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</group> <group> <header>Broadcast</header> <label>Original channel</label> <label>Original run</label> </group> </infobox> Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures (formerly known as Drunk Tank Animated Adventures) is a Rooster Teeth Productions segment aired on their weekly Podcast every Tuesday evening. The video is subsequently uploaded to their YouTube channel the following day. Full list of Timestamps and Sources

Overview[edit | edit source]

The Rooster Teeth Staff in the podcast, or Let's Plays, give a brief story describing some of the hijinks that have been going on around the office, travels, or home life. Such recollections include: physical torment, hilarious coincidences, and embarrassing moments.

Each segment was originally animated by Jordan Cwierz in a simple, somewhat messy style. Jordan now directs each episode with episodes now being animated by other animators employed by Rooster Teeth.

Animators[edit | edit source]

The following is a list of the animators credited for any episodes for the series.

Production[edit | edit source]

As seen in the background of the video "Fun in the Office: RT Recap - Week of September 1st" Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures is currently animated using the software Flash.

In July 2010, Jordan Cwierz released the first Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures (RTAA) episode (then known as Drunk Tank Animated Adventures), featuring animations depicting stories told on the Rooster Teeth Podcast. In October 2011, Cwierz was officially hired to produce the animated shorts full-time as a feature of the podcast (source).

Let's Play Minimations[edit | edit source]

On October 8, 2014, Rooster Teeth debuted Let's Play Minimations. It features highlights from Achievement Hunter's Let's Plays, initially using 3D animation that resembles the sandbox game, Minecraft and later machinimated using Grand Theft Auto V. (source).

Episodes[edit | edit source]

Episode Name Description Audio Source Upload Date Link
1. San Diego Geoff Ramsey and Gus Sorola talk about rude plane ride passengers Rooster Teeth Podcast #71 (at 2:15) September 28, 2011 [1]
2. Statue Burnie Burns talks about how a town in Tasmania (a state in Australia) wants his website, until Gus messes with it. Rooster Teeth Podcast #21 (at 5:01) September 30, 2011 [2]
3. Lightning Geoff recalls an embarassing trucker encounter in a storm Rooster Teeth Podcast #22 (1:04:08) September 30, 2011 [3]
4. Headlight Fluid Gavin Free talks about a stunt driver he knew, and hilarity ensues with "Headlight Fluid" Rooster Teeth Podcast #30 (56:00) September 30, 2011 [4]
5. Expert Parent This episode shows you what happens when you have a father that loves tricking people, his daughter, a bear, and a toilet. Rooster Teeth Podcast #56 (34:50) September 30, 2011 [5]
6. Omnibus #1 Geoff and Gus recount airplane tales. Then, Geoff explains a hilarious situation involving stereotypes, not long before a phone interrupts the podcast, among other tales RTP #21 at 12:01 + RTP #27 at 17:38 September 30, 2011 [6]
7. Omnibus #2 In this Animated Adventure, Geoff, Gus, and Burnie tell stories about "stranger" danger, hot sauce, and sibling shenanigans RTP #35 at 1:06:02 + RTP #37 at 1:02:41 + RTP #56 at 33:37 + RTP #59 at 1:22 September 30, 2011 [7]
8. New Orleans pt. 1 Geoff recalls a time where he and a drunk Griffon Ramsey were in New Orleans Rooster Teeth Podcast #94 (at 6:50) September 30, 2011 [8]
9. New Orleans pt 2 The conclusion to Geoff's and Griffon's shenanigans in New Orleans Rooster Teeth Podcast #94 September 30, 2011 [9]
10. Omnibus #3 Burnie, Gus, and Geoff recount tales of the video game convention and horse farm RTP #105 at 7:33 + RTP #77 at 24:10 September 30, 2011 [10]
11. Double Derps Geoff recalls a situation where they encountered two menu and technologically challenged people at a restaurant Rooster Teeth Podcast #91 (at 50:50) September 30, 2011 [11]
12. Shakedowns and Breakdowns After recalling a story where Millie Ramsey threatened her mother, Geoff and Gus recall a story of two rule-shirking girls on a plane. Then Joel Heyman gets all economic in the podcast September 30, 2011 [12]
13. Party of the Dead The RT staff take you to an industry party then summoned the dead in this episode October 5, 2011 [13]
14. Joel Hates Snakes Joel explains his fear of snakes October 12, 2012 [14]
15. Gus Anesthesia Gus explains what happens when you mix him with Anesthesia from surgery October 19, 2011 [15]
16. Kara's Exciting Day As Kara Eberle takes time deciding on her favorite part of her job, the rest of the crew retell hilarious tales October 26, 2011 [16]
17. Fun With Earthquakes The crew tells a story about wanting to be in an earthquake November 2, 2011 [17]
18. Gus vs. Machete Man Gus recalls an encounter with a murderous, machete weilding madman after throwing rocks onto a field November 9, 2011 [18]
19. Burnie Fights Animals Burnie boasts about his confidence in fighting deadly animals November 16, 2011 [19]
20. Shamu Plane and Naked Joel Joel tells more stories about killer whaleplanes and an awkward hospital incident November 23, 2011 [20]
21. Burnie and Joel's Bathroom Encounter Burnie makes Joel's showering experience much more uncomfortable November 30, 2011 [21]
22. Burnie Burns Horse Puncher Introducing the latest hero, Burnie Burns the Horse Puncher December 6, 2011 [22]
23. Brandon and the Electric Fence Burnie tries to trick Brandon Farmahini into touching an electrically charged wire December 14, 2011 [23]
24. Cookies and Hobos Gus and Geoff explain how Girl Scouts and puppies can guilt people into buying their stuff, but not hobos December 21, 2011 [24]
25. Michael Meets a Drug Dealer Michael Jones tells of his time running into a drug dealer/pimp named Kevin December 28, 2011 [25]
26. Award for Drink Ordering The crew thinks of ways they can mess with an awards ceremony, then Gus mocks the way Chris Demarais orders drinks January 4, 2012 [26]
27. Robot Future Toys Joel, Burnie, Geoff, and Jack Pattillo argueover names, then Burnie makes fun of his wife January 11, 2012 [27]
28. Dishwashers and Bad Fliers Burnie recounts bad appliance salesman and nervous fliers January 17, 2012 [28]
29. Joel Meets a Panther Joel flashbacks to his Panther experience January 25, 2012 [29]
30. Left 4 Trek The crew explain how they could make a movie, then come up with apocalypse plans February 1, 2012 [30]
31. Disease Movie Theater Disease spread and failing theaters are discussed in this episode February 8, 2012 [31]
32. Weird Dreams & Shitty Jobs Gus talks about his odd dreams and crappy career choices February 15, 2012 [32]
33. Joel Goes Skydiving Joel tells about his time skydiving February 22, 2012 [33]
34. Five Signs of Death Matt Hullum talks about his roommate talking about The Five Signs of Death February 29, 2012 [34]
35. An Internet Conversation Burnie and Joel stage a more interesting conversation on the web March 7, 2012 [35]
36. Joel Versus Technology Joel isn't just technologically challenged when being Caboose, he's also technologically challenged in real life! March 14, 2012 [36]
37. Health Kick to the Balls Burnie and Gavin talk about grocery store diets and taking an egg to the knob March 21, 2012 [37]
38. Impressions & Fishing Joel impersonates Gus, then Geoff talks about his future hobby March 28, 2012 [38]
39. Google Mind Tricks Google and lawnmowers are somehow connected, then Monty Oum's work style is described, finally Gavin takes a crack at the mind over matter thing April 4, 2012 [39]
40. RTX-travaganza Joel, Burnie, and Kathleen Zuelch reminisice on the first ever RTX April 11, 2012 [40]
41. Mass Defect Gav, Gus, and Burnie talk about how Sheperd of Mass Effect 3 is a nobody despite his achievements April 18, 2012 [41]
42. The Dolphin Experiment Gus talks about an experiment on teaching dolphins how to speak human languages and the extent the lead scientist did to try to get to that point April 25, 2012 [42]
43. Resident A.I Michael defends Ashley's behavior in Resident Evil May 2, 2012 [43]
44. Brandon and Chris Move Furniture Brandon and Chris successfully help Burnie move out---or not May 9, 2012 [44]
45. Dance Floor Fight Gus and Burnie shows what Michael does when other people flirt with his girlfriend, Lindsay Tuggey May 16, 2012 [45]
46. Signs and Shotguns Gus talks about Burnie's sleep abilities, then Burnie remembers panicking about leaving shotgun ammo at Geoff's house. May 23, 2012 [46]
47. Chris Stories In this Animated Adventure about Chris, Burnie talks about Chris's nut identification issues and conspiracy theories May 30, 2012 [47]
48. Drunk Burnie Burnie + Alcohol = Anything can happen June 6, 2012 [48]
49. Ice Cream Comic Con The guys descire Barbara Dunkelman's weird encounters at New York comic con June 13, 2012  [49]
50. Attack of the Burnies All of Burnie's Animated Adventure alter egos come back to haunt Burnie in the RTAA 50th episode anniversary. June 20, 2012 [50]
51. That's Sway-cist An almost racially charged failure of a news report at RT is covered June 27, 2012 [51]
52. Burnie & The Cup The reason why Burnie never finishes his soda is revealled July 4, 2012 [52]
53. Anarchist Cooking with Burnie Burnie's failed attempt at making a deadly weapon is told July 11, 2012 [53]
Special 1. Four Hours of Dubstep Hipster Burnie Four hours of the big boss doing dubstep July 18, 2012 [54]
Special 2. Attack of the Burnies Outtakes Various outtakes and behind the scenes of the 50th episode of RTAA. July 16, 2012 [55]
54. Hotdog Planes and Planks Spy probes and food are discussed in this installation July 18, 2012 [56]
55. Co-Pilot Calamity A near-miss with calamity in an airplane is talked about July 25, 2012 [57]
56. My Blue Eyes Nerds never had a good relationship with liquid cement falling from the sky August 1, 2012 [58]
57. Lost Phone Karma Gavin lays on the guilt on Burnie for losing his phone, then karma comes back to bite Gav in the butt. August 8, 2012 [59]
58. Gus's Bathroom Encounter Creepy fanboys at a convention can create the most awkward situations. August 15, 2012 [60]
59. Gavin's Drunken Shenanigans Gavin gets drunk and his already high level of Gavin-ness (no better word for it) gets higher. August 22, 2012 [61]
60. Bad Luck Burnie Burnie makes an embarrassing mistake on a plane. August 29, 2012 [62]
61. OmniGus Everyone knows Gus! September 5, 2012 [63]
62. Gavin Dong Gong Gavin has the most awkward bathroom encounters. Again Burnie is the culprit September 12, 2012 [64]
63. Drunk in the City Kara shows how good looks  can help get drunk guys to safety September 19, 2012 [65]
64. Michael gets locked out Michael, Gavin, Kara, and a lock smith have to deal with a locked door and a super sleepy Lindsey September 26, 2012 [66]
65. Burnie Tales Burnie gives stories of his childhood and the reason why hospitals are scary October 3, 2012 [67]
66. Gavin has Brain Problems Gavin describes the various head injuries and conditions he picked up October 10, 2012 [68]
67. When Kites Attack Burnie flies a kite with his son causing an unfortunate accident with another dad. October 17, 2012 [69]
68. Bets & Flirts Gavin bets Michael money on whether he can drink BBQ sauce, then another drunk Gavin story comes up October 24, 2012 [70]
69. Burnie's Sleeper Power Burnie has the ability to sleep anytime and anywhere October 31, 2012 [71]
70. More NYCC Stories Arm Wrestles and live Rage Quits are talked about in this installation November 7, 2012 [72]
71. Raw Meat Lumps A weird meat dish from Europe is sampled by Burnie and Geoff, then some weird thugs beat down on the two November 14, 2012 [73]
72. Doctor Free Pants Gavin Gavin shows how incompetent he would be if he were a doctor, then a scarring experience for Kara is reenacted November 21, 2012 [74]
73. Gus Doesn't Want to Go to Vegas He just doesn't want to. November 28, 2012 [75]
74. Grapes, Calls, & Storage Gavin comes up with a shirt idea, a phone interrupts a podcast, then containers are joked about December 5, 2012 [76]
75. Ray's Photo Bomb Ray Narvaez photo bombs a staff shoot! December 12, 2012 [77]
76. Burnie's Drunk Touchdown Burnie gets drunk and scores a touchdown in a game December 19, 2012 [78]
77. Miles's Strip Club Predicament Miles Luna describes an odd encounter with the stripper Darque Chocolate December 26, 2012 [79]
78. Nice Carrot Sweat Burnie, Michael, Gavin, and Gus all take turns telling stories about carrots, corrosive sweat, nice Texans, and random stores January 2, 2013 [80]
79. Miles' Daring Party Escape The tale of Miles' panicked attempt to escape a party when the cops show up. January 9, 2013 [81]
80. For Whom the Bell Trolls Unraveling the mystery of Marshall's secret doorbell. January 16, 2013 [82]
81. Geoff's Vespa Crash The embarrassing story of how Geoff crashed a Vespa, then got insult added to injury. January 23, 2013 [83]
82. Donuts for Cake Miles' miserable evening takes a turn for the better when his drunk friend steals a birthday cake. January 30, 2013 [84]
83. Plane Stories A trilogy of plane-themed stories told by Geoff. Watch as Matt has trouble going through security, while Gus and Geoff question the integrity of their aircraft and have an awkward encounter with a pilot. February 6, 2013 [85]
84. Gus on Mars The tale of Gus taking a one-way trip to Mars just to spite Gavin, and what his life would be like on the Red Planet. February 13, 2013 [86]
85. Headphones & Peeing The start of a futile saga wherein Gus tries to get Gavin to wear his headphones the right way, then Burnie gets a rude text, and Gus pees in public and almost lands on the registered sex offender list. February 20, 2013 [87]
86. Homeless Depot We find Geoff having an awkward encounter with a person he assumed worked at Home Depot, Gus' anger over Gavin's headphones grows, and Marshall's stint of office-living comes to a morbid end. February 27, 2013 [88]
87. Gus' Rooftop Rat How a mysterious "crunking" noise coming from the wall baits Gus into an encounter with a rat living inside his house. Also, Gus tries to cope as the "backwards headphone plague" spreads to other members of the podcast. March 6, 2013 [89]
88. Big Noses & Little Sisters The origins of Gavin's giant nose and the problems having a schnoz like his can cause when falling. Then, Kara messes up Gus' playtime in true little sister fashion. March 13, 2013 [90]
89. Gus Hates Interns Gus has awkward encounters with Lindsay and Miles back when they were lowly interns and undeserving of his attention. March 20, 2013 [91]
90. Lucid Bear Dreams After realizing he's in a lucid dream, Gav gets a little carried away with his super powers. Then, Burnie tries to teach him how to survive a bear encounter. And finally, we have the idiotic conclusion to the headphone saga! March 27, 2013 [92]
91. Dan vs. Food Burnie and Gav retelling the tale of Dan 'the Man" Gruchy's difficulties understanding how menus work and the awkward restaurant interactions it creates. #DanTheMan April 3, 2013 [93]
92. More Plane Stories Two more plane stories, featuring an overly dramatic woman who won't settled for a gluten-full meal, and a plane with suspect mechanical integrity. Make sure your chair is in the upright and locked position, and prepare for HILARITY! April 10, 2013 [94]
93. Drunk Burnie Returns Drunk Burnie returns! This time, Burnie is at a PAX East party and has too much to drink, then proceeds to make false toasts at a company dinner, then later, takes it upon himself to kick people out of another party. April 17, 2013 [95]
94. Lost Not Found Burnie tells the story of Geoff allegedly losing a check two seconds after he handed to him, and how that trait reminds him of his son, who also loses stuff all the time. April 24, 2013 [96]
95. Stinky Fools Burnie demonstrates the perfect way to diffuse the termination of an employee as he fires Gavin on April Fool's Day, Joel playing with his cardboard friends again, and Gus contemplating the stench of the past. May 1, 2013 [97]
96. Brandon Explains Magnets Brandon explains to Gus how magnets work after a discussion about the iPhone's compass, and Gus plays along to see just how much Brandon actually doesn't know about science. Spoiler alert: it's a lot. May 8, 2013 [98]
97. Mean Squirrels & Blind People Gus talks about a mean squirrel in his yard who used to bully him whenever he'd walk outside, and Miles ditches a blind homeless man in the middle of a conversation because he's a scumbag. Then Lindsay shares an awkward experience she had with a blind person as well. May 15, 2013 [99]
98. Barbara Pun-kelman A pun-tacular pun-travaganza! Featuring some of Barbara's most groan-inducing puns from throughout the years. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the PUNishment. May 22, 2013 [100]
99. Famous Asteroid Gus regales the crew with a tale from when he was dating Esther and she didn't believe him to be a real internet celebrity, and Burnie discovers the perfect way to destroy Joel's happiest moment. May 29, 2013 [101]
100. The Podcast King 100th Episode, King Gus quests to find his misplaced crown before the podcast peons revolt. June 5, 2013 [102]
101. Gav's Creeper Parents Gav's Minecraft encounter with a couple of chummy creepers, whom he suspects may be his parents. June 12, 2013 [103]
102. Gus' Squirrelly Situation The mean squirrel tormenting Gus' life returns. This time, the squirrel acquires a special taste of Gus' nuts. No, not that kind of nut. June 19, 2013 [104]
103. More Burnie Tales More stories from Burnie, including the time Jason pulled a prank on him in the middle of a filmmaking panel, more tortuous his older brother did to him, and an encounter with an asshole in Austin. So much Burnie! June 26, 2013 [105]
104. Geoff vs. Porch Geoff recalls fights from his past, specifically the time he tried to fight a man named Porch. That's right, his name was Porch. July 3, 2013 [106]
105. El Pizza Bandido All about Ray's pizza treachery. Both he and Gavin order a pizza while watching a movie and when Ray mistakenly takes Gav's pizza thinking it's his, he refuses to admit it. July 10, 2013 [107]
Special 3. The Best of Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures Collection of some of the best parts of the animated series. July 17, 2013 [108]
Special 4. The Podcast King Outtakes Hilarious alternate takes and deleted dialogue from the 100th RTAA, "The Podcast King." Hold on to your platypus, because these clips will knock your socks off! July 17, 2013 [109]
106. Drunk Detective Miles One of the stories from the gang's trip to Las Vegas. Kyle gets drunk and someone misplaces his bag full of worldly possessions, so it's up to Drunk Detective Miles to track it down! July 24, 2013 [110]
107. The Original LOLcats Burnie ponders how future cultures will look back on contemporary society, leading him to wonder if ancient Egyptians really did revere cats, or if they also thought they were really funny. July 31, 2013 [111]
108. Gavin's Secret Admirer Gavin tells a story of when the chef from a cooking show he was filming fell in love with him and he failed to pick up on the signs. August 7, 2013 [112]
109. Burnie Fights the Sun Burnie tells a couple of stories, ranging from his highs and lows in fights, to another trick his cruel brother played on him, this time involving treasure and the sun. August 14, 2013 [113]
110. New Phone, Bad Store RTAA Omnibus action! Burnie doesn't know what to do without his phone, Gus yells at Burnie because he doesn't know how to use his phone, and Miles got tired of dealing with people at his bad grocery store job. August 21, 2013 [114]
111. Kyle Becomes Wolverine Miles tells the story of when Kyle got drunk on his 21st birthday, spat on the floor, and thought he was Wolverine. August 28, 2013 [115]
112. Body Switching & Buckets Gavin and Geoff talk about what it would be like if they swapped bodies with celebrity couples, and Gav asks what the worst thing Geoff ever did to his mom as a kid. September 4, 2013 [116]
113. Barbara Pun-kelman, Jr. Barbara is back and punnier than ever in this Animated Adventure. Watch as she delivers even more groan-enducing puns to the RT crew, with even Burnie joining in accidentally. September 11, 2013 [117]
Special 5: RTTA Classics with Commentary - Joel vs Technology & Gav Spills the Headlight Fluid Behind the scenes commentaries of some of the Rooster Teeth's staff's favorite episodes from the "Best of Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures" DVD. September 18, 2013 [118]
114. Joel's Meat Diet Joel tells the story of when he was a waiter on the hit show "Ally McBeal," and an embarrassing food situation he got himself into in front of Portia de Rossi and Lucy Liu. September 25, 2013 [119]
115. Borders & Butts Burnie meets with problems at the Canadian boreder and a doctor refuses to check inside his butt. October 2, 2013 [120]
116. Even More Plan Stories Gus has more plane experiences involving bombs, almost landing, and panic attacks. October 9, 2013 [121]
117. Miles' Crazy Dad Miles tells a story of how his dad freaks out Miles and his date. October 16, 2013 [122]
118. Wet Dream, Polite Robbery Burnie has a wet dream on a plane and Kerry politely robs a store. October 23, 2013 [123]
119. Poopy Horse Blankets Horses are the dumbest animals on the planet and Geoff has an accident. October 30, 2013 [124]
120. Relaxed Gav & Lost Keys Gav worries he might be too relaxed, Gus and Burnie argue, and Burnie loses his keys. November 6, 2013 [125]
121. Geoff's Pyro Friend Geoff destroys his jacket while putting out a fire. November 13, 2013 [126]
122.Dan Likes Cross-Eyed Girls Dan will not admit his attraction to girls that are cross-eyed. November 20, 2013 [127]
123. Bobble Headed Adventures - The Great iPhone Debate In a live action bobble head version of RTAA, Burnie and Gus fight over the iPhone 5. November 27, 2013 [128]
124. Michael Punches Poo Michael gets creative in solving a clogged toilet problem. December 4, 2013 [129]
125. Joel's Bottle Blooper Drunk Joel gets into a huge brawl by deciding to throw bottle. December 11, 2013 [130]
126. Chopped Stick Gus reads a story about a man that cuts off his own dick. December 18, 2013 [131]
127. Dogs & Disappointment Gus sets his priorities straight, Burnie can't stand people talking over Siri, and Brandon receives no present from Gus. December 25, 2013 [132]
128. Gavin's Pre-Op Photo Op Gavin gets an injured woman to take pictures of him and his friends. January 1, 2014 [133]
129. Burnie's Crazy Dream, Part 1 Burnie has a dream where Lindsay is a special forces' ninja that is invisible to unwed men while in her wedding dress. January 28, 2014 [134]
130. Burnie's Crazy Dream, Part 2 The continuation of Burnie's dream, Lindsay wins the war and marries Michael. January 15, 2014 [135]
131. Gus' Candy Cane-ine Gus has a weird dream about his dog being a candy cane. January 22, 2014 [136]
132. Lazer Tag Tales Lindsay gets sick at lazer tag and Michael is a true gentleman. January 29, 2014 [137]
133. Gus' Gas Problem Gus solves his house's gas bill problem in a typical Gus manner. February 5, 2014 [138]
134. Workspace & Cavemen Burnie needs his computer and explains Twitter to a caveman. February 12, 2014 [139]
135. Sewers & Freezers Burnie reminisces his childhood memories of exploring sewers and his college days of getting revenge on strangers. February 19, 2014 [140]
136. Kung Shu Wedding Gus recounts a drunk Esther story and Gavin and Burnie talk of their Kung Fu kicking game called Kung Shu. February 26, 2014 [141]
137. The One in the Hole Michael goes on a stealth mission in the middle of a Let's Play to free Ryan's "pet" cow Edgar from imprisonment. March 5, 2014 [142]
138. Michael's Weird Neighbor Michael gets a knock on his door from someone down the hall who needs to call the police. But as the neighbor explains his story on the phone, Michael realizes maybe he is slightly insane. March 12, 2014 [143]
139. Bad Luck Burnie Rides Again Burnie sees a couple having an argument outside his apartments, and, once again trying to be a nice guy, tries to break it up. But the situation is more complex than he was anticipating. March 19, 2014 [144]
140. Speeding and Dreaming Burnie tells the story of his kid finding a speeding ticket, and the ensuing shakedown he got as a result. Then, Gavin has another lucid dream, this time involving his family and gems. March 26, 2014 [145]
141. A Staircase of Assault Miles pushes his little brother down the stairs, then thinks of a way to not get blamed for it. April 2, 2014 [146]
142. Matt Wants Fanfare Matt is disappointed with the lack of fanfare with his lunch. April 9, 2014 [147]
143. Curses, Cookies, & Atoms Chris curses a baby, Jack eats some cookies, and Burnie smashes some atoms. April 16, 2014 [148]
144. Dan Drinks, Gavin Hoodwinks Dan orders a bunch of girly drinks at dinner, thinking they are free. Gus and Gavin re-enact an internet conversation he had with a girl. April 23, 2014 [149]
145. The Shock Bus Burnie talks about a shocking game he would play with locals south of the border, and why he one time spontaneously flipped the bird at a school bus. Rooster Teeth Podcast #120 April 30, 2014 [150]
Rooster Teeth Podcast #265
146. Miles & The Mouse Mishmash When it's discovered a mouse has taken residence in his apartment, Miles and his roommates try to catch it. Rooster Teeth Podcast #202 May 7, 2014 [151]
147. Burnie's Neighbor Encounter Burnie shows Matt around his neighborhood, but Matt doesn't have nice things to say about his neighbor's house. Rooster Teeth Podcast #257 May 14, 2014 [152]
148. Hope vs. Starvation Gavin wonders if the hope of food can stave off starving to death. Rooster Teeth Podcast #216 May 21, 2014 [153]
149. Old Geoff, New Suit Millie worries that Geoff is getting too old, and Gus tries to buy a suit. Rooster Teeth Podcast #114 May 28, 2014 [154]
Rooster Teeth Podcast #202
150. Gus the Social Media Hostage Gus rents a storage unit, but the employees force him to write a review about them on Google Maps. Rooster Teeth Podcast #271 June 4, 2014 [155]
151. Behind the Blue Burnie encounters problems on the set of Animated Adventures. June 11, 2014 [156]
152. Grand Theft Cola Brandon learns a lesson about hot cars and soda cans, and Miles and Gus try to play a game of golf in GTA Online. Rooster Teeth Podcast #133 June 18, 2014 [157]
Rooster Teeth Podcast #269
153. Burnie's Wedding Pranks Burnie talks about some pranks he tried to pull during Michael and Linsday's wedding. Rooster Teeth Podcast #271 June 25, 2014 [158]
154. Long Title, Weird Girl Burnie talks about the ridiculous panel name he and Gus came up with, and Geoff talks about an old girlfriend who had strange characteristics. Rooster Teeth Podcast #271 July 2, 2014 [159]
Let's Play Minecraft #94
155. Gavin or Google #1: Breaking Babies This week, Burnie and the gang play "Gavin or Google," the guessing game sweeping the Internet. Burnie gives a short phrase to both Gavin and the Google search engine, and Barbara and Gus must guess who returned which phrase, Gavin or Google? Rooster Teeth Podcast #210 July 9, 2014 [160]
Rooster Teeth Podcast #237
Special 6. Behind the Blue Outtakes Check out alternate takes and deleted dialogue from the RTAA #150, "Behind the Blue." Lock up your panther and enjoy these great outtakes! July 16, 2014 [161]
Special 7. Bound 4 (Implicit) Parody of Seth Rogen and James Franco's parody of Kayne West's Bound 2, first shown at RTX 2014. July 16, 2014 [162]
156. Technical Bully Problems Joel has another technical issue that Burnie tries to help with. Burnie talks about a kid who confronts a bully with an surprising outcome. Rooster Teeth Podcast #32 July 23, 2014 [163]
Rooster Teeth Podcast #10
157. Canadian Zombie Property The guys discuss some changes in direction that could have ruined Dead Rising 2, Burnie finds a familiar looking rock, and Gus tells people to get off his lawn. Rooster Teeth Podcast #278 July 30, 2014 [164]
Rooster Teeth Podcast #277
Rooster Teeth Podcast #57
158. Godzilla vs The Human Bugs The guys wonder what it would be like if Godzilla were as grossed out by humans as humans are by bugs. Rooster Teeth Podcast #270 August 6, 2014 [165]
159. Geoff's Weird Dreams Geoff tells the gang about two strange dreams he had, one involving drunk gaming, and the other leading to an accident in his pants. Let's Play Minecraft #111 August 13, 2014 [166]
Let's Build - Monopoly Pt. 1
160. Stealin' Cable With Geoff Young Geoff almost gets caught stealing cable with his friend in Tennessee. Five Facts - Duke Nukem Forever August 20, 2014 [167]
161. Gus Doesn't Wanna go to Vegas IN 3D! A special recreation of the classic tale of Gus refusing to go to Vegas, now with a glorious third dimension! Look at those arms wiggle! August 27, 2014 [168]
162. Stealin' Cable With Michael Michael shares his cable theft story, which led to a profitable business on the side. Five Facts - Duke Nukem Forever September 3, 2014 [169]
163. Miles Hacks the System A simple misunderstanding turns into a security breach scare at the office. Rooster Teeth Podcast #267 September 10, 2014 [170]
164. Walk-ins & Dead Bodies A broken lock on the bathroom door leads to an awkward encounter for Gus. Joel talks about a friend who specialized in portraying dead bodies. Rooster Teeth Podcast #281 September 17, 2014 [171]
Rooster Teeth Podcast #79
165. Brandon's George Foreman Grill Brandon brags about his new George Foreman grill. Rooster Teeth Podcast #80 September 24, 2014 [172]
166. The Snail Assassin In one of his strangest hypothetical scenarios ever, Gavin wonders what it would be like if you were constantly chased by a snail with a deadly touch. Rooster Teeth Podcast #285 October 1, 2014 [173]
167. Gus The Destroyer Gus gets drunk in a hot tub then destroys someone's creation. Rooster Teeth Podcast #290 October 15, 2014 [174]
168. Pilot Football Message Gus wants to be a secret pilot, Burnie talks about Rice University's football team, and sends a heartwarming text to Gavin. Rooster Teeth Podcast #281 October 22, 2014 [175]
Rooster Teeth Podcast #13
Rooster Teeth Podcast #231
169. Chris' Doot-Doot, Blaine's Duster Chris talks about his bathroom habits, and Blaine tries to look cool during an apocalypse. Rooster Teeth Podcast #236 October 29, 2014 [176]
Rooster Teeth Podcast #287
170. Gavin or Google #2: Dog Door Bells The gang plays Gavin or Google again, this time concerning dogs. Rooster Teeth Podcast #279 November 5, 2014 [177]
171. A Selfie With Burnie A fan tries to take a selfie with Burnie at RTX, but is constantly interrupted. Rooster Teeth Podcast #279 November 19, 2014 [178]
172. The Greatest Episode Ever Jordan goes out of town, so Burnie improvises this week's RTAA. November 26, 2014 [179]
Special 8: RTAA Classic With Commentary 2 - Omnibus Station Join the cast and crew of Rooster Teeth as they watch and discuss some of their favorite Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures. This time, Gavin and Michael join in on watching and discussing some of the omnibus episodes. December 3, 2014 [180]
173. Geoff's Flirty Drive Geoff tells the tale of how he and his friends put some smooth moves on a couple of fellow high school girls. Achievement Hunter Presents: Sunday Driving December 17, 2014 [181]
174. Lost Bugs & Stolen Balls Burnie wonders about what it's like for bugs to get lost, and Geoff steals a ball from Caleb. Rooster Teeth Podcast #273 December 24, 2014 [182]
Let's Play Minecraft #125
175. Joel's Theatrical Sickness Joel starts feeling deathly sick in a movie theater, and Gavin almost cares. Rooster Teeth Podcast #194 December 31, 2014 [183]
176. Lost Gavin's Way With Words This week in RTAA, we have a compilation of some of Gavin's weird phrasing when trying to pose academic questions and statements. January 7, 2015 [184]
177. Gavin Drinks Fart Coffee Gavin leaves his cup of coffee in the Achievement Hunter office, and Geoff adds some flavor to it without him knowing. Let's Play - Call of Duty: Classic January 21, 2015 [185]
178. The Pubert Situation The Achievement Hunter gang discusses whether a fungus can get an achievement, and debate just who is Pubert Addams. Let's Play Minecraft #83 January 28, 2015 [186]
179. Oven Peeing, Shirt in the Wild Chris tells a tale of the time he accidentally peed in an oven, and Gavin surprises a fan wearing a Rooster Teeth shirt out in the wild. Rooster Teeth Podcast #230 February 4, 2015 [187]
Rooster Teeth Podcast #235
180. Barbara's Bad Text Barbara sends a text that sends Burnie into search-and-rescue mode. Rooster Teeth Podcast #195 February 18, 2015 [188]
181. Helium Miners & Bacon Meals The guys talk about how hard it is to get a hold of helium, and Barbara is unimpressed by a local restaurant. Rooster Teeth Podcast #159 February 25, 2015 [189]
Rooster Teeth Podcast #162
182. Matt Meets Lois Lane Matt talks about the first time they were at Comic Con, and how they upstaged the cast of Superman 2. Rooster Teeth Podcast #129 March 4, 2015 [190]
183. Robot Cars Solve Everything Chris makes his case for how self-driving cars will solve everything wrong with traffic and commuting. Rooster Teeth Podcast #293 March 18, 2015 [191]
184. Barbara Pun-kelman III Yes, Barbara has now made enough puns to make three Animated Adventures about it. She's probably the only one happy about it. March 25, 2015 [192]
185. Poopy Pants Miles Miles gets sick in London, which leads to an unfortunate incident involving his pants. You'll never guess what. Rooster Teeth Podcast #297 April 1, 2015 [193]
186. Burnie Gets Busted Technology betrays Burnie when it rats him out after he watches some adult-themed media. Rooster Teeth Podcast #317 April 15, 2015 [194]
187. Benjamin's Secret Bar Gus has a dream where he follows his dog Benjamin into a bar, where he performs an act forbidden in the Sorola household. Rooster Teeth Podcast #318 April 22, 2015 [195]
188. Burnie's Burger Dream No matter where he goes or what he dreams, Burnie cannot escape the burger he ate for dinner. Rooster Teeth Podcast #318 April 29, 2015 [196]
189. Godzilla vs. The Girls School of Mystery Jack and Joel pitch a blockbuster movie about Godzilla solving a murder at an all girls school, but they can't seem to agree on the tone for the film. On the Spot #7 May 6, 2015 [197]
190. Lindsay The Poke-Bully Lindsay tells about how she used to bully church kids to get Pokemon cards, and Matt has to battle to earn his place in the afterlife. Let's Build - Top Chef Pt. 1 May 20, 2015 [198]
191. The Burglar and The Fire Chris, Gus, and Gav talk about what they'd do if they were robbing a house that's on fire. Rooster Teeth Podcast #314 May 27, 2015 [199]
192. The Legend of Drunk Matt Gus and Geoff remember their favorites Drunk Matt moments. Rooster Teeth Sponsorcast - Parties June 3, 2015 [200]
193. Barbara Pun-kelman IV Hope you like puns, because it's time for another installment of Barbara Pun-kelman! This time, Burnie gets in on the action, and Barbara tell a pun so bad Gus and Burnie take the easy way out. June 17, 2015 [201]
194. The Boobs That Got Away Gus' story about Drunk Matt lost on/at the Subway brings up a painful memory of loss from Geoff's past. Rooster Teeth Sponsorcast - Parties June 24, 2015 [202]
195. Joel & Matt Take a Spill More drunk stories! This time, Matt gets thrown out of a blackjack table for spilling all the drinks, and Joel also laments being "that guy" when he does it, too. Rooster Teeth Sponsorcast - Parties July 1, 2015 [203]
196. Krashes & Kleptos Burnie wonders what constitutes a crash for an aircraft, and Gus tells a story about a naughty club he was in with Geoff. Rooster Teeth Podcast #304 July 14, 2015 [204]
Rooster Teeth Sponsorcast - Parties
197. AH ASMR FTW Michael, Gavin, and Ryan the Naughty Chef try to make an ASMR video. ASMR-DoNotUpload.MOV July 21, 2015 [205]
198. Geoff Gets Cut Off Geoff gets drunk at a party without realizing, and freaks out that he might have embarrassed himself. Rooster Teeth Sponsorcast - Parties July 28, 2015 [206]
199. Burnie & The Name Game Burnie gets confused when someone with a similar name to his gets called up at the airport lounge. Rooster Teeth Podcast #330 August 4, 2015 [207]
Special 9: RTAAYEAYEA (RTX Intro 2015) This year's RTAA panel intro for RTX is a mix of classic and new videos with an RTAA twist. August 18, 2015 [208]
200. Gettin' Busey With It Geoff and Michael have a cool celebrity run-in with Gary Busey! Until they realize he's a crazy person. Let's Play GTA V - Pac. Standard Job Pt. 3 August 25, 2015 [209]
201. The Robo-Telemarketer Burnie gets a call and is uncertain whether he is talking to an annoying robot or an annoying telemarketer. Rooster Teeth Podcast #323 September 1, 2015 [210]
202. Burnie & Ashley Search for Food While in France, Burnie desperately searches for food before Ashley becomes hangry. But it's impossible to find food during certain times of the day. RTP Post Show #323 September 8, 2015 [211]
203. That's My Uncle! In the 200th episode special, join us on a magical adventure from a forgotten anime. That's My Uncle follows the adventures of Burnie-san and his fellow Battle Fighter classmates as they try to collect all the Challenge Crystals before the forces of evil. I think? September 22, 2015 [212]
204. The Machinima Death Switch Burnie discovers the existence of a very inconvenient switch which shuts down the machinima station at the office. Rooster Teeth Podcast #330 September 29, 2015 [213]
205. Gavin the Perfect Passenger Gavin talks about airplane passengers who inconvenienced him. Rooster Teeth Podcast #327 October 6, 2015 [214]
That's My Uncle! Outtakes Download the Theme Song! October 20, 2015 [215]
206. Barbara is Family Friendly Barbara becomes too acclimated to the Australia lifestyle and has a slip-up during a panel. Rooster Teeth Podcast #321 October 27, 2015 [216]
207. The Contractor Conundrum Burnie and Gus talk about their not-so-awesome experiences working with contractors. Rooster Teeth Podcast #330 November 3, 2015 [217]
208. Forgetful Thanks, Black Hallway Geoff forgets how to express his gratitude. Burnie talks about how Geoff once painted his hallway black. Let's Watch - Until Dawn Pt. 7 November 17, 2015 [218]
Rooster Teeth Podcast #346
209. Cat Stories Gavin and Burnie talk about the annoying things their cats do. Gus talks about a cat who returned home after years in the wild. Rooster Teeth Podcast #341 November 24, 2015 [219]
Rooster Teeth Podcast #349
210. Apple Pay-n in the Butt Burnie tries to impress Gavin and Dan with his fancy ApplePay phone, but it's less amazing than he thinks. Rooster Teeth Podcast #323 December 1, 2015 [220]
211. Biscuits or Breadsticks Miles, Kerry, and Michael have an age-old debate of what's better: Red Lobster Cheddar Bay Biscuits, or Olive Garden Breadsticks. Who will emerge victorious? I don't know, but I'm sure the comments section will be a mess. Rooster Teeth Podcast #348 December 8, 2015 [221]
212. Geoff's Failed Sex Dream Geoff has a sex dream for the first time, but it doesn't go as well as he would hope. Let's Play Minecraft #158 December 22, 2015 [222]
213. Haircut Mishaps Gus, Gavin, and Chris relive some awkward moments they've had while getting a haircut. Rooster Teeth Podcast #314 December 29, 2015 [223]
214. Underwear Gift & Premature Arrival Young Chris tries to buy his middle school girlfriend an anniversary present. Blaine shows up early for a party. By like 8 days. Rooster Teeth Podcast #331 January 5, 2016 [224]
Rooster Teeth Podcast #325
215. Reveille Gets Dognapped Burnie recalls the story of when his college friends kidnapped the Texas A&M mascot, and the ensuing manhunt which followed. Rooster Teeth Podcast #250 January 19, 2016 [225]
216. Miles & The Weird Dad Miles talks about a weird dad (not his) who maybe used to kill people..? Rooster Teeth Podcast #351 January 26, 2016 [226]
217. Geoff's Failed Sex Dream II Geoff has another unsuccessful sex dream, this time with Jenny Slate. Maybe it's a thing with Jenny's? Let's Play Minecraft #184 February 2, 2016 [227]
218. Airport Dog Jobs After encountering a dog whose job is to sniff for food, Burnie wonders how cushy a job that dog must have compared to other dog jobs. I just like saying dog job over and over. Dog job. Rooster Teeth Podcast #354 February 16, 2016 [228]
219. Josh vs. the German Stripper Josh comes across a very... forward stripper with a German accent and can't get away. She should hang out with Darque Chocolate. Rooster Teeth Podcast #353 February 23, 2016 [229]
220. Miles' Dirty Talk Fail Miles goes on a date, and things are going well, until he screws it up by switching two words. Sponsor Play - Evil Within Pt. 5 March 1, 2016 [230]
221. Geoff Hits a Deer Geoff tells the story about how one time he hit a deer and had no idea what to do. Then somehow makes the situation even worse. Off Topic #8 March 8, 2016 [231]
222. Josh's Threesome Story Josh talks about his awesome threesome he had, and how it quickly became not that awesome. Spoiler alert: Poop is involved. Rooster Teeth Podcast #353 March 22, 2016 [232]
223. Blaine Stories Blaine recounts a tale of how he tried to be funny by farting on Gus and just embarrassed himself, and Burnie talks about the lengths Blaine will go to in order to get a girl to talk to him. Sad. RTP Post Show #361 March 29, 2016 [233]
224. Joel Can't Get Into RTX Joel struggles to prove his worth to both security and guardians at RTX Australia, but just can't seem to get into the building. Is he even the real Joel Heyman? How can we be sure? Rooster Teeth Podcast #360 April 5, 2016 [234]
225. Geoff & Ryan's Teen Antics Geoff and Ryan recount some of their antics from back when they were bored teens living in lame southern towns. Geoff, as you can imagine, does some stuff that's way more screwed up. Sunday Driving - How Muddy Do You Like It? April 19, 2016 [235]
226. The Glasses & The Fireplace Burnie and Gavin stay at a nice Airbnb with a cool fireplace, but when they go to use it, Gavin realizes the landlord might have left something behind. Rooster Teeth Podcast #362 April 26, 2016 [236]
227. The Instacart Recovery Gus talks about reaching new heights (or lows) in his human interactions when ordering groceries. Gavin poses the question to the guys about the recovery position, but nobody knows what the hell that is. Rooster Teeth Podcast #311 May 3, 2016 [237]
Rooster Teeth Podcast #350
228. Gavin or Google #3 In this edition of Gavin or Google, Burnie covers accidental furniture assembly, or possible cases of bestiality. Which stupid thing did Gavin say? Let's find out! Rooster Teeth Podcast #226 May 17, 2016 [238]
229. Geoff Gets a Dildo in His Butt This is the story all about how Geoff's life got flipped turned upside down. So I'd like to take a minute, lemme tell you what, this is exactly how Geoff got a dildo up his butt. Sunday Driving - The Married Life May 24, 2016


230. Gavin the Hostage Negotiator Gavin is a Hostage Negotiator, sorry, #1 Hostage Negotiator and Lindsay is holding an entire Bank hostage and is making some odd demands which include...Carebears? On the Spot #45

May 30, 2016

231. Gus and Geoff Start Some Shit Gus and Geoff go to a bar to get some daiquiris, and amuse themselves by starting a fight between two waitresses. Rooster Teeth Podcast #290 June 6, 2016 [241]
232. #StopDolphinPoaching Burnie discusses the rampant nonexistant dolphin poaching issue among the Rooster Teeth audience. Rooster Teeth Podcast #364 June 20, 2016 [242]
233. Samantha the Neighbor Cat Michael talks about how his neighbor's cat always comes to visit them, and Lindsay's obsession with being its friend despite the less-than-hygenic locations it frequents. Off Topic #10 June 27, 2016 [243]
234. Best Friends & Fake Girlfriends Gus and Burnie discuss the notion of a "best friend."; Geoff pranks his friend Frank by making Griffon pretend to be his girlfriend. Rooster Teeth Podcast #355 July 5, 2016 [244]
RTP Post Show #361
235. Robots in this Guy The AH guys think about what they'd do if they had the Transformers element that transforms into anything. Not surprisingly, it mostly has to do with torturing Gavin. Off Topic #9 July 12, 2016 [245]
236. Poppin' Boners with Gavin & Geoff Gavin and Geoff hypothesize what a world where your boners made sounds would be like. They also talk about the hottest cast member from the hit '90s sitcom Friends. Who is yours? Let's Build - Storm the Tower July 19, 2016 [246]
237. Flop Flippin' Ninja Turtles Geoff confuses Millie about flip flops, Kerry wonders what a life in Japan would be like, and Chris talks about his master plan to become a Ninja Turtle. Hot Seat - Halo: MCC July 26, 2016 [247]
Fan Service #0.3
Rooster Teeth Podcast #342
238. Blaine's Virgin Debacle Blaine scores with a girl who claims to be a virgin, but finds out later that maybe she was lying. Come to think of it, this is a weird story to tell, why did we animate this? Rooster Teeth Podcast #366 August 1, 2016 [248]
239. Gus' Alley Dump While trying to film intros for the podcast, Gus pretends to poop in an alley, but accidentally fronts on a homeless dude's pooping turf and things get awkward. Rooster Teeth Podcast #366 August 9, 2016 [249]
240. Michael's Bagel Incident Michael spots a dude eating a bagel on his flight and quickly goes from coveting the man's bounty of bagel to being disgusted by the despicable state in which it ends up. Off Topic #15 August 16, 2016 [250]
241. Droppin' Burgers, Growin' Trees The intern makes a grave misstep while bringing food to the hungry podcast crew, and Gavin presents a third option to dealing with the remains of dead people: make them trees. Rooster Teeth Podcast #366 August 22, 2016 [251]
242. Racial Super Texas This week, someone tries to guess Gus' race, Kyle and Miles ponder the certainties in life, and Burnie defends Superman's biggest weakness. Let's be real though, standing next to a rock making you lose your powers is pretty lame. Fight me, nerds. Rooster Teeth Podcast #363 August 30, 2016 [252]
Rooster Teeth Podcast #365
243. Miles Runs from Zombies Miles goes on a zombie run, but it turns out to be less of a run and more of a fall-on-your-ass for him. Embarrassing. Sponsor Play - Alien Isolation Pt. 7 September 6, 2016 [253]
244. An Ewok to Remember Nick Rutherford and Kirk C. Johnson from Crunch Time pitch a movie about love, Ewoks, and Peter Dinklage that takes place on the moon of Endor. It's not very good, but Crunch Time is! On the Spot #67 September 13, 2016 [254]
245. Spooky Scary Ghost Stories Gus regales the gang with a ghost story from some friends of his back in college. Being a ghost can be difficult when you don't like the dark. Rooster Teeth Podcast #365 September 20, 2016 [255]
246. Bombs, Potates, and Stickers A collection of dumb little stories ranging from bombs hitting Austin (and how to avoid them), nicknames for potatoes, and horrible, crappy, worthless stickers. Rooster Teeth Podcast #355 September 27, 2016 [256]
Rooster Teeth Podcast #302
247. Cool Farts from Cool Kids Miles feels cheated when a popular kid at school rips a hearty fart and doesn't get made fun of like any other lower class person would. Popular kids suck. Sponsor Play - Metal Gear Solid V: Pt. 1 October 4, 2016 [257]
248. Gavin's Seed Saves the Day In one of the more peculiar "what if" scenarios, Geoff presents a scenario where Gavin can save his family from dying of cancer but only if he... Well, you can see for yourself, I'm not typing that out. Let's Build - Snowbound Pt. 2 October 11, 2016 [258]
249. The Edamame Power Play Burnie and Matt go on a business lunch with a guy, who, for some unknown reason, starts eating edamame husks out of the discard bowl. Maybe it's some kind of power play? I dunno, but it would gross me out, that's for sure. Rooster Teeth Podcast #367 October 18, 2016 [259]
250. Billion Dollars Butt The gang imagines what they would do if they suddenly had a billion dollars. Would they give it away? Would they stuff it down their pants and walk around? Find out! Rooster Teeth Podcast #358 October 25, 2016 [260]
251. Scary Kids Scaring Kids Burnie talks about how his kid loved to dress up as something scary for Halloween, and how one time he managed to scare the crap out of another kid, further proving that Superman might be the lamest superhero ever. Rooster Teeth Podcast #358 November 1, 2016 [261]
252. Bar Fights & Gay Bars Everyone loves bars, especially stories about bars! Burnie tells us about the time Matt was pretty oblivious about going to a gay bar, and about a friend who just loved getting into bar fights. Crazy kids! Off Topic #27 November 8, 2016 [262]
253. The RTAA Mixdown It's the 250th RTAA episode! As is tradition, we did a weird thing instead of the usual business. This time the gang gets together to make some beautiful music while also making obscure references to the show. Thanks for watching 250 of these things! November 15, 2016 [263]

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