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Andrew Joseph "Andy" Blanchard was formerly an intern for Achievement Hunter at Rooster Teeth Productions, before being hired part time in May 2016.

He is originally from West Barnstable, Massachusetts where he has lived his entire life before starting his internship for Rooster Teeth. When first moving to Austin, Texas in 2016, Andy stayed with longtime friends, and fellow Internet Box Podcast members, Michael and Lindsay Jones. He has since moved into his own apartment.

Andy is a member of the Internet Box Podcast along with Michael Jones, Lindsay Jones, Barbara Dunkelman, Dylan Saramago, Mike Kroon, Kerry Shawcross, Ray Narvaez, Jr. and fellow former Achievement Hunter intern Mike Kroon.

He has made appearances in several Let's Plays, On The Spot, and various other Achievement Hunter videos.

Andy's Rooster Teeth profile can be found at Andy.

Andy and Matt Bragg won the first Sports Friends: BariBariBall tournament, forming the first team involving Andy and also the first involving an intern. The team was known as: Team Jesus and the Intern. They proceeded to lose the next tournament.

His text colour when appearing in a Lets Play or Things To Do is a rainbow.

Andy was hired part time as an assistant editor of Achievement Hunter on May 27, 2016. He was hired full time later in the same year.

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