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Major Spoilers Episodes[edit | edit source]

Episode 1: Dungeons and Dragons 4E

Episode 2: Dungeons and Dragons Players Handbook 2

Episode 3: Dramatis Personae

Season 1: Episodes 4-7[edit | edit source]

Episode 4: Graduation Day (S1-001)

Episode 5: In the Streets of Moonhold (S1-002)

Episode 6: An encounter in the Alley (S1-003)

Episode 7: It all comes crashing down (S1-004)

Season 2: Four against the Void (Episodes 8-57)[edit | edit source]

Diamond Throne and Sundrie Lands[edit | edit source]

Episode 8: In the Ruins of Moonhold (S2 -001)

Episode 9: An attack on the Camp (S2 -002)

Episode 10: The Exilarchy of Cogs (S2-003)

Episode 11: In the Black Oak Woods (S2-004)

Episode 12: Paragon Paths

Episode 13: A battle at the Altar (S2-005)

Episode14: Making Do (S2-006)

Episode 15: Arrival at Diamond Throne (S2-007)

Episode 16: The 411 on Rituals 

Episode 17: Battle on the Rooftops (S2-008)

Episode 18: Aboard the Ship! (S2-009)

Episode 19: Adventurer's Vault 2

Episode 20: How the other half live (S2-010)

Episode 21: How the other half live - Part 2 (S2-011)

Episode 22: How the other half live - Part 3 (S2-012)

Episode 23: Listener Feedback

Episode 24: Leveling Up!

Episode 25: Encounters, goodies, and a sense of foreboding (S2-013)

Episode 26: Enter the Dargon - Part 1 (S2-014)

Episode 27: A Critical Hit Holiday Special 

Episode 28: Enter the Dargon - Part 2 (S2-015)

Episode 29: The Tower - Part 1 (S2-016)

Episode 30: The Tower - Part 2 (S2-017)

Episode 31: The Tower - Part 3 (S2-018)

Episode 32: The Tower - Part 4 (S2-019)

Episode 33: Coping with Loss

Episode 34: The Tower - Part 5 (S2-020)

Episode 35: The Tower - Part 6 (S2-021)

Episode 36: The Tower - Part 7 (S2-022)

Episode 37: Doom Comes to Tuberville (S2-023)

Episode 38: The Mucus Men of Tubervile - or You may think it's funny but its snot (S2-024)

Episode 39: Stop Loiting Around my weasel Stand! (S2-025)

Episode 40: CROSSOVER! (S2-026)

The Moon[edit | edit source]

Episode 41: To the Moon, Alice! To the Moon! (S2-027)

Episode 42: One Small Step for Torq... (S2-028)

Episode 43: Mesa of the Fallen Ones (S2-029)

Episode 44: In the Lair of the Monkey Lizards (S2-030)

Episode 45: Caved In (S2-031)

Episode 46: Separation Anxiety (S2-032)

Episode 47: The Problem with Doctor Dinosaur (S2-033)

Episode 48: Dino Fighting - Part 2 (S2-034)

Episode 49: Total Party Kill? (S2-035)

Episode 50: Shaman on the Moon (S2-036)

Episode 51: Attack of the JellyFoosh (S2-037)

Episode 52: Attack of the JellyFoosh - Part 2 (S2-038)

Episode 53: We have a capture a Whatnow (S2-039)

Episode 54: Across the Lunar Landscape (S2-040)

Episode 55: Down the Shaft (S2-041)

Episode 56: The End (S2-042)

Episode 57: The End - Part 2 (S2-043)

Off Season 1: Episodes 58 - 62[edit | edit source]

Episode 58: The Game Master's Workshop - Part 1

Episode 59: The Game Master's Workshop - Part 2

Episode 60: The Game Master's Workshop - Part 3

Episode 61: The Game Master's Workshop - Part 4

Episode 62: The Game Master's Workshop - Part 5

Season 3: Celestial Crusade (Episode 63 - 132)[edit | edit source]

Welcome to the Astral Sea[edit | edit source]

The City of Sha-Lai[edit | edit source]

Episode 63: Welcome to Season Three (S3-001)

Episode 64: They Call Him Ket (S3-002)

Episode 65: Trouble at Warehouse 13 (S3-003)

Episode 66: Trouble on top of trouble (S3-004)

Episode 67: "Head Toward the Snakey-Man!" (S3-005)

Episode 68: Sniffing out magic (S3-006)

Episode 69: Rise of the Monarchs (S3-007)

Episode 70: We can be such Pinheads sometimes... (S3-008)

Episode 71: Listener Feedback

The Obelisk[edit | edit source]

Episode 72: Mathematical Translation of an Obelisk (S3-009)

Episode 73: In the lair of the Raven Queen (S3-010)

Episode 74: In Detention (S3-011)

Episode 75: Trouble (S3-012)

Episode 76: Trouble - Part 2 (S3-013)

Episode 77: Trouble - Part 3 (S3-014)

Episode 78: Back to School (S3-015)

Episode 79: Listener Feedback

Episode 80: You're probably wondering why I called you here (S3-016)

Episode 81: How the Other Third Live – Part 2 (S3-017)

Episode 82: How the Other Third Live - Part 3 (S3-018)

Episode 83: A Meeting with the Gods (S3-019)

Episode 84: Preparing to Leave (S3-020)

Episode 85: The Long Goodbye (S3-021)

Episode 86: Paragon Paths

Two Parties on the Astral Sea[edit | edit source]

Episode 87: Everybody Was Naked all the time (S3-022)

Episode 88: The Dragon with Five Heads (S3-023)

Episode 89: I'm Doing it All For Your Mother! (S3-024)

Episode 90: Tiamat (S3-025)

Episode 91: The Hawksbill (S3-026)

Episode 92: The Shifting Isles (S3-027)

Episode 93: Enter the Jaguana (S3-028)

Episode 94: Mmmmm... Minty (S3-029)

Episode 95: Role Playing Monsters

Episode 96: The Demonweb (S3-030)

Episode 97: SMITH RETURNS! (S3-031)

Episode 98: Battle on the Bridge (S3-032)

Episode 99: An Action Point for Sleeping (S3-033)

Episode 100: +100 to Critical Hitting (S3-034)

Episode 101: Lower the Longboats! (S3-035)

Episode 102: G-G-G-Ghost Pirates! (S3-036)

Episode 103: The Twin Perfect Stars (S3-037)

Episode 104: Level 9

Episode 105: Shipwreck (S3-038)

Episode 106: Shipwreck - Part 2 (S3-039)

Episode 107: The Palace of Carnage (S3-040)

Episode 108: Celebrate Good Times... (S3-041)

Episode 109: Staticite (S3-042)

Episode 110: The Raid Party (S3-043)

Episode 111: How much for a rib (S3-044)

Episode 112: The Grand Tour of the Gulag Magnificent (S3-045)

Episode 113: Negotiations and Love Songs... (S3-046)

Episode 114: Paragon Paths Revisited

Episode 115: Orem is taken down (S3-047)

Episode 116: We are overloaded with Elasma! (S3-048)

Episode 117: Are You There Kord? It's Me, Orem (S3-049)

Episode 118: We're Gonna fight the Stoners (S3-050)

Episode 119: Doomed, I tell you! DOOOOMED! (S3-051)

Episode 120: The Mystical Tower of Eight Legged Freaks (S3-052)

Episode 121: Inside the Quartz Tower (S3-053)

Episode 122: Inside the Quartz Tower - Part 2 (S3-054)

Episode 123: Gotta Get Back in Time (S3-055)

Episode 124: Questions and Answers

Return to Sha-Lai[edit | edit source]

Episode 125: Oh Kord! Not Again! (S3-056)

Episode 126: Plans and Schemes (but mostly schemes) (S3-057)

Episode 127: A Time Out of Space (S3-058)

Episode 128: A Manner of Sorts (S3-059)

Episode 129: Preparing for Battle (S3-060)

Episode 130: Kobold Alley (S3-061)

Episode 131: She Who Slumbers in Agony (S3-062)

Episode 132: The Final Battle (S3-063)

Off Season 2: Episode 133 - 143[edit | edit source]

Episode 133: Reflections 

Episode 134: The Legend of Drizzt Board Game

Episode 135: Your Questions, Our Answers 

Episode 136: You've got questions, we've got answers

Episode 137: Palidins and Dinosars - Part 1

Episode 138: Choosing Sides 

Episode 139: Choosing Sides - Part 2

Episode 140: Travels North

Episode 141: Warky and His Amazing Friends

Episode 142: The Bug Challenge

Episode 143: MAIL CALL!

Season 4: Lords of the Feywild (144 - 271)[edit | edit source]

Into the Feywild[edit | edit source]

The Spring Wood[edit | edit source]

Episode 144: Lords of the Feywild (S4-001)

Episode 145: Meet Trelle (S4-002)

Episode 146: Into the Woods (S4-003)

Episode 147: In Feywild, Salad Eats You (S4-004)

Episode 148: #dontkill poke (S4-005)

Episode 149: The Secret of the Lizard Wizard (S4-006)

Episode 150: The Spring Queen (S4-007)

Episode 151: The Hogba (S4-008)

Episode 152: The Path of Desperation (S4-009)

Episode 153: MmmmGwarf (S4-010)

Episode 154: MAIL CALL!

The Summer Canopy[edit | edit source]

Episode 155: A Leafy Situation (S4-011)

Episode 156: Spellophane Tape (S4-012)

Episode 157: A Losery Field (S4-013)

Episode 158: A Losery Field - Part 2 (S4-014)

Episode 159: All Along the Watch Twig (S4-015)

Episode 160: The Summer King (S4-016)

Episode 161: The Parasitic King (S4-017)

Episode 162: And They Were Never Heard From Again (S4-018)

Episode 163: Skinning characters and getting parents in on the action

The Fields of Autumn[edit | edit source]

Episode 164: The Fields of Autumn (S4-019)

Episode 165: It's the Great Pumpkin (S4-020)

Episode 166: It's The Writers! (S4-021)

Episode 167: It's the Riders - Part 2 (S4-022)

Episode 168: It's the Riders - Part 3 (S4-023)

Episode 169: There's Something in the Fog (S4-024)

Episode 170: The Party Before the Party (S4-025)

Episode 171: The Party (S4-026)

Episode 172: The Party's Over (S4-027)

Episode 173: Leveling up and listener mail

The Fen of Winters[edit | edit source]

Episode 174: The Fen of Winters (S4-028)

Episode 175: The Fen of Winters - Part 2 (S4-029)

Episode 176: The Fen of Winters - Part 3 (S4-030)

Episode 177: Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Fire (S4-031)

Episode 178: The Golden Kind (S4-032)

Episode 179: The Golden Kind - Part 2 (S4-033)

Episode 180: Careful What you Wish For (S4-034)

Episode 181: All Cracked Up (S4-035)

Episode 182: Save the Randus! (S4-036)

Episode 183: The Potion Commotion (S4-037)

Episode 184: Trelle put her face there (S4-038)

Episode 185: Who's the leader of the club? (S4-039)

Episode 186: Never Doubt the Randus (S4-040)

Episode 187: The Snow Queen (S4-041)

Episode 188:Lord of the Feywild (S4-042)

Episode 189:

Cast back to the Natural World[edit | edit source]

The Sage Coast[edit | edit source]

Episode 190: Snail Rock island (S4-043)

Episode 191: Basalt (S4-044)

Episode 192: A Fine Meal (S4-045)

Episode 193: A stroll through Basalt...(never as simple as it sounds) (S4-046)

Episode 194:A Stroll through Basalt - Part 2 (S4-047)

Episode 195: Hello Mother? Hello Father? (S4-048)

Episode 196: Of Money and Cold Iron Weapons (S4-049)

Episode 197: I'm Sorry (S4-050)

Episode 198: The Twilight Guardian (S4-051)

Seven Clans Total Control Area Part 1[edit | edit source]

Episode 199: Clan Devil Bear and Nearly Deadmen (S4-052)

Episode 200: Trelle and the Nearly Deadmen (S4-053)

Episode 201: The Tempest Toad vs Trelle and the Nearly Deadmen (S4-054)

Episode 202: The episode you've been waiting for

Episode 203: It's the end of the world Torq...Again! (S4-055)

Episode 204: Plotting, Planning and Over Thinking (S4-056)

Episode 205: A Fate Worse Thank Ket (S4-057)

Episode 206: Enter the Dargon 2: Eclectic Boogaloo (S4-058)

Episode 207: Apology Accepted (S4-059)

Everdeep Woods[edit | edit source]

Episode 208: They're Here! Hide the Children! (S4-060)

Episode 209: Back to Everdeep (S4-061)

Episode 210: Mail Bag

Episode 211: The Team Prepares (S4-062)

Episode 212: Ket has a juicy organ (S4-063)

Episode 213: Into the Canyon (S4-064)

Episode 214: Level Up (Because we haven't done that in a while)

Episode 215: Deep in the Everdeep Forest, the giggle Began (S4-065)

Episode 216: Margraven Dice (S4-066)

Seven Clans Total Control Area Part 2[edit | edit source]

Episode 217: The Mootlands (S4-067)

Episode 218: Knives and Spiders and Death in our Beds (S4-068)

Episode 219: Devil's AdvoKet (S4-069)

Episode 220: Mail Bag!

Episode 221: Number One Best Party (S4-070)

Episode 222: Select Representatives of the Seven Clans (S4-071)

Episode 223: A Kitten Adventure (S4-072)

Episode 224: Level Up!

Episode 225: Happy Trails (S4-073)

Episode 226: Poof! They were Gone... (S4-074)

Episode 227: Meet Irving Stonehouse (S4-075)

Diamond Throne and Sundrie Lands[edit | edit source]

Episode 228: Holes (S4-076)

Episode 229: Return to Tuberville (S4-077)

Episode 230: The Adventures of Orem and Pretty Boy (and some other Jerks) (S4-078)

Episode 231: Time for Some Action... (S4-079)

Episode 232: In the Throne Room (Also Lots of Giggles) (S4-080)

Episode 233: Malice in the Palace (S4-081)

Episode 234: Malice in the Palace - Part 2 (S4-082)

Episode 235: The Battle of the Keep (S4-083)

Episode 236: The Battle of the Keep - Part 2 (S4-084)

Episode 237: Mail Bag - February 2014

Episode 238: The Long Dark Tunnel of DOOM! (S4-085)

Episode 239: Boomp Boomp (S4-086)

Episode 240: Break, Enter, Murder, Take (S4-087)

Episode 241: Fearless Company (S4-088)

Mandravo[edit | edit source]

Episode 242: On the Road to... (S4-089)

Episode 243: The Jungle Path (S4-090)

Episode 244: 24 Goblins, 2 Bugbears, and a Goblinoid (S4-091)

Episode 245: A Buick of Goblins (S4-092)

Episode 246: A Gremlin of Goblins (S4-093)

Episode 247: Mail Bag - Dating Advice, 5th Edition, and Getting into Character

Episode 248: Mystery of Blood (S4-094)

Episode 249: In which the party looks for Drow (S4-095)

Episode 250: Go Team Magic Dorks! Also We're Sorry... (S4-096)

Underdark[edit | edit source]

Episode 251: Well, Well, Well... (S4-097)

Episode 252: The Road to the El Drowado (S4-098)

Feydark[edit | edit source]

Episode 253: The Scary Icky Yucky (S4-099)

Episode 254: MAILBAG!

Episode 255: Meanwhile... (S4-100)

Episode 256: ...In the Crater (S4-101)

Episode 257: NT14 – Major Spoilers/Critical Hit Panel 

Episode 258: An Old Ally (S4-102)

Return to the Feywild[edit | edit source]

The Summer Canopy Again[edit | edit source]

Episode 259: One Eye, Two Eyes, Three Eyes, Four… (S4-103)

Episode 260: One Eye, Two Eyes, Three Eyes, Four… - Part 2 (S4-104)

Episode 261: Lord Kinsington's Rules of Skills Challenges (S4-105)

Episode 262: Let's Kill Orem (S4-106)

Episode 263: Mother and Child Reunion (S4-107)

The final battle with Spud[edit | edit source]

Episode 264: Iron Sword, Silver Spoon, I Hope You Will Forgive Me Soon (S4-108)

Episode 265: The Deal (S4-109)

Episode 266: The Library (Part 1) (S4-110)

Episode 267: In the Library (Part 2) (S4-111)

Episode 268: Crystal Palace (S4-112)

Episode 269: Orem and the Iron Circle (S4-113)

Episode 270: Crud, Not a 20... (S4-114)

Episode 271: And they were never heard from again (S4-115)

Off Season 3: Episode 272 - 307[edit | edit source]

Episode 272: Aftermath

Episode 273: Mailbag

Episode 274: Wrath of Ashardalon

Episode 275: Wrath of Ashardalon - Part 2

Episode 276: Mail Bag!

Dungeons and Dragons 5th Game[edit | edit source]

Episode 277: Players Handbook 5th Edition

Episode 278: Dramatis Personae

Episode 279: Triboar Trail

Episode 280: Phandalin

Episode 281: The Goblin Trail

Episode 282: Klarg's Cave

Episode 283: Ruins of Thundertree

Episode 284: Spite Wolves

Episode 285: RandOrcs

Episode 286: Owlbear Tower

Episode 287: King's Quarters

Episode 288: Reflections of 5e... thus far

Modern City Tales[edit | edit source]

Episode 289: Welcome to Modern City

Episode 290: Origin Stories

Episode 291: Team-ups and Crossovers

Episode 292: Night of the Zombie-Gators (1 of 2)

Episode 293: Night of the Zombie-Gators (Part 2 of 2)

Episode 294: PDK Gets a PDA

Episode 295: The Bank Job

Episode 296: A Goon, A Fence, and an Envelope

Episode 297: All We Fight Are Goons

Episode 298: We Meet Again, Doctor Pheedbach!

Episode 299: Battle of the Crate Stackers

Episode 300: Mobs and Consequences

Episode 301: Good Cop, Bad Cop, Nerd Cop, Dead Cop

Episode 302: Dead End

Episode 303: A Brawl at the Mall

Episode 304: The Derrick

Episode 305: Post Fate

Episode 306: Mail Bag!

Season 5: Legacy of Ghosts (307-381)[edit | edit source]

The Hunt for Professor Lek[edit | edit source]

Episode 307: Legacy of Ghosts (S5-001)

Episode 308: Time to Say Goodbye (S05-002)

Episode 309: Oh Lord, Randus (S05-003)

Episode 310: Oh, Lord Randus (S05-004)

Episode 311: Coldport Dead or Alive (S05-005)

Episode 312: Why are they trying to kill you, Sekhar? (S05-006)

Episode 313: The Plague District (S05-007)

The Nest[edit | edit source]

Episode 314: Crisis on Infinite Realms (S05-008)

Episode 315: Some Kind of Weirdness (S05-009)

Episode 316: Oh Hai! (S05-10)

Episode 317: The Dream Quills (S05-11)

Episode 318: 1-3-8 (S05-12)

Episode 319: Mail Bag

The Swarm[edit | edit source]

Episode 320: Skytalker Recruitment Center (S05-13)

Episode 321: We’re Planning… (S05-14)

Episode 322: First, we have to get into this tower… (S05-15)

Episode 323: Chutes and Ladders (S05-16)

The Knot[edit | edit source]

Episode 324: Sandy Beaches (S05-17)

Episode 325: What’s the Meta? (S05-18)

The Parliament of Steel[edit | edit source]

Episode 326: Into the Woods (S05-19)

Episode 327: The Helm of Dawnestes (S05-20)

Episode 328: There’s a Forcefield and a Dragonborn (S05-21)

Episode 329: There’s a Forcefield and a Dragonborn - Part 2 (S05-22)

Episode 330: Parliament of Steel (S05-23)

Coldport[edit | edit source]

Episode 331: That Thing in the Wastepaper Basket (S05-24)

Episode 332: Make Sure you Leave A Note (S05-25)

Episode 333: 120 People, Four Carts, Two Donkeys, and Math (S05-26)

Episode 334: BOATING… WE’RE DOING IT, RIGHT? (S05-27)

Episode 335: Six Months (S05-28)

The Southern Continent[edit | edit source]

Episode 336: SOUTH TO MONSTER TOWN (S05-29)


Episode 338: THE CITY OF DU’U (S05-31)

Episode 339: SPENDING POWER (S05-32)

Episode 340: IT’S A PARTY – PART 1 (S05-33)

Episode 341: … AND WE WEREN’T INVITED – PART 2 (S05-34)

Episode 342: BOAT CASUALLY, MY FRIENDS (S05-35)


Episode 344: TEAM BOX TROLL (S05-37)

Episode 345: THE LO’O OH-OH (S05-38)


Episode 347: CLIFFHANGER (S05-40)



New Mahuacal[edit | edit source]

Episode 350: EGO COMPLETELY! (S5-43)

Episode 351: SHOPPING IN MURDER TOWN! (S5-44)



Episode 354: A GIRL, A BET, AND A PLAN (S05-46)

Episode 355: THE GAMBLER (S05-47)

Episode 356: THE PAYOFF (S05-48)

Episode 357: BACK TO LITTLE DELTA (S05-49)


Storming the Black Archive[edit | edit source]

Episode 359: THE PLAN (S05-51)

Episode 360: RANDUS DUNKS HIS HEAD (S05-52)

Episode 361: MY FEET FEEL GREAT (S05-53)

Episode 362: CLACK CLACK CLACK (S05-54)

Episode 363: GOOD NEWS EVERYONE! (S05-55)

Episode 364: PULL THE LEVER, KET (S05-56)


Episode 366: THE KILL ROOM (S05-58)

Episode 367: THE HALLWAY OF DOOM! (S05-59)

Episode 368: Well, That Was Fun… (S05-60)

Attack on the Secret Base[edit | edit source]

Episode 369: Wrapping It Up* (S05-61)

Episode 370: El Chupaceabra’s Tale (S05-62)

Episode 371: New Surprises (S05-63)

Episode 372: STORYTIME (S05-64)

Episode 373: Bloodletter’s Pass (S05-65)


Episode 375: Check and Triple Check (S05-67)

Episode 376: Team Twilight (S05-68)

Episode 377: SKORS! - Part 1 (S05-69)

Episode 378: SKORS! - Part 2 (S05-70)

Episode 379: That Lying Bastard (S05-71)

Episode 380: To Kill A God (S05-72)

Off Season 4: Episode 381 - Ongoing[edit | edit source]

Episode 381: The Wrap up episode

Episode 382: Yellow Light (COC-001)

Episode 383: Yellow Light (COC-002)

Episode 384: Yellow Light (COC-003)