Prince Elk

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Prince Elk

Prince Elk is a Halfling merchant specializing in wood. He has a love of gambling to such degree he has been known to cheat from time to time. Always outgoing he has a strong poker face which often masks his true thoughts. Is appearance is said to me modeled on the trade princes of the Eastern Continent, however Prince Elk is not royalty.

Sha-Lai[edit | edit source]

At the Cloud and Thunder inn in Sha-Lai Prince Elk first meet Ket H'zard and Torq. Ket looking for a card game was quickly joined by the prince. While Torq quickly tried of the game Ket and paid for a long time until Torq caught prince elk cheating. Despite this Ket and Elk seemed to become fast friends.

Later on as Ket and Torq were getting ready to leave before there diplomatic mission they found Prince Elk again cleaning home which Ket joined in on until they were both asked to leave.

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Appearances[edit | edit source]

  1. Episode 69: Rise of the Monarchs (S3-007)
  2. Episode 84: Preparing to Leave (S3-020)
  3. Episode 216: Margraven Dice (S4-066)