuberville
  2. Brother Olaf, drwaf working for the church in Tuberville

Known Followers[edit | edit source]

  1. Ket H'zard is an agents of Asmodeus to gain his partridge in the Kobold Alley event

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