Time to Say Goodbye (S05-002)

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After taking down the assassins team Salamanders Coil, Orem, his students, Little Sparkle, Felicia and Order of the Spear are taking the one surviving member of the assassin team to the keep. Its during this walk that Little Sparkle tells Orem that she is from the Southern Continent of the Natural World and that a group known as the Salamander's Coil is hunting down all known associates of Randus, (including former companions Smith and Torq). 

After returning to the keep, Orem orders Felicia to interrogate the prisoner. Mean while Orem tries to learn all he can from Capotane and Little Sparkle in this office. Little Sparkle reveals she is part of a truant league that is working against the Salamanders Coil. Capotane also volteures that while he was held captive he relived where Orem location.

At this point Master Hendren comes in to give Orem the most recent report on the progress on a making a portal to the Natural World and it turns out its now highly likely but would probably still be a one way trip. Orem wants to go but feels he can't leave he responsibilities behind. However Master Hendren lets Orem know that there are capable people in the keep who can take over while he is gone. Orem decides to make Felicia the new Arcane Protector of the keep to replace him, and to have Sapote take Felicia's place as leader of the Spear. 

The prisno 

Characters[edit | edit source]

Players Characters:

  1. Orem Rivendorn - Eladrin Wizard played by Stephen Schleicher
  2. Lily Solesorrow - Eladrin played by Kaycee
  3. Sapote - Wilden played by George
  4. Little Sparkle - Kenku played by Samantha Nelson


  1. Master Hendren - Eladrin Priest of Corellon 
  2. Felicia - Eladrin Sword Mage and former student of Orem
  3. Capotane - Hedgehog of the Feywild
  4. Mancenea - Wilden doing research on portals to the natural world. 


  1. Randus Duthane
  2. Smith
  3. Torq
  4. Ambrose - Sword Mage student of Orem
  5. Drake - Sword Mage student of Orem
  6. Old Man Peabody - Wanted to plant pine trees in the Spring Wood
  7.  lthea Greyborn Il'Rivendorn - Mother of Orem
  8.  Brall Rivendorn - Father of Orem
  9.  Kammis Rivedorn - Sister of Orem

Notes[edit | edit source]

Orem makes mention at one point that "they" have a new Monarch.