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Having defeated the mage and moon monsters now the party needs to find there way through the base before unexpected guests show up.  

Characters[edit | edit source]

Players Characters:

  1. Orem Rivendorn - Eladrin Wizard played my Stephen
  2. Torq - 3 Quarter Orc Warrior played by Matthew
  3. Randus Duthane - Human Artificer played by Brian
  4. Smith - "Human" Sorcerer played by Rob

NPC's[edit | edit source]

Mentioned[edit | edit source]

Summary[edit | edit source]

After having defeated the mage and monsters summon from the moon. Orem and the other members of the party start working there way in and through the base of the Void Cultists.

They find no one else is alive in the compound however the party does finds an armory of mundane weapons. As they move through the compound it becomes clear that his is more of a waypoint for Void cultists to resupply and move on. At some point they come to a lab and summoning room Torq who had seen a similar set up while he was in Moonhold quickly figures out where summoning materials would be stored.  

In time the party comes to the central office of the high priest of the compound. Orem and others find some books, and well as some locked dowers. In addition to finding a book rituals the party also finds a really old book that looks like its had a bite taken out of it. Orem finds a letter written in common taking about the pogrom and how he had been dealing with mettlesome Eladrin named Olbros. A second letter is also found which talks about having taken care of the Eladrin and how the cultist were now working on taking care of a mettlesome elf, and Olbros's sword had been sent to this base. However Orem and the others had not yet found it.  

Randus suggests using a Make Whole ritual was able to restore book so it could be read. This ritual works and the party reads about pogrom which is world wide war of conquest being mounted by the worshipers of the void. There is a list of Void gods and there avatars. The book lays out the placement of towers and how to activate said towers. While its not clear where 3 of the other 4 towers are. The next closest tower the is west of Diamond Throne in the heart of farming country.  

In the final room Orem finds a pouch with Eladrin en-bordering on it and realized it is the sword that had belonged to Master Olbros. The two vile's turn out to be Potions of Healing as well as Olbros's gold.  

Having explored the compound Orem decided that he would like to spend sometime going over the dark and spooky book, using the ritual Understand Languages.  

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. The party recovers 300 gold in ritual components
  2. Book of rituals
  3. Orem's Flame Sword +1
  4. 2 x Potions and Healing
  5. 320 gold pieces