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Glaa is a young merfolk druid in the service of Melora. Tattoed on his right eye is a sea shell showing his faith to Melora. Glaa has an almost unending curousity about the world around him and the people in it, but is as powerful and strong as another warrior. Unlike other priests recalled by their gods for the Celestial Crusade against the void, Glaa had lived his whole life in the Astral Sea. He was member of the druidic order Sleepers at The Tree of Stories, which focuses on lore of the world, making him an ideal choice to join Randus and Orem in their search for rare and mysterious objects. Before coming to Sha-Lai he has been in the Far Blights help peoples that has been devastated by the void attacks.

Sha-Lai[edit | edit source]

Glaa is first seen alongside three other holy men, Seven-Owls Wise, Albrecht Ghostbeard, and Sir Brenzin, while they were being transported to the main temple in Sha-Lai. The men witnessed an attack on a priest of Erathis by a void creature. The group moved quickly to help the priest, but by the time the void creatures were dead there was nothing they holy men could do for the priest.

It turned out that the priest of Erathis had found a void obelisk. Knowing this must be important the holy men started walking out of the worst part of Sha-Lai. Before they were done they had had most of their gear stolen from them; however, in the end, Bao Bel-Bina showed up to help took the holy men back to the temple with the obelisk.

The Hawkbill [edit | edit source]

Glaa and Sir Brenzin were tasked with helping and protecting the Layman Initiative members Orem Rivendorn and Randus Duthane, who were in search of powerful artifacts to use in order to seal the void cyst.

Winged Triskelion[edit | edit source]

Twin Prefect Stars[edit | edit source]

Staticite[edit | edit source]

Kord's Hair[edit | edit source]

Return to Shai-Lai and the Final Battle[edit | edit source]

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