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Erathis is the human Goddess of Civilization, and the leader of the Pentetheon. It was her decree that brought the Torqueltones to the Astral Sea to destroy the Void Menace once and for all.

Bao Bel-Bina memorandum[edit | edit source]

The Most Cosmopolitan Arbiters of Civilization

(The Order of Erathis, The Lighters of Lamps, The Committee on Committees)

Holy City: Sha-Lai, The City of Cities

You have had some experience with the priests of Erathis, so here I’ll try to address some common misconceptions.

Erathis is the goddess of cities and civilization, and it is our duty to foster and preserve all aspects of civilization. All aspects. I’m sure you have noticed that there is plenty of crime in Sha-Lai, indeed organized crime is a property of cities and one that we, as priests are not afraid to exploit. Crime, law, poverty, civil engineering, commerce, it falls to us to prune these aspects of civilization and use them as our weapons against those forces that would seek to plunge the world into darkness. ~Bao Bel-Bina[1]

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Known Priests[edit | edit source]

  1. Bao-Bel-BinaTiefling Priest from the Sage Coast
  2. Eric Rubyhome - Dwarf cleric of Erathis
  3. Baldros - Human Summoner
  4. Manifa - Halfling Summoner

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