Master Olbros

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Master Olbros was a Eladrin Wizard from the Cerulean Academy who had gone the town of Moonhold In the Natural World. After Orem graduated from Cerulean Academy Master Althern asked Orem to go to Moonhold to find out what had happened to Olbros.

It turns out that Master Olbros had become aware of the Crescent Society, a Void Cult that planed to use the tower in Moonhold to bring the moon crashing down on it. He, along with a elf, managed to get ahold of the four-facet key which could be used to stop the tower, however the Void Cultists caught up with him before he could warn anyone. His body was searched and valuables were sent to a cult building the Black Oak Woods.

Master Olbros is never seen inside the series however his effects are are long lasting. It wasn't until the fourth season that Orem was able to return to the Feywild to report his findings. Whats more Orem's Flame Sword which became infested with a persite was orginally Master Olbros'. 

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