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Kinda Funny is an online American personality based entertainment Media Production company that produces videos on video game culture, film, television, and comics, focused on creating content for their growing audience on YouTube, iTunes, Sound Cloud and Patreon.

Kinda Funny creates content on two YouTube channels: The primary Kinda Funny channel features primarily comedy videos such as Kinda Funny: The Animated Series, as well as Kinda Funny's flagship podcast "The GameOverGreggy Show", while Kinda Funny Games is the company's video game arm focusing on Let's Plays and the weekly podcast "The Kinda Funny Gamescast".

History[edit | edit source]

Founded in September 2014, and in January 2015, prominent long time IGN editors and producers Greg Miller, Colin Moriarty, Nick Scarpino, and Tim Gettys left the video game entertainment company to begin their own entertainment venture, and strike out on their own in order to focus more on their own work, building Kinda Funny and wanting the channel to grow. The new company was funded primarily through viewer support, Crowdfunding on Patreon. The channel was planned to cover games, film, television, and comics, as was covered at IGN, but hoped to expand their reach with shows, for example, on politics and snack foods. Their fans at IGN appreciated their off-topic commentary on these other subjects, so they decided to pursue it full-time with daily podcasts, live game and video streams, and produced YouTube shows. Their crowdfunding had raised $30,000 in the months leading up to their decision, and $10,000 the day of their announcement. Soon after, raised close to $35,000 a month between two Patreon accounts. Ben Kuchera of Polygon (website) viewed the news as evidence that fan-funded content had reached new levels, and remarked that content-creators served to make more money when fans paid creators directly rather than the creators using advertising to raise money from fans. The team also continued to freelance for IGN after they left. Kinda Funny later formed a partnership with Rooster Teeth in March 2016, appearing in video content on Rooster Teeth's website and YouTube channel. collaborating on the Rooster Teeth Let's Play channel family network and Let's play Live, and selling merchandise through the Rooster Teeth online store.

New Kinda Funny content featured during one of GameSpot's two stage shows at the 2016 Electronic Entertainment Expo. Greg Miller was named "Trending Gamer" at the 2015 The Game Awards and "Most Entertaining Online Personality" at the 2016 SXSW Gaming Awards.

On March 13, 2017, Colin Moriarty announced his resignation from the company following a difference in creative vision with the rest of the Kinda Funny co-founders.

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