Proud Baroness

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The Proud Baroness is an airship created by Thoney. It appears to be a classical wooden ship with rotors attached to the mast. It is equipped with a cloaking device that can make it appear to be either on fire, floating on a body of water, or a ship shaped cloud. While the Proud Baroness has rotors, it is largely kept aloft with astral brine.

The Proud Baroness has a hold where Thoney kept various potentially or explicitly dangerous items, crews quarters, an engine room, and a workshop. It also is armed with a sandbag launcher.

Thoney and Orem Rivendorn, Torq, Randus Duthane, and Smith used the Proud Baroness to travel from Diamond Throne to the tower in Farming Country, then to Tuberville, then to the Exilarchy of Cogs. When the Exilarchy returned to the Moon, the Proud Baroness was brought along. The four and Thoney escaped the siege of the Exilarchy, but the Proud Baroness was damaged during the flight. Thoney stayed with his ship to repair it while the four went to find Coil. The Proud Baroness returned to find Torq, Randus, and Orem after the defeat of The Thing that Shatters the Sky and carried them and James Tsarkol's body back to the Exilarchy.

Before Thoney's death he left a compass in the care of the Exilarchy of Cogs for Randus to allow him to find the Proud Baroness.

The Proud Baroness was most recently used by Randus and Sekhar to help set up an ambush to find out who was behind the assassination attempts on Randus's life. However when Orem and Little Sparkle showed up ruse was up and Randus for forced to leave the Proud Baroness to join the fight. After finding out information about the Salamander's Coil who had hired the assassins. Randus, Orem, Sekhar and Little Sparkle make way to Coldport where they left the ship.

After a series of adventures in alternate vertices, Randus and his associates return to Coldport, and take the Proud Baroness to the Southern Continent, where they stash the ship outside Monster Town prior to entering the continental interior.