Void Creatures

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This index is for the gods of the moon and their Void creatures.

The Void Gods[edit | edit source]

The Gods of the Void are immense and powerful creatures. They are capable of vast amounts of destruction and chaos, and were the prime antagonists of the Celestial Crusade. Due to their insane nature, they are unable to occupy an alignment on the good/evil scale. Their only purpose is wanton destruction in the pursuit of eventually creating nothingness.

The Raven Queen states that the 5 gods of void define nothingness. But each of the individual gods is defined by their avatars. So as there avatars change so the the gods themselves.

Its explosion of The Companion to whispers that redefines the void gives it structures since they exist in an almost Time Immemorial type existence where an event in the future can effect all of there past.

The main gods is listed first with their avatars listed under them. 

File:Symbol of the Void Cult.jpg
Art by Rodrigo
  1. Yemne That Which Calls to the Silence
    • Enemy of Knowledge
  2. Oggem The Absence of Center
    • The Seven Beautiful Fires
    • The Wasp Merchant
    • The Masked Lover
  3. The Hidden Heart of the Ocean
    • The White Boar
    • The Sky that is the Lie
    • The Pillar of Red Steam
  4. She Who Slumbers in Agony
    • The Devil Hag
    • Mardona
    • The Crown and Dagger
    • The Bleeding Commissar
    • The Melody Alkaline
  5. The Monarch in Saffron Rags
    • The Faceless Traveler 
    • Heartless Princess 
    • The Silver Woodsmen
    • Geethoo The Warrior in Chains

It should be noted that The Thing that Shatters the Sky is a powerful creature of the Void but if he was or is a avatar of one of the Void Gods that is unknown.

  1. The Thing that Shatters the Sky
  2. The Companion to whispers

Lesser Void Creatures[edit | edit source]

The Lesser Void Creatures are tiny in comparison to the Gods that command them, but still very threatening to the creatures of the Natural World and the Astral Sea - Even the Torqueltones.

All of these creatures were created by The Companion To Whispers before her master's exile.