Mother Mantis

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Mother Mantis
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Mother Mantis is a Thri-keen monk who is played by Adriana, and is a member of a group of animals looking to looking to restore the Feywild. Little is known about Mother Mantis other than she has had dealings with Eldest Rabbit before. Mother Mantis wears pink robes and what looks like a belt around her waist which is in fact another set of arms.

Mother Mantis was in combat with four others Biium, Bravest Rabbit, Longshanks, and Plague Jackal Together they were able to fight off the weird's. As the group traveled across the Fen of Winters they came across Malfriend a huge alligator. The group tried to get Malfriend to join there cause but had no luck.

Having finished there business in the Fen of Winters the party of animals met up with some hedgehogs Bowler and Poke who lead the group to the Spring Wood.

After joining a group of Eladrin which had created a plan to bring down Spud. The five animals along with Kammis and Brall Rivendorn went to attack the the machine that was allow spud to keep his powers. Following more hedgehog tunnels the group made there way to the center of Spud's keep. Near the final room the group found itself being attack by books. After the books were dealt with the animals stood guard while Kammis and Brall disabled the machine. This lead to a mad dash out of the keep which was being filled with crystals. However everyone was able to make it out of the keep alive.

Following the defeat of Spud all the animals were seen together enjoying the end of the threat.

Mechanics[edit | edit source]

Mother Mantis is a Thri-keen monk which flavored as a Mantis.

Apperances[edit | edit source]

  1. Episode 255: Meanwhile...
  2. Episode 256: ...In the Crater
  3. Episode 258: An Old Ally
  4. Episode 266: The Library (Part 1) (S4-110)
  5. Episode 267: In the Library (Part 2) (S4-111)
  6. Episode 271: And they were never heard from again (S4-115)