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</infobox> The Creatures were a group of entertainers founded by Youtube personalities Jordan Mathewson (Kootra) and ZeRoyalViking. The network had a long run of content between gaming, live action skits, and miscellaneous shenanigans since the inception of its Hub channel in 2011.

The Hub disbanded on July 13th, 2017, due to suffering from substandard performance in views and reception, which was contributed by the departure of members from Cow Chop, who worked within the aforementioned ensemble and left to fulfill their creative direction.

After a long run, we have decided to say Goodnight Sweet Prince to the hub. It has been an amazing time and we thank everyone who was a part of this journey together. Look forward to seeing a final video that will hopefully involve as many of the former members as possible. We look forward to what our new chapter in life holds!
— -"The End" (Video Description)[1]

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