Orem's Flame Sword +1

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Orem's Flame Sword has an eye in the crossguard and an oddly biological waviness along the blade. It has not been known to speak, much less make predictions that one should kill one's friends. It spent much of its time in Orem's Handy Haversack where it has not been writing a book, much less one about killing one's friends.

The sword originally belonged a Eladrin Wizard named Master Olbros that had gone to the Natural World to investigate a lunar cult, however he was killed by the cultists. The Sword was recovered by Orem in the Black Oak Woods when he helped clear out a Void Cultists safe house.

Later on Thony gave Orem a deadly Parasite in a jar.

Much later, the party was transported to Erathis' Holy City, Sha-Lai, to fight Void Creatures. While there, Orem asked Reginald if they could find out any information on the Parasite. The report stated that the parasite was a shadow creature that takes over the host growing to the point where it can bud and the parasite is mostly indestructible being able grow back from every a tiny piece.

When the Orem, Randus Duthane, Glaa, and Sir Brenzin recovered the Winged Triskelion and put that powerful artifact in the Handy Haversack with Olbros's Flame Sword and Thony's Deadly Parasite where the two fused together into the Parasite Sword. That is best known for telling people to kill their friends.