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Let's Play Minimations was a Rooster Teeth Productions animated series highlighting funny obscure moments from Let's Plays in a 3D animated format. Episodes were released every second Wednesday of the month in the place of Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures.

The series was animated by Chris Dike, a lead animator of RvB season 12, who had created several episodes posted on his own channel before the series was picked up by Rooster Teeth.

The series concluded on July 7, 2015 with 10 episodes total.

Episodes[edit | edit source]

Episode Name Description Upload Date Link
1. Capture the Flag Shenanigans The Lads and Gents face off in a game of CTF, and hilarity ensues. October 8, 2014 1
2. Destiny Calls Ray does some spins, Michael throws an ill-advised grenade, and Gavin wastes his golden gun. November 12, 2014 2
3. Bananigans In this let's play minimation, the gang is on the look out for a British banana on the run! December 10, 2014 3
4. Cake and Death The AH lads and gents learn how deadly eating cake can be. January 14, 2015 4
5. Friendly? Friendly Ryan gives Gavin a friendly greeting. Later, Jack makes an alliance with Gavin which Ryan quickly cuts short. February 11, 2015 5
6. Gavin vs. Ryan Two moments from Minecraft Let's Plays of Gavin killing Ryan and Ryan killing Gavin. Can't we all just get a long? Gavin kills the king, but Ryan doesn't "miss" an opportunity to get even. March 11, 2015 6
7. Gavin vs. Shelving Achievement Hunter takes on their ancient nemesis, gravity, as Gavin fights a bookshelf, Ryan parachutes, and Geoff jumps around, jumps around, gets up, gets up and gets down. April 8, 2015 7
8. Mind the Gap Gavin's wish is Geoff's command.... much to Gavin's regret. Meanwhile, Jack asks "How does cake?" May 13, 2015 8
9. Technical Difficulties Geoff, Ryan, Jack and the gang form their own "Glitch Mob" as they battle game bugs. June 10, 2015 9
10. The Birds'n'Bees In this final episode, Geoff does his best "Attack on Titan" impression, the Hunters play "Hide the Handgrenade," and a couple villagers teach Ryan about the birds'n'bees. The blocky, pixelated birds'n'bees... July 7, 2015 10