Lunar Dargon

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The lunar dargon is a large lunar monster. It is able to burrow quickly enough to outpace the Proud Baroness and can fly as well. The lunar dargon attacked Torq, Orem Rivendorn , Smith, Randus Duthane, and Thoney as they flew toward the tower in Farming Country. It thrashed the party before they gained the upper hand, but before they could finish it off, the dargon abandoned the fight.

Later, the dargon was hunted by Duthane Enterprises. A trap was set for it using a music box like construct and a ballista, but it was inadvertently wandered into by the adventuring party consisting of Randus, Torq, Orem, Ket H'zard, and Trelle Surestep. The dargon attacked them, and Max Adelholf and Felix Adelholf were able to help them defeat it.

Trell attempted to field dress it, but found it to be caustic. The dargon's body was taken to the camp of Duthane Enterprises where it was dissected and skinned.

Important Appearances[edit | edit source]