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Long ago back in time immemorial, the elven people were one people living in the Feywild. Through the actions of Lolth the elves ere broken into three peoples. The Elves, the Drow and the Eladrin.

It is said the Eladrin are most like the elves before the breaking atoned to arcane magic and living in the Feywild. However many Eladrin still hold resentments against elves for leaving the Feywild. However Eladrin had settled all over of the seasonal groves of the Feywild before the Lunar Crisis as well has having a major settlement in the The Astral Sea city of Sha-Lai.

Following the Lunar Crisis and Spud's reign around a thousand Eladrin returned from the Astral Sea to help build the Feywild.

Some Eladrin Settlements that are known after crisis, The Cerulean Keep, and Whitestone

Notes[edit | edit source]

When Eladrin die their bodies turn into flowers rather than decaying.

Like elves, once an Eladrin comes of ages they appear that age until their death.

Notable Eladrin[edit | edit source]

  1. Orem Rivendorn
  2. Lily Solesorrow

Other Eladrin[edit | edit source]

  1. Master Hendren
  2. Master Olbros
  3. Dean Darkmist
  4. Kamis Rivendorn