Master Hendren

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Master Hendren

Master Hendren is a Eladrin priest of Corellon. He like other other annotated priest of the Pentetheon and many of the dark Counsel were recalled to the The Astral Sea to fight the Lunar Gods. Following the Celestial Crusade he returned to Spring Wood in the Feywild, only to discovery it was overrun by planets. It was at this time he meet Orem Rivendorn, Trelle Surestep, Torq, and Randus Duthane.

Master Hendren annotated Torq a priest of Corellon at this time and also counseled Orem on this own faith.

Sometime after Spuds removal Master Hendren returned to The Astral Sea to convince as many Eladrin as he could to return to Feywild and help rebuild what was lost.

In the five years that followed Master Hendren became an important leader on the Counsel working hard to keep Orem focus on helping his people and trying to make sure many of the negative aspects of Eladrin Culture of old didn't return. Hendren runs the Hospital for the keep and the other social services in the area. 

After the attack on Orem by Salamanders Coil and realization that travel between the Feywild and Natural World was once again possible Master Hendren convinced the counsel to approve Orem's choice to replace himself with a new Arcane Protector who has been one of this Sword Mage students Felicia, as well as Sapote to take over the local guard known as the Order of the Spear.

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