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</image> <title source="title1"> <default>Kara Eberle</default> </title> <label> </label> <label>Nickname</label> <label>Born</label> <label>Died</label> <label>Nationality</label> <label>Parents</label> <label>Children</label> <label>Notable Facts</label> <group> <header>Career</header> <label>Affiliation</label> <label>Occupation</label> <label>Roles</label> </group> <group row-items="3" collapse="open"> <header>Media</header> </group> </infobox> Kara Eberle was Rooster Teeth's office manager and the technical director of the Rooster Teeth Podcast. She has been on the Rooster Teeth Podcast several times, including one memorable time when she talked about knocking ice cream out of a child's hand which has been turned into an Animated Adventure. She has also appeared in several RT Lifes. She has participated in Achievement HORSE four times, both winning and losing twice. This gives her a higher win/loss ratio than both Geoff and Joel. Kara also did make-up for shows like Immersion and the podcast. In the Rooster Teeth series RWBY, she is the voice actor for the character Weiss Schnee.  Kara officially announced her departure from Rooster Teeth on April 19, 2015 in order to further pursue her career and work as the Executive Assistant at an animation studio. She will continue her voice role in RWBY and may appear later on in future productions. She returned to the studios for an appearance in the 17th episode of Always Open with her RWBY co-stars.

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  • She is easily scared.
  • She is called the annoying little sister. This was shown in an Animated Adventure when Gus tells the story about when Kara kept asking Gus "What are you doing" while Gus was trying to build the Mega Blocks Halo Forward unto Dawn set. When Gus told her to leave him alone, she grabbed the box with most of the pieces and dropped it.

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