Void Cultists

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Certain individuals were attracted to the murky influence of the Void Gods. The necessary infatuation with the unmitigated chaos of the Void left most of the cultists irrational, self destructive, and hazardous to the well being of the universe. The unfiltered power of the void warped and destroyed their physical bodies, leaving them malformed, rotting, milky-eyed, and dripping black ichor. They hid these manifestations by wearing robes and often hiding among the poor and chronically ill.

Void cultists were self-sacrificially dedicated to the destruction of the Prime Material Plane. When confronted by a superior force, they would sacrifice themselves to open gateways to the moon through which lunar aberrations could enter the Prime Material Plane.

The Void cultists determined Torq, Smith, Orem, and Randus to be enemies of the Void and dedicated themselves to their destruction. In Diamond Throne, the cultists began to refer to them as "the Fated."

It is unknown if the Void cults continued to lurk in the shadows after the Moon was restored to its proper position, and the Void was driven from the Astral Sea.

The only known group of void cultist is the Crescent Society which was operating is Moonhold and other parts of Diamond Throne.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

It all comes crashing down (Episode 004)[edit | edit source]

The void cultists kill the elf that worked with Master Olbros.

An Attack on the Camp (Episode 009)[edit | edit source]

The void cultists attack the party while they sleep.

Battle on the Rooftops[edit | edit source]

The void cultists attack the party as they try to leave Diamond Throne.