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Ket H'zard

Ket H'Zard is a half-elf Warlock played by Rob originally from the city of Coldport in the Freelands region of the central continent. After the Lunar Crisis Ket became well known for his ability to deal with Lunar Monsters. So much so that when the Gods created the layman initiative he was put forward by the Raven Queen to participate. Ket claims the only bet he has ever lost was to the Raven Queen and that is why he is working with layman initiative. 

Ket is always in the company of his book imp Gai. Ket won Gai from Malmanerith a Gelugon a big bug devil in a game of Midnight Sharts as part of the Kobold Alley. Gai serves as Ket's guide to the the Tournament and general sounding board. 

Ket is a gambler and he is involved in a Kobold Alley tournament where the contestants put their souls on the line. Ket was originally sponsored by the Raven Queen but lost that favor, forcing Ket to ask for the sponsorship of Asmodeus. Because of the patronage of Asmodeus, Ket now bares the Mark of Asmodeus on his skin. 

Ket's story so far[edit | edit source]

Following the defeat of the Void Ket was thought killed in the final battle however he had been saved by Asmodeus. Asmodeus saw the importance of the party as a force to change the world and returned Ket to them via the hedgehog Poke. Ket was ordered to keep an eye on the group. Ket generally hated being in the Faywild fearing a confrontation with the Summer King another member of the Kobold Alley Tournament. However, Ket was a supportive friend to both Orem Rivendorn and Trelle Surestep going along with most of their decisions.

After being defeated by Spud there was a major disagreement in the party about the fate of some Monkey Lizards that were being shown in the city of Basalt with Ket trying to kill the monsters and Trelle trying to save them. However in the end the Monkey Lizards were killed. This left a major rift in the party that lasted for many adventures.

While Seven Clans Total Control Area the party fought a Tempest Toad, a horrible spirit creature that left a taint on the party that had be be cleansed. The elf shaman Zarelyl did the cleaning of the rest of the party however Ket fearing the cleansing would damage his souls left the cleaning before the taint was removed. When Ket next tried to ride one of the spirit eagles, the taint from the tempest toad caused the eagle and Ket to fuse together leaving Ket with feathers where hair on his head had been. However with the help of the Gnome Druid Woogan Maplethorp Ket was returned to normal and was left with a egg that in time became a smaller version of the spirit eagle still tied to him.

It was in the lands of Mandravo where using the Vestige of Ugar Ket set a large part of jungle on fire as he fought to escape the Goblin captures. It was during this time that Ket was once again drawn into the Kobold Alley only to return with a booming voice that kept him from talking for almost a day.

After returning the Faywild Ket fought along side his friends when they took down Spud once and for all. However there was a price to pay. The group had enlisted the help of the Hogba. The Hogba's price was that one of the warriors join him on his next campaign. While all members of the party offered to take on this duty (aside from Trelle who was still indebted to the Baltinok), Ket knew he couldn't go because of his ties to Asmodeus. In counsel with Asmodeus, Ket was told to keep an eye on Orem who Ket saw as the leader of the group. Ket tried to keep Orem from going but it was going well however Orem was knocked out by the party to keep him from joining the Hogba.

After much arguing, Torg went to Hogba and Ket was ready to fight to take Orem back to the natural world with rest of the party however Orem's family transported Ket back before he could make good on his threat to fight. After being transported Ket found himself in a field in the natural world and seeing no other options started making his way to the nearest road.

FIve years later...

Ket is now living in Coldport again under the identity of Thaalsen a half Orc which is a member of the Coldport police. Ket's Eladrain grandmother sometime during past five years had created for him a hat of disguise and Ket used it to create an identity much like Torq. However this is only Ket's day job the rest of his time is spent in the Twins district of the city now called the Plague district due to a sleeping plague that had ravished the area. With the help of Professor Lek they were able to stop the spirit that was causing the plague.

When Orem, Randus, Sehkar, and Little Sparkle showed up in Coldport they are attacked by the Hatchet Gang. Ket under the disguise of Thaalsen helped the party defeat the gang however word still gets back to the Salamanders Coil that many of the people they have been looking to kill were now in town.

Ket got the party to the Twins district now disguised as a dwarf and takes them first to see his sister and brother who are hold up in an empty inn. After a quick meeting they go onto talk to Professor Lek. While Lek fills in the details about what is going and why the Salamanders Coils wants to kill Orem and Randus. The Salamanders Coils showed up and were ready to storm the building. Seeing no other way out the party used Lek vertex travel device but before its could send the party away Lek was grabbed and pulled out of the travel beam. 

 Equipment[edit | edit source]

The following pieces of equipment have been acquired over the course of Ket’s adventuring career: 

  • Defensive Whip (possessed prior to his introduction)
  • Restful Bedroll (possessed prior to his introduction) [Level 1] (pg. 88 Mordenkainen's Magnificent Emporium)
  • Wand of Psychic Ravaging +2 (Contains At-Will power: Eyebite) (possessed prior to his introduction)
  • Gambler’s Suit Leather Armour +2 (possessed prior to his introduction) [Level 6] (pg. 8 Adventurer’s Vault 2)
  • Amulet of Life +1 (possessed prior to his introduction)
  • Magic Whip +3 from Bao-Belle-Bina (Ep. #72)
  • Bracers of Mental Might made by Randus upon Ket’s request (Ep. #85) [Level 6] (pg. 115 Adventurer’s Vault 1)
  • Boots of Striding from Albrecht Ghostbeard & Seven-Owls Wise (Ep. #87) [Level 9]
  • Hellfire Wand +3 (Contains At-Will power: Hellish Rebuke) from the Gulag Magnificent (Ep. #113) [Level 13] (pg. 109 Adventurer’s Vault 1)
  • Amulet of Life +3 (upgrade from Randus – Ep. #184)
  • Silver Sky Tabard from the Duthanes (Ep. #208) [Level 16] (pg. 28 Player’s Handbook Races - Dragonborn)
  • Gauntlets of Blood from Brother Pine and Brother Olaf (Ep. #228) [Level 14] (pg. 58 Adventurer’s Vault 2)
  • Gambler’s Suit Fey Leather Armour +4 from Brother Pine and Brother Olaf (Ep. #228) [Level 16] (pg. 8 Adventurer’s Vault 2)
  • Cold Iron Whip from the Exilarchy of Cogs (Ep. #241)
  • Cold Iron Wand +3 from the Exilarchy of Cogs (Ep. #241)
  • Cold Iron Amulet from the Exilarchy of Cogs (Ep. #241)
  • Wallwalkers (acquired in the 5-year gap between seasons 4 and 5 – Ep. #311) [Level 10] (pg. 131 Adventurer’s Vault 1)
  • Staff

Powers[edit | edit source]

Ket draws much of his power from the people he beats in the Kobold Alley Tournament[1]. This can be seen directly when he defeats The Raven Queen and gains a small part of her soul and powers.

The Vestiges Ket uses are also part of his winnings taken from those he has defeated. To date the follow vestiges have been observed

Name First mentioned Appearance
King Elidyr Episode 63
Ugar Episode 66 Ket is surrounded by fire
Moun Vaelis Episode 66 Ket is surround by storm clouds
The Onyx Queen Ket looks like he is covered with black glass
Leraja Episode 323 Ket is surrounded by snakes

References[edit | edit source]