Master Althern

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Master Althern

Master Althern was a 300 year old Eladrin Professor and Dean at the Cerulean Academy of Magic in theThe Spring Wood  of the Feywild. He educated many mages such as Althea, Brall, Kammis, and Orem Rivendorn. He personally conducted the graduation test of Orem see if he was ready for adventuring.

After Orem completed his test he gave Orem his wand from his adventuring days saying that he had planed to give it to Orem's father Brall but he became a orb mage instead. Master Althern also asks Orem to go to Moonhold in the Natural World and look for Master Olbros who had failed to report. Orem is promised by Master Althern that if he does good on this mission he will look into getting Orem a teaching position within Cerulean Academy of Magic.

When the Lunar Crisis happens Master Althern did what he could to help other he with the help of Spud he was able to crystal array to hold back the plants that were overrunning all the Feywild. It is during this time he also meets Trelle Surestep had been a great help is trying to rescue other Eladrin and Gnomes.

When Orem returns Master Althern agrees to build a statue in memory of Smith if the party and get the four Seasonal Sovereigns put on a arcane bracelet that will return them to a more normal state of being as well drain some of the extra lunar energies out of the Feywild.

Around a year passes and when Orem and his friends return to the Spring Wood they discover a dried up flowers in Master Althern. The flowers being all that was left of him after he died. Spud is a fit of sadness and rage over his friend death absorbents all the powers of the Seasonal Sovereigns into himself using the crystals and then casts out Torqueltones back into the natural world.

In Master Althern memory Spud creates guardian statues of him all around the Feywild. After Spud's defeat only one of these statues is left standing in the Cerulean Keep the former site of the Cerulean grove.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Episode 4: Graduation Day (S1-001)

Episode 144: Lords of the FeyWild (S4-001)

Episode 145: Meet Trelle (S4-002)

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