The Mucus Men of Tubervile - or You may think it's funny but its snot

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Having come to Tubervile looking for rations for Thoney. The party discovers the people of the town acting oddly. With both Randus and Torq becoming more mellow all the time. Working another stranger to the town Queen's Rebellious Daughter the party was able to track the source of the mucus pods to city hall. Finding the source of the pods in the basement. After floor collapsed leaving all but Orem. Ran to the fireplace and grabbed a torch screaming burn them all."

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After all of the devils were dead, expect one Torq questioned the one. The devil admitted that the pods were draining peoples negative emotions to find their way into natural world, and they were working for Asmodeus. Torq declared "Go way, and this world is protected."

Characters[edit | edit source]

Players Characters:

  1. Orem Rivendorn- Eladrin Wizard played by Stephen
  2. Torq - Three-Quarter Orc Warrior played by Matthew
  3. Randus Duthane - Human Artificer played by Brian
  4. Smith -Human Sorcerer played by Rob


  1. Queen's Rebellious Daughter


  1. Asmodeus

Combat[edit | edit source]

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