Graduation day (S1-001)

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Its Graduation Day for Orem Rivendorn and he about to Graduate from the Cerulean Academy of Magic in The Spring Wood of the Feywild. The story opens as Orem is preparing for his final test. As he prepares for his test Orem is visited by Illiam a fellow student who comes by to wish Orem luck and to let him know that the whole school will be watching his exam.

Orem shows up at the training ground to find the whole school is out there, as well as his parents. Master Althern arrives in the company surrounded by few other faculty and begins the trial of the War Wizard. During the trial Orem is almost defeated but with a bit of luck his is able to overcome his skeletons and finish. 

After the trial Illiam congratulates Orem. Once Orem had rested he meets again with Master Althern where he gives Orem a map to where a Master Olbros who was last seen in the city of Moonhold and a box containing a wand. Olbros has not been in contact for some time and Althern would like Orem to find out if anything has happened to him. The box contains a carved ivory Flame Wand+1 which Althern used when he first adventured. Althern invites Orem to teach at the Cerulean Academy when he returns.

Characters [edit | edit source]

Players Characters:

  1. Orem Rivendorn - Eladrin Wizard played by Stephen 


  1. Master Althern - Dean of The Cerulean Academy of Magic
  2. Illiam Hearthglow - Fellow Student 


  1. Althea Greyborn Il'Rivendorn - Mother of Orem
  2. Brall Rivendorn - Father of Orem
  3. Kammis Rivendorn - Sister of Orem
  4. Master Olbros - Missing Wizard from the Cerulean Academy

Combat[edit | edit source]

The trial of the War Wizard is between Orem and 6 skeletons and a boss skeleton. Using his force orb and flaming sphere Orem is able to destroy all the monsters. 

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